Busiest bee in town…


I feel like the busiest bee in town. I’m doing really normal stuff, yet all the down time i’m having, which isn’t much at all…is spent resting, recouping, snoozing, chillaxing or being Mummy. It’s been a busy week, where there’s not been much time for anything other than work. The good thing is that life is getting back into the swing of things, meaning that in the end…this works out great. The bad thing.. I haven’t managed to spend the time with Ruby that I wanted. I’ve hardly had that precious ‘one on one’ time with her, that we BOTH need and I miss it SO much. On my days off, she’s been busy, on my days off…she’s either been away at Pete’s or I’ve had to schedule in more work.

I’ve had a day off today. Ruby is at Pete’s. Tomorrow i’m not at ‘day job,’ and Rubes would be free for ‘Mummy time,’ yet i’ve had to schedule in my photo shoot for my eyelash line and website tomorrow in Leeds. Busy. Busy. Busy. So yeah, there are parts to my before life that I miss and that was the fact that i had all the time in the world for my babies. Yet, like I said, this works out better for them in the end, as I attempt to secure them a future of wonder. I want the best for my little family and if that means i have to work hard for it, I will. Yet, i always try to strike a balance between work and family, as you need BOTH, as one can’t flourish without the other.

So, yeah..you have my ‘sorries’ for the lack of blogging, but i just couldn’t fit it in. Life is good. It’s great. But busy. I’m learning a flurry of lessons fast and i’ve hit the ground running. Even though my kitten eyes are tired, i’m loving it. Yet I DO NEED my Ruby ‘one on one’ time. After my ‘shimmie,’ i’m going to shuffle. You can have the best of everything in life. You just have to try.

My love life is looking good. It’s a dawning and it’s lovely. My sex life got back on track today….and it was THEMED. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I feel like it’s Friday night but i have so much to organize for my shoot tomorrow, which is followed by a day of work on Sunday. It’ll be easy and fun…and i’ll love it. I think when you’re tired, you moan a bit more than usual, But on the whole, i’m lucky.

I don’t have anything other to report, other than busiest bee in town. Boring, I know. But i’m getting there. Oh! AND…I’m also moving this month..

To be continued…

Photo shoot tomorrow…hope the pics come out WUNNAFUL. Yay!



Friday Feeling Folks



Great day yesterday! Alongside fighting for what I believed in and all girls should. I mean, don’t ever let anyone make you think that you’re weak and have no right to an opinion or that anything is your fault…simply for being a girl. Also know that no-one ever has to explain themselves. It’s just a trick people use to make themselves feel a bit more mighty. Lol. (However, there are times when ‘anwsers’ are good. I’m one to never ask for an explanation, simply because it’s boring. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย And sometimes people really truthfully don’t have one. Answers like ‘Idiocy got the better of me’ are suitable. Don’t think that they’re not.) But yes, i’m feeling great and filled with ‘umph.’ (That sounds rude.) And i’ve learnt that in life you have to be able to not just forgive people for things, (i’m a grudge holder) but also have the actual ability to FORGET things. If you keep reminding yourself of things, you never put them in the past. In order for good forward moving happiness…and if you need to forgive a being, you have to forget the bad things. Plus, you’re negative if you can only remember the bad things. Who does that! ๐Ÿ™‚ (All of us. ๐Ÿ™‚ Bad habit.)

ANYWAY, alongside all that, I thoroughly enjoyed my Ruby/Mummy day yesterday. She wiggled through it all in a MInnie Mouse onesize, we lunched, we did supermarket shopping and she tended to the garden for 2 minute before manual labour bored her. Lol. Great day, but i cannot believe firstly how fast baby 1 is growing up and how much of an actual, real life, hardcore (in both a good and bad way) Ruby IS! That girl is the bossiest midget you will ever meet, but only around those she’s closest too. Lol. I always said i wanted a feisty girl and a loving son. I have both. But holy moly…feisty is not the word and the hideous thing is that she certainly must get it from me, as Pete is as passive as they come! HAHAH. I even have to Hollywood gangsta ‘YO’ at Ruby to make her stop doing things when she goes nutty. But on the whole, what an amazingly loving fay. She’s turning into a glamour puss and turning into her mother already. (Poor thing.)

Junior’s dandy. Broke my ‘no food in bed’ rule this morning. Lord knows how but he smuggled in a pack of Digestives…choccie ones and ate his way through them IN BED! AND with his foot in my face! I’ve realized that the best thing ever is raising a boy because you as a woman can raise him to be the most lovingly, respestful to women, boy ever. You can teach him how to be decent…and from a girls point of view. It’s ace! I love it. My little boy is gorgeous and giggly like Buddha. I don’t know who he gets that from, but he sort of reminds me of my Dad…when he’s drunk. My Daddy goes giggly like Buddha.

I’ve got a big work weekend ahead of me, so i’m getting ready for it and strapping in. I also have a photoshoot and a lash line meeting..with a dose of babies. I’m excited, loving life, rocking an up do, living off coffee and loving YOU,

It’s Keiran’s birthday today…and he turns 30. Yep, he ventures into my age box. We’ve texted about talking, which is good because we never really have. Not properly. He’s partying his way into 30 land, which is what any man needs really, they don’t take getting older as well as women. They like to pretend it’s not happening. I’m working through the whole weekend, aside from Sunday, so I can’t really do anything celebratory, yet I don’t feel bad, i mean each birthday i’ve bought him luxury forest holiday retreats, i’ve had a trumpet fanfare show up at the home to play ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. I have had a barber shop quarter knock on the door, filter into the living rooms and sing birthday songs at him. Lol. Massages. Champagne lunches. The list is endless…pressies galore…cakes…candles…surprises.

I can have a year off.


Have a great Friday!

