Saturday NIGHT

It’s a Saturday night. Ruby is asleep. I have a vino and i’m working on my lash line! ON A SATURDAY NIGHT!!!

Now, I know that the majority of young folk are out of the razzle m’tazzle and I love every inch of that, as I’m quite young at heart by nature and believe that a ‘good time’ is much needed, when one is a social butterfly. And, I also know that the grown ups, or parents, or those who prefer a more quiet life are all at home watching Saturday night telly, which really is just a jolly combination of  reality shows, Perez Hilton on Celebrity Big Brother, or game shows that consist of dating or singing competitions. I admire that to, as it’s great to be responsible, or calm when you need a refuel.

I lay right in the middle this year. I’m doing both. Being responsible and productive..and doing partying, swirled in fun. I mean, all last year, I used to feel so bad for having a good time. But now, that things are all great..I mean, m y day job rocks, I’m feeling fun and sexy, the business is doing fabulously and the babies are much more stable emotionally…I’m ready for fun and boy is it ready for me.

HOWEVER, last weekend was all about fun, friends and champagne lunches, so this weekend is all about work and family.

I managed to finally get my 70 pairs of Chrissie Wunna lashes boxed up and parcelled away! I’ve sorted out my promotional material for the eyelash brand and I’ve sorted out the lashes for the Celebrity gift bags for the Screen Nation Awards, that i’ve partnered up with!!! (How exciting!)   In fact, I managed to get EVERYTHING DONE TODAY! ALL OF MY ENTIRE  ‘TO DO’ LIST DONE! I know!! AS IF! That never happens. Yet, it happened because I had lots of help and let me tell you, LOTS of help from all angles truly makes a massive, happy, difference.

I literally managed to get EVERYTHING DONE! Can you even believe it! I’m still in shock, so i’ll have a wine. 🙂

Talking about booze and as I Tweeted…WELL DONE to any being that managed to victory ‘air punch’ DRY JANUARY. Holy shit! I have no idea how you managed it at all, but if you did….CONGRATULATIONS. Unfortunately, I got pissed all January…almost every day. 🙂 I mean, I signed up to ‘Dry Jan’ and drank on Jan 1st, so just figured ‘fuck it’ and enjoyed life instead. January was eventful for me because of wine and i accidentally achieved loads business wise, so it can’t really be a bad thing? I’m never really tipsy if i just have a wine, after work at home. Never? It’s only if i go out on the town that i always do a sick. I don’t know if the ‘look at me’ and the buzz of party people gets to my system and I go crazy…or if i’m just a twit. But, I always get sozzled when i’m out…and it’s fun. But whenever i’m home…i’m fine!

Today, I did everything in my geek glasses. Geeks are hot and today I was one…ALL DAY. They didn’t make me any smarter. But I looked like I could read. 🙂 I had to trip into Specsavers because they couldn’t adjust my glasses properly last time because my eyelashes were too long. Today, they could and the lady pissed herself at what a shite day she was having. Then I bought contacts and didn’t bother wearing them.



..and it was fabulous because I too every single moment I breathed taking ‘SELFIES’ or pictures of myself in mirrors. 🙂 I’m super glad that ‘SELFIE’ taking is totally acceptable in this day and age. You can literally do it anywhere and people may make fun of you, but they WILL ACTUALLY know what you’re doing! ‘Oh, she’s just taking a SELFIE.’ Whereas, before you just looked like a plank.

So, yes! Today, I learnt that Geek Glasses don’t make you smarter, but they are totally and quite fabulously dangerous!

Proceed with caution…They are HOT!

Mine were £125 by Osiris.

Today, I weirdly got stopped by folk who wanted to talk. (Yeah, people found me way more approachable as a Geek.) I actually met a lady, who had completely done her knee cap in and was on crutches and she told me that it was a sincere bummer because  (and in her exact own words) she would ‘no longer be able to give blow jobs.’ I explained that that’s probably how she did her knee in, in the first place. She agreed and told me about some Toy Boy he once had who bought her a massive bunch of flowers, but then disappeared into thin air after she told him off for constantly trumping. 🙂

Welcome to my life!

Have a great Saturday night!

Chrissie x




Good Morning, Dolls!

I’ve just woken up after falling asleep to meditation music (yes, it has got that bad 🙂 ) and I’m blogging from my bed sheets and my leopard print jimmy jams, with a left over wine on my bedside table, that I forgot to drink last night, which oddy has a bottle of ginger beer (my new favourite soft drink) sat next to it, like buddies.  (Don’t worry…i’m not going to make like it’s coffee and get it to wake me up.)

