When life gives you lemons…


So!! I got that ‘good news’ phone call, after waiting nervously for it all morning. EEK! You know when you’re accidentally hardcore ‘clock watching,’ with your fingers crossed, yet making excuses up in your head. That was me. Then just as I predicted. *Beep-Beep-Bring* My phone hollered at me…and the other end of it, delivered the news of GREATNESS! YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!

I actually jumped up and did a ‘happy’ dance. The kinda dance that is performed without your body knowing is was about to happen. πŸ™‚ The kinda dance that you do when no-one’s watching. Yet the difference was, the fact that I had people watching…and I STILL committed to the ‘happy’ dance in full, which ended in the art of ‘The Robot; which weirdly humoured my daughter more than anything in the world. πŸ™‚ She looked at me in that moment, whilst wiggling along with m, simply because i looked explosively chipper and with the largest belly laugh known to mankind, glared at me with ultimate adoration. (I can’t believe I can actually do the robot when i’m sober! True talent.) Little Rubes, she said, ‘I LOVE you Mummy….in all the world.’ Lmao. Almost there. πŸ™‚ But who cares…LIFE IS GREAT! (Then her doll, who she’s deliciously named ‘Baby Alexia’ got ‘jel’ and decided Wunna land wasn’t for her, as she tried to edge across the window ledge and jump her way to freedom.

But anyway…The Chrissie Wunna eyelash line is in production, doing well…and coming to you soon! πŸ™‚ I’m MOVING shorlty…and even though I still have my fingers crossed, I think I have found the perfect home that my family will love…especially during the Summer! (Cheer here! YAY! I hate it when you have to settle for something that’s ‘just alright.’ The art of Β ‘it’ll do’ Β pisses me off. I usually have to compromise with others. This time, I didn’t. I’m getting what I want and because I CAN! πŸ™‚ ) Team work has played a massive role in my last two weeks and it’s amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. I work well under pressure. I’m so grateful for having such great supported and well I’m kinda sorta impressed with myself. πŸ™‚ I managed to score myself a Β day job. I wanted to make extra money for the family, set a great example for my children, not be such a ‘loser’ to my parents ( as soon as i got it, my mum looked at me with that Asian Pride, in her eyes…she hates it when i’m not inconstant Β work and well for once I get to work in a happy’normal job’ environment… and just like that, with hope in my heart..scored….done….couldn’t be happy…start at the end of next week, with the greatest team. It feels good to make your parents proud of you. Mine ALWAYS tell me how proud they are of me, yet it’s the look that they give you, when you can truly see how much you’ve impressed them.

The babies are happy, fit and well. (Junior has got the best dance moves EVER. He thoroughly enjoys every inch of music and loves to commit to a good time. He loves ‘One Direction’ and Ruby loves’ Pharell.’ Lol. Ruby is my ‘hip hop’ baby. You plonk on a bit of ‘Snoop dogg’ and she’ll try to ‘dutty wind’ to it. But then she remembers her age and lets nursery rhymes and S Club7, litter her musical resume. Junior has his ‘wiggly bum’ dance DOWN. He learnt it from the toy dog.)

There is currently NO DRAMA IN MY LIFE. NO drama what so ever!! None! Can you believe! I feel like the happiest little girl in the world and well it’s weird because everything is once again just going RIGHT and because i’ve focused upon the right things and not let the drama of others get to me, or affect my bubble. I’ve kept life simple and now look…I’m en route to having everything. Everyone has an alternate version of their ‘everything’…yet right now, all my plates are spinning with ease, all areas of my life are great, stress free and drama free and well…i’m happy. I’m the luckiest kitten ever! Do not underestimate what a little determination, faith and hard work can get you! That has been my last 2 weeks. I’m a grafted, underneath a kitten image of ‘hair-tossing and pouting.’ I’m super determined…yet there’s not one inch of malicious in me..no matter anyone says…they like to think there is, because it makes THEM feel better…I’m a good scape goat when it comes to those moments…But i’m not bothered…it’s called strength and confidence. I’m smiling…I have my life DOWN right now. (And I say ‘right now because life always throws you a ‘dip.’) But I’m whole enough now to make everything work and now it IS! The kids are loving it! Plusl I think the weather is just making me happier. I feel a garden party coming on!