Have a good one. It’s fricking Friday!






Naked Selfies, The Love Life & Babies


Morning kittens! Jeeze, I had such a busy yesterday. I’ve been worked off my feet and to top it all off, my phone, my life line, my ‘go to’ gal of comfort broke down on me and insisted on telling me that it was 21:03 at 5pm, Sept 2013..followed by crashing, followed by not letting me actually SEE the text messages that I was typing. Fun! Lol. So, yes i did that stressy phone moment, that we all go through. Yet luckily, I managed to pack up my troubles in my new couture bag and smile, smile…smile. Day job is going great. I’m proud of myself. I’m a money making machine. Eyelash line is coming to you THIS SUMMER. You are going to LOVE IT. I now wear my OWN lashes and it feels great. I’m going to sell the first batch as Limited Eds…and then as they go to retail, they’ll be for everyone to enjoy as a whole. The plan looks amazing…so hopefully all will develop accordingly. The good thing is that the day job is keeping me mentally balance and positive. It pushes me to do well and keeps me solider strong. I’m apparently going to have a ‘heavy’ month, which is always annoying, as my 2014 has been heavy enough. Why do I have to carry 2014? It’s not fair I tells you, especially with rubbish working arms. Most people get to just strut through it. I will shortly..however, right now…HEAVY is what I have to go through and when I say ‘heavy’ know that it’s always over a boy.

On the Keiran front, because you all always want to know about it and well now he’s not allowed to ban me from writing about him now, know that I actually reached out to him to ‘make it work’ because the future psychology of my children decided to terrify me. My son, now with his 6 teeth and ability to ‘maybe’ stand is already cautious around men because he’s not used to being around such creatures. #oddbuttrue Ruby has abandonment issues. She’s actually just got better because i’ve spent more and more one on one time with her, that she trusts me. If she loves you and you walk out the door to go to work, she thinks you’re never going to come back. Lol. It’s that crazy. Upsets me really, even if i’m giggling. It also upsets me that Baby 2 may grow up with security issues and may even resent Daddy, because no matter what you tell them, children ย always seem to blame themselves and take it out on themselves. I’ve done mucho life research on this.

My little boy is a beamer, a smiler, a happy baby. I always swore that I would do anything I could to make sure that he woke up with that smile on his face every day of his life. Nothing is worse to a good parent, then thinking that there could be a possibility that your bambino could change and that he could grow up broken. Normal parent behaviour. We worry. Yet to think that one of us could be the cause of him waking up glum for the first time, when we’re the folk that are meant to be glueing life together for him is devastating. I spend all my time with the children when i’m not working, so i see their emotional development more than he does. If he spent an entire week with them 24/7 he would see it too. He would understand. He’d get it. I think he gets it anyway. But in a mist of negative anger and party recovery…he tries not to.

Away from the babies and on the love front, Keiran goes through phases of reaching out to me, then backing away..which is normal boy behaviour. He’ll go from loving me to wanting nothing to do with me…only via words. We do it to each other. He prevents himself from loving me, yet can’t be away from me. He finds himself on the other end of my phone almost every day and on my door step when he’s home and I find myself going through phases of the same. It’s normal really. I’m quite knowy when it comes to relationship drama. I can be hard work, but i’m not stubborn when it comes to doing the right thing for my bambinos and my own heart.

We’ve been raised really differently and we are both products of our childhood, meaning i fight for stability and togetherness for the children, because i’ve never ever had to live or gorw up in a broken family. It’s weird to me and makes no sense. I can’t get my head around it because if my Father or Mother ever left me…i think even at 33, i’d be devastated. Keiran’s not at all evil, he’s actually quite soft, so he kinda does…the only thing he knows how to do, because now that I look back… he’s actually never experienced the same sort of family childhood. Not his fault. We turn into our parents. We all do. But there’s a cycle that he needs to maybe stop.

The first time he actually experienced a whole, loving family life, was when he created his own. Then he ran from it because it scared him. What he doesn’t understand is that no matter how hard he tries and because i’ve been him…he won’t be able to run from it or find anything that replaces it. But yes, i’ve been open hearted due to this new understanding malarky and because as long as I always tried to make amends, then i not only have peace in my heart, but I ALWAYS fought for the happiness of both babies.

So yeah..right now we’re average, but i’m happy that I tried again…positively. He just needs to learn the hard way that the grass is never greener. Easy lesson. One we always mess up continuously, when we’re down. Like I keep saying…i’ve been him. When you throw a ball positively and it bounces in the other person’s court…then it’s up to them what they do with it….you can then merrily gallop on with life as they tinker with the bouncer. I don’t hate him, like you all might think. I love him and mainly because he loves me. (Currently looking at Rubes. She is beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I will tell you one thing that does annoy me about Keiran and that’s the fact that he never sees the good in me and always focuses on the bad, the past and himself. That’s negative. Really negative. A bad habit. Right now, I always focus on what i remember to be great about him and I disregard the bad points and there’s been a lot. But I’ve forgiven him for them and forgotten them, because life isn’t about pin pointing pain. Lol. Y’know, he’s different to Michael, my first hubby in that way, as even to this day Mike only ever sees the good in me. He lays his focus on that and does it warmly…that’s why he’s a success because he sees the world from kind eyes…happy eyes. Now I think about it, even Pete always sees the good in me. There’s not one part of him that dislikes me and he has every reason to despise me. I hurt him. I feel awful for doing so. But when I ask him why he doesn’t hate me, all he’s says is that it’s because he was raised well.

Enough of that now my dolls! So there you go! An update. Lucky you.


