I’ve thoroughly enjoyed ever moment of blogging my 2014, even though i had lees time to do it in and more drama than ever…that i felt that i couldn’t even tell you.

The point is that i’m simply telling the story of my life…for kicks.

I just got lucky and you lot started to read it…

I hope you’re all having the best night ever, be you at home chilling, already in bed, out in your glad rags, with family or friends…

All you need is love…and it’s from that heavy swirl of love, where success in your life will always develop.

Thank you all so much for following my life. Thank you all so much for buying my lashes www.chrissiewunnalashes.com

I’m so grateful to be blessed with such an AMAZING little world and i’m glad that you are all part of it.

This blog is currently read in 174 countries of the world, on every continent, translated into 40 different languages, well all that is down to you!

2014 was a tough year, but tougher for me to blog because i kinda felt quite controlled.

This new year will be completely different, as I wink my worries to the grey area that we’ll label ‘the past’ and thunder forward in heels, nipple tassles and with pride…and write life out, exactly the way I wish it to be written! ๐Ÿ™‚


I love you…


Chrissie x

Who’s Bored?


Goshy!! How many of you were BORED last night!! I mean, I must’ve honestly got a message from almost every being i know, even beings that i don’t quite know and beings who i’ll never know, all stating BOREDOM.

Some of you had been out and were ‘recovering’ bored. Some of you were ‘unloved and had nothing to do’ bored. Some of you wished to be ‘snuggled up by someone that you couldn’t be’ bored and some of you were just ‘looking for another party fix’ bored.

Why is everyone bored? Lol. Why does everyone reckon Wunna land is more exciting. I spent the evening almost childless, drinking flutes of champers by myself, watching telly in m pyjamas. In fact i got a message from new acquaintance ‘Scott’ who found that oddly poshy. However, it was only champers because that’s all that was in my cupboards. Lol. You know what I mean, when you do that ‘hunt for something to do, drink or conquer’ in cupboards. I could only find champagne…so that was my sin of choice. It could’ve been worse…i could’ve found Gary Glitter, as ย I swear my cupboards lead to some kind of sordid Narnia of evil.

Anyway, Scott stated that he was also BORED and wished his cupboards were like my cupboards. (When you’re talking to new acquaintance about cupboards, you’re fucked. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) But yeah…he prefers RUM.

I could tell i was bored because i was online A LOT. I enjoy being online a lot, yet it always means i have nothing to do, as my life is usually a tad bit more busy. I sent selfies, kisses and life to people ad didn’t even get bollocked once.

Enough of that however! You all should be happy as tonight we finally get to draw a line under the shitty year it has been 2014!! I say shitty yet to be honest and because i’m lucky, mine turned out to be AMAZING! I have no clue why, but it decided to take a U turn in May and my world became glistened over with luck!

I began this time last year having a panic attack, a miscarriage and with a marriage swirling down the plug hole. My parents were away an there i was with the babies, still doing life with a smile regardless. In life stuff just happens and it’s the ones that can still function with a warm heart, a real smile and hope that get through the best. We’ll all go through madness, shit and mayhem, but the ones who either laugh it off, live, feel it and heal fast or the ones that hero through it with faith…are the ones who bounce back without fail. I’m that girl. I’m invincible. I’ll even die and just come back to life to do a hair toss, a pout and a wink, before keeling over for the last time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Knowing how lucky you are is the key to happiness. (I’m getting all preachy now.) Even to the breath you take. I mean, everything else, fast car, great job, brill friends, hot girlfriend…all of that is just a bonus…and a bloody good bonus at that.

This next year is going to be my year and i know it is because i survived 2014 with swagger! Yeehaa! I turned it all back ย around, moved house, built myself back up, winked at surgery, made new friends, raised happy babies, started my own business, got a fun new job….and all in the last six months! I ย even look better than i ever did. WIGGLE..WINK. (‘Big titted Asian’ search. That’s how a jolly good few of you found my blog yesterday.)

I’ve done a lot in my life, lived, did Hollywood, loved, romanced, partied, boys, smiles, laughter, be off the telly, had children and everything. I can’t even believe some of the experiences i’ve had…Like i’ve done everything to partied with Leonardo Di Caprio…to wee, holding hands outside a nightclub in Pontefract. Party with Paris Hilton, to sell people burnt sausage rolls. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m feeling refreshed, back to being Wunna and now that i’m a grown up…i’m going to be a giant success!

Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone who read my blog through 2014. I had GIANT SUPPORT this year, due to all the drama that occurred.

This next year is going to special and i’m going to fall in love, build a business and work hard.

This is the happiest, i have ever been during a New Year!

If anything, i wish you all the best ease through into your next chapter!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m working New Years Day…yes…in the morning, so i won’t be out and about flaunting my goods. So they’ll be no New Years smooch at midnight for me! I’m still doing family things and drinking champagne however and i’m going to celebrate my ease into the next year during this afternoon, I think! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yet please feel free to Facetime me smooches, or selfie me smooches so i don’t feel left out!! Lol. I’ll post the best ones!

I love you all!

Thank you for following my life!! And THANKYOU TO EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT LASHES!


I’ll chat to you later.

Love you,

Chrissie x



Now, let’s talk dating!


Well to start off with i’ll tell you that Christmas has been AMAZING! It’s been this Wunnaful whirl of work, play and family and when you have all that, you’re lucky. The babies got everything they wanted. I cooked the dinner this year for my folks, it was presents galore, that i wrapped whilst drunky and i even managed to venture out and have some fun, fun, old school party time. I loved it, but i got far too sozzled and ended up at the local club, where you feet stick to the floor, flirting with minors and turning up for work the next morning, only to get SENT HOME within the FIRST HOUR because i was too hungover! HAHAHA I had the best time out, even though ‘Biggies’ ended up being my final destination and i was surrounded by good friends, who all seemed hot by the end of the night. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think because i worked sooo hard over the last couple months, i just wanted a blow out and that’s what i did. Yeah, I got a bit bollocked for it, not by work, but by my Mum. Work was lovely because not only did i get sent home to nurture myself, but the next day i felt AMAZING, meaning i was on top form. In fact, such top form that I offered to lunge myself through a netting machine…which if you didn’t know is some giant sliver cylinder that nets up real Christmas trees. I went through this machine of nettery…and ended up coming out the other end looking like a condom. It wasn’t as fun as I had hoped…simply because I volunteered. Things like that are only fun when you force people through such, against their will. The rest of the day was sent bantering, nattering, trying to get people to slutty dance off with me and flirting by bacon.

I’m loving life right now and i hope you are tooo! I’m recovering, dying for ย massage, loving being Mummy and back to work. I can’t do anything for New Years simply because I have to clock into work the next morning. But i’m feeling young again and fun again. All work is no fun without some great play. And i earnt my keep this year!

Other than all the party, presents and dinners, swirled in work…I managed to meet up with my old friend Emily for coffee on Boxing day, (she did the Ann Summers show with me) and well i needed to see her whilst she was back, not only because i love her…yet also because she was coming armed with her new partner, her new piece of ‘handsome’..who she..wait for it…met on Tinder!!! Tinder wedding bells much! Lol

They’re a great couple and it sort of gave me hope. Now, i don’t feel sad about being single. I am naturally an attention whore and i’ll naturally find boys if i need them. ๐Ÿ™‚ (It’s my inner Hollywood.) It takes a lot for me to like someone that’s the ‘forever’ kind of someone, so even though i had joined Tinder…i kinda tossed it off with a ‘i’m too shallow for this’ attitude…before Emily and Mark (that’s her beau) suggested i have another crack at it. So i did…and it’s working.

Now, I NEVER online date and because my inbox terrifies me on normal days, let alone when i’m inviting men in. So, i tampered on Tinder and was matched up with a good few… Some i liked, some i liked more than others. Yet everyone on there is chatting to so many people that it’s hard to find the right match. Well, I find it hard and i don’t enjoy too much choice, as it puts me off the menu. HAHA. Yet the more you do it, the more skilled you become at it…and that’s not just dating or boys, because i’m awesome at both subjects, but more the skill of ONLINE DATING that i need to learn and conquer. It’s a whole other pair of balls. I don’t find it as sexy. But it’s interesting, as i’ve spoken to some great guys and some great plonkers, some wonderful truth tellers and some hardcore bullshitters. HAHAHA. And whereas i couldn’t read them before because i was an online dating virgin…even just as easy as today…i now get the game! ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean, i was shocking at it the last couple months..and truly innocently believed all that I was told. But i wised up and it got great.