I’m still feeling like i needed that extra hour sleep, however I’ve got to go get my glasses refitted, pick up contact lenses, get petrol and send out 70 pairs of my Chrissie Wunna Lashes this morning…and all before 11am, because the wonder that is ‘Pete’ (Ruby’s biological Father) forgets that i’m quite a busy gal and alters and changes his ‘See Ruby schedule’ whenever he so wishes. The babies are at Keiran’s right now, as it is their Friday night ‘stop over,’ meaning it was my Friday night to refuel, as I never get a ‘Refuel Friday.’ Pete’s obviously not so keen on the this Friday night ‘stop over’ so he’s insisted on having Ruby at 11am this morning, (under the guise of ‘i have to work Sunday,) which kinda balls up everyone’s plans. But ah well…Lol. It doesn’t matter, as long as HE’s okay and it works for HIM. 🙂 I mean, he shouldn’t actually be frustrated with Ruby and Junior doing their ‘Daddy stop over’ at Keiran’s…as well Ruby isn’t allowed to stop over at his frequently…or ever? They have a room and everything at Keiran’s and more importantly…the can stop there TOGETHER, which as a Mum brings me sooooo much more comfort! It’s weird because even though the babies bicker, they are incredibly close and genuinely miss each other, (heartache and everything) when the other is not around. Mainly Junior. Ruby’s a bit more independant. I now, never take any crap from ‘the daddies’ (ooh , they could form a club) because I used to let them get away with murder. Now, it’s all on my terms and because i’ve raised my little family on my own, with my Mama. It’s really weird because Pete comes across as really sweet, kind and nurturing,..and he is! Yet he doesn’t see Ruby much and she isn’t allowed to stay over and he doesn’t pay any form of child support? Or anything towards childcare costs or anything….Keiran on the other hand comes across as more brash, ego oriented and well you’ve followed the blog and read the story…YET, he’s the one out of the two that changed his life around for them, has paid child support for almost a year now and turned his home into their home, created this amazing new bedroom for them AND he also consistently sees and has the children twice a week, on days that we have worked out together. ALWAYS. So, it’s weird isn’t it, how men work?

Rant over!

Single Mums are better than Dads! 🙂 (Apart from the great daddies who help out a lot and share their responsibility evenly.)

Okay, so life is busy right now, hence why i’m not getting to blog 3 times a day, which i’m sure is stressing me out, because if anything this blog is my therapy, as it’s much cheaper than ‘Dr. Help My Mind.’ And, funnily enough I get applauded for it.

I’ve worked really hard all week and been given much support from all of you for my eyelash brand. I’ve been busy. Really busy. But i’m happy. However, everyone keeps assuring me that i’m subconsciously stressed, because of this fucking rash. (And i’m allowed to swear infront of it now because i swear it swears at me.)

I’m telling you…IT IS CRAZY. When my face comes off, my neck looks like it’s been poked and butchered by apes…angry ones. Then scratched at by a million horny squirrels, who hate life or just me. I look like i have a skin disease…which doesn’t go well with my vanity.

I was eager to go out drinking last night, but i didn’t and i’m glad. Instead i rested at home, in a bath, did vino, watched telly had my Mum come over. I think i only wanted to go out because it was Pay day Friday’ and i thought i would be coming home to an empty home. I just wanted fun and t be occupied. Well have my mind occupied. I would’ve hobbied boys and drank cocktails. The usual old stuff. I’m never online dating again because i’ve realised that i don’t have toooo! The are so many delicious men right on my doorstep that i didn’t even notice. It’ll only take one Friday night out and BOOM, i’ll be hitched by next week. HAHA. I’m getting offers, but concentrating on work. At least I know there’ s dinners there if i want them. 🙂 Shame i’m on diet really, I could do with a chow down.

Okay, so i spent the evening being determind to get rid of this rash because i refuse to be labelled ‘stressed’ and well because it gives me another thing to conquer over the weekend! Another thing on my ‘to do’ that I won’t get down to ‘doing?’

I stripped my face bare…i bathed. My bath looked disgusting afterward, as all my fake tan had glided off into it. It was certainly a glitter swamp, but smelt so good, as I used my lemon, glitter bomb form Lush! 🙂 I moisturised with this killer bitch Psoriasis cream that stung my neck like a BASTARD. Dermalex. Don’t use it. It’s a BITCH. It kills….EVEN ON DAMP SKIN!

Then i waited to not feel in agony and smoothed my neck over with Vaseline and then Nivea night cream because Hayley had told me too. (The Nivea actually felt  divine on my neck as it was all cool, and thick and scrummy.) Then I drank water. I laid flat and watched calming telly. Ate carbs with my dinner! I KNOW! The Devils work! Consumed more food than i usually would that wasn’t exactly what I’d call ‘healthy’ and then i made my Mum massage my back, as i didn’t find the time to book a massage.

I then tended to calm, slow breathing, zoned out, even contemplated ‘girl time’ 😉 in order to cover all ground..then plonked on some meditation music and fell asleep after midnight..

Woke up…my rash is still there. 🙂

Must go…i’ve got to do my face, get ready, rush off to Ponty, send out those lashes and rush back to pick up the babies, before heading off to Doncaster for errand running.

Life at 34.






My rash isn't getting better! It's getting worse and I swear that there's now only so much that I can put my Estee Lauder 'Double wear' through before it hates me and slides of my Burmese cheeks with a 'fuck you.' Am i stressed? I don't feel stressed? I mean, I know I have a lot on work wise and baby wise? But am I really that stressed? I mean, i thought I was hacking it with ease and grace. I'm grateful. I'm having the time of my life! Hopefully, i'm just allergic to something or simply hormonal and my sexy rash will disappear and make like it never happened. But i can't handle the cause of it maybe being 'stress.' That in itself, pisses me off more than anything! I think i've been holding more things in then venting them...and as a merry result. RASH! Lol. It'll go soon! 