Everyone (3 people ๐Ÿ™‚ ) keeps nominating me to bare face it online. All my Brit friends are all for it. All my LA friends have no clue what it is and can’t think of a worse procedure to raise funds. I’m far too insecure to do such a thing! I am! I’m terrified. ย I mean, can’t I just donate money to Cancer Research?I mean, can’t I just donate ยฃ100, and YOU LOT do a whole merry bunch of naked selfies, on me. My bare face won’t heal the wounded, it’ll kill’em off. The dosh will. But yes, i’ll do one anyway…but only because it makes me look bad if i don’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m on a day off today and have a whole rest of the week of work until Sunday. Making money instead of wasting it. Really happy. Yes, I know that the above love life stuff, makes me look wet. But do know that I am happy and because my life is weirdly great. I’m a lucky girl. My love life doesn’t even feel that troublesome, but when you type it out, it just sounds it. I mean, if there was actually a time for him to adore me, it would be now, as everything has just fallen into place…to the point where it’s sad to be leaving him behind, as we as a family step up to the next couple rungs on the Success ladder. ย On the whole, I could delete all the above and just put ‘we’re okay.’ Yet, it’s healthy to speak openly about your feelings as you muddle through them, that way you don’t end up a mess. Anyone who tells you different is just scared of people knowing them personally. It’s an insecurity. When you write your life out, you stay clear headed and can actually edit your life, after reading it in black and white. Sort of makes it easier. But yes, know that I don’t feel bad about my love life, I actually feel the opposite..confident, happy and loved. Will i stop ‘trying’ to make it work one day? Yes!. When I know the story is fully over.

So i’ll leave you boys with this…

Good news phone calls.



We all love a GOOD NEWS phone call. Y’know, that I told you that I had phone calls to make that made me nervous. Ones that I had to make, that I didn’t particularly want to make and incase the outcome of those calls, weren’t exactly what I wanted to hear.

Well…only today…out of busy-ness (and fear) I made them. It took me a week of actually ‘going to’ do it. I’ve pushed them back for months. Anyway, done. Feel the fear and do it anyway. BOTH came back GREAT. So, if your frightened for no reason…just do it any way because the outcome is probably going to better than you think, which made me think that I must have some kinda issue of thinking the worst is going to happen to me, when that’s not at all the case…which isn’t very positive. It means my mind lays in zone negatory..out of fear. I think i’m just used to terrible things happening this year. 2014 has started with a shock. It gets better though. I’m sure. Honest. Now, three months in, everything is all coming into place. I have it together. The life is getting pushed together nicely and my world is deliciously divine…with glitter sprinkles and a big old hump of REAL. I’m really lucky. And well far more attractive. I think men are attracted to girls who seem like they have it together. It’s true. Now…i do. THANK GOD. Day job, dream job…all in tow. Mothering well. Looking good. Happy. Good combo. Add ‘going places,’ and offf to be a success..and well you can’t go wrong with me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But yes, two good news outcomes. REALLY good news outcomes. One even gives me money. Lots of extra doshola. I mean, if I didn’t call, i would never have recieved such a bundle of ยฃยฃยฃ’s. So, i’m breathing, i’m happy and changing my mindset. You can think you’re being positive, when really you’re not at all. But saying that, I have just experienced my ‘time of the month’ meaning from today onwards, i’ll perk up and step onto platform merrier. I’m crap when it’s period time simply because i’m a bag of emotions anyway. But how great! All is well!

The house stuff is going fine. Spoke about my eyelash business plan peeps today. Ruby is in actual pain, but hiding it. I do that, that’s how I know. I think it’s more the IDEA of her having a poorly, that is ‘urking’ her out. She’s quite particular is Rubes and so any sort of imperfection will annoy her. (She’s currently watching CBeebies and watching a singing police man hiding in bushes and doing a funny, dancey walk, whilst smiling and lip syncing merrily, in the name of children’s entertainment. Her response…’Why is he being a weirdo?’ ๐Ÿ™‚

Ah! I feel great again. Great because I was brave. Great because I was delivered news of goodness for being brave. Kids that stickers for that shit. What do adults get?

Lots of you are actually asking me marriage questions today…well in regards to my own. Don’t be scared to, as I know that I haven’t spoke much about it…purposely. However, ย I’m exceedingly open about it all, so feel free to ask away…i’ll tells ya how I feel and where we are with it. Like i’ve always said, I can’t have a blog that is meant to tell you all about my life, than be forced to skip bits that you all want to hear about. Just know, that is wasn’t me who wanted me to skip them. I’m open…i’m honest…i’d tell you it all…like I always have..and from my own point of view.

Just reading about the guy who won the ยฃ100 million on the Euromillions this time around…Neil Trotter. Not bad at all. I’m very jealous. Lucky guy. Lucky wife. ๐Ÿ™‚ But just think how amazing he must feel today. I want to feel that amazing today. Even my good news phone calls aren’t that ace! Hahaha. Yet happiness is happiness, no matter how it comes…whether it comes with the little things, the material things, the achievements…love. What every puts a smile on ya miserable face…is good with me. #winehere (Aww, i’ve just discovered that my mum’s left me a little homemade, Burmese food delivery. SCORE! Reminds me of being little. Asian parents rock. Lunch much.)










True loves, Sprains & Luxury



Morning dolls!

So, today is the day we enjoy to call ‘off’ and I don’t mean ‘off’in a dodgy sort of way, I mean ‘off’ as in not at work today! I’ve been working harder than I ever thought I could and to find a sense of normality, with a side of extra dosh. I’m also working with China and the States on my eyelash line and of course enjoying my favourite role, which is ‘Mum.’ Alongside all this, i’m finding a new residence. It’s weird moving because when my life used to be a bit dodgy…I would always try to find an escape route. I’d run away be it physically, emotionally or mentally. I’d get on a plane and fly to another country, swap lovers…hit self destruct with a ‘whooska,’ hide…cut myself away from the world…or the worst…SMILE THROUGH IT ALL like everything was dandy. That was Chrissie Wunna ‘back in the day.’ Today, I’m all new…i’m all grown up now, with big old responsibilities, called ‘the babies.’ The good thing about being Mum is that i’m weirdly super good at it and so when it comes to doing the right thing for them…i always do. So, these days i’m far less lost and certainly more together with a smile on my face, yet it doesn’t stop old habits from itching in whenever I feel scared.

