Waiting rooms and Surgery


What is my LIFE! So last night…out of nowhere, my body decides to give in and join the circus. What I mean by that is the simple fact that I don’t find clowns funny. Holy crap! I was non-stop puking, pooing…puking….pooing. Lord knows what was going on? I felt queezy, nauseous and exactly like waking up after a heavy night on the piss, after millions of free mixed drinks that haven’t been kind to you. I had room spin and everything, yet without the GOOD TIME. There was HEAVY NIGHT ON THE RAZZLE. I was just weirdly ILL!

Now, that’s gross anyway, on it’s own. Especially because it feels shit wobbling around all dizzy and room spinny, trying to hold puke down, doesn’t it? It’s even acer when you’ve picked your two little babies up from nursery and have to look after them, whilst being their hero and sort of commiting to the art of entertainment. HORRID. But I held my ground. I just smiled, dusted myself off, secretly puked and pooed, when I couldn’t hold it down and then by 8pm, lights off and we all went to bed, in order to make the task much easier. It was HORRENDOUS and it’s awful in those moments because you realize that even though you’re strong and even though you are mighty, you ALWAYS need someone there to look after you. You always need someone to cuddle you and tell you everything’s going to be alright. (But only if it is going to be alright. I hate it when people just say things that they don’t mean.) I got on with it. yeah. But I did feel quite alone. I mean…there I was looking after Ruby (who was of course refusing to go to sleep and Junior who was crying non-stop…) yet once they had settled and gone to sleep and I could breathe and finally just BE ILL without a ‘front’ up…I noticed that, I didn’t have anyone right there… to well…look after ME. (But then when I woke up and glanced at my phone…i noticed that there were people who deep down wanted to look after me and love me and help. Yet it sucks leaving your phone downstairs by accident, during moments where you might need help. Lol)

In the morning, I felt chipperly groggy, but again got on with it. I had a business email to respond to, two little Β babies to love, change and breakfast, before a nursery run and a 10am appointment at Pinderfields hospital for my thyroid. I’ve been in a hospital a lot this year already. I don’t like it. I began the year with a personal problem and now I have the thyroid lump to tend to.

Sorted the babies,..was driving to the hospital, whilst texting and YOU SHOULDN’T do that! Got there, thinking i’d be in and out. 10am my appointment was. Called up at 9.48am…went to see the specialist and after waiting 30 minutes already, we were all then told that our appointments now on a 70 minute DELAY! UGH! As if! I hate waiting rooms and I hate waiting. I was starving Β and had no company. I was in a waiting room with old people and chavs too! The posh people seemed to arrive in the afternoon. Maybe they only get sick then? The good thing is that during my wait, I saw an elderly couple who must have been around 77 years old. The gentleman stood up and helped his 77 year old wife up to standing, after calling her ‘beautiful’ and laughing with an ‘anyone would think you’re old.‘ They then went arm in arm to see the Doctor. It made me smile. I love LOVE.

Waited AGES. Hungry, still recovering. Starving…having to rummage in my handbag for Ruby’s chocolate bunnies. Claustrophobic because I was STUCK in this waiting room for hours and hours. Awkward because some guy in a shell suit kept winking at me like I was his next potential conquest. No-one glams up at hospitals and I don’t know why? Again..i looked like Β Dolly Parton and Jackie Chan’s love child and everyone else…looked…normal. πŸ™‚

Once I got in there…it was alright. I felt like an entertainer again. The doctor told me all about my lump, enjoyed various bits of witty banter with me and then after making me stick my tongue out, whilst he had a peek at my voice box and after he had felt my thyroid up gently. (I am comforted by Doctors. I love them and feel safe and calm, all cosy and warm when I’m amongst them and that’s obviously due to my parents. When i’m around Doctors be they young, old, male for female, I automatically feel as though I’m around family. It’s like a cuddle.

He actually told me that I had inherited from my Mother, after reading my medical history. I grinned, cheekily and said, ‘Ah! Thanks Mum. Some people inherit castles. I get thyroid lumps. πŸ™‚ Β It got a laugh by all, so I was happy. Then he told me that i’d HAVE to have the surgery on it and quickly. Yet it WILL scar. But I just laughed it off with a ‘Well it’s nothing that Estee Lauder can’t handle. ‘ πŸ™‚


Then I got sent to another waiting room for another, ‘i’m starving’ hour, around not only old people and chavs…but grumpy old people and chavs. The posh people began to arrive for blood tests afterward. We were now on a 60 minute delay. Yippeee! And well to say I ventured in at 10am, I didn’t leave until 2pm.

I also got buckets of blood drained out of me, weighed, bantered with…and then out of nowhere, the lovely nurse said, ‘I’m booking you in for surgery on March 25th. Is that okay?’


I mean, I knew I was going to have it. But I didn’t know it was going to be so soon. But whatever. I’m terrified of all things of this sort…yet fuck it, it’s better to be safe than sorry and well to just get it over with. I haven’t had a proper neck in YEARS. In years! This massive lump is going to get cut out and thrown away like badness! I’m so nervous yet excited.

I got home with March 25th on the brain and the hospital call me to change the appointment because the Surgeon/Doctor who I saw today want to do the procedure himself because he knows that my father used to be a Surgeon. He claims that there are not many perks to having a ‘Surgeon daddy,’ ( I like that he actually said ‘Daddy,’ but it does mean that I will PERSONALLY be doing the operation myself.) I LOVE IT!

Only scary fact…it’s now been moved to February 11th! JEEPERS! This morning I had no clue that I was even going into surgery for sure!

In 11 days, i’m getting a new neck! (And I like saying it like that, simply because it makes it seem frivolous and cosmetic πŸ™‚ rather than clinic and terrifying.) I’m treating it like a face lift for something. Lol.

Apparently, the surgeon says my neck is actually tiny and almost swan-like. Oooh! Yet because i’ve got used to having this giant lump ‘meating’ it up and sticking out like i’m the Elephant Man’s bit on the side…i’ve forgotten how different my actual neck actually is, so after the surgery and once the swelling has gone down, I will look really different and well…HAVE Β NEW NECK. Hurrah! It won’t feel like Frank Bruno anymore. I’ll be a swan! πŸ™‚ He says it will actually make me look younger and that i will feel GREAT.

I’m terrified because obviously it’s not cosmetic, it’s serious surgery due to my thyroid being annoying and deciding to flare up. It’s caused a physical change, a hormonal change and a risk of cancer in me. Feb 11th…it’s getting CUT OUT and thrown away in some dodgy medical bin. I’ll be NEW with my SWAN of a GODDAMN NECK! Wahoo! (Still terrified. Can you tell?)

Anyway, hospitals have taken up all my day, so that’s all I have to report. MY folks are currently on their way back from Burma. Longest 3 weeks ever, can’t WAIT to see them. I’m well now and no longer puking.

The business plan gets written this weekend…I still have a bit of work to do on that and well dolls, handsomes…world…IT IS FRIDAY, grab that after work drink and celebrate!!

Be strong. Make life work for YOU!

(I’m currently giggling because it’s only just the end of January and I feel like I’ve been through SO MUCH already! lol)

I must have a BIG YEAR AHEAD!