So now, I feel powerful and to be super dooper honest…i’ve chatted to really great boys. I adore folk in general and gents are something that I love…so it’s fun. And i do actually believe that within all that, i’ll find him. I actually feel great! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, yeah, Em’s was right, once you get good at it all…you’ll find dating a breeze, as now i can banter and thumb through the good from the bad immediately…and still keep a smile on my face and the chitter chatter pleasant. I don’t keep talking to the ones that just aren’t for me. But I’m liking being a champion at this online malarky now , yet you’ve got to be careful because half of the guys on these sites are just out for wanks, or late night talks with girls…have wives or girlfriends…and..well you’ll know straight away…especially when you or they arrange a meet up.

I now, call them out on everything and immediately get the cold shoulder or the Houdini act. PAHAHA. But, like i said, away from all that there are some AMAZING gentlemen that i’ve chatted to of recent.

So yes, I think my new year is about dating. Even if you end up with no connection…you’ve made some really great friends, mixed in with experience. Dates are fun. This new year…i’m doing them. I’d rather take something on that quit things. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s certainly much better for any boy to snag a bit of ‘Wunna’ if they already know me or they work by me, or are submersed in my real life and simply because i already trust them, know them and well they’re easily accessible.

I know what i want, i know exactly what i’m looking for and the great thing is that even if you’re bantering with loads of boys or chicks or whatever you’re doing…the right match will stick around and come through shining, when the bundle and masses have gotten bored or have dropped off the radar. Lol. If i like a guy, he’ll know i like him. I’ll make the effort to like him. If i don’t…then he’ll feel it. And it’s the same the other way around.

So this year of blogging is going to be fun…as the blog will follow my dating experiences. Respectfully…ofcourse; ๐Ÿ™‚ So, let’s see how I do! I mean, I might go on one day and adore them..and therefore it’s all perfectly dandy. Or i might venture on dozens and hate them..which could always happen, in Wunnaland. ๐Ÿ™‚ In LA, i used to date loads so much that I was awesome at it. ย Out here, i expect to go on a date, the guy adore me and then we end up doing forever, just like that! Lol. And that’s wrong. Like, I said i’m looking for that best buddy of a companion to just do life with! ๐Ÿ™‚

I mean, i’ve already got called ‘beautiful’ and a ‘plank’ today and by a weirdo who Houdini’ed once he got called out. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it! It’s buzzing. ๐Ÿ™‚ AND there’s something about that situation that ties in neatly with another..So I’m LAUGHING. I just don’t get why boys make it harder on themselves. No, not just boys…everyone.

If you like someone, go on a date with them…tell them you do and just get on with being ace together. The game of it all is boring. But with this whole online thing, you kinda have to treat it like a game, before you manage to make it the real deal.

I can’t wait!!!

So, stay tuned!!!

Ps/ I’ve got to go get ready, as Keiran’s coming over for Baby Junior in an hour, which is always pleasant these days. I mean, we went through a lot of anger last year with one another, but these days, it all seems quite merry. We’re still very much a family unit, even after separation..and well if he actually wanted to make it better…he would’ve… ages ago. I do think that in his heart he’d want his family as one…However, for now, ‘Novelty Daddy’ he’ll play. He’s a massive part of our family, I mean my Mum and Dad regard him as a son…and we’ve oddly grown up together emotionally. But i think when it comes to me, his security blanket…he’s a being who sits back and see’s what occurs naturally and i’m the opposite. I’m a human who creates opportunities…i love fresh, expressive…emotion. I’m a doer.

PPS/ Last year, i did a lot for other people. This year is about doing whats right FOR ME! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cya Dolls.

Love you! *Wink..Wiggle.*




Christmas Eve rush around


I finally made it to my Christmas hols!!! Yay!!! At six o clock, yesterday evening, i purchased wine, air kissed wok colleagues, sent my ‘Merry Christmas’ blessings, then kitty strutted to my Mercedes and drove home to see the babies! Wahooo!

I have worked SOOOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly hard this year, that nothing feels better than three days off…IN A ROW!!! Yes, in an actual row!!!