I’m on a deadline right now, which always puts me under pressure…it’s something wine can’t fix, yet it’s not so bad. I’m a worrier and i panic more than I should by nature, yet in a glamourously calm sort of way. If i’m panicking, you’d never notice. But yes, the move is terrifying me, which is odd as i’m so used to moving, i was so good at it in my past, that I always travelled light, KNOWING that i’d be leaving shortly. I mean when I lived in my London appartment…and it was rubbish…i never unpacked my suitcases for 6 months. I lived out of them because I knew that my own history predicted that I wouldn’t be there long. Right now, I’m doing the ‘i miss LA’ thing, which is what I always used to do whenever I got my period according to Wazza. Hollywood is bizarrely my cuddle land. The land that I feel safest in because I know it like the back of my hand, all my best friends are there and well it loves me. (Plus, I keep seeing photos of all my friends in Malibu, sunning it up simply out of boredom. THAT WAS MY LIFE!)

But yes…this moving malarky. Terrifying me. I enjoy stability and comfort now. I think i associate the art of moving with my ‘lost’ past and even though it is much different circumstances..i’m just taking a step out, to make a step up…it’s a good thing..it reminds me of my ‘running away’ times and makes me hit my anxiety button of PANIC.

(Ruby decided to climb things she shouldn’t today on my day off. She fell off and sprained her ankle. Typical. Lol. Luckily, after the dramatics of the moment, it seems that fancy old smoked bacon…makes her ankle feel much better? ๐Ÿ˜‰ My daughter rocks.)

So, i’ve also busted my ankle…this ankle has been a nuisance. I actually went out, danced around, fell over and whilst being all twisted, some guy accidentally stomped on it. ๐Ÿ™‚ JUST MY LUCK. It was one of those moments where I was actually shocked that I hadn’t landed under a cartoon cliff, gotten mistaken for Road runner and then had the Coyote push some giant boulder onto me, from some great height. I expected that to happen next. Instead, it was far less glammy. I just hobbled. But now i’m on pills, with a bandage. Life is good again. Rubes and I now have ‘sorry ass’ ankles. My ankle has been problematic because it’s the same ankle that got run over outside Sushi Roku in West Hollywood, the same ankle that got charged and twisted backwards by an angry Mexican pitbull named ‘Cano,’…the same ankle that a weird American doctor tried to hypnotise (he ended up not being a doctor and just being a pervert) and now it’s gotten stomped on by a giant Yorkshire man. LOL. My ankle is ace. But, I’m fine because i have to be…i need to work and so I am. The beauty line…no probs. I can be creative with the dodgy ankle. The day job…funny with a dodgy ankle. (Note: I’m loving it, yet yesterday a gentleman came in and said, ‘How do I know you? Have you been on the telly? You have!!! Wait..you were on…’ This is where it all begins… Christina Thompson, will soon be ‘Chrissie Wunna.’)

OOhh! I heard a good bit of advice yesterday, from Patti Stanger gracing my telly box. MEN! (And i’m going to say this simply because i’m in emotional limbo right now.) If you fail to lead with your romantic or even sexual foot..then you will always stay in the ‘friend zone’ and the ‘friend zone’ is shit because it means we don’t fancy you…or well I don’t fancy you…and well the boys in my ‘friend zone’ end up plonking off the end of my ‘friend zone’ conveyer belt. ๐Ÿ™‚ I never fancy ANY of my male friends. I’m not the being that has slept with all my friends, i’m not an episode of Jeremy Kyle, my folks raised me better than that! Lol

Y’know, I really don’t like cut off communication. It’s like a road block. Like a wall. Like a sock shoved down ya water piping. Like…you get it? Expression is the first key and the first step to merriment. But true expression, of course. That’s what i’m going through right now. The ‘block.’ It feels odd as it’s going against my true feelings. I think that when things are appropriately discussed, then ‘the block’ occurs. You can’t move forward until that ‘blockage’ is released and opened. A wound won’t heal as fast, if it’s always hiding under a plaster. Everything needs air, to dry up. Even drunks. What i’ve noticed about myself is that if people are rude to me, i’m rude to them. (Unless, i’m in a situation where i have to be nice.) If they are lovely to me, i’m lovely to them. If they are cold to me, i am cold to them and if they can’t communicate with me clearly..then I don’t bother to communicate with them, because it makes me feel awkward.