Soon, i’ll be introducing you to the rest of my family soon…my cousins, my nieces…my all sorts. It’s ace because I was scrolling through piccies, this morning and I found one of my 19 year old baby cousin, Natalia. She’ll always be 3 to me, as I bottle fed her and she would do my nail and I would do her nails. But anyway, now she’s in Uni, studying neuroscience…:) and well she’s doing it dressed as a sexy cat! Hahaha. I adore the women in my family. Jessica my other cousin, gave birth to the very gorgeous Baby Holly…who i adore…and hopefully in the end Jess, will end up being an accountant…Doing sums is her thing. Plus Richard her partner, is a great addition to what I call ‘Wunna land.’ Everyone just enters MY bubble. πŸ™‚

I NEED A MASSAGE. GOD! I need a massage. Y’know, I’ve always had them throughout my life form being a teen, yet this is the longest i’ve ever been without one. I didn’t even get to have one when I was pregnant! I am DYING for one and i need the treat immediately. I don’t think i have ever dated a boy who has enjoyed or bothered to give me massages. Do men just hate doing them…because my back hurts! πŸ™‚ I’ve had LA friends give me them…well ONE and i appreciated it so much, that I still remember it to this day…(the rest of the day was spent throwing pasta at walls to see if it was cooked, followed by whisky with magicians.)

I WANT A MASSAGE, so I’ve decided that every night form today I’m going to give both babies a bedtime massage, in dying hope that the GOOD LORD throws me a bit of good karma and I get massages right back at me…threefold. (Aww, Tom Daley is on my telly box….he’s cute, like in a ‘Polly Pocket-but you fancy him,’ kinda way, isn’t he? Yeah..i know he’s gay, before you all start. I can still fancy him. I mean, I fancied Ricky Martin for long enough. Didn’t harm anyone.)

Okay, I actually have LOTS TO DO today. So I need to get ready, head out and gallop through life with a ‘Whopp-dee!’

I appreciate you all greatly. I love you.


Thanks for following my life,

Chrissie x






Quick Recap



Well today’s one of those days where in which i’m hoping to hear good news. Last night, the first batch of good flying news was delivered, which sort of made me realize that maybe everything DOES happen for a reason…it actually made me cry. I used to NEVER be one to have a weep if I was happy. I never understood why people cried when chipper. Now that i’m an oldie and a Mum…and well..an oldie :)…and maybe more BAD things have occurred in life, like little, fun, trips ups, I now APPRECIATE good news a great deal more. I’m far less *swag-shrug-oh more great stuff* these days..:) and more GRATEFUL for any messenger who wants to deliver ‘happy endings.’ (And no…not that kind of ‘happy.’ πŸ˜‰ )

Today, (although the news is based on a running process, so target by target, news should ‘hit’ on it like little joy bullets,) i should hear the icing on the cake, that bit that will solidify a *stomp* of ‘hell yeah,’ which will prove that if you put your mind to ANYTHING, get organized and work as a team, powered by love, good intentions and determination…you can make anything happen and in the shortest amount of time! Even if the tunnel ain’t got no light. πŸ™‚ And well, even if the task seems somewhat impossible. Get ya head around the round…(how many MORE dirty innuendos can I accidentally produce) and go for it.

Flashback: ( Ruby’s first words of ‘morning’ to me where…)

‘Mum, I want my dad..’

‘Gee, thanks. Why?’

‘You’re scary. Get me dad.’

(Then she giggles and runs off….under the presumption that she may have wound me up. Lol. I think she’ll learn that it’s gonna take a bit more than that, to make Mama’s skin crawl! πŸ™‚ Your Mother is Chrissie Wunna, DARLING, not ‘Cry Baby, Cotton Socks.’ πŸ™‚ )

Other than all that, i’m looking through my stuff and decided what i’m going to get rid of. Obviously, i’m moving and when you move you don’t want to be taking ‘stuff that doesn’t matter’ with you. JUNK! Be it material, emotional or…well I guess I have to take my ego…so that’ll be the hardest thing to reckon with. I’m not a hoarder anyway, I enjoy throwing things away. Yet, due the types of things i’m throwing out, I’ve been told that I should just sell for cheap, so that I have extra dollar in my pretty pink pocket. So, I believe that that’s what’s going down? It’s tedious for me, as I enjoy the ‘others giving me money’ part, but can’t be bothered with the ‘gathering the bits to sell.’ If not, all i’ll end up doing is yanking in the giant skip brigade and well then i won’t have that extra couple hundred squids….which would be stupid really, as I mean that could ride the children on the Peppa Pig rocket at Doncaster two hundred times. πŸ™‚

Anyway, wish me luck, because i’ll need it. I’ve worked hard, but remained patient. I think i have luck on my side. So yeah…let’s see. I’m still nervous because until it’s all complete I can’t chill. I’m a worrier. I’m always a worrier.