Ballsy Betty-yeah-Yeah

27093_1238019559918_2398957_n (1)


I must obviously think i’m Dolly Parton or something? I mean, why i thought getting giantly long, fuchsia, acrylic, nails would be of any benefit to me, I don’t know. Well unless, I had decided to be Dolly Parton, like I’ve stated. I can’t do ANYTHING in them, to t point where (and like many past loves in my 20’s) they’ve become less sexy and just a tedious operation. I even KNEW that I wouldn’t be able to text in them, meaning that I was well aware that even basic communication would become a difficulty. But no…Little Chrissie Wunna, balls and n’all did it again. They’ve got to go. I can’t open car doors, let alone try to run a start up business. I’m officially mental, but it’s cute because I do lunacy quite well. *Apple Jack-Apple Jack.* I’ve always said it’s only FOOLS who complicate things. Well there you have it…fuchsia nails…foolish. I’d thought i’d grown out of being an idiot, but I guess not? I’m certainly a girl who foes whatever she wants. I’m open hearted, loving, but rebellious. I’m not a sheep, not a game player, always a girl who will ‘nod-nod-smile’ at you, because i’m polite..then BLAST you with home truths, before doing whatever I want. πŸ™‚ I’ll go with the flow. Enjoy it, not be frightened. I know what’s important and I know what’s important to ME. Everything else, i’ll smear in glitter and hope it obides, or just totter away from with a cocktail. Today, however….I’m a fool. (I’ve just dropped the children off at nursery and had an ace conversation with Victoria, who works there. She was the year above me in school and well we were just saying how snobby those that go to private schools, secretly are. We’re ALL snobs, even when we’re decorating it with humour, wit or ‘down to earthness.’ We have this sense of ego-mania, this sense of self entitlement. But I don’t think it’s bad. I grew up really confident and with strong parents who love and guided me with applause and ‘you are amazings.’ TOO RIGHT, I think i’m WORTH IT. πŸ™‚ We both laughed at circumstance, because Victoria fought for her right to work full time but only during term time,so she could be with her children. I love that. I’m rebellious like that also. I mean, I was once told not to go to an audition, whilst I was working a normal job and I went with ‘fuck it’ and got on the train to London anyway. I didn’t even get fired. I strolled back in the next day…sheepishly, but secretly confident and took it on the chin. It#s important to be ballsy in life, when it comes to fighting for what you think is right. The shit thing about working for others is that they control your life.)

I’ve typed all that in pink nails. Yay! AND i’m weirdly getting *flashbacks* of a time when I was running cross country at school and my games teacher commented on how tiny my shorts were. ‘Christina, they are showing your bottom cheeks.’ I was quite glammy in school. We weren’t allowed to wear make up or dye our hair etc..I had red nails, big hair, streaks in it and hardly any clothes on. πŸ™‚ She was always sweet to me, yet i might of had tiny booty shorts on…but her actually real life name was Ms.Hoar. #unfortunate. I never tried in games(PE) because it bored me. Running around for no reason? Hmm..? I was already fit and healthy. I was a dancer and rake thin. I glammed games up simply so it could become interesting.

Chase and I have been working really hard on this eyelash line. It’s a young, fun, GLAMOUROUS line, yet not a cheapy, a brand that is of worth…we’re currently working out the pricing now, as it’s important because it determines where the brand will lie in the luxury stakes, longterm. Chase is literally a GODSEND to me and i’ve learnt so much about business in a week! I’m glad that I made the decision to bring him on board because not only does he believe in the brand, but he knows exactly what he’s doing in his area of expertise, as do I in my own dolly area.

I’m gathering all the info and looking forward to the shoot, which will be filmed for viral. Ruby is over nursery. Junior has thrush. It’s mayhem, but i’m getting there…with coffee. Oh and well done JIM DAVIDSON. I liked him all the way through #cbb, so i’m glad that he WON! Oh and i’ve just thought, there I was rambling on about Luisa for being a nightmare, when really when I did the ‘Hilton BBF show” I was the gobby, opinionated one, wasn’t I? I was really annoying. Yet luckily they brought Kat in to make me look likeable and her to take the ‘bitch’ role. lol. I loved Kat. I remember, when filming, we had to stop one day simply so the production team could shout at us for being boring. lol/

Must go..I have a very glamourous, ‘drop off laundry’ errand to run.






Kitten roll..

Good morning my delicious wiggles of giggle! Life is great today, even though i did manage to miss a step yesterday, during a mid-kitten strut and then ungracefully slide all the way down the stairway screaming and pulling ‘ooh’ faces until I hit the bottom. πŸ™‚ Very Wunna. I’m a champion. Don’t hate. The ultimate QUEEN of GLAMOUR.

I’m getting loads of messages from chicks who are ‘Wunna’ fans who are going through massive love life dilemmas. Their men are being boys and in love, that can be a problem. I just don’t think girls need additional sons. We need MEN. Grown up, hard working, lovingly romantic, put their lady, first kinda men. The stories are mildy heart breaking, yet what I noticed about each one is that really…they all told the same story. Same story, different faces.

All I’m gonna say because i’m all for woman is that SUCCESS is your sweetest REVENGE. Concentrate on YOU and making your dreams come true. Do something productive with your time, rather than waste it weeping into empty gin glasses, as mascara rolls down your cheeks and your falsies dangle off ya eyelid. (And I do mean eyelashes when i say ‘falsies’ and not boobs, as that would be a little awkward.) Be empowered! Rock and kitten roll with it! The world is a big place an as I noticed the other night, we’re just wiggling in this big earth ball that’s suspended in the sky. It ain’t that deep/ πŸ™‚ Have fun, love those who care, make your dreams come true and make YOUR MARK. If a guy loves you, he will always love you and come back. If not…you will have used your time wisely and *KAPOW* when he returns you won’t be bothered because you’ll be sat on your millions with every guy under the sun wanting yo to be his ‘forever.’ (God. That ‘wants to be my slave’ guy has just messages me again. Lol. EVERY TIME. I currently have the NEW ‘Real Housewives’ as background noise. It comforts me no end. It’s the OC lot and well there is nothing more that I adore than The Dubrows! They built their house from scratch and someone’s knocked on their door and asked to buy it…*wait for it*….buy it for $16 MILLION. Heather’s husbands a surgeon, so he’s agreed to it and bought a new plot of land to build another brand new house on. Easy as that! $16 million pound. Sorted! And I enjoy Heather because she’s real and like she stated, she’s the kinda girl who isn’t attached to ‘STUFF’. When i say ‘stuff’ I mean material objects. I’m that way also. I can leave anything material behind because i know what’s important in life an well..i’ve pretty much grown up over the years having everything and anything that I wished for…even from childhood. It’s wrong to be attached to ‘stuff’ because ‘stuff’ doesn’t matter. It always ‘urks’ me out when I see people crave over their material objects and not be able to part with them, as they weight up and almost value it up against family or even love. It’s okay to want the pretty things in life, as long as you always remember what truly matters in life. $16 million..just like that. SEE! There is money out there, if you work hard for it. Don’t waste your time. I’m gonna get my chunk of that pie by ‘beauty lining’ it! πŸ™‚ It’s all very exciting.