Anyway, thanks everyone for adding me on Snapchat! I've finally figured out how to work it and yeah, other than my glorious 'Wunnaful' friends, who I's definitely got a bit perverted. I mean, I can't do anything, without men sauntering in and turning it into the work of pervs. At least i've been asked out a lot. It's good for my ego. YET, i kinda just want to Snapchat with my maties...rather than treat it like an alternate version of 'Tinder,' which I actually hate. TINDER SUCKS! (That guy that I chose not to go on my date with is now ignoring me. :) ) 

Thursday was a good day. I feel like i've achieved today and most of all, i feel as though i've been surrounded by good workmates. They make me smile and in life that's important. They make my rash better. :) 

My morning pretty much began like this...

...and after a bit of banter...

...pulling this face, because it snowed...(now that i'm old...i hate the snow! You can't drive you car around to The Pussycat Dolls and enjoy it, without skidding.)

My day just went on to being like this...

Very Chrissie Wunna! Evidence of me everywhere! Anything to make me feel like i'm 'good timing.' 

Then to top it all off, I read this message from Kira In LA (who I absolutely adore) 


So, everything is really going well and  ou've all been sending me so many beautiful 'CONGRATS' messages, after reading about the Screen Nation Awards and My Lash Line Business partnering up with them! That's a pretty decent first baby step! I'm honoured to have a created such a brand and i'm even more honoured that I can be part of such a wonderful award ceremony with them!!! EEK! (This time last year, I was fighting with Keiran. Now...WUNNA IS DOING GOOOOOD!') 

THEN...i got a message from Gina who has invited me to see the 'Forbidden Nights' boys. (I blogged about it earlier!) 

Anyway, i figured that since I was going anyway and taking some of my friends, who wished to go...(I would open up a competition for other girls, readers, who wanted to come and watch naked boys dance WITH ME, in my VIP box, as I 'reviewed' the show! Sounds good right. So this weekend, i'm plonking the competition up. Know that you either have to be LONDON BASED or be willing to pay your own travel to LONDON, if you are from another region. I'm going regardless with my friends and ti'll be great you competition winners to trot on in and have a good time with us...and the boys! 

But i'll tell you about it all at the weekend! I think they'd also like to do a Chrissie Wunna Lash giveaway at the event also? So on the night that i'm there, there will be a Wunna land. 'Hoo haa.' And...well...naked dancing boys.....EVERYWHERE. 

Life couldn't be better! 

So tomorrow night i'm able to go out and play 'party' if i the children are with Keiran. Yet ofcourse, because i'm available to 'play' and have no babies that evening, no one can go out! HAHA. FFS! I've even cancelled my date! 

Surely there must be people who need fun! 











I’m really excited to be part of all the action and extremely happy to be gifting the each and every star of the event with a luxurious pair of CHRISSIE WUNNA LASHES! (Now, the celebs get to take my ‘boys’ for a wink!)


Snapchat, Dating & Lashes


So, I’m on Snapchat now! (chrissiewunna1) And, I have no clue why I’ve never been on Snapchat before? Yet, now I am, so ‘ADD ME’ and impress me with ‘whatever it is you have to do on there.’

Of course…being the ‘techy spaz’ that I am and being the Cyber Savvy folks that you all are, you know that I have no idea what it’s all about or what i’m supposed to be doing? I just know that young people do it and try to explain it to me so many times, that I just figured…’Okay…i’ll get Snapchat.’ You’d think that I’d be super savvy with all things techy, with me celebrating a blog..well THIS BLOG, that accidentally became a SUCCESS! However, the truth is, that WAZZA pretty much used to sign me up to everything that he believed I should be signed up to in ‘techy land.’ So, i’ve always had zero clue. I only know how to ‘login’ to things and talk shite.. ;)…with charm of course.

So, I’ve managed to sign up to ‘Snapchat’ all by myself. Meaning I need applause or something, I’m sure? (Can you tell I have a Cosmo?)

Okay, so life is BUSY. And I always know it’s busy because i can never get rid of my rash. (Sex appeal alert.) My day job, I love. The eyelash line is my own little brand that is taking off with a wink. I’ve always  said that building my empire was or is all about taking ‘Baby steps’ and I have. So, i’m happy with where it is headed, to the point where I can’t even believe it. It’s not been easy, as working a full time job, running a business and raising the children on my own is enough work already, without the drama, keeping on top of promo and going through love life stress, WHILST always trying to look great and own my inner ‘Glamour Puss’ title.

But i’m proud of myself because i finally found my purpose, proving that us ladies can ‘hero’ through like champions BETTER than anyone! I work a lot harder than my children’s father’s and I’ve raised the babies by myself…yes…i went through drama and heartache, as they did whatever they so wished at the time. However, I did everything the right way and honoured MYSELF AND MY MORALS. (The little ones i had left. 😉 ) And now look…i’m doing better than both of them put together…EASILY..and it’s about rocket even further forward! It’s the struggle that makes you strong and you know you’re pretty strong when you truly can lift your head up and high, keep moving forward, without dwelling on the past, holding onto the negativity, smile (without it being fake) and conquer on forward knowing that in the end you’re going to be BETTER THAN ALRIGHT. I’M HAPPY, EVEN WITH MY FUCKING RASH! 🙂

So, the work life has been busy, but my love life actually hasn’t? You see, the good thing about dating, and getting stood up, or being loved madly  and by numerous gentlemen, one after the other, who wish to have a shot at a ‘Glamour Puss, is the simple fact that you learn about men, dating and love, from the experience of it all…and fast!