I’ve made the executive decision to do it drunk, in the name of Christmas, stuff my face, until I go all low carb in January and love the babies, like only I as ‘Mama’ can do! I obviously worked all Tuesday, so whilst I did Keiran took them to some Winter wonderland thing, to spend some time with them.

He brought them home around 7pm. He was in giant geek glasses, which made him more attractive. He’d actually lost weight and looked normal…well presented, handsome and normal…which made him more attractive really. We just did the polite ‘Mummy, Daddy’ mumbo jumbo and then he left to go ‘do tea.’ Oh…after giving me flowers ‘from the children’ and a card that stated that even though things had ‘changed’ we are still always a family.

In my mind…Ruby, Junior and I are ‘the family’ because we’re the ones who were left after he chose to leave. Lol Pete and Keiran are now additions. But, enough about that…it’s CHRISTMAS…and well…i can’t wait to enjoy it, relax and be amongst the people who i adore the most.

This year, i know a lot of people are doing dinner out. I’m choosing the opposite, simply because i’m always always out, so it’s more special for me to stay IN and just chill with the children, family and in ‘jamas.

I’m already on the vino, because you can be at Crimbo and well this morning i did all my last minute shopping. What a fucking bag of achey balls!! Everywhere is mayhem. Everywhere is packed. Everywhere is stressy.

I travelled all over to purchase food for Christmas dinner and swipe extra gifts. So, yeah i’ve only just got back..after not being able to get my contact lenses! UGH! As if i didn’t know that they weren’t open! Now, i have to save sight until Saturday. Nothing annoys me more. Let’s drink in tinsel.

As soon as i swung open the door, i made people carry bags in, i sorted out all the unpacking and then rushed upstairs, slid into leopard print comfy pj’s and grabbed wine!



Tonight, i get to do the whole ‘magic’ leaving the carrot and mince pie out for Santa malarky and i can’t wait. Then i have to do a mad wrap everything up to surprise them in the morning.

Last year I was in the forest. The year before I met up for drinks with friends briefly and then Keiran and I had to try and built a fricking giant plastic wendy house in the living room for Ruby to wake up to in the morning… AFTER BOOZE. We fought that night. The kitchen was a mess with drama.

All went well though…and well this year it’s amazing. I’m in a wonderful place. I’ve over spent but i’ve deserved it. ๐Ÿ™‚ My folks will be around for sinner..sinner? Dinner lol…. tomorrow. I’m cooking. Yes, i’m cooking and I’m not sure why that shocks people, but i cook now and i’m ace at it. HAHA.ย I literally cook all the time, so the reason why it comes as a bit of a scare to folks makes me giggle. Lol

Keiran will be coming over in the morning he says…early…to wake the babies up (who will already be awake) and to do the whole ‘Christmas morning’ thing with them, watch them open up pressies…do love, life and family merriment for a few hours, before he then steps out back out of our bubble and ventures off to do whatever it is he’s doing.

Christmas to me is all about family. So with me having zero days off, it’s almost super special to me this year because i’m home!! I’m here! I’ve done so well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Then I’ll meet friends for drinks Boxing day and have fun, fun fun, up until New Years! (I do work through that week though! Lol.)

I truly hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and hope that you don’t just see it as ‘another day.’ I mean, it’s special to me because of the babies, but even if you have no babies, and just friends, life or company. Enjoy it, as there are sooo many people out there, who don’t have anyone, anything, or even a place to be right now this second.

I love you all….

I’m off to get sozzled. It’s actually my first ex husbands birthday today. Mikey. So happy birthday to him and his very ‘Hollywood’ arse.

Roll on Crimbo. Life is AMAZING.

C x





Just doing life early…


Life is AMAZING. It couldn’t be filled with anymore Christmas merriment. However, it is currently five o clock in the morning…i’ve been laid awake since 4.48am, my alarm is not even set to go off until six and when that happens…it means you subconsciously have a troubled mind. I’m at work in 3 hours, so being up since 4am isn’t going to work in my favour. Lol. But what is wrong with me? I’m happy. I’m doing great. The babies are cheery and asleep. I’m up? Laid awake and everything??? I’m not even drunk…so i’ve annoyed myself with the simple fact that in the bottom of my dungeon of a glitzy head ๐Ÿ™‚ (made no sense) something is troubling me. We all know that it’s only my love life…

So whatever, i’ll live. Pity party over. Cupid digs me. I just keep falling for the stupid shit, again and again. HAHA. Yet this time…now that i’ve thumbed through my dusty ‘past’ files…it’s seems there’s a hidden gem wedged in there afterall. That hidden gem…is ME. ๐Ÿ™‚ They’ve all been lucky to have a bit of Wunna swirl into their lives. Wahoo!