So today…i’m sorting out the ideas for my shoot. I’m reshooting for the website and shooting my ideas for the ‘Chrissie Wunna’ beauty brand. My initial product to pop out are the false lashes. So i’ve got to think of a creative way to make people GET what they’re all about! Glamourous, fun, stylish, classy, and WUNNA!

I either want it to be different or just so beautiful you can’t resist it. I’ve chosen the photographer. I love this part of the process. Picture taking is something that my body seems to adore. πŸ™‚ I shoot quick because it’s the best way and i’ve done it a million times. I just need to make sure that Β I make the most of my time. I’m gonna have to drawn out my ideas. Something that represent me well, yet is timeless because we all know I can get a bit carried away. I don’t want it to be complicated. Just ‘Wunna.’ I wanna hit that million dollar mark!

I’m gonna book in for the middle of Feb, I think. That should give me time..if I work hard. (Gosh, I’m just reading an article…yes at the same time as blogging. I’m a chick, we can multi-task. Kayne West is going to give Kim Kardashian $5million for every baby she has for him!! Holy Moly. That’s a bit snazzy. On ‘Jeremy Kyle’ the women are either getting a slap or an STD, then sent home with no child support.)

I’m addicted to drinking Earl Grey right now, but it just doesn’t have the same coffee KICK IN THE BALLS. I’m half asleep. The good thing is that Junior is sleeping well, now that he’s a crawler. However, and as always RUBY spent the evening NOT sleeping and instead CRYING HER EYES OUT. Yippppeeeee for Mum! Lol. I’m knackered and still sending reports to America for Chase. I’m also discussing my costs with China, which is mind boggling, but important! I keep getting my skates on but i need to remember that it takes more haste less speed. I can’t rush this. It has to be right! Β I’m also having to find out all the demographics of the shows that i’ve been on. Ugh. Hard much. I’m only used to wiggling and winking.

PLUS, I have to book time in the recording studio! Jeepers!

I’m excited for it all and I want to encourage you all to set your mind to something and get it done! It doesn’t have to be work, it can be anything. Be it having a baby, losing weight, eating more, loving who you are, drinking less, having more fun…learning to drive. Anything. Quit arse sitting and grab ya glammy kitten heels and full on embrace it.

I have so much work to do. OUCHIE!

Oh and remember Β a comment that was posted on here aΒ few months ago by somebody who thought they knew everything…after a very normal ‘love life’ blog. The comment sort of made fun of me and laughed in my glitzy face suggesting that I didn’t have fans… #weweepforyou


These are the countries of the world that READ my BLOG in 2013. Yeah…FANS. πŸ™‚ All shaded areas are blog readers, the darker the shading…the higher the number of readers! UK and USA! #justsaying There’s a difference to speaking your mind, when you know the facts and just making your self look silly by blurting out rubbish, when you don’t know what is actually happening or even nearly part of the truth.


Wunna land. πŸ™‚

Thank you so much kittens. I adore you! Have a great day.


Taking Over and Lashing you UP



I am working like the clappers sisters and trying to windle inbetween time zones, mummy hood, career success, chill time , new business and grooming. πŸ™‚ The false eyelash line is going to be a HIT and because so many people seem to believe in it…the same way that I do. So, i’m lucky and when you’re lucky, you had a cocktail! Wahoo! *Wiggle-Giggle*

Over the last few days i’ve accumulated an American genius business/financial/strategic marketing specialist, who has (and via his own excitement) become a partner…yep equity and the lot dolls πŸ˜‰ …to whip Wunna land into shape and get my (or should I say ‘our’) mink fur eyelash line selling, sold and with a cherry made out of cold hard CASH.. on top. Hurrah! You’re gonna see new, fresh, creative, strategic deliciousness, kittens! There’s going to be branding, planning, investors…the lot! The business specialist is called ‘Chase,’ and I adore him because what I lack mentally, he adds with a brainiac shimmie. πŸ™‚ What he may not know in beauty and fashion, I can bamboozle with a silver stiletto’ed *KAPOW.* I’m really happy to have him on board, as Wunna land is a team effort. I’m here, Wazza is doing all he can for the website…and now Chase…who will turn basic jiggery pokery, into a ‘money making.’ He’s already introduced me to the art of thinking BIG, but starting small. (I like to leap, don’t I!) And i’m already impressed by him. He’s a marvel, a treasured addition and well watch this space, things are about to change. *Cha ching.* Plus, I love that he adores the ‘Chrissie Wunna’ mink fur false eyelash brand (that will develop into a huge range of products as time goes on) so much that he wants to partner up and be part of it. I like people like that! He has passion, heart and know how. Which is exactly like MOI!

In life i’ve done a lot of dithering, building up followers, blog writing and creating…a bit of telly here, an appearance there. But there comes a time..(god.. i cannot type in these fuchsia nail extensions. glammy but impractical,) when you have to take it to the level in order to make your mark and develop…as you all get there’s a blog that I write and you all get that you have to read it and you might see me occasionally pop up on your telly once in a while.

But now…we storm forward. I’m a brand, i’m keeping it glittery and well hellloooo, i have new lashes to launch this year!! Luckily, Angels Den (a big crowd funding platform, filled with angel investors) Β have accepted my business pitch, meaning that i can now get my business plan and business stability in order, in order to pitch to ‘the angels’ (once ready and prepped) and hopefully grab me some more experts, who are excited to not only invest in my business, yet become a partner. And now that Chase is on board, everything has to be agreed by all! I love a finance guru. I’m excited about the brand because it’s going to work…and well i feel a sense of worth again now. I’m doing something and after babies and babies and lord knows what else…’doing something’ like this makes all the difference. I am ALIVE AGAIN and I AM YOU RESIDENT GLAMOUR PUSS, DOLL FACES! Brand to come and EVERYTHING. (Oh and know that the product itself is of the highest quality, it hasn’t just been cheaply thrown together, and had my name whopped on it. I’ve picked, chosen, packaged….and celebrated it ALL myself and because i’m not bothered about selling you something in the name of ‘beauty and glamour’ that isn’t TOP NOTCH. I hate it when people do that. Use their name, but have a shit product…just for cash. This isn’t a ‘just for cash’ line. I have a sincere passion for beauty and fashion…and want you ALL to have a piece of ‘Chrissie Wunna’ and for you ALL to celebrate ‘The Art of Purrfection.’ (God, I need new boots these ones have holes in the bottoms, like i’m Old Mother Hubbard. The rain is getting in them and everything!)

This time everything’s better because I have say and i have, well in development of having all the right people in all the right areas of Wunna land..working it for the new line and brand.

I lost my confidence in 2013. Right now, it’s BACK and because I’M ACHIEVING! To be honest, I didn’t expect things to be moving this fast. Yet they are and i’m so happy that people are wanting to work with me, as i’ve never liked being alone, have I! Β So, i’m thinking big and starting small and with help creating what will be one of Β the biggest brands in fashion and beauty. It really will happen. It’s crazy. But i’ve found my niche.