If I get that great news phone call today. I am then, ‘s’ for sorted.


Wunna x

It’s Preachy Wednesday


How’s the day going for you? Have you woken up and survived it?:) Some of you will have…just. Others will have had some really great plans, that have just turned to pot, after laziness got the better of them. Some will have just got on with Wednesday. There will be the bunch that weirdly party through the day Β that are currently sat in some dodgy flat, wishing away life, morals and opportunity..usually due to circumstance. There will be ones doing ‘normal’…working the day job, some happy, some sad, some just ‘normal,’ the best way they know how. There will be the ones that planned to achieved something great today and did it. They’ve had a proper ‘DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE’ moment and can’t believe their eyes and then there’s the ones that didn’t plan much, but accidentally GREAT THINGS HAPPENED. They’re the lucky ones. The rest of you, have just be living happily, be you a stay at home mum, unemployed…yet need a job, unemployed yet have enough to wiggle under the title of ‘Lady of Leisure,’ (no man should be a ‘Man of Leisure’ unless they’re retired or financially independant.) Some people have destroyed lives since my last blog, others have given lives. The rest have watched day time telly…with crisps and cups of tea. (Yesterday, I owned a bacon sandwich, with brown sauce and a cuppa. I actually even Tweeted that one of the great things about being ‘Yorkshire’ is the simple fact that no matter what, there is ALWAYS time for a bacon sandwich and a cuppa tea.)

Anyway…blah…everyone keeps asking me what i’m giving up for lent? I’m not religious and if I would be anything, I’d be Buddhist. I’m spiritual. I completely respect the faiths of others. But at the end of the day, to me life is what you make of it, let’s hope we’re all gonna be okay at the end of this trip and let’s hope we all stop making mountains out of molehills…because life is too short. Love is all you have really. You can’t take anything else with you…so the quicker you give up fighting it, the better. This is it. You might get another go at it, but we don’t know that for sure…so yes folks…this is it. It’s all you have. So, bottom line…i’m not one to give up on anything…i’m more one to ‘take stuff on’. πŸ™‚ See! That’s why lent wouldn’t work out for me. (I’m currently devouring a chilli flaked, tomato soup…i’m slurping it like it’s my last supper…That’s about as religious as I get and I hate that, as I loved being a Buddhist. I found it magical and loved moments of meditation. Anything that promotes peace and harmony is good to me. It’s a positive force of energy….like a jolly belly laugh that radiates through the room.

I think I have life down now…because I know what’s going on when things are going wrong. I’m never bewildered by it, due to experience. I’m never like, ‘oh no, i’m lost. What do I do?’ I did that ages ago.If it’s all going wrong, I usually know why and well I know MEN really, really well. Better than they think, which is scary to them. They hate it and try and alter the balance to make it less terrifying for them. I know lots about people and relations, (it’s actually been my job) so even though i sit back and smile, with a ‘i know nothing.’ I’m a bit of bright spark and not just a ‘plonk on my geek glasses and pretend that I know everything.’ The only things I can’t do is sums…which is a bit of a bummer really to say I’m starting a business. πŸ™‚ Β I’m also shit at geography. I obviously know the big things, yet my sense of direction is simply ‘whack-a-doo.’ Finding my way to places, scares me. That’s what used to terrify me about driving. That’s why I used to be annoyed with taxi driver who didn’t know where places were. IT’S YOUR JOB!

I’ve been spending the day trying to find the correct answer to a minor issue, without having to contact the main source who will basically and quite simply deliver the answer. Yet because it may not be the answer that i want…I don’t want to give them a call yet. πŸ™‚ like to know everything before I ask the right people, who do know everything. Don’t fret, it’s not a serious issue. It’s easy peasy and unimportant. Yet, it’s the little niggly bits in life that get to me and not the big things. The big things are handled with glamour, might or with swords. If they’re good…they’re celebrated.