Away from all that. I have a great boss! We all got thoughtful, actually awesome Christmas gifts of ‘thanks’ from him, which says a lot about a being really. Most bosses, just give you a kick in a knackers with a ‘happy working ALL Christmas rota.’ My boss gave us gifts of ‘thanks.’ (And ofcourse a Christmas rota. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Hurrah! Yesterday, I bought everyone I work with a Lottery ticket instead of doing Christmas cards this year. I’m rubbish at getting cards to people, that i always think end up in the trash, so i tried to be creative and instead purchased each person an opportunity to be a millionaire…signed ‘Love Chrissie.’ ย Lucky dips all around!!!

Talking about luck, I have an ace bunch of days off, which makes me super smile simply because what my babies miss and need more than anything right now, is just that moment where Mummy (and in fact Daddy) do nothing, no work, no business, no drama….and instead just sit down with them both and show them HOW MUCH we adore them. I’m dying for baby cuddles, where i’m not disappearing in the next hour to take care of business or rush to work.

Oh and I say ‘Daddy’ simply because Keiran’s ย now back from a massive working away schedule, so he hasn’t been able to really see the children, which will hurt anyone’s heart really….I’m luckily because no matter what, i ALWAYS get to come home to them. I’m there number one constant life fixture and it means the world to me.

So, anyway, he called yesterday and we chatted about work, life and new phones. Then I recalled him back as promised, when i got home with the babies…and well it was one of those weirdly wonderful family moments, where in which everything seemed back to normal again.

The babies were in the bath..Junior was playing and giggled and chatting to ‘Daddy’ via video phone. Ruby was quite quiet and i knew he would be, because if anyone missed Keiran, it’s her. I think part of her resents him for leaving her..with me. (HAHA.) But yesterday she took her resentment out on him by being oddly quiet.

Anyway, all was normal and well…then I saw it. JUST as the phone convo was about to end, Junior decided to jump up covered in bubbled and madly wave with excitement, blowing kisses and shouting ‘Bye, Bye Daddy!’

Keiran sort of looked at his screen….and said ‘That’s my little boy,’ and with that came secret tiny ‘i miss him so much’ tears. I saw them, as i he tried to wipe his eyes away from the screen, They were the same tears as the ‘wedding day isle walk’ tears…but less hysterical. So that means in his heart he cares very deeply about the children and his family…even though it’s all unglued and separated. And it must be really odd for him to be taken away from his surrounding home life, or work life and he plunged into our at home family life, via facetime /video phone because not only was it filled with life, bubbles, laughter and excitement and life that HE created….but it also used to be HIS life, HIS family…and…well…I guess all i’m saying is that it must be hard for him. I saw that it was hard for him…and it actually made my little eyes fill up with baby tearies.

I’m in a happy place right now. This time last year was heart breaking for me and i was placed on an emotional rollercoaster without a seat belt or gin. In fact, I think we were both lost this time last year and that we’re both in a better places emotionally…as ย now when we speak, we’re getting on a great deal better than we were before. We’re being adults…which helps when we’re trying to parent. And, i think that 3 weeks of being away…as he’ll usually have or see the children twice a week…killed him.

So, i’m open minded about everything…Happy that he’s getting to take the children out and about today whilst i’m at work, but i will say that I saw his ‘i miss the babies’ tears, which as always is a good thing.

It’s always the little things that I notice and never the big things that we often use as a distraction to hide the small things. I remember the little things…

Anyway, i need coffee immediately. My alarm goes off in fifteen minutes. Lol. That was far too deep for me this early. I need to talk more shite.

I’m loving life, i’m loving work and ย i can’t wait for Christmas!!! My new cooker comes today. I can’t wait to get the babies excited for Santa. Today is my LAST DAY of work before i break up for three…and i feel like the luckiest kitten in the world!!!





Lashes, phones and sausage rolls



Oh Lord! What a weekend!