When it comes to men, i don’t like men who aren’t expressive. I hate bad manners. I don’t like disrespectful men. I ADORE romantic men. Superficially, I enjoy sexy. ๐Ÿ™‚ We all do. We all like a good looker. Eye candy. It makes us feel better when we wake up in the morning. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like stable men, not a darling who will run off at the first sign of emotional danger. It’s a big turn off for me because I think how the hell is he going to be able to do ‘lifetime’ if he can’t even handle year 1? I see it as weak. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t like weak men and I don’t men strong a sin pretend macho-ism. (Is that a word?) I just mean a man who is very comfortable in his own skin. I also and this is the snob in me and I am a snob even though i’m down to earth. I don’t like men who don’t like a luxury. ๐Ÿ™‚ If they don’t like the finer things in life than it turns me off. I mean, by all means they are allowed to enjoy ‘slumming it,’ yet if they don’t like luxury..even a little, I can’t imagine life with them. Lol. I’m not joking. I’m that bad. ‘Slumming it’ is a 3* hotel for me. I’m usually gutted when I have to stay in them. (Getting a flash back of a handsome boy in LA, who once asked me out, but then He invited me over to his home..which was an air bus…it confused me and I didn’t like him after that. Not because he lived in an air bus, but because he looked like he was embarrassed by it…because he kept overly going on about how ace it was. You know when they over do it and you can tell that they just don’t think they’re being impressive. If you live in an airbus…own it. That’s my ‘comfortable in your own skin’ rule…However, it’s a difficult one, because I didn’t mind him living in an air bus, i just wouldn’t live in it with him. LMAO. ย So, it was a slight turn off. I went back home to my luxury West Hollywood home. ๐Ÿ™‚ Infact, now that i think about it, he didn’t even buy me a drink. Manners boys! Y’see, men always think it’s about the buying…when it’s not with me…(don’t get me wrong, ti is with some girls,) but with me…it’s about the etiquette and because (if you have had the pleasure of being out with me or being my boyfriend)..I would never not buy you a drink and simply out of common courtesy.

But whatever, that’s all just ‘stuff’ in the long run. Love is love and you can’t help who you love, but you know you have found your true love when your heart is still doing ‘forever’ with them…without you even knowing. When you think about them every single day, be it good or bad. When you just have a connection…even after everything..the storms…the tears..the tantrums. When you can still remember the good times over the bad. If you don’t get what i’m saying, then you haven’t yet had the pleasure or pain (lol) of finding your true love. (Which is also fine, because lots of fun occurs before it. Yeehaa! If you’re trying to have fun for a while after finding your ‘true love’ then you always find yourself back where you started…which is loving them…because your temporary ‘void filler’ didn’t make you feel the same, as your ‘true love’ did, does and always will.

I need a cuppa tea, so i’m off.

I’m ut to dinner tonighta! #excited ๐Ÿ˜‰














Missing Buses



The good guys got steak…the rest of you got nothing. Put a smile on my miserable face, i tells ya! However, although, I managed to partly destroy such a ritual…I also at the same time managed to REMIND men of such a day, which of course would be something that I would do. #dim I got messages from the other species thanking me for reminding them that such a day existed. Oops! That blew up in my face. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, had an AMAZING first work week. Thoroughly enjoying not being a loser. Today however, I have a day of shopping, which I will absolutely delight in, yet before all that I’m having to view a house in Sandal, Wakefield. I didn’t actually want to move to Wakefield, however, i’m just going to have a peek..see what’s on offer…and well then maybe go for my original choice, if I don’t like it. I mean i will like it. Yet, it’ll give me 6am ‘wake up calls’ for travel…which to be honest, with two babies…is normal.

It’s looking chilly today. My LA friends are all making me jealous by sunning it up and cooking for Jessica Alba. Ruby is being wonderfully cute. Junior is an utter ‘Mummy’s boy.’ If he could spend his entire life, nuzzling into my boob, he would. He even motor-boated me the other day. They always say that baby boys are more snuggly with their Mums…AND IT’S TRUE! Plus, in the parent stakes, out of 30 days, lets say… his male parent see’s him for 3 or 4 of those 30 days by choice and work circumstance and well I’ll see him for all 30 of them. That makes the difference in snuggly wars. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even Rubes is turning a bit more ‘Mummified.’ Not sure i’m too great an influence though, as she’s flouncing around with plastic, diamantee, fake clip on, dangly earrings all the time and toy heels..with a mobile phone attached to her head. ๐Ÿ™‚ The good thing about being Mum is that you get to have everything, work, own business, love, family, money and the children! Remember that! You don’t lose out on anything. Women sometimes forget how lucky and how important they are. Plus, men can’t live without us. Even when they try. They can’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

Life is good and i’m really happy. The way I see it, i’m just going to merrily work hard, do my beauty line, work my day job, move and love my children. Anyway, who is worth being in my life, will make sure that they’re in it, without me having to chase…as girls, women ladies, should NEVER have to chase. If you find yourself doing this, then the isn’t worth it. I see it as them being disrespectful and i’ve had enough of disrespectful men in my life. Or ‘too scared’ men. I’ll stop, look and see who’s still around. The ones that are can come with me, the ones that aren’t…missed the bus. Ah well! That’s not my fault. It happens. *Confetti shower here*

But yes, this is just a quickie..as i’ve got my hair to do, houses to see, babies to organize and shopping to tend tooo. #glamma #glamma

I really need a decent tan, as i’m doing that brown faced thing, with whiter arms. Of course, I’m aware that I am ethnic and not secretly white. Yet, my face is orange and my arms aren’t. ๐Ÿ™‚ This calls for extreme tanning measures.

Miss you. Love you. Loving life.

Chrissie x



Steak and Blowjob Day Tomorrow…



So, all was well in the Wunnaful world of deliciousness, until I scanned my horror of a Facebook news feed and realized that TOMORROW, yes March 14th, is ‘STEAK & BLOWJOB DAY,’ the day all men (who actually know about it,) celebrate as their own bit of ‘Valentines.’ The day where they believe they deserve blowjobs and red meat..and all in one! Ewww! It’s a day we as women unite…even if we hate each other…and form an alliance, to stop the nonsense of March 14th from being welcomed into our world. MEN don’t deserve a DAY. Let alone A DAY, where they get steak and a blow job. So, if you’re a girl of little strength and feel the need to commit to such a ritual…(please don’t) then you just remember all the shitty things men have done to you..the times they cheated on you, stayed out longer than expected, treated you like crap, lied to you…not been your hero..failed to stand up for you, made you foot the dinner bill, slagged you off to all his friends, forgotten to be romantic, ditched you for a ‘boys night,’ or even worse, lied to you and ditched you for a pretend ‘boys night.’ Think of the times they made you weep, disappointed you, sat in your living room and texted, or inboxed another girl behind your back….think of the times they couldn’t cope and left you, never understood you, blamed you for their own insecurities, failed to be responsible, love or protect you…:) I could obviously go on…(I’ve definitely met great guys in my life. Lol.)