Lots going on idea wise, the business plan, the demographics of my fan base and readers…the pitching,the investing…the new partners…the revamp. This is the part of my business that I’m going to label ‘ TheVa Vooming.’ The rushy but right time,backstage, before you *glide-glide-strut* your way onto the catwalk and celebrate your world in the limelight.

But yeah, we’re starting with a eyelash line. A mink, fur eyelash line.

In two weeks my business plan will be done…then the branding, the logo, the developing, the pitching begins.

I’m open to partners, shareholders etc…so if you wish to INVEST into the business, via a pitch of expertise or MONEY…then you can. Do something good for the business and well yeah..welcome on board. IT’S GOING TO BE MASSIVE. (*jungle massive dance here.*)


Okay, so that’s all for now, as I have a bunch of stuff to be getting on with.

I am looking for a photographer to shoot ideas with me for the website and the lash line brand. TFCD. So if you are one…get in touch.

I’m also looking for a video techy guy…as i’m going to be documenting my start up business journey…and plonk it up virally for all of you to enjoy..like a show…and internet based show, so you can see what’s happening, be a part of the growth, the journey, watch my ups, downs, meeting, inbetweens and just enjoy it…as you tinker in my life, yet this time not just via written word.

So someone who can just film bits..when i go to meetings…work on the line…etc…and then edit those bits, doll them up to make them rather ‘Chrissie Wunna’ and plonk them on youtube for me…so we can all enjoy a bit of viral. πŸ˜‰



If you so any of the above contact me…

(Oh and i still have your giveaway prizes here in my living room. Some of them not sent yet. Rubbish aren’t i. But busy much. Taking over the world is not easy. πŸ˜‰








Business, Sundays and Pet Grannies


The single most hilarious morning ever. I mean it got off to a somewhat dodgy start, with all the rain and the bad hair day traumas etc…etc…and then having to go out in the rain, making my bad hair day trauma a great deal worse etc…etc..you get the picture.

THEN, I ventured to my local Co-op to totter around ad snatch a few essentials before ‘Mummyhood’ truly kicked in with full force and I managed to see my pet granny ‘Lilian.’ Β (Please DO NOT think i’m at all being disrespectful when I refer to her as my pet. I love grannies and respect the elderly. LILIAN HERSELF, is a brash, funny, talks about everything she shouldn’t kinda lady. She has a young spirit and well the time I spend with her lights up her entire day, world…everything really. SHE named HERSELF ‘my pet.’ And come to think of it, I think EVERYONE should have a pet granny. They’re ace. Mine talks about sex and I get to be ‘Mother’ and shake my head at her)

Okay, so on that subject..I bump into her by the bargain chocolates and I guess she’s with her new boyfriend ‘Danny?’ Lol. She’s boasting about this new phone he’s bought her. (It’s a Samsung from yonks ago, but I smiled because she loved it so much, as she whopped it out. It’s moments like that that make me happy.) And anyway, this is what she says…

‘Chrissie! Here! What does BOOTY mean?’


‘Yeah, I keep getting this random texts off some guy, who has the wrong number and he keeps talking about booty or summat?’

‘:) Well it can mean bum, sex, treasure (incase he’s a pirate) or just a text for bonking?’

She hands me her phone and well ‘Adam,’ whoever he is has been booty texting poor 86 year old Lilian, without even knowing and asking her for sex! LMFAO. He texted her at 1.25am ( all us girls know to ignore vile boys who text you for sex when they’re pissed, out or off their faces) but not Lilian. She was confused that some guy who she doesn’t at all know, not only had her number but wanted her to ‘put out.’ AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA! HILARIOUS!

The ‘Adam’ got the monk on mid-booty-text stream and said ‘Whatever then. C you whenever. x’

It’s so funny because he thinks this girl who thinks him is ignoring him. The girl who bonks him thinks he’s ignoring her. (He’s a rubbish bloke anyway.) And poor granny Lilian, thinks ‘Adam’ wants to ‘booty’ her, because he said he wanted her ‘booty’ and needed it NOW. PAHAHAHA.

I shouldn’t have laughed, but I did, OUT LOUD. How funny! I just looked at her bewildered face, giggled by arse off and said, ‘of course out of all the people in all the world, you had to get a new phone that comes with it’s OWN booty calls.’

She then laughed and well she just looked happy because she made me happy. Aww! Made my morning.

Now, people are finding it odd that I’m doing okay and that i’m happy right now due to circumstance and I love you all for your concern. yet I don’t have anything to be upset about. I’m filled with love and have what matters and have a business that is about to bloom because I did all the right things at the end of the year. I didn’t waste time and you get rewarded for that. But on a more normal note, I’m not stupid enough to dwell on the negative,nor am I that self absorbed to realize that it happens to everyone and in fact there’s a lot of people in this world or even just on my block, that have it a lot worse than I. I’m irrepresibile and it’s always been a lovely trait of mine. I’m strong and i’m a fighter and really with all my life experience, you CAN’T GET THIS KITTY DOWN. I’ll laugh things off in the end with a ‘shrug and a cocktail.’ I don’t have it hard. I am the luckiest girl in all the land. I’m here to tell my life story, do the best that I can and empower or inspire others. Plus, I’m comforted by the fact that I made really great choices towards the end of 2013. It really has put me in good stead and well now i’m a kitten who knows her worth…again. *Wiggle-pout-Tom Daley dive*

More importantly how ace is my Daddy!

I mean, I’m both a Mummy’s girl and a Daddy’s girl in one and more a Mummy’s girl since I became a Mum. Yet I grew up being my Father’s pride and joy. Many a boy have feared his ninja swords if they were to date me and do me wrong. Yet this is what I love about him…Remember that the entire family are currently away in Burma to celebrate my Mums 60-something birthday. So, they’ve gone out for a stroll with friends, seen an alligator…like ya do….and of course my Father thinks the best thing to do is… SIT ON IT πŸ™‚ for laughs. πŸ™‚ That’s my Papa! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I love him. I find it hilarious, as it’s something that I would do and well that part of his life (and he spent his life being a loving husband, a doting father, an orthopedic surgeon and a GP…a business man…) well part of his life he spent sat on an alligator. πŸ™‚ I ADORE MY DADDY! πŸ™‚

I’m having an ace day. The oldies are cracking me up!

I posted this blurry night time pic of me yesterday evening…I feel sexy right now. I think i’m fit. πŸ™‚ I’m growing my Kardashian thighs. πŸ™‚ Here kitty kitty. That mirror needs a clean.

I’ve had a brilliant weekend, away from work. But I love my work so it’s lso blessing once Monday comes around. Yesterday the babies and I did a birthday party of one of their nursery friends. I get on really well with a lot of the nursery mums and people who work there. I love their kids and they love mine and its a nice feeling to have that really rapport with so many others. I have really great friends and really great aquaintances and they are all so different, be they young, old, rich, poor…they all are decent people, with great morals and golden hearts. Plus, the nursery mums LOVE MY CHILDREN. they know i’ve been through a lot and they open their hearts to me and help me every step of the way. I like that they like me…because in life…but mainly with the insecure, i get judged and bitched about before people even bother to get to know me. Yet that shows the type of person they are…and that’s unsuccessful at being secure. πŸ™‚

The nursery mums are a happy, secure, loving bunch, from solid stable homes, who adore their babies. Ruby and Junior loved the party and well i’ve kinda got to organize one for Ruby next month? Lord knows what? I looked at the mums yesterday and said, ‘I can only do adult parties. πŸ™‚ ‘ Β Holly’s mum said, ‘Yeah like dinner parties and soirees. I know what you mean.’