In Hollywood, I would date a lot, break up a lot..and love a lot. And well  it taught me about men. All men. I knew then inside and out. Then once in England, I quit dating and did ‘settling down’…which put me behind in my edumacation. 😉

I sort of began to wear my heart on my sleeve, without being savvy. Now…after the last couple months. I know what i want and I certainly know what i don’t want. I’m a hell of a lot stronger and skilled at this (Lol) and it’s aided me greatly in my quest. I now know that you really can’t trust everyone..and i am really quite trusting. I’m not stupid, but trusting, to the point where I’m never really jaded by an experience. I can recover really well from a bad experience and immediately look at something or someone new with fresh eyes, a whole heart and with a smile.

So, yes…it’s good to date, as it helps you discover what it is you really want? Or who it is you want?

I’ve been working so hard over the last couple weeks that is hasn’t been easy to fit dating in. I have goals. I want to get there. I have a family who are my NUMBER 1 and I need to come up with something GRAND for their future. 🙂

I cancelled my Friday Date. Even though i really do believe Friday night, should always be ‘Date night.’ The guy’s really great, but he’s certainly more of a friend. I infact hope that I know him for quite a long time, yet right now, romantically…it’s just bad timing. Our separate lives are just not in sync, so if I did the date on Friday, i’d just be wasting his time and being a chick who hates her time being wasted…Well…i’d never do that to anyone else. Luckily enough, we’re good enough friends now for us both to be…what’s the term? Oh yeah..’Cool with it.’ 😉 *Giggles.*

This weekend i’m gonna do ‘family’ time. Friday night, I want some fun, as the babies are at Keiran’s and I have no work to tend to on Saturday. (Well, that’s a lie, I have lash line work…lots of it.) I’ll decide what i’m doing on Friday later on. PLUS, I want to try and get a massage and another reading over the weekend, between lunches, dinners and PAY DAYS! YES!! WE ALL HAVE A PAY DAY MUCH! And i’m just the same as everyone else!! Nothing feels better than ‘dollar dollar’ that you have earned through might hard work, strutting into your bank account with ‘Hey Fonzi’  thumbs! I’m excited. In fact, if I had time, I’d also get a weave.:)

Anyway, enough of that!

I have Snapchat now!

Add me ‘chrissiewunna1’ (And once i figure out how to work it…i’ll send you Snapchats back. 🙂





Little Miss Weekend!

Well!!! I’m sat at home, after a great day at work, after loving my babies more than life, after a weekend of being ‘Little Miss Social,’ and after lots of vodka and Proseco, with great friends. I sort of had ‘new fun’ with ‘old friends’ and it really was Wunnaful. I got to be a ‘Kitten’

..and let’s just say it served me well! *Wiggle….wink!*

Saturday night, Katie and I did The Winter Seam. (If you’re from Pontefract or Castleford… you’ll know what that is. Lol) We met at 8.30pm, texted and chatted the entire way to out meet up, whilst in separate taxi’s and almost on the dot…we ventured for drinks and a ‘catch up.’

Right! Katie and I are both chicks who probably fancy ourselves as ‘Glamour Pusses.’ She looked divine I looked divine. We did vodka, sat down and had a good old, giggle, bitch and laugh at life. We literally sat down the entire time and TALKED and when you can do that with someone…it means that you get on more than you ever knew you did.

Oh my GOD, we talked, bitched and laughed about everything and everyone we jointly knew. It was a BLAST!

However, unfortunately for us, we’re both almost pissheads. When we drink…we drink and boy did we accidentally GET SMASHED. We got so drunk that I have singing videos that I can never show anybody, we can’t remember half of the night, I did a sick in the toilets upstairs and she fell into a taxi, before being carted off. 🙂

We got sooooooooo drunk that we lost each other whilst walking down a flight of stairs and tried to ‘Facetime’ each other, in the bar, madly…but pissed. Have you ever tried to do that? It doesn’t work. O mean, it got to the point where we were trying to send each other pictures of ‘things we were around.’ Again, when pissed…it doesn’t really work.

YET, we didn’t even stay out late? I mean, i’m sure we were in our taxi’s by 11pm or maybe midnight! So, we didn’t even stop out too late. In fact, we really did have a great night and a great ‘catch up.’ I fell asleep in my taxi home, which is always super dangerous and I sort of just arrived home, swung my front door open, strutted upstairs and fell into my bed and straight to sleep. STILL IN MY DRESS AND CLIP IN EXTENSIONS.

(This picture was before more vodka happened.)

WEIRDLY, I actually felt fine in the morning. I felt well rested, dandy and mildy fresh. (I mean, I won’t go that far.) Lt’s just say I didn’t have room spin, or didn’t feel pukey. I sauntered downstairs, in my leopard print jammies and cuddled my babies, who were having breaky with Grandma. (My mum had stayed over to look after them. Aww!)

Anyway, after that, I had to sort of get ready straight away, as I had planned this amazing, ‘couldn’t wait for’ luncheon with Hayley and Graham, at ‘Relish’ in Doncaster. I adore Doncaster, as it’s the town that birthed me and ‘Relish’ is always fun. It’s sort of like a wine/bar and restaurant. It’s great!

So, I got dolled up, curled my hair, tanned, did my face…(hid my rash..that had spread all over my face) and then jumped into my Mercedes to drive my pretty arse to Donny to meet them!