Let’s just say when your birthday weekend consists of a mixture of shopping, drinking, magical trips, wankers, ace people, warming up sausage rolls, accidentally selling snowmen balloons, with a size of cow faced chocolates, dishing out eyelashes and opening gifts FROM GUCCI…all in an updo…you’ve pretty much had a rather odd, but tremendous time.

What i didn’t get was romance.

Hmm…? (Lol..in the name of my friend ‘Booty’ this is the part where she looks at me, knows i’m about to moan and will simply say ‘here we go…’)

Why am I sooo shitty at picking boys, finding boys and auditioning Mr.Right? I’m flattered to be bundled with attention, be it ones from potential serious suitors, or ‘willies’…yet for some reason men…and not boys because boys adore me because they’re foolish and i have boobs….but men are terrified of me? I’ve reduced them to shakes and mental disorders and everything.

Where are the normal, sweet, sensible tough cookies? Once that can do the romance and tell me i’m beautiful, with the ‘i’m in it forever’ sign wedged in the ground next to him. Wait…Lol..that sounds rude! Wahey!

But yes, i know think that even though Keiran was a ย twit…and a big twit to me…he was actually on the flip side….(and more often than not) the most romantic creature on the planet. I was wined, dined, gifted with diamonds, told that I was loved out of ‘Giant Jenga’ planks. Lol In fact, in that manner he did everything exactly how I would’ve wished it and because he usually strives to please…..everyone.

So, now, i need that…but someone who’s a bit more emotionally together, who i can have a giggle with , who adores me and accepts me for who am I, sees substance in my wink and just someone’s who sensible. HAHA.

(I can’t believe i sold cow face chocolates.)

Anyway, away from that i’ll tell you that i’ve over bought for my children this year for Christmas, i actually received a Gucci handbag for my birthday also and another pair of shoes for driving in by Louboutin. Pete found me in CoOp and handed me sparkling wine and i bought myself makeup and a big old cooker..so i can cook a giant CHRISTMAS DINNER.

OOoh! Oooh!

I have a new PHONE. Mark at ‘EE’ (always sounds like pills) ย in Doncaster…wiggled my upgrade around and slide me over an iphone six (I have to type the number out because my number ‘six’ doesn’t work…so all this time that i moaned and groaned because i would never get an iphone and simply to refuse to follow trend….I now have one…

…and it’s tremendous!

I actually adore it.

I love phone upgrades that end up being great! So, you should all get an iphone six…simply because i have one. Oh and will you please buy more lashes! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS!

Okay, i’ve got to go….i’ve got work in exactly an hour.

I’ve now got excellent working Skype on my phone, so all those times that i missed those fricking calls, that I really needed to pick up, are OVER. It sort of annoys me, as i’ve been waiting and waiting to chitter chatter to this ‘someone’ and i haven’t been able to…now i can…but it seems to late. ANNOYING.

Must get over. Must go!

Cya! x








Tinsel dipped amazeballs and Plonkers


This is why i’m lucky.

No matter what happens in my life, be it good bad or ugly..and well it’s hardly ever ugly…and simply because I either pick beautiful people to surround me or I roll the dodgy ones in glitter. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hurrah!

But yes, i’m lucky because no matter what happens in my life, i am ALWAYS ALWAYS surrounded by love and as tiny as that may seem to folk…it is the biggest thing anyone can ever have in their life. It’s the driven force to being a successful human being. It’s the thing that makes you happy. I have it and i’m surrounded by it always and i mean the unconditional type that is solid, rooted and always there no matter what, be it through friends, family, work, children or…boys. Lol

I’ve had a great year and it seems as thought there’s all these amazing things ahead that I can’t even believe, that i’m just taking this moment to hit ‘pause’ and enjoy it. I’m happy and i’ll admit that I haven’t had much time to smell the roses this year, but right now i can and it’s fucking wrapped in tinsel.

At 34, i can actually look at myself and truly without a doubt know that i’m ace. I’m this wonderful human, who tickles her own fancy, takes great pleasure out of life and the people in it and i’m finally headed in the right direction. (Late bloomer. I can’t even believe it.) I’ve never been happier and i’ve never laughed as hard in my life, than I have in the last couple months. It’s like The Gods shimmied ‘good times’ all over Wunna land and simply because they FINALLY figured i deserved it.