Basically, they don’t deserve a day where we submit our ‘ooh laa’ powers and fall onto our knees, AFTER COOKING THEM A FRICKING STEAK…at all! I forbid this day from happening. Even in comedic circumstances.

It’s apparently a day for men that is exactly one month after Valentines days, which is also apparently just a woman’s holiday. (Not true.) I got no cards this V-day, but sent a card this year. How hideous. I know. Shush!

Anyway, it’s pointless. I mean, at least Valentines day has some kind of magic to it. It’s filled with hope and love. However, this is how ‘steak and blowjob’ day goes…

‘Hey Jack…what did you get on steak and blow job day..’

‘..a blowjob..and a crap bit of steak.’

‘..Are you going to marry her then?’

‘Nah. Can’t be arsed. She’ll hurt me. ‘

AS IF THAT’S A HOLIDAY TO CELEBRATE! No romance. No ‘woo’ factor. No love.

Please, please, p-lease..if you are a lady of the insecure nature…know that this is a day that you MUST NOT ย surrender toooooooooooooooo EVER! ๐Ÿ™‚ Remember, even in good humour…it’s a trick. Men will TRICK you into the fact that they’re being funny and it’s a joke, when really they DO WANT ย bit of red meat and a blow job. Lol. It’s like in the middle of sex and you see their face turn over to the dark side. Y’know, that face they do when they’re get into it, but when they notice you looking at them do the face they change it quick with embarrassment.

I’m fine, safe and dandy, because i’m not in a position to be having to commit to such Tom Foolery. Yet, unless you want a Mulberry handbag…( we all need new handbags or Chanel clutches,) OR your ‘other half’ is truly, truly worth it….and you really need a Mulberry handbag. ๐Ÿ™‚ DON’T MAKE THEM THINK THEY HAVE A DAY! Especially not one that involves meat. ๐Ÿ™‚ย ๐Ÿ™‚


Love you.

Quick report.

Wunna x

We don’t like Road Blocks

582799_352597384805139_313634343_n (1)


Morning, my bits of sherbet dipped, sugar lips! Bizarre morning of bongo beatings, Mickey mouse caps, dancing, organic carrot, cheesy puffs and noodles for breakfast. Pretty normal for Wunna land. Yet, it even shocked the life out of my own dear self, meaning things must either be really bad or really good. Both babies are as chipper as can be today. Junior has got a new dance move, which consists of him kneeling up, clapping, and gyrating his booty…but only when you sing ‘Incy Wincy’ at him. Ruby had gyrating down by 5 months old, so as I told you, plonk on ‘Happy’ by Pharell (who has always been my all time celeb crush) and she’s galloping around gleefully in a fit of giggles, without a care in the world! It’s magical to see them both so happy. Laughter and a bit of a boogie are a universal language. You might not understand the word ‘Hello’ in an alternate language, but EVERYONE gets a bum wiggle, with a wink. If you don’t…you’ve been living under a rock…and not a disco rock at that.

We’ve just completed one whole hour of a boogie to the merry sounds of Pharrell Williams, with a follow up finale of Little Mix, ‘Move,’ and simply because Ruby loves the fact that she says the word ‘Birthday’ in it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I quite adore that song too, simply because it makes driving around in Spring weather funner. I’m not sure why it does? It must fly with the right kind of chipper frequency for Wunna land. Apparently the songs we like, the ones that make us happy, are the ones that vibrate at our own personal frequency of ‘happy.’ Hence why we like different songs, when we’re in different moods.

(I currently have ‘Real Housewives New Jersey’ on as my ‘background.’ I love how feisty the women are on that show and I love it because they don’t have to apologize for their feist…they own it, rock it and deliver their opinion with spunk…and no-one cries about it for a million years! Even the husbands have lion hearts. They stand by their wives like ‘hero’s’ and I find that sexy!)

Oooh, talking about sexy…whilst driving yesterday, the car next to me kept ‘pippin’ at me. I was starving, so I ignored it. Plus, i’m a shit driver so I’m used to hearing horns. I’d just popped into McDonalds, or ‘Old McDonalds’ as Ruby calls it and because I was in a rush hour queue, I unpopped a big, juicy quarter pounder from it’s box and with a lick of my lips, ungracefully *chomped* into it, like it was the last bite on earth. Then I hear the ‘pippin’ again, so in my burger euphoria, probably with pickles and sauce smeared on the side of my lips, I look to the side and to my horror it was THREE HOT BOYS in a car, who were attempting to ‘woo’ me via rush hour traffic queues. I had a quarter pounder WEDGED INTO MY MOUTH. Luckily, they only looked like they were 19, so for me it was a ‘pass.’ (I don’t know what it is, but why are all the boys 19 years old these days? When I was out 2 weeks ago, the boys hitting on me were 19??? When that happens, you know you are in the wrong environment. A club is no place for me. I’m ย simply made for a wine bar and grown ups. Plus, if you’re an oldie and you find 19 year old boys are hitting on you, don’t mistake it for the fact that it’s because you’re divine…even though I am quite easy on the old peepers ;)..it’s simply because 19 year old boys are foolish and all see is big eyes, big boobs and a tan and their heart melts with a flutter and their willes stand on end. Yeah, they’ll love you forever…but can you be arsed with 19 year old drama and can you be arsed with the boy not being able to take care of you. Be flattered and then see them on there way…whilst trying not to give them a nappy change…if you’re a mum. ๐Ÿ™‚ Who am I kidding…I’m DIVINE!)