Away from that, i’m in the ‘fingers crossed’ stage right now, when it comes to the house. It’s a time that means a lot to me, so i’m hoping all goes well. Keep your toes crossed for me and your lucky charms clutched tight in your sweaty palms. I’m excited now and can’t WAIT to get out of here. GIVE ME NEW. Give me SPACE.

Everything from now on, is about concentrating on the positive and not dwelling on the rubbish parts of the past. The weakest people are the folk that can’t see the ‘light’ because they are so foolishly shaded by the darkness, the negative…the pity party. Whenever you hear people moan about the past…or hold onto bits of the past, which aids in them refusing to see the good in you, a situation or life..YOU CAN THEN MEASURE THEIR STRENGTH against yours. You’ll find, they haven’t got as much emotional power as you….no matter how much they pretend they have. (Sorry, I’m watching ‘Jeremy Kyle’ it’s igniting debates. Lol. Some poor lady apparently waved at her biological father when she sighted him, who wanted nothing to do with her, throughout his life…and what did he do? Her dad drove off in a car, as fast as he could before she could get to him? Lol. How odd? I mean I shouldn’t laugh because it’s so awful. Yet I’m sort of so shocked at his behaviour, that it turns comedic and because I could never imagine my little ones EVER trying to wave at me, and Β then when they do, I Β at the speed of light, leap into my kitty car, and rush off at 100 mph, without a single bit of acknowledgment and only a sprinkle of glitter dust…with a ‘stay away…no..no…you’re not mine!!’ HOW BIZARRE. Some people have it really hard and my heart goes out to them. It makes me appreciate the family life i’ve had growing up. Plus, my children are LUCKY. I mean, that lady is about 45 years old. That treatment has bothered her for THAT LONG. How stupid is that guy. Y’see, she’s still a little girl wanting her daddy to love her or at least acknowledge her….even at 45. That will have changed how she’s dealt with love and her relationships all her life. She does need to get help and mend from it though for she’ll never feel whole. I don’t like it when people use things as excuses, because my mum maybe didn’t have the best mother at times…yet she ended up being THE GREATEST MOTHER EVER’ because of it. You should be using your bad times to promote a better you, break a cycle and really succeed.

It’s all of this snoozy.

I hope I get a ‘good news’ phone call tomorrow, as it will really help. In the name of being girly…

…let’s ALL ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeek’ here!

Love you lots,

C x

ps, Thank you for following my life.










AH dee dums…and babies



Morning my delicious glamour pusses of love festival! How are you? I sort of had a really great day of ‘busy’ yesterday. I actually only had one ‘out of the home’ meeting…yet it too a good amount of GREAT TIME. When things take a bit more time than expected, yet that time is pretty good and well spent…(you’re having a laugh, you’re at ease, you’re enjoying the process) then I class that as ‘Great’ time. All other times when you’re forced to listen and nod and smile is rubbish. Yesterday was not rubbish it was ace, as I step into a new chapter and celebrate being MOI! I’m about ot work hard, really hard, because if I want everything that I do want in life, and fair enough i’m in a better position than most and I have a lot of help..than I’ve got to work hard for it and do everything I can for both my own self satisfaction, so I can do the whole ‘I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR,’ and for the babies. Having two is amazing, yet you have to work hard to sustain a certain lifestyle. I want my beauty (lash) lien to work, I’m very privileged to be able to launch it. I ‘m looking forward to pitching for investors, yet in the meantime, I need extra income to prove to MYSELF that ‘m not fricking lazy. Sometimes I get all, ‘this is what i want’ yet I kitten slack off. My parents have worked their arses off to give my brother and I and my babies the life that we grew up in. I feel (although i’ve achieved lots…the Hollywood thing, the telly thing…the baby thing..) I feel like I’m letting the side down. I feel like i’m sat on my arse doing nothing and in those times if you can be pulling in extra dough..you should be. Like today for instance, both babies are nursery bound. I’m at home watching ‘Real Housewives..’ and sending emails off to China for the correct lash styles. That’s not enough ‘weight pulling.’ I mean my Mum moved to England when she was 29 having never even seen a tv in her life…She came her on her won…with only Β£17 to her name. She ended up being a Doctor..then the boss of her department..then sending both her babies through private education and giving them a life that they regarded as normal. My Dad did the same, but was in England earlier, before he met my Mum (They are soul mates.) He too, ended up being a Doctor, yet even when he was a Junior Doctor, on a decent, but Β ‘not what he wanted money wise’ wage..’he took an extra job as a GLASS COLLECTOR IN A BAR…WHEN HE WAS A DOCTOR…and because my mum had just had a baby girl that they decided to name ‘Christina.’ πŸ™‚