I mean, as I drove into the parking lot, I saw them both walking up and I even got all excited at that point, simply because they looked so happy…they looked so ‘together’ and they just looked so perfect. (And when I say ‘perfect’ and I mean that they looked like they had the kinda love that we all wished we could find. )

Now, I love Hayley and Graham because they both respect each other and love each other madly. They’re fun and polite, intelligent and drink. 🙂 Hayley’s  Glamour Puss (I completely get her and how she feels) and Graham just adores her, (i kept internally ‘awwin’g at how sweet he actually was.) I literally  couldn’t WAIT to see them…but OH MY GOD…AFTER ALL THIS TIME THAT I HAD KNOWN THEM, I DIDN’T AT ALL KNOW THAT ONE WAS A GEORDIE AND THE OTHER A SCOUSE!!! How did i even miss that??? How did i never actually know that!?!

So, yes, they have accents…and we did posh ale and proseco and we did proseco simply because Hayley pointed out that it was actually less calories than vodka, which I thought was good for you…;) (Calorie wise.)

WE talked, we laughed, we bantered and relived moments of our lives, together. Now, I secretly adore them both…well…it’s not really that secret. But not just because they’re ‘cute’…yet also because I’m greatly inspired by them. Haley’s gone through such a dramatic weight loss and Graham (who is  techy genius…I actually felt like  TOTAL TOOL, because I couldn’t figure out how to work the fucking ‘pay and display’ machine in the car park. I was literally stood there like a total PLANK, with hair, eyelashes and madness flying everywhere….even MONEY was flying out my handbag and onto the pavement!)

Anyway, i’m getting distracted. We learnt more about one another and i enjoyed that because we all got along seamlessly. It was so easy and it was lovely because i felt at ease, which sometimes can be hard for me as..well…i’m a being that gets judged quite a lot. 🙂 It’s always better to hang out with me and find out.

Lunch was great. I had the chicken fajita, Graham had a pizza., Hayley had the salmon. (I wanted to spy and see what she would eat, as she’s like a hardcore ‘Foodie Guru’ to me now. ) We toiletted together, gossipped, talked about live, friends, love and opionions…

…and then we talked BUSINESS!

Now, they’re BOTH very good at what they do and they’re BOTH very intelligent and I love that, as i’m someone who always feels so comforted around people who know what they’re doing. Good people, who know what they’re doing.

Talking business was fun and I hope to have them on board in full force with Wunna land! In fact, Graham actually did my ad for the ‘Screen Nation Awards’, right there at the dinner table, after ale.

There’s lots more to say about these two, but i’m gonna save it for a second.

We got the bill, we stayed and chatted. I gave them a ride home and then I sauntered up to their appartment to see their Baby Coco. (Who is  Chihuahua.)

Now, I’m not sure that ‘Coco’ liked having another Glamour puss on her territory at first, as she took one look at my sorry arse and growled at me, in horror. It was like she had to immediately go into ‘protect my owners’ mode, to safe guard them from the mess that is ‘Wunna.’ 🙂

Luckily, in the end and after a good sniff and two cups of caramel coffee, she forgave me for strutting on her ground, without her permission and warmed up to me, with love…which was good, because I actually adored her, yet i didn’t want her to feel stressed. Lol.

The evening ended up wonderfully and I drove home tired, but with a smile on my little face!

I’ve sort of been super dooper social, this weekend and because i had my first full weekend off in FIVE WEEKS. I kinda wanted to make the most of it and i did. Plus, it was great to sort of have new people placed in my path. All good people. All people who i’d hope to know closely,  for ages!

As soon as I got in, i rushed into my living room and swirled around with a giggling Baby Junior. (Ruby was at Pete’s.) We played, we cuddled and then Ruby finally joined us. We danced, we sang, we got into pyjamas and then with love, we chilled.

HOWEVER, I will say that I had never felt so fricking tired in my entire LIFE! I don’t know what hit me? I mean, it could’ve been the need for a sleep catch up, or as superstition would have it, someone could’ve been talking about me…I just don’t know? BUT I WAS BUSH WHACKED, KNACKERED…DONE!

I slept like a log and then out of nowhere my alarm decided to ‘ding, ding’ me up at 7am. I wasn’t ready to start Monday, just yet, but i did it anyway. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo knackered all day. But i’m glad that I did  bother to get up and get myself to work, as it was AMAZING.

I work with great people, who can just make a shitty day awesome. I had fun. We talked life, love, crows, holidays, diets, ham and leather jackets. We pretty much made fun of each other whenever we could, and the great thing about that, (when it’s done out of love) is that it keeps you alive!

I hope you’re well!

I’m having a vino and going to bed,

Much love to you.

Kisses x

Being super social is worth it, but knackering. 🙂 I think i might have a bit of rest next weekend, as I have it OFF again! Saying that, i’m feeling a FRIDAY NIGHT ‘hoo haa.’ So, if you fancying ‘hoo..haaring’ with me…you may. I’m meant to be going on a date on Friday night, with the Spanish, Skype, boy. But i don’t reckon it’s going to pan out that way, just yet. He seems a bit irresponsible. Lol. Don’t get me worng, we get on really well and I genuinely think he’s lovely. He’s fun and honest and there’s a sweetness to hime. Like we’d make really great friends. He’s definitely someone who i’d have a luagh with and be able to do a few drinks with now and again.

I guess, that I don’t feel as excited as I should and because my mind is just focused on other things right now. I’ve got a lot going on…and well the fun sort of needs to wait. Well…that kind of fun anyhow! HAHA.


Out At Xscape Tonighta!