Okay, so yesterday, I got a bad news phone call. Not end of the world kinda ‘bad news,’ but kinda sucky to say that i’m on a deadline. The thing that narked me off was the delivery of the bad news. If you’re going to be delivering such news, try to do it politely and not like you’re a gruffy troll that lives under a bridge. It was delivered in the most unprofessional manner, that went against everything that I had previously organised with them, that it pissed me off. I don’t like bad manners. I only have bad manners when it’s bazuka’ed at me first. Like I always say, I’m feisty, but i never throw the ‘first punch.’ I’ll finish it with the second though. If i am ever arguing or giving it some ‘ooh laa,’it is always because someone else has made the executive decision to say something stupid at me. I let a lot of ‘stupidity’ fly..because when you’re older you learn to pick your fights and label them with ‘worth it’ or ‘blah.’ I only fight out of passion or injustice. It’s never pointless or because i’m a wanker. ๐Ÿ™‚ Often people think that they can take a jab at me and i’ll be too ‘little girl’ frightened to stick up for myself…WRONG ANSWER. I’m not all talk. I never get why people sometimes think i am?

But yes, when receiving not so great news, the important thing is to not let it get you down. Winners find solutions, or something? ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t reach for that gin bottle. Don’t surrender to ‘party mode.’ Don’t get on that horse and gallop off to finer pastures. Stay focused, sort it out and find a solution. But most of all DO NOT GIVE UP! People waste so much time pity partying or pondering the idea of giving up. Hit a road block…go around it, not through it.

So, i have another day off, so i’m beauty lining it and again sorting out new home stuff.

Ruby is with me today and well…life is delicious. Live it, love it and put back the pieces of that jigsaw to make this life work for you. It’s easier that way. Fighting the feeling is boring.







Working it..



You can tell that I’m completely ‘out of touch’ with a hard days work, that doesn’t involve winking, pouting, picture taking or just saying things for a producer so it makes good telly. Even my jobs before, where I had what I thought was the luxury of being able to sit at a desk and do marketing, whenever duty decided to call, weren’t has strenuous. YET, let me tell you, I have NEVER EVER been as happy, in a normal job. I’ve only done two days and i’m LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT. The people are great, the job is great and it’s merry. There’s a buzz around my work life, that is filled with positive energy, the sort of buzz that i never have experienced in a day job environment. In fact no…when I worked at Crunch Gym in LA, that had the same kind of buzz. It was one of the happiest times and one of the best jobs i had ever worked. I’m now back in that sort of mood and i think i’m lucky to be working, because no i feel of worth and when I’m working on my eyelash line at home…there’s no laziness about me, it’s all precious and exciting. Even my time with the children is sprinkled over with more excitement that usual. The last place I worked there was a lot of pressure and well a lot of ego, mixed in with a really rubbish boss, who was pretty evil to everyone, because she was unstable. Now…i have the greatest boss and work with amazing people. Can’t move my body to save my life. Every inch of it aches, as it is not at all used to being subjected to such hard work which to most is normal. ๐Ÿ™‚ I find it funny that i’m rusty, but i love it, i’m proud of myself and other than the people and the job itself, one of my fave things about my new position is that i get to just be ME and i don’t have to be the ‘Glamour Puss’ extraordinaire…the girl who they do or don’t know ‘off the telly..’ the blogger…the..you catch my drift. I’m just ‘Chrissie.’ In fact, they even call me ‘Christina.’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love it. And if they do know anything about me, they don’t mention it at all, which makes everything much happier. They’ve already nicknamed me ‘Tallulah’ and well i’ve fitted in perfectly, what ย lovely bunch of non judgemental, non bitchy, merry folk. Great place to work. (I’m currently training, as I’m going to be moved to the place that I will be supervising shortly.) I’m adoring learning a new skill and feeling of more use and of more worth.

I have a day off today and i’m working on the beauty line, whilst not daring to make phone calls that make me nervous, at the same time as trying to sort out a new home, for the family. I feel relaxed, yet on edge due to the ‘having to make a nervous phone call.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m rubbish at them. I’m rubbish at everything that makes me nervous. But i’ll wait until noon, have a wine and then call. Yippeee!

I hope you’re all excited to wear my lash line. I wore my own pair the other day and it sort of made me feel mighty…there was certainly a swagger about me. I mean, i can’t believe that I can actually wear MY OWN LASHES. Makes me laugh. It’s great. AND i’ve gone through a lot of samples and committed a lot of my time to make sure the quality of them are THE BEST. I love beauty, i’m a lash wearer i know all the trials that we as women go through and the tribulations of a great pair. I’ve got this right and so ย i’m very excited to send them your way soon and get them plonked on the market. It feels amazing and it’s weird because now that my time is more scheduled up, i feel like the time i dedicate to it is more thorough, fresher and filled with a great deal more love. I’m happy.

Alongside that, I had quite a good phone…well text conversation the other day, in regards to my love life. I think that when more lines of communication opens up and less pride on both sides guard the forts, things will be better.. I think i’ve not really actually been mad, i’ve just been disappointed, to the point where i’m scared of being disappointed again.

I did read this Facebook status from one of my old work colleagues this morning and it brought a smile to my face, so to every girl who has someone who loves them like this, or wishes to find someone to love them in the same way, know that it’s out there…

‘4 Years, 13 different countries, 10 Islands, about 30 aeroplanes, 4 pet turtles, 2 cats, 2 dogs, a hamster, 3 lambs, and a kangaroo! 2 cars, 3 new nieces, 2 god daughters, 11 different jobs. One awesome Girlfriend!’