I’ll also say, that in life, it’s important that you work hard for what you want, yet it’s important that you realize when you’re going against your normal grain. Somethings that not right, will always remain not right, without solution and not because it’s devastating yet because it just isn’t suited on you, by you, or for you. It’s just not you.

However, you’ll also find that there ย are things that you may think are wrong for you…or the things you run away from, or try to push aside and plonk is some dusted cupboard of ‘yesteryear’…be it a job, a boy, a lifestyle, place or world…Well sometimes, those things are the perfect thing for you…and you just weren’t ready to ‘super kitten’ them and embrace them fully. I mean, some folk need to learn a few more lessons before they get to the finish line, (i’m certainly one of them and i learn them with charm and idiotic laughter..i’m ‘L’ plates all the way) and others just need that little bit more life experience or to adventure away before they settle down into that ‘right thing.’

It’s all about how you’ve developed has a human and timing.

Today, my advice for girls is to NEVER SELL YOURSELF SHORT. Know your worth and don’t let people…especially faff you around..because you’e better than that and they know it. However, sometimes they need to feel mighty due to insecurity, so they tend to faffing, like it’s an art. LOL In life, i’ve been faffed around shit loads and i’ve done the ‘faffing.’ Both ways sucked. (I can’t believe how rude that all sounds. HAHA)

Oh and my other advice to EVERYONE is that it is vitally important that you feel whole and happy enough to not let others piss all over your parade. I get plonkers tinkering into Wunna land all the time, with their loud mouths and ballsy type. However, if they bump into me whilst shopping, or in their real life, which most of them don’t…they treat me like i’m the absolute Queen of the world, LIKE I’VE BIRTHED ALL THEIR CHILDREN AND GIVEN THEM BEER FLAVOURED DIAMONDS.

Last night, i was enjoying life, drinking wine on my birthday and being greatness it all ways that i could and some plonker, who i don’t even know ….so lord knows how he ended up on my friend’s list, as the one that i use is my personal account…out of nowhere and because i called boys ‘yukky’ called me a ‘dumb cunt’ and politely finished it off with a ‘yer and to your face bitch.’

Luckily, he didn’t quite spell it all correctly, which always make me smile after wine. I think he went for ‘ dum cunt’ because i apparently couldn’t come into this world without him and mankind. I thre cyber rocks at him and then he got verbally abused for being rude to woman. That’s TWICE THIS YEAR that i’ve randomly been called a ‘cunt’ by ill mannered boys. Firstly by Keiran’s friend, after i foind out he lied to me..and it’s not my fault they all fashioned crimed on holiday. So manners and Dior are words they don’t quite understand yet. HAHA. (Sorry, i make myself laugh. Maybe I am a cunt?) And the second time was by this ‘Brian’on Facebook, who called me a ‘dum’ one and because i said ‘Boys are yucky, throw rocks at them.’ Did their Mother’s not teach them manners? Did they spend all their time at the pub, sipping ale instead of nurturing their young? I don’t get it? That ‘Brian’ is actually someone’s boyfriend toooooooo! YES!!! So, his girlfriend must have a fabulous time with him when he’s angry and hasn’t got his his tea on time. HAHAHA. Lord help him. Maybe i should run around him with glitter and tickle sticks…or do what everyone does and ‘unfriend’ him for kicks to wind him up.

But yes…i then went back to my wonderful life. Plonkers, plonkers…everywhere!


I have a great day ahead of me….

Love you all soooooooooo much!










I dont’ know why i’m so excited this year, but I am. I think because i had such a shitty beginning part to the year , then a hard middle, it feels really tremendous to actually finish it on such a high!

Dolls…i did great! I went thorough heartache, surgery, a house move, a breakdown, a new job, no free time, started a business, found happiness…loved and nurtured my babies, got a new job and then EXCELLED! Yippppppppppeeeeeeee!

This year was the year that made me as a human being. I’ve never worked harder and if i ever felt of worth..it’s now. I did it. My mum smiled at me last night, after handing me the most beautiful card about how proud she was that I was her loin fruit……well she looked at me and smiled with her eyes, like she couldn’t be prouder! ๐Ÿ™‚

I did it.

