Working, Owning..Loving


I have literally worked my booty, booty arse off today! And it weirdly feels great! I always thought free money felt better than earnt money. I ALWAYS did. However, now…it’s the exact opposite. When you’ve earnt that dollar and you LOVE what you do…and you’re around amazing people…then you’re certainly better off! *Another step up* And oh fuck it..let’s have a *wink.*

(Yes, i’m on the wine. I don’t care. I deserve this vino. PLUS, now that i’m back home from day job, i’ve got to work through the night in order to plonk up m lash line for you to buy…BY TOMORROW MORNING. Lol. Cheery! Cheery! I always do things better sauced up, so i hope i at least get pissed. 🙂 )

I’m still waiting for my product pictures… to put up on the site…by tonight…:) ….so things are kinda dancing on that thin bit of ice and yeah there’s a minor bit of pressure…but it seems that, that is the way i tend to like situations. I can work amazingly under pressure, to the point where people are  shocked that I can even function. 🙂 I’m swear i’m like  s slutty looking Superhero. But a lazy one, when things come easy..then a rockstar when the heat is turned up A LOT! Gimme! Gimme!

Anyway…about boys…

After talking to all my chick friends, it’s seems that every West Yorkshire, sort of Ponty/Wakey/Leeds boy, has chosen ‘the German market’ for their casual ‘everyone goes there’ Christmas date spot. LOL And every London boy  has chosen ‘Winter Wonderland.’ HAHAHA. If i hear another..’oh he’s talking me to The German Market’ or ‘We’re doing Winter Wonderland,’ then i’ll giggle and drink 42 gins, with a head shake. But on the whole…a date is great! I love dates!

My friend Kat, who unfortunately passed away. yes, the ‘Kat’ that was on ‘Paris Hiltons British Best Friend’ with me, always used to tell me that the best way to see if a guy was decent was to get him to take you ice skating. That way you can judge him and see if he’s a show off…helpful..cautious, nurturing…or terrified. 🙂 You can see if he takes himself seriously..or if he can find it in himself to laugh at the entire situation, when it all goes ‘bad tits’ up. 🙂 I never did, because well..i figured I could read boys well and any boy that’s too hard to read, or messing you around, or can’t be bothered to express how he feels…isn’t worth wasting time on ‘the read.’ If a guy likes you, he’ll find you, go out of his way to make you smile…adore you and in the end get what he wants….which will be you. If they’re messing around, ‘umming’ and ‘arring’..and placing you on hold. Or just treating you, like you’re not that important, then they too can be placed on ‘hold’…as you fish around in that big old pond of glory.

The men that like you a lot..will chase you. It’s their natural instinct. They’ll fight for what they want. And usually win. The strong ones anyway. The winners at life. The ones that can pick themselves up and gallop forward like a hero. The shitty ones, will make up hundred excuses and blame the world for all that it has burdened upon them. Lol. (Those boys don’t get laid.)

Lets boys be boys and girls be girls…and everyone’s love life will simply be dandy. There you go! I should be President! 🙂

(God, i’ve got to work all night and get up for work in the morning, Pahaha.)

This Christmas has been the busiest Christmas of my life and i flipping LOVE IT! I am the luckiest chick alive.

Okay, so i’m gonna drink this my arse off…and hopefully get this lash line out to you by the morning.

Wish me luck.

It’s going to be late one. But whatever, if i don’t get it all done by tonight, i’ll just have to get it done as soon as I can! Lol. It’s seriously the trials and tribulations of being a ‘Mama.’




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