And well…here I am curling my hair, pouting in mirrors, doing my beauty line…not being a Doctor…lol..doing little bit of telly here…telling past stories of Hollywood. (When you talk about the past a lot it’s because you’re currently not achieving in that area in your present.) That’s not right! I feel lazy. I’m lucky for everything that I have, but now Wunna land is gonna get to work. I’m not being the ‘let down’ child, when i have so much going for me. I can have Β a beauty line and work hard elsewhere…until my brand makes it. It’ll set the example for Ruby, who now thinks she’s probably ‘too pretty to work.’ NOT GOOD. She doesn’t even want to go to nursery because it’s harder work than being with Mum at home. (And because she just loves Mama.) Yesterday and because my meeting took longer than I told her, she said, ‘Mum, can Grandma go on your meetings, because I love being at home with you.’ Aww! Points scored. Yet, work ethic fail. πŸ™‚ As women we just love to be appreciated, cherished, loved and wanted, don’t we. Men forget that…it’s a really simple process. You want a girl to love you forever, make her feel appreciated, cherished, loved, respected and wanted and you’ll have the best wife ever. As soon as you’re a pig…we hate you, because we were read ‘fairytales’ when we were younger…whilst you lot were climbing trees. It’s not that hard a concept.

But YES, life is great right now. All is going well. New house soon. New work, new eyelash line…loving it. Fresh. Feeling powerful. Y’see, good things do only happen to good people. I’m currently (and because life loves me) being able to ride the ‘i told you so’ wave and gloat which makes me super happy. πŸ˜‰ You shouldn’t really gloat, but when everything you said was right and everything you did was proven to be correct…all you can do is ‘chin-chin’ to that drink and politely SMIRK. πŸ˜‰ LOVE THESE MOMENTS. Doing dinner and drinks with friends this evening also…can’t wait…it feels fun and well i’m pulling myself together to look DIVINE.

I currently have a friend texting me non -stop, which I don’t mind because her partner decided to have a jolly bunch of affairs on her behind her back. She needs Wunna ears. He didn’t even have the decency to tell her. In fact he accused her of it all the time! She found out. Made him look stupid really. If anyone is constantly calling you a cheat or a liar, or an unfit this or an incapable that…it’s usually because internally, it’s usually what they are! Yet everyone knows that, so really we’ll class it all as a quick reminder. The memo. I feel for all chicks going through love life drama as it’s not fair on us really. But do know it’s because men are a lot more insecure than women. They’re raised that way, right from the playground…and well the more insecure they are..the more problems you’ll have with them during your relationship. The ones that were raised by women, or around good role models…are usually more respectful to women..i think? I hate bad manners and it cane really turn me off a man. Chivalry is NEVER DEAD in my eyes. If they have bad manners, be it the way they speak to me, or the way they act towards me..then I immediately find them unattractive and simply because I was raised by the most polite gent ever (my daddy) and all the boys i went to school with (cos it was posh) were all really really respectful and well mannered when it came to girls.

Anyway…i’m having to have a big organize for the ‘hopefully’ new house…and get bundles of washing done as my children seem to puke or heavy poo on their sleep space every night! It’s clean sheet night, EVERY NIGHT in our house and it’s TEDIOUS, i tells ya! I’m like the old wicked washer woman,who lives in some dark boiler room.. that is situated in HELL. Lol. It’s like i’m tumble drying, reading ‘he cheated on me texts, emailing China for eyelashes, whilst having homes to view pop up in my email. Random, but life..and all good. Event he moan texts are good. I’m a decent friend…i’ll listen to you moan on forever, whilst laughing and making the next round of baby bottle in heels and a glammy updo.