Traffic! Traffic! EVERYWHERE!

I mean, HOLY B’JEEBS! Trying to get anywhere in Pontefract today was a ball ache and if I hate anything, it’s shit that makes my hairy balls…ache. 🙂 (Metaphorically ofcourse. Just to clarify.)

It was one of those days where I woke up, after going to bed at 3am and simply because my Friday night phone kept bleeping, ringing, messaging me throughout the entire night, via friends who were steaming, or odd horny and thought about me, during those particular moment’s of ‘fancy.’ I (the the Rockstar that I am) was asleep in my leopard print pj’s, as men from Spain, in Manchster sent me messages of lust, friendship and all sorts of other stuff through the entire night. Latin men have hot, stay awake all night’ blood running through their system. Girls from the orient…need sleep. That was all topped off by drunk friend, number 1, drunk friend, number 2, drunk friend…number…you catch my drift…Friends who were drunky, who just needed a ‘Wunna’ in their life….when pissed.

I didn’t have a good night’s sleep (lol) and to top it all off, I woke up with the same fucking RASH, all over my face and neck, that was now RAGING with utter fury. It was so bad that I couldn’t even bring myself to do my face because i’d have to glare at it in the mirror. It was so terrible that even the shower didn’t make it disappear. (If i have some kind of disease, issue or problemo…I always think a shower will wash it away.) Who’da thought? It doesn’t.

I finally got ready, in really bad lighting. Sunlit windows make rashes glow up a treat! Haha. Sexy! Then once i was faux furred and red knee high booted, I slide into my Mercedes, with a giant scarf wrapped around my ‘hide me now’ neck and drove to Specsavers to pick up my ‘Pussycat’ glasses. The seeing eye glasses that make me look like a vintage Bond Girl. The Glasses of all glasses. The glasses that make you go ‘oooh.’

Couldn’t find anywhere to park for the life of me. So, I’ve now decided to despise all places that don’t provide adequate parking spaces and places that do, that are simply busy whenever I need to park.Traffic all the way, Drama all the way. Grannies, who couldn’t drive all the way. Lines waiting to pay for parking, all the way. Mayhem, madness, no spots to park AT ALL!

Finally picked up my specs. (She had to fit them around my false eyelashes and stated that I may need to go back in for a refit, if my lashes reduced in size. 🙂 GLAMOUR PUSS.)

You liiiiike?

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Tried to go out to lunch. Traffic got the better of me. Got home. Tanned. Chilled. Keiran brought the children back home, after a fabulous evening of ‘Daddyhood’ (he was actually really lovely to me, which was nice to see, he’s sort of changed his life around, so i’m watching with my little speccy eyes and seeing what happens next) and well now i’m trying to moisturize my rash, after taking an allergy pill and doing a countdown with ‘Miss. Thornton’ via text. ‘Miss Thornton’ is my choice companion, this evening for a bit of ‘party party.’

(I should’n’t have taken that allergy pill. Its making me feel funny. STUPID RASH! Maybe if i eat more, it’ll go away? AGAIN….The ‘Chrissie Wunna’ logic makes an appearance.)

So, now, i’m waiting and chilling, whilst partly getting ready for my night of ‘catch up’ with Katie. Everyone seems to be texting me, wanting to meet or wanting me to meet up with them…boys, girls, strangers, friends…but whatever…tonight, it’s Team ‘Wunna/Thornton’ and we’re starting off at around 8.30pm ish, at the bars in Xscape. So, we’ll either end up in Winter Seam…or flounder off later to ‘Biggies.’ Depending on how our night pans out. I mean, it’s where everyone around here ends up. ‘Seam’ or ‘Biggies.’ I’ve even eaten this sandwich..

to make me feel better and prevent me from ‘doing a sick’ this evening, as I always forget to eat before drinking and I always ‘do a sick.’

Looking forward to my night. ‘Grandma’ is staying over at mine with the Babies, who will be fast asleep shortly anyhow. Daddy knackered them out!

This is ‘Miss. Thornton’…


Tonight, we’re doing drinking!

Ps/ I’m turning ‘seasoned’ again, as I remembered to organize my Sunday with ‘Hayley’ before I got tipsy.

‘W’ is for Weekend

What was that? I have TWO ENTIRE DAYS OFF IN A ROW! Yes! That was that! Hurrah! Let’s Tango. Drink champers! Let’s play!!!

The thing about being a kitten, a glamour puss, a mum, a worker and running a business, is that balance is what you need. In the past year, as I peek at it, under the yesteryear’s rug…i did really well when it came to pulling myself together when life threw all sorts of jolly shit boulders at me. I managed to stay chipper. It was sort of like one of those crap games at the arcade where ‘objects’ pop up out of nowhere and you’re on a timer. Luckily you have a mallet in your hand and before your quid runs out, you have to bonk (not that kind of ‘bonk’ as that would just be messy) all the  ‘objects’ on the head, around flashing lights…and before they bop back down and repeat being a nuisance. (Can you tell i’ve had wine? 🙂 )

That was my last year! This year….no obstacles. It’s all smooth sailing. But I will repeat myself and tell you that it is important that you set goals, surround yourself around good people, the right people and stay focused when you need to be. Being slack is so 2014.