I looked, giggled as Ruby was darting own some slide screaming ‘look at meee.’

‘…Erm..no. Just ones with booze. πŸ™‚ ‘ It got a laugh so shush! πŸ™‚

Life is great right now and i’m really happy. I’m really excited for the beauty line and because it’s my own company now and i’m bringing people, investors and creative ideas on board and all to make…

I’m hiring great PR. I’m hiring a top business management and strategic marketing specialist..he’s in the States and well he’ll also run finances and the call centres…for part equity.

I’m gonna be pitching to Angels Den and submitting my initial bit of love tomorrow. #eek Nervous but excited. I mean there have been people who have pitched in July and by August after raising Β£175,000 were signing off the shareholder contracts. Exciting.

I’m open to shareholders, who want to be a director or be part of the company, if they invest financially or if they have a skill that will benefit my business. This is going to be Β WINNER, because there is ONLY PROFIT to be made!


Make your dreams come true. Work hard, love hard, play later. The people who mean something to you, will always be there waiting for you. Go take on the world and make your glitzy mark! All this has happened so quickly and literally over a couple weeks.!





A day of ‘rushy-rushy.’ However, it’s ‘F’ for FRIIIIIDAY, meaning the world is a better place and simply because, (oh yeah baby) we finally made it to the weekend! In fact, well done to all those who actually made it here still in tact and in one solid, maybe a bit bruised, but dandy PIECE!

I’m all done. There’s no more work that I can tend to right now. I could possibly even have a rum for lunch if I so wished and well I’ve gone so loopy that I’ve managed to find time to actually clean the house, a task that my body is simply not made for. Build for pleasure. Not for hard labour. I mean, I don’t know how anyone can be a cleaner, simply because it is KNACKERING. I can’t even hoover without my arms KILLING me due to the pull. Let alone carry ti up the stairs or to the next room.But whatever, it worked for Cinders, so it’ll work for me. I’m a creative kitten filled with love and ambition. I’ll leave the cleaning to those that know how.

Woke up to Junior smacking himself on the forehead and then giggling because he found it so hilarious. πŸ™‚ I have a comedy baby boy. He really is the happiest baby in all the land, like he literally cracks up at anything. Belly laughs through life! I mean, thank go he’s charming as if smacking his forehead and giggling is his future…then we’re in trouble. He’s simple, pure and happy. Ruby on the other hand is complex, extremely loving, but diva. She’s been through a lot though and in her mind it all went balls up when Junior arrived. When it’s just her and I, she is the most delightful blessing any mama could wish for. When he’s here and only on occasion, I mean she’s a good girl 84% of the time….she does naughty things for a bit of ‘look at me.’ Junior takes it in his stride though. I kissed him on the cheek this morning as I left nursery in a rush and he beamed with a cutsie eye look and a gummy smile, like it was the BEST KISS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD EVER. πŸ™‚

The kiddies are dandy! I have no idea how I’ve managed to do these last 2 weeks on my own with no help, but I have and I have never felt stronger. I’m INVINCIBLE RIGHT NOW. I feel like nothing on this merry disco earth ball can conquer me! I’m on KITTEN FIRE DOLLS! I’m doing it all and making my dreams come true with it.

Work wise, well..I said it was all getting the better of me, so I just took a moment, a time out to read through it all and manage it. Then come Monday, it’ll be right as rain. I have the right people, the right help…I just need to make sure I do the right things and take the correct steps forward.

I’ve got another week before my Mum and ‘rest of family’ are back, so i’m just gonna enjoy it and well try and work as hard as possible in the time that I have spare, when the ‘winkles’ are nursery bound.

The eyelash line is going to do really well and my next audition is being lined up for me. I tried to also practice my songs yesterday, but I was rubbish, so it was funny. I was howling in my kitchen, thinking I was Madonna, but without the leotard. Thursday is not leotard day. πŸ™‚ Then life got back to normal as I had popcorn and bubble bath night with the kids, which is there FAVOURITE night.

I’m lucky, i’m really lucky. Everything’s coming together now and I think i’ve got the best addition to my ‘Chrissie Wunna LTD’ team for the lash line, who is in charge of the strategic marketing, business management and accounting. He’s in America and went to Purdue Uni. That’s good enough for me. He knows what he’s doing. Now to get the rest of the angel investors on board with a kick arse business plan! So far everybody loves it and i’m lucky to have PR awaiting it all. Fingers crossed, boobs adjusted…and lets do this. (OOh just remember that Ruby has a birthday party tomorrow and I need to venture off to buy a pressie.)

So yeah, it’s Friday wind down now, meaning i’ve just made it home, i’m gonna do my hair, watch Made inChelsea re-runs and relax for my busy weekend with the babies.

Love you all,

Wiggle-giggle-wink x


My totter can’t keep up..



Whaddup dolls! *Sizzle*

So, i’ve just taken a merry trips to the opticians to make sure that my eyes are still working. Regular 2 year check up. Apparently my eyes are better than before. Makes no sense really, but I went with it. I hate menial check ups. I find they annoying and I have no idea why? I glizty life keeps getting littered with these eye check ups, doctor’s appointments and everything in between. It’s annoying because it makes me have to put my work life on ‘hold’ and when you’re as kitty ambitious as I and your head is working at a gzillion miles an hour…it sucks, as unlike yesterday when I spent the day adoring my baby daughter, which was AMAZING…eye check ups…even though one would say ‘sight’ was essential, I find pointless and not worth hitting ‘pause’ on glitziness or work load.

Ruby and I had the most DELICIOUS Mummy/Daughter day yesterday. We BOTH really needed it and she adored every moment of it. We played, we shopped, she went on rollercoasters in newly bought welly boots, she giggled, we danced, we posh lunched at a snazzy restaurant and just enjoyed life, the simply way. People always try and complicated things when really the smart people keep things simple. Only FOOLS make things harder on themselves, as honestly, why would you? It makes no sense.

But yes, I now have one VERY HAPPY BABY RUBY. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. Today shes back in nursery and well today i’m back working off this glitter pile of ‘to do’ list. But i’m loving it. When you do work you love, you can’t tell it’s work.

SO, right now, things are just going crazy and when I say crazy I don’t mean ‘loony bin’ and I don’t mean ‘hurrah-yippee-success bonanza,’ I mean everything seems to be happening really fast, like one after the other without breathing space, making me have to catch up to it with my totter. I don’t know how it all has, other than the fact that i’ve been applying myself in a more productive fashion when it’s come to work and dreams and ambitions…and the will to succeed in all that I wish to. It only really took a Β little bit of ‘trying’ and BOOM..and it is all good and it all all success based…(i think we can plonk in a *cheer*) yet I can’t really believe it. I should’ve applied myself this way earlier!