I overcame EVERYTHING and now all is well, work, babies and life…all i need is the perfect handsome and i’ll have it all!

Being 34 is amazing. I’ve woken up beaming with ‘ooh laa’, like I’ve conquered SO MUCH this year alone and nothing feels great. I’m like some glitzy kinda hero right now, i’m sure.

I’m happy. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m lucky. I’m feel amazing, I’m an ace human..and i’m working towards goals…but weirdly, for once, actually getting there. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve raised the children, on my own (with the help of family) like a champion, alongside work, work, work. Their hearts are filled with love. ๐Ÿ™‚

This year couldve broken me, but i swirled it in a wink and made it take a glitzy positive U turn and now look….i’m happy! Y’see, all you can learn from me is to be irrepressible. I’m the kinda girl who can and will always pick myself up with a smile, a whole heart and thunder forward with warmth, hope and ‘ooh rah!’ I’m one of those humans. I’m great at it. By doing that, i always end up happy.

Now…I want fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

I want my perfect ending.

I want my perfect ‘handsome.’

In the meantime, this is what I did gain for turning 34….

A pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. A Pink PRADA tote. A pair of hot pink Louboutins. A Louis Vuitton Pink Canvas Monogram messenger bag. (They’re all the things that I gifted myself with. Yes. This kitty is doing well. ๐Ÿ™‚ At least when things go shitty, i’ll always have great shoes and something glamourous to hide my money and lipgloss in.

I also got Makeup, a bustier….and well there’s so much that i can’t even think, simply because i’m sooooooooooo excited!

I’ll catch ya later. I’m off to work.

Day off tomorrow.

Happy birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEE!


Chrissie x

Love ya!

Ps. Happy birthday to anyone else who shares the same birthday!!! I love being a December baby


DSC_0159 copy


I’ve had an AWESOME DAY. I’m filled to the brim with excitement for my big old birthday tomorrow!! I get all giddy and kid like whenever my birthday decides to shimmie in and well i can’t WAIT to have the best nights sleep, to simply peel open my baby doll eyes and whop open all my gifts!!!

The babies gave me their presents about an hour ago. I think they wanted me to open them immediately, so they could see what was in them. Lol. Yet, i’ve made them wait until the morning, when it’s actually my birthday, which is when they can help me, before nursery and before i rush off to work.

I’m looking forward to work. Looking forward to the weekend. I currently have shit loads of vino around me and pressies, pressies galore.

Tick, tock, tick tock..

I’m nearly 34!

Your **** or Mine?


OMG! I have had the day off work, so i’ve Christmas shopped all day…like a maniac. (I thought this was a task that I had fully completed the week previous…) alas…i was wrong.

I bought and bought, swiped, handed over cash and purchased, to the point where even I thought that this whole Christmas gift buying malarky was beginning to get a little bit out of hand…even when you have two babies. I mean, what i’ve spent is ridonkulous. But whatever the children love the whole swirl and magic of the season, the eve and the day…so at the end of the day, as long as i keep working hard, i’ll feel better about my Christmas spending. Y’see, i’m much better at spending money on myself than I am others. HAH.

I’ve written this blog from my much needed relaxation bath. When you’re a mum, you never get to do ANYTHING in private, you will always always have an audience….if you’re a Mummy doing it by herself and you have two pieces of delicious loin fruit.

Today…no one watched me in the bath…Lol…but me! Hurrah! In fact, i must’ve found it so odd and bizarrely boring that I invited you into my bath as an audience out of habit, ‘attention whoriness’ and boredom. (That all sounds wrong…but i assure you, it wasn’t pervy…i simply ‘selfied’ my face with a thumbs up and my laptop. Nothing to pull ya pants down over. HAHAH.

I’m at work tomorrow, but i’m still trying to sort out my weekend.

It’s my birthday TOMMORROW. A lot of you have already sent me the most delightful birthday wishes. Thank you so much. My inbox is brimming with smiles instead of willy pics.

I’m mildy disturbed because alongside my own name ‘Chrissie Wunna’, one of the top searches that aided folk to my blog was ‘your cock or mine’ Why, oh why!?! Kill me! How about LASHES. EYELASHES, BEAUTY. LOVE.

I’m gonna have to shoot off because i have a nursery run to do in about a minute…

But i’ll check in later.

Love you x

Wunna x