So, my 2014 wasn’t balanced in the sense of, I worked really hard..yet i didn’t play much. I worked hard and ‘Mummied’ even harder. It was great because to get back on track you need that PUSH back up to the surface, don’t you? I did that. I’m swimming it now and in nipple tassles. In fact, fuck nipple tassles. I’m skinny dipping to victory music. (You choose your own track, be it ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or the ‘Benny Hill Theme Tune.’)

So, this year alongside, working hard, being mum and doing business…seeing what could be out there ‘romance’ wise…(it’s going shit at the i think mainly because i’m happy. It’s much easier to latch onto love when you’re devastated and lonely, isn’t it. It’s not healthy love, but it’s much easier. When you’re happy, but just become pickier. 🙂 )

Where was I? Yeah…all that above…and well this year, i’m back to being me, i have my little body back on track, the babies are a little more grown, so i’m gathering my sexy heels and getting my social life back on track. I’m doing it at the right time, as everything else is sort of in place. Mainly…the children. It’s important to always nurture them, yet the initial phase of ‘need’ is heavy and to me it’s a must that Mum’s are there in full force, during that time.

Now…a while on..I can have fun tooo! YAY!

So, i’m enjoying wine tonight. My Mum’s coming over to chill with me and do family. The children are at Keiran’s…(I’ve seen their new room and it is amazing. He did such a grand job. I’m impressed. But he always has impressed me. In fact , he came into my work before i finished my day, with the children and it was kinda lovely…as RUBY loves seeing us ‘as one.’) Then i looked at luxury soap that dangled off a fairy lit tree like forbidden fruit and bought Ruby felt rabbits.

I’m home now, in pyjamas, still with a rash because of my diet. It’ll be gone soon, i’m sure. I hate my psoriasis. I swear it hates me too. I have no idea what causes it…I just wish that i didn’t have it….ON MY FACE!

‘Hey, I’m Chrissie…you wanna date? I have a rash. It’s fine though…it’s just…… ON MY FACE.’

Nothing screams’ Make me your forever’ more.

So, i’m having a chill Friday night. I’ve already tended to cleaning and i’m i’m gonna do a bit on the lash line and read through a lot of the investment stuff and promo stuff. (Very technical with my terms, I know.)

In the morning, i’m picking up my new specs. I’m ordering more ‘eyes’ as I call them…you call them ‘contact lenses.’ I’m gonna chill a little, shop a little and then i’m gonna get home, have vino and get ready to meet an old work colleague, ‘Katie’ who i’ve actually missed, because i think that if I had worked with her more…(and i loved the times that I did) that we’d actually be really good friends. So, I’m glad that we’ve managed to stay in touch. We’ll get dressed up, meet up, have a drink and a bitch. I’ll love it! AND, i don’t have work the next morning, so I won’t get sent home HURRAH!

It’ll be fun. I mean, it’s always good when you leave old work places, yet still manage to stay in touch with the people that you loved from that place…that you probably now hate. 🙂

So Katie and I will be doing Xscape in Castleford (incase,you don’t know what i’m chuntering on about) and then whatever, or wherever happens…will happen. All i know is that, we’re both fun…so we’ll have a blast. BRING IT! *Slurps wine.*

OOh my Mum’s here! i’ll chat to you later…and simply because i can.

Hope you have an amazing Friday night!

Wunna x



Because i’m Hhhappy.


Today was great!

I’ve finally eased off my shiny, bright red, button of ‘panic’ and i’ve gleefully wiggled into my happy zone of ‘all smiles’ and to be honest, i’ve never felt better!

Now, i don’t know whether it was because my surrounding have been different today? Negative rubs off on you, as does Team Positive. What you absorb from your environment matters. I don’t know if it’s because i’m easing off my ‘time of the month.’ Meaning, i’m no longer fussy and drained and instead more ‘Fresh as Daisy,’ back to my normal, hormonally balanced self. :0 It’s ace being a girl. I also don’t know whether it’s because today I achieved and completely by accident. It was one of those days where i did better than I thought i would and when that happens and you shock yourself…you feel like a million gold star stickers. You utterly ‘buzz’ from it. And finally…i don’t know if it’s because so much happened to me at once last week. All wonderful stuff…but lots all at once. When lots happens to me and it tumbles in as one heavy heap of glory, i get terrified and analyse it all, far too much, instead of realizing and enjoying. Stupid really, as I hate people like that! 🙂

To be honest, it could’ve either been all of the above of part of it? Who knows, all that matters is the fact that i’m doing the correct thing and that is concentrating on how GREAT i feel now!! life is wonderful right now!

I’m in my comfies, i have a wine, I have eyelash line work to do…the babies are asleep, I have one more day of work and then I’M OFF FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND! (This never happens…so i’m excited!) I’ve scheduled in shopping with family and a night out with Katie, followed by my Sunday with Hayley and Graham! It feels great!

Keiran’s text me to tell me that he’s decorated a whole new bedroom for the children. They haven’t seen it yet and will do tomorrow, when they go to his….so i’m excited for them…especially Ruby. He seems pretty chuffed with it all, so i can’t wait for pictures. I mean, he had to put off seeing them all week due to this decorating and part of me seemed disappointed in him because if I was going to decorate, I would’ve had to do it with the children around. Men, never have to, they can pick their moments to parent, when separated. However, now and because i’m not on my period…:)….i now think it’s sweet that he’s done that and taken the time to do them a room. I mean, i’m lucky to have had them, without them having to do a ‘stop out.’ So, yeah…i’m back to little bubbly me. He’s all good. I’m happy.