These last couple weeks have changed everything in my work life, to the point where I’m in shock. One minute I was sat on my arse with a plan, as I twiddled my fuchsia nailed thumbs in thought. The next minute, I put myself out there and *BOOM-BANG-T’DAAAAA’…everyone’s jumped on board and is helping me along…but at the speed of light. I’m actually going to do this! Oh and i’m talking about my lash line, incase you didn’t know what I was rambling on about.

Right now, I have the sample and the bulk orders ready to be made. All’s been templated and is ready to go. I’ve been in talks with 10 business men in the States, all who are in charge of sorting out m business plan for me. (I’m a massive believer in bringing in the right people to do what they are good at. That’s how things become a success. I stick to what I know and I let them work their own magic for me. I’ve seen so many people with businesses and companies who struggle away at things, when really should just bring in the correct brains to sort it all for them. People excel in different areas. Know your areas and work it well.) I knew I couldn’t do this business plan malarky to a high enough standard and I need it to be outstanding in order to seek an solid angel investors, (Louisa Zissman has 16 for her company) Β so now 10 American business men from top firms are doing it for me, including my marketing strategies, my financing…my reports…my call centre team ( i didn’t even know I was having one of them) and well it’s all so full on and moving so fast that I’m lost in a gleeful state of ‘erm.what?’ I don’t enjoy the ‘erm what’ state, even though it’s gleeful because you really DO have to KNOW what’s going on. Yeah I’m the creator of the brand, the product, the ‘wiggle and wink’ of it all..the face, the mind. BUT I have to know about the other stuff. I can’t just nod and smile at everyone ‘yessing’ me.

The American’s are hardcore when it comes to business which I like. I mean, I already have people going on about ‘i’ want partial equity’ this, ‘I’d like buy into your company’ that, ‘I’d like a percentage of the business and for it i’ll do this…’ it’s madness. I’m going crazy with ‘holy moly.’ I mean, I’m someone who invests money wisely when it come sot business and I state wisely because it will get spend on bringing the correct team together. You can’t go wrong that way. So, right now i’m willing to let business men, investors…people with beneficial talents jump on board to create a board of directors, for a percentage of the company. Of course they have to pay into it. Or have some kind of service that they have on offer, which I believe is worth a percentage of ‘Chrissie Wunna Ltd.’ But i’m open to that and well the business plan IS to seek angle investor galore. I mean I do have financial backing, but I now want angel investors who know what they’re doing on this particular area!



Away from all that, i’ve submitted a pitch to Angels Den. I’m having to learn two songs that i’m having to record. I have two more reality shows to audition for AND I’ve already managed to gain interest from TWO really strong PR teams, who work in the beauty industry and would LOVE to represent my brand. They’re clients (all beauty brands ) have appeared in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Instyle…on popular shows.. etc…Meaning that I get to have big press days and also get to visit the offices and all the beauty editors and show them how to apply their new ‘Chrissie Wunna’ lashes. Can you even believe it? People work for years to seek decent PR rep and *plink-plonk* there it is for me. THANK GOD! So, i”m doing my meetings and sorting it all out. Well sorting everything that I have to sort out. I need more product and to sort out the pricing, as I’m going to be bringing a luxury brand to the high street. PR is expensive, yet my brand is a PR driven brand really.

I’ve got a lot to keep me going. So whilst I work away at that…(God I need a gin) and wait for all the right emails to come in. You stay tuned and wish my glitzy self luck. I own Chrissie Wunna Ltd now? Weird how so much can change and go from something small to something big overnight. I mean, I was going to set up an eshop and sell them online first. (That IS still happening as I’m loyal to Cyberland. It’s served me well.) However NOW my homework from PR advisors (and it’s devastatingly hard πŸ˜‰ ) is to WALK THE STORES that I feel my brand is perfect for and actually SEE where it could be placed, what type of displays I would need for the store, where and how would it stand, or be priced at? It’s all happening so fast. Fast scares me, but this time fast is good. πŸ™‚

Love you. Yay! I have working eyes again.

Happy Thursday! x It is Thursday right?





Doing right by my BROOD


Morning my gorgeous kittens of delight spoons! (Don’t ask! I have no idea? πŸ™‚ I just type whatever splurges out of my brain box. Not working too snazzy today methinks. *Giggle*

All’s well. All’s good I’m feeling empowered by potential success, I’m filled with love for life and the world…and today is Ruby/Mummy day!

Ruby/Mummy day is an impromptu day that occurs whenever my darling little doughy eyed daughter of yumminess…aka ‘Ruby’ needs me. During these moments…and i’m highly connected to Ruby, I don’t know how I know exactly how she feels, or how she’s about to act, but I do. My maternal link to her is amazing. I mean, before I was even pregnant with Ruby, a clairvoyant had told me that I was going to fall pregnant, Β and have a little girl. The girl would be one that I have had in a previous life…and we are going to be so close.

Anyway, I’m deeply connected to Rubes simply because firstly she saved my life, changed my life for the better and well…like all mum’s a huge amount of guilt runs through my veins for the unfortunate transitions that i’ve put her through. As a parent and when you’re responsible for your loin fruit, that you love more than anything in the world. That guilt weighs hard. She’s a very sensitive and loving girl is my baby 1 and her heart has ACHED. I’ve put her through that due to my own ‘wrong turn’ choices. As a result, she’s maybe feeling a bit unloved. YET, instead of dwelling on that, because no-one stays feeling that way forever, when help comes to hand. I’m doing everything I can to build up her spirit once more and so she feels stable. As her beautiful nursery nurse stated, ‘Ruby feels as though everyone who loves her is going to leave her. Everyone she loves…leaves her.’ SHE’S 2!! And she already feels that way.

It was on my mind last night. I knew that I myself NEEDED Ruby/Mummy time, as it lights up my world. (God, I’m gonna blub. ) But this morning she just looked at me and gave me a look that meant that she tooo needed me. Just ME. Not anyone else. Just ME..her…and time.

Now, luckily i’m in a position where i can make this happen whenever I want and as a good Mum…she comes first. I know what matters in life and because i’ve been, seen and felt it all. I know what it’s lie to have family almost not be with you anymore.

I immediately rescheduled meetings, pulled the showy curtain of Wunna land down a bit. Not fully though, because she loves it. Then we dropped Junior off at nursery. I got back in the car, saw her face through my mirror and she *beamed* quietly BEAMED with this internal happiness, which sort of thanked me for loving her. All the way home she sang and did giddy shrieks of happiness.

So today, all work is on hold…I don’t care how much of it there is. TODAY is Mummy/Ruby day. I’ve asked her what she wants to do and well…I believe Doncaster and shopping it is! πŸ™‚

I feel like the luckiest kitten in the world today to have such wonderful children. I mean Junior was giddy with excitement to nursery, he’s just getting his personality in and goes crazy for all the noise, fuss and sing a longs! πŸ™‚

So dear parents…I was just going to say ‘Mums’…but that’s sexist innit. Even though I am. πŸ™‚ I did meet a single dad yesterday. We all love those men. But yeah, right now I have a business to launch, 4 meetings, two pitches, a chat with PR and China for the lash line, I have songs to learn to record, I have an MTV thing to rehearse….I have emails, business plans and American lawyers to talk to….