How sweet! We all adore public displays of adoration, let alone an old romantic. I’m sure he definitely scored major points with ‘Lauren’ (who is the girlfriend part of his status. :).) ย I mean , I love it when a guy declares how much he loves the girl in his life out loud. It makes those boys more special because they’re brave enough to own the art of ‘being in love’ with pride.’ Instead of the boys who boast and pride themselves on being ‘players.’ Which simply translates as ‘ I have emotional issues.’ lol

Being Wunnaful



I hope you had a great weekend, you delightful winks of candy coated love machines! The weather has certainly put us ALL in a better mood, aside from those who wish to remain miserable, even at the best of times. Are are such things as ‘those people’…and well ‘those people’ just need to be placed in a pretty woven basket, under a grey rain cloud and sailed off to sea. It looks like we’re going to have a GREAT Summer. I can’t WAIT! As they say on the 90210 advert, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get into bikinis.’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ (It’s not that warm, I know.)

Life is great right now. I’m sat in my living room in my WORK clothes! Yes, ย today is my first day at ‘day job’ and i’m kinda excited because i’m grateful to be bringing in extra money and well I’m impressed with myself. I’m proud. Plus, I think i’ve found a great team! The beauty line is in production in China and whilst it is, i’m rolling up my sleeves and getting down to business, in the form of ‘day job,’ because until that lash line is pulling in millions, I don’t think i will be able to kitten sit and feel awesome about it. So, i’m super excited to get going today!

The weekend was fab. I had a GREAT deal to organize for work and of course I enjoyed every minute of my time with the babies. We’re a happy little family now and because life has just come together swimmingly. The engines running smoothly and I guess we’re just been blessed with a ‘go on then..give them so happy.’ Played, laughed, loved and organized.

Yesterday I had house things to sort out, babies to take care of and then I realised that I had so much to get together for my work day today, which is never good on a Sunday, because everything closes by 4pm! I was on a timer and this is how foolish I was…There I found myself sitting and waiting to dance around the schedule of another, who subconsciously demands that I do, because I previously had a flexible schedule of ‘nada.’ ย I found myself sitting and waiting, after hearing zero communication of an exact o even estimated time schedule from this being…sacrificing my OWN ‘important things to do’ in order to make them happy…when ย in the past months they really haven’t gone out of THEIR way to make me happy at all. Lol. In fact, they went out of their way to do the opposite ( Hahaha,) as they wallowed in her own selfish puddle of destruction.

I waited. I waited some more. Still…no time confirmation of a ‘show up..’ so by noon, I was gone, with my family and baby boy (Ruby was at Pete’s) and ready to for once…PUT ME FIRST! AND BOY DID I. And OH!?! What a surprise, the poor time scheduler, who had ‘rushed around all morning’ yet forgotten to tell me that they were going to show up at any particular, was extremely angered by the fact that he forgot to pick up his phone, the evening before, to state a moment, a time, or loose frame of ‘i’ll be around at…’ for me to work around. They followed their normal procedure of taking it out on moi, simply because they had ballsed it up…and lost out…so I hung up and got on with my day…happily. BOUNCING BACK MUCH!

Y’see! My life is good right now and the reason why, is because it’s all coming together, I’m moving, I have my day job, I have my beauty business launching this Summer, I have great support from my family, the babies and I have a smile on my face..but a REAL one. I made all the right choices, all the right sacrifices…which puts you in ‘great’ with GOD! Lol. So, now I have all this good karma flowing in. I also, did everything I could in a situation to make sure that I would never have to regret anything and even though the result wasn’t what I wished for…I sort of have peace in my heart because I tried with all of my heart, ย to do the right thing for my family. We all love a tryer.

All I can say on the matter is, sometimes people choose a way of life, that they think is going to better and later on down the line…it’s not, in fact you end up feeling worse, because with all choices come consequences. We all know this, because well most of us are grown ups, or have lots of life experience at well…fucking up. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you choose a way of life…you can’t have your cake and eat it. You sort of have to live with your choice and the consequences that come with it (and there are always consequences,) and that’s until you decide to alter your previously poor choice, to a more preferable one. Again..we all know this. If you don’t…then that’s fine, you can’t moan about the consequences that naturally occur when you make poor choices.

Now, i’m tolerant, good of heart and understanding. I’m feisty too and so I don’t take ANY bullshit, because I see through it immediately. It’s a good trait, so don’t let those of less guts tell you it’s not. Yet, now that i’m busier…scheduling is important. And well, i’m always listening… so COMMUNICATION is vital. So yeah, i heard, ‘You don’t communicate Chrissie.’ But to be honest, if you’re a being wishing to shimmie into MY life for something..then the appropriate code of conduct is to ask…and then schedule, because I don’t have to schedule into my own life…obviously and I don’t have to stride into the life of another because I have everything I want right by me, because it’s what I chose. If you want it to be different, you should re-evaluate your situation and see how it can be made better. That’s what ‘winners at life’ do. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rant over.

You get it.

More people need to lose their pride and use their brain.

I had a remarkable weekend and well I fitted in all my errands, and lunch with the family. The weather was gorgeous and life was brilliant. It was drama free after a stressy phone call and because my support system was wonderful. Wunnaful. Delicious. Grand. I’m lucky.

I still have things to keep my fingers crossed about and I should be hearing from ‘them’ either today or tomorrow. It’s an awful feeling of being nervous, yet every time so far that i’ve felt nervous over the last few days…it’s always ended with a GREAT RESULT. I’m positive, hopeful, so wish me luck. I don’t know how I am so lucky, but when left to my own devices, things work of well. But i always reckon it’s because i’ve been good of heart…and wear good heels.

Good things happen to good people.

Ruby is a happy DIVA. Junior is clapping to songs about spiders and eating his way through the universe.

Just wanted to check in while I can.

Love you lots.