Work’s good. Social life is great. Friends are ace. Eyelash line doing well. Business plan for investment going slowly because i can’t do maths. PR for lash line is going fabulously. Babies are more than happy. We’re closer than ever. EVERYTHING IS GOING WELL and i’m excited!

Erm…last night, i had a Skype chat with a guy. He first messaged me on Tinder and well i didn’t really chat to him much because i was busy working and otherwise occupied. Yet he didn’t really give in. he kept messaging and then after a break, he sent me a message saying he had a new number.

I sent him brief messages, but then when i went to my psychic she described this guy EXACTLY! He stated that he was Spanish, living in Manchester and she told me his exact name! It was creepy because at the time, I didn’t know who she was on about and it wa sonly at the end of my reading that I shouted out in realization saying, ‘SHIT, I DO KNOW WHO THAT GUY IS!’ It was crazy.

Anyway because of what she said, I thought that i’d send him a message. We’ve been messaging since, more informally than anything. But yesterday we did a video Skype call…which was nice and what it actually taught me was to not judge a book by it’s cover. I mean my psychic had told me a lot about this guy and randomly and she said that he wasn’t what he seemed and in a good way.

We chatted…it was great because he was really attractive, but dead normal…fun loving…sort of like ME! he struggled with his English also wanted to type. But i think he’s pretty genuine. He’d make a great friend. So, i guess next weekend or the weekend after we’re gonna hang out. Apparently, i’m going to teach him English.

So, that was great except it was at 11pm and i looked ROUGH. I fucking looked dead rough. I was knackered from working a whole day. I was stressed. I had babies fighting a night time sleep…it was hardcore. I was TIRED. I even looked at the screen, saw myself and nearly died. because he looked alright and i looked TERRIBLE, because i was soo knackered. It was one of those moments where in which i felt that i didn’t look like my picture…which is always annoying and i didn’t want him to think that of me. I even thought it’d put him off. (It kinda showed me how shallow I was. Lol)

So that was fun!

I work all day tomorrow. I’m on deadline now for investment, eyelash line promotions and all sorts. Tomorrow night i have to myself and then i shop Saturday, I go out Saturday night and then Sunday I meet up with Hayley! I’m so happy and i can’t believe that i’ll have two days off work in an actual row…and that i’ll actually get a night where in which i can sleep ‘starfish.’

Love you all long time!


Ps. Celebrity Big Brother has been great this time around!


When a ‘Spoon’ means a ‘Bone’


Okay! So, i’m still panicking. Lots is happening. Lots is being ‘silver serviced’ onto my plate and instead of doing the correct thing and embracing it with a glamourous air…i’m panicking and stressing and being all internal a nutty about it.

Now, nothing out of all the things that are going on, be it in my work life, for my business, or in my love, is going badly. In fact, quite the opposite, as it’s all going pretty amazingly and when things are all good…I should truly know better than to we all know that it causes a weird jolly build up on stress that just rolls up a ball of negativity and bowls in down the alley, missing ever skittle. I know that. know better than that.

But i’ve pushed panic button anyway because it’s my ‘time of the month’ and girls… if we don’t have anything to cry about, during out period…we need something to stress over. 🙂

Everything is going well and lots of all different opportunities are a knocking. I’m actually doing more than great, so it seems odd that i’d be this bizarro.

Instead of being a stress head, i’ve just decided to remain calm, deal with it all with a wink and breathe. That way it’ll all go well and i deserve ‘well’ because i work so hard.

I did the other thing when you panic and that’s organize a night out with a being who will either nurture you or you can have fun with. So, Saturday night my old work colleague Katie and I are off and about to party party, round our local town to catch up, have fun, drink, gossip, be bitches and love it! I’ve missed Katie and well it’ll just be really great to have some party time with her, as it’s been ages since i’ve even manage to speak to her properly.

Day job is great, Lashes are selling, Babies are fabulous. (I got to keep the babies tonight because Keiran is still decorating. Love it! They were happy and ate noodles.)

My love life is stale and not due to a lack of choice, yet because i haven’t focused on it. Boys just can’t be themselves around me and i crave to find the ‘man of my dreams.’ This is not a good combination when you need a result. For example, a guy has just offered to come over and ‘spoon’ and well we all know that boys don’t just want to come over and ‘spoon.’ AND i also know that it makes me feel uncomfortable when boys want to skip getting to know me properly part and just offer to spend the night at my home. I hate it, as i never trust them and well it feels a bit odd having a random gent, muscle into my bubble, just like that, as i’m massively protective over my bubble and well the babies come first….and well i come…well it panic. HAHAH. Word of the day much!  PLUS, movie night at my house, which just means boning to a boy comes much much later. I can’t do it.  I don’t have it in me if i don’t really know them. But as soon as boy mentions…(and this is right at the beginning of dating) that he wants to come over…i immediately get turned off him. Unless I know him already, trust him already and like him a lot. …already. HAHAH. If he’s my friend, then it’s at an advantage…as i prefer that to newbies. 🙂 ) and my friends are always welcome over, whenever they feel. M logic is odd, but true.

So, yes…this year is all about making my lash line HUGE and find the man of my dreams. I’m still excited for it and i’m sure i’ll be more excited once, i’m back to normal and i’m no longer surfing a monthly cycle. 😉

I love you all and I’ll catch you in the morning.

Keep reading. Thank you FOR reading.

Chrissie x