But whatever…today it’s Ruby/Mummy day!

Remember what matters in life, because it’s really shorter than you think. How you treat your 2 year old will determine how they are as a 3 year old…etc…

I’ve never seen her happier! *Giddy mummy dance*

Queen of Conquer & Of course..Weirdos


EXCITED, my little dollies of joy!

Okay, this lash line is really going to be the ‘bizzle.’ I’ve found my niche and well, if you do something that you’re passionate about, then you really can ‘Va Voom’ your way to success. To be good at a bit of business, other than needing financing, fresh creative ideas, know how to make profit, detail to all action and great, great PR, you yourself have to have BALLS. BIG ONES! If you dont ask, you don’t get and if you don’t try, you don’t even make it off the starting blocks. You’re like the false start, which is fine, provided you get back on track and the next time the gun pops, you wait for the RIGHT TIME….AND LEG-IT TO THE FINISH LINE. πŸ™‚ You need balls, especially when you’re a start up business, simply because you’re going to go to bat with people (like moi) you do. πŸ™‚ Ive got my niche, it’s sorted. It’s going to do well.

Now, everything I have managed to get in life and delicately STUFF in my little glitter bag of ‘dreams come to Mama πŸ™‚ ) I have grafted, gobbed and meandered MY WAY and by MYSELF. Yeah, I will admit that I came from decent financial back up, which I am very grateful for…and I will also need more financial back up, which will rocket me forward and give me the best chance at this possible. BUT all the opportunities that have helped open a door..and I tell you that through life SO MANY OF THEM SLAMMED IN MY FACE…I got myself. I created them myself and I won them….myself.

I mean, yeah I could’ve just thought, ah lovely, I’ll set up shop over here in Yorkshire and dilly dally on a nice, but calm flow of money making and live off the drive of gentle passion. BUT NO. I’m ambitious, like all hot women should be and I have big dreams. All the big dreams that I have previously wanted…i’ve conquered and done! I don’t imagine things on a small scale. I’m Chrissie Wunna for crying out loud, the more over the top the better. Think big. Go get it. Weirdly…and if you’ve done everything the right way and you have the right teams….you’ll win. Sit on your arse, waste ya time…you won’t.


Another thing is that you need to stop making excuses for why things haven’t panned out the way you want it to. There’s still time and room for all and to make everything right and work for you. I always say it. I mean, you’re allowed to throw a pity party, (I do all the time) provided that you can snap out of it and get back to normal quickly. You shouldn’t FIGHT AGAINST life, you should work with it. It will reward you after a bit of kicking and screaming, Whenever i’ve thrown a pity party…I’ve bounced back QUICK and whenever life, or people have treated me badly or sad hideous things to me…i’ve hurt…but i’ve bounced back SO FAST that it has infused my system with the success bug. Success is the sweetest revenge. So, whilst people are hating on you or slagging you off, or maybe even getting you down…you get your head down, work hard silently and then BOOM, you don’t really have to say anything, as the RESULTS of that hard work will say it all. You know if a person’s going to be successful, because they have this glow…you can see it in them. I can…anyway.

The only reason why people can’t conquer things, other than self confidence, natural talent and love…is simply because they don’t fully understand it. Once they do…they soar! That’s in anything…work, business, home, life…men, women and relationships. It’s all about understanding what you’re working with and adjusting alongside it. It always beats fighting against it. So don’t be daunted by things. I often am. Just learn about them day and night, until you finally get it! That’s how I’ve begun this lash line. When it comes to entertainment and work I’m brilliant. I understand it because i’ve done well for so long. When it comes to relationships…i’m shit. That why i always believe if people need help they should go to trained therapists who simply help them understand things. It is AMAZING how that little bit of learning tranforms everything. Puts you way ahead of the game.

So, I have a busy day today..so busy that i’ve even had to cancel my weave appointment…LOL..and that would NEVER HAPPEN! I’m feeling sexy and empowered and i’m glad that you’re loving the new rewired version of me. *Wiggle-wink.*I’ll still get my spray tan though later. I mean, gosh..a glamour puss still needs a treat for all her hard work and I’m a chica who can treat HERSELF. Yeah baby! Independance is vital.

I had a good day yesterday because I came up with an idea and well just put it out there. I didn’t know what kind of response I was going to get? I hoped for the best expected nothing and went with it. And this is something work wise that would really push my lash line forward. Sent an email and got the biggest, most delicious response to it ever! I was inundated with (and for the first time) professional people, who were just loving the idea and wanting to work with me. It gave me such a buzz. I still can’t believe it. I’m so happy. Β It’s just so nice to have others believe in you tooo! I could say lucky. But I did put myself out there and I believe in my product. I know it’s great. I’ve worked on it, studied it and all Christmas season researched everything that I needed to do! I didn’t waste any of my time! (And people didn’t know that. Now look!)

So yes, now i have meetings, more work and an even greater opportunity! EEEK! I’m happy to be filling a void, to be doing something that I love, to building my own future and adding to the solid foundation that I’m giving my children! BOOYAH BABES! People can say what they want. I’m actually doing great. πŸ˜‰ *Fireworks here.* This last 2 weeks has been emotionally tough and i’ve had no help. My mum, dad and brother are away in Burma for 3 weeks. It’s terrifying because they usually help me a lot! However, my parents have so far emailed me EVERY day, whilst abroad to tell me that they love me. πŸ™‚

I’ve been travelling, working, doing the hospital appointments and seeing to the babies…both of them and making sure they’re both feeling divine. I’ve done it all on my own and still managed to take another step up the work ladder of greatness whilst they’ve been in nursery. So no-one can tell me that i’m not SUPERWOMAN right now, because I am feeling more empowered then ever before. YOU CAN DO IT GIRLS! Don’t tell yourself that you can’t, because you can! Especially if you have children. Think of all the mumtrepeneurs who have literally made MILLIONS. They’re now laughing with cocktails and well don’t even NEED to hire nannies because their children are all grown up. πŸ™‚ (Unfortunately, some of them then all wheel in toy boys, which is never a good idea…..with riches.)

This is going to be a longish blog, simply because I can’t do two today, due to work. But this GUY has literally every day been sending me weirdly pictures of himself. You know that ‘can I be your pay piggy’ guy. The one that wants to PAY ME to humiliate him or something? Some fetish? Lord knows. Well this last few weeks, I’ve been emotionally battered by life, like seriously hard life stuff has happened…lol..and every time they do, this GUY sends me some dirty picture of himself. And I don’t mean ‘dirty’ as in ‘hot with no shirt on.’ I mean, yesterday’s photo was one of his face, sniffing used red panties. TO MY FACEBOOK INBOX! What? I mean, how does he think that is going to woo me? I’m so confused? I have a little girl!!! You’re not going to be her role model! LMAO! JESUS!