Other than all that, a man came over yesterday, whilst I was out at my meeting to photograph the house…and he couldn’t doing it because my Dad, Grandpa Wunna was home, watching Ruby. It must have been mayhem. Lol. Plus, it’s always odd to have a little Asian man sleeping on the sofa, under a zebra print blanket, whilst you have to roam around in the name of commercial creativity. Hilarious though. My folks rock. (As soon as I got home, Ruby MADE ME make her giant soft toys out of thick fluffy pipe cleaners. Others went home to a vino, or sanity. I went home to DIY pipe cleaner bugs. Yet Rubes doesn’t like someone else be better at something than she is. She thinks she’s 14. So every time I did something right…she’d tell me that I’d done it wrong…isn’t that abusive? lol)

Beautiful morning! Spring is here! I’m tired of hearing you all ramble on about ‘One Born Every Minute…’ Β I don’t think ANY MUM, who has actually BEEN THROUGH CHILD BIRTH, finds ‘One Born’ cute in the slightest. All it does is remind you of the worse pain you ever went through before you got the prize. The handing over the baby bit is the good bit. The ONLY GOOD BIT. πŸ™‚ The 9 months is hard. The labour is worse…and let me tell you…’One Born’ sort of makes it look ‘not as ouchy’ and more sort of poetic…as what it’s really like is far less lovely. πŸ™‚ But the prize, which is baby, is great for all women…as it’s a long struggle the whole 9 months. Then you have the night feeds and the grumpy men to deal with. Life and birth is wonderful. Going through it…HURTS. As soon as it comes on, I switch over. It’s like you only watch ‘Don’t tell the bride’ if you’re about to get married, I guess, because you’re excited about the wedding. Not realizing that there’s a whole married life to tackle with your man of choice afterward. πŸ™‚

I’m actually going on a run today. Crazy innit, how life changes. πŸ™‚

Love you lots…welcome to my world x











Just call me Einstein..


Hey, HEY, hey! How YOU doin’? What’s shakin’ y’all! Hello. Yo. Miaow!

Today is a good day and I don ‘t really know why again, but after a weekend of BOTH children projectile vomiting over me, things, carpets, themselves, bedsheets, into toilets, sick buckets and my freshly washed leggings over and over again… due to a snazzy little virus that is taking over their nursery…today life seems to have gone back to normal. Yesterday the clouds of sickness dispersed and well both of my ‘winkles’ slept through the entire night…as I laid with my fingers crossed hoping that they were well again. AND THEY WERE. YIPPEE! It’s hard when the babies are sick, but it tugs at your heart strings as a ‘Mama.’ They look all helpless and forlorn. Junior’s quite dramatic during illness. It’s not just because he’s a baby,it’s part of his natural being. Ruby…takes it on the chin. She’ll be ill and tackle it like a champion. That girl is going to be a toughie. Like her Mother…the little things make her wail…yet the big things she handles with VA VOOM.

The rest of the weekend was spent viewing beautiful homes that I could potential life in…(saw the most BEAUTIFULLY GLAMOUROUS HOME on Sunday, I want it to be MINE. It’ s a proper ‘look where I live’ step up. I can’t WAIT to move. However, then I was humbled by my children who made me drink a hundred pretend cups of tea for kicks, in the name of make believe, playtime and love.


Aside from house viewing, and approving part copies of my business plan…(i’m having to do it in milestones, simply because life piled on top of me all at once, with the surgery etc….now all’s gone back to normal and i couldn’t be happier. It’s all Spring in Wunna land and all the drama is over! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

New line of work, new business, new meetings, telly stuff, normal day job stuff, new home and happy children. Can you believe Junior is going to be ONE in 3 months time. That time seems to have flown but now I look back, i’ve been through a lot with him! Amazing though because every inch of every day I have stood by his side and raised him throughout his first ever year on this earth and after he was 3 months old…i did it all by myself…WITH a diva two year old, working her ‘terrible two’s’ like she was some champion of tantrum. But I did it. I FRICKING DID IT πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and when you’re a mum…you’ve been on your own, be it with one or two…(two is harder than one, I assure you, don’t let people fool you into thinking that ‘two is the same as having one’..i used to hear that a lot…it’s NOT TRUE. Be warned. Take birth control if you aren’t up for it. πŸ˜‰ Β But yeah…I DID IT! I got Ruby through her ‘terribles’…and I raised Baby Boy Junior at the same time each day for each moment…and now he soon will graduate as a one year old! They’re happy, I started my first proper business…and juggled surgery, life, a broken down marriage and a miscarriage! I WANT TROPHIES! (Not because i’m some kind of Β hero…lots of women do it. But just because my sheer excitement must mean that secretly I didn’t think I could do it. But I COULD and i did! Nothing is more gratifying. And I don’t care what anyone says about me ever…what they can always say is that I’M A REALLY GREAT MUM. That’s what matters in life, so no matter what…i’m always winning! Yeehaa! (Plus, now when we move, we get to live bouji. It’s just sort of satisfying because when Junior reaches one years of age, it’s like the initial hard work is all done. From that point on…it’s much easier. I mean having a newborn and a 2 year old is the hardest ever. πŸ™‚ But I didn’t realize that I would be going through it alone. Yet now it brings ‘happy-relief’ tears to my eyes just knowing that I did it and that they adore me for doing it and that I always put them first! It makes you grow ten feet tall..and all good mums will get that feeling! NOW, (well when he reaches one, i can go back to celebrating ME. I’m a lot freer, funner…and ready to tackle life, relax and make my dreams come true. They’ll be 3 and 1… it’s a good age, as they’re both more self sufficient and can communicate.

I get to get back to being ME again. I mean for me when I look back i feel like i’ve spent so much time pregnant, growing babies, having babies, making sacrifices and well just babies, babies, babies and for us women it begins the moment we realize we are pregnant. I feel like i’ve been pregnant since 2011! Lol. So with Junior i’ve actually gone through almost 2 entire years of looking after him. 9 months in my belly, 9 months out! πŸ™‚ Likewise with Ruby but for longer…That’s a long ass time of baby growing, making and sacrificing! This is the first time in 3 years that i’ll feel back to Chrissie Wunna. But happily with the most deliciously grown babies ever! And the good thing is that all my friends are now JUST having their first babies and getting married. Which i adore. Yet when they’re going through their struggle time…(let alone if they decide to pop in baby 2 at some point) i’ll be all free and Wunnaful to celebrate life to the fullest. πŸ™‚ So it’s all worked out correctly! I need an afternoon wine!

Other than that, i’m humoured by the fact that I just lay my hair on the kitchen counter like it’s some kind of dodgy pet..


(FYI, Those pink boxes are my lashes that you will soon be able to purchase. #eek. Roll on Summer.)

I’m loving my surprise ‘Thank You’ card from Sharn…


..they always bring a smile to my face and well i loved celebrating their wedding! It was amazing and so much fun to see two people O adore tie the knot! πŸ™‚

I’m also a genius…


All day today i’ve had to revise…and do an entire course in a a tenth of the time…so I learnt 11 chapters in two hours straight, in order to take an exam in time. Took the exam today…PASSED WITH 97%. πŸ™‚ Don’t hate cos i’m a brainiac. πŸ™‚ I love my inner geek and have a fond affection for geeks and prep school boys. πŸ™‚ Everyone always thinks i’m some brainless numpty, who didn’t learn at school. When really I was quite the boffin, until the end of it all, when I got bored and just wanted to move to Hollywood. (And did.) My parents (oh the Asians) have always said that if you don’t have a working brain, you don’t have anything in life. It’s better to look dumb, yet secretly be able to use ya brain, than look smart, when really you’re a bit of a thicky. I think people excel in different areas. I’m just well rounded. πŸ™‚ #trumpetsblown I even took the exam early, through a ‘fast track.’ BOOYAH!

Other than that, loving the eyelash line, looking forward to keeping fit…i’m in the mood, Spring does that to me..can’t wait to move…have an interesting meeting with people who are doing a film or a documentary in a being I grew up with..i’m wanting to get a small normal job to keep me occupied and keep money rolling in…(I want to set a good example for Ruby and laziness, even though we’re dripped in fabulosity’ isn’t that! Lol)

Adored that people go shopping and take pictures of things that are ever so Wunna!


Thank you Emily Harris! πŸ™‚ I need that pillow in my life.

And well how cute are these piccies of Ruby when she was a one year old…when I was at my ‘sort of cousin’s’ wedding…


(I enjoy the insanity of my eye makeup. Lol) That’s when i had a big lump stuck in my throat too. I have a neckline now and don’t look like Frank Bruno.)

In life it’s never too late to do anything, Be good, be great and strut. Believe in yourself and don’t bother with feeling defeated. If people love you and you’re a good person, then that’s great,. If they don’t and your a great person, then it’s their own loss. Be wise, be happy, work hard…love hard..make your dreams come true.


God I need a wine! As if i took an exam today! Pahahaha!