This isn’t Wunna 2008. Β I am flattered, massively flattered by all you gents that have sent me very loving messages, even the smutty ones.. I man grateful that you think I am the QUEEN OF ALL BEAUTY. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hahahahahaha! #beme

But this guy cracks me up because literally I’ll go through something really hard in life…REALLY HARD …and there he is…pops up…. out of nowhere…message alert on my phone….and he’s sniffing a pair of soiled knickers. Lol. What is my life? That doesn’t make me fancy you!!! GOD! You know, I SHOULD MAKE HIM MY PAY PIGGY. I’ll gather all the money that he wants to send me from his random ‘slave’ fetish, then with it BUY HIM MONTHS OF THERAPY to help him on his way! I don’t want a slave. I think it’s wrong. Lol. And noooo…not ‘wrong’ as in kinky, before you all get creepy. Just plain old morally wrong. Boring, I know. I’m a Β grown up now.

I hope he doesn’t have a wife, or girlfriend or something? I don’t even hate him, as I find him funny. But he certainly picks his times. I mean, at this rate i’ll get run over my a taxi and whilst DYING, my phone will *buzz* and there he’ll be, with a Mexican donkey and a ball gag or something? UGH! MEN!!

Oh and my secret work…

Remember this…


I blogged about it ages ago.

Well yeah…alongside everything else…I’m going to be going to the recording studio next month to get my little sing song on. πŸ™‚ It’s fun! You’ll love it!!!








Last lines, Hospital Mondays and Fireworks

582799_352597384805139_313634343_n (1)


Hospital Monday’s suck! Especially pointless hospital Monday’s that take up your whole ‘before noon,’ when you can think of 100 other MORE POSITIVE & more vitally productive ways to spend ya time! Dilly-dallying is even better than HOSPITAL MONDAYS. But…i’m home now and well as you can guess, I don’t like hospitals, not one bit.

I even just had to hit my ‘pause button’ in life, breathe out (still in my updo,) put my phone down, turn the car engine off and just sit forward with my head rested, yet arched upon my steering wheel. You’re allowed these moments in life. You are, I promise. I wasn’t in any particular pain, or suffering from anything too torturous in that moment. I simply just needed to ‘hit’ pause and breeeeathe. I feel as though, I brave faced my entire ‘hospital Monday’ like a showman, with a smile on my face, making sure that everyone around me or all those who were tending to me, didn’t at all feel awkward, or at least felt lighter, or happier, by my presence. It sort of didn’t matter how I felt this morning..I just wanted to put on a show and make sure everyone around me felt…well great. I succeeded. This often ends is hitting ‘pause’ and breathing. The good thing about being an entertainer is that we’re plonked on this earth to make the masses happy. We enjoy doing it. That’s why we choose such a profession. It made me happier, knowing that I had made others a little more chipper on their rubbish Monday morning at work. I could even SEE myself doing ‘the show.’ I could only see it because internally it wasn’t really how I was feeling.

Then it got cold, so i went with ‘fuck this’ and ran inside as fast as I could. πŸ™‚ Breathing is GOOD. Sitting with your head on a steering wheel breathing is over-rated. I was so caught up in my moment that I actually didn’t even know I was doing it. But, I’m fine. I’m back and I NEED Β cuppa tea! Jack Frost is ruining everything today. How cold does it want to be???

Okay, so I’m happy my Mum had a great birthday. My dad surprised her with fireworks on the beach and mocktails under the stars, in boats, with 100 chinese wishing lanterns filling the night skies, as they celebrated the night away, with 50 of Mum’s Doctor friends, after the sun had set on South East Asia. Sometimes, I’ve thought that my parents bicker far too much to be a great couple. But now I look and I see how much of a wonderful couple they actually are. The bickers don’t seem to matter, when the good things happen. People in relationships don’t just do good things for no reason, they do them because they love you and want to make you smile. The good moments ALWAYS outweigh the bad moments and because they are so much more powerful. They’re the moments that matter and the moments that people treasure. The smart people will focus on those moments and keep them alive. The people who focus on the negative, fill themselves with doubt, hate and regret. My mum and dad. What a great couple! Great example set! I mean, we all nearly lost my dad a few years back and I think deep down when it comes to love, you have to make sure you don’t take it for granted and learn to understand it. I mean, what would you do if the person YOU LOVED was suddenly no longer in your life anymore and the very last moment you spent with them was ALL wrong and you couldn’t make it right EVER, due to them passing. That must be AWFUL! πŸ™ That’s why there’s fireworks, on south east asian beaches, for birthday parties, filled with Chinese wishing lanterns, family and love.

Looooooooooots to do today. I’m eager to just get this lash line sorted, so i’m emailing China back and forth, as i’m making last minute adjustments to the way the lash box is presented. I just want it to be right and well…the great thing is, that the people i’m working with are very very lovely and taking my bossiness in their stride. πŸ™‚

By the end of the year, I hope that the lashes are in a store. As f course, that would be joyous and a sense of ultimate achievement. I’m bringing a luxury lash line to you and it’s going to be affordable. All the ‘A’ list celebs are paying hundreds and thousands of pounds for the new trend that are mink lashes…which are the same as MY lashes. Yet that’s pretty ridiculous to me. Especially in this day and age. I want everyone to enjoy LUXURY, yet everyone to be able to afford LUXURY. We deserve it. It shouldn’t just be a treat for the wealthy. We all need it in life to just get by. πŸ™‚

My tag line is ‘The art of purrfection,’ which enables you to ’embrace your inner kitten.’ The whole point to ’embracing you inner kitten…’ is to find YOUR INNER STRENGTH, YOUR INNER WUNNA, YOUR INNER FEMME. It’s not necessarily about being ‘sexy.’ Lashes don’t necessarily promote just sexiness. They’re a celebration of womankind, glamour pussing and great peepers. πŸ™‚ They’re the windows to the soul after all. With MY lashes on you…YOU ARE ‘KITTEN.’ πŸ™‚ You are a graduate in the school of glamour pussing. Only strong females need apply. πŸ™‚

Right now, i’m squabbling about the size of the magnets for the lash box. I want them to be more invisible, so i’m moaning to China to get them right. They’re doing a great job and I do feel bad because i’ve adjusted SO many things with them on a back and forth basis…daily. πŸ™‚ I must be their favourite by now. πŸ™‚ But whatever, at the end of the day…it’s got to be right. I’m paying for them to be right AND I want them to sell. I can’t sell something that I only feel 80% about. Even 95% about. They need to be 100% Wunnapproved. πŸ™‚ I don’t want to ver do it, which is my forte, as i’d make them tacky and I’m the queen of ‘tacking’ it up. So, i’m finding it hard, but doing it anyway and keeping the line as simple, yet stylish, yet glamourous and fun as it can be..all at the same time. Classy, but still WUNNAFIED!

So, first i have some lashes for sampling, which will go out to the magazines, pitch meetings, celebs etc…Then I have the first batch for sale ONLINE, or by hand via moi…which I am going to class as my ‘limited editions’ as they will be the first lashes from my lash line EVER SOLD and they’re all get signed by me, with a certificate of authentication AND with a verification stating which number that particular pair of lashes and lash box is, out the limited edition crew. Β *Wiggle-Wink.*

I’m also going to have a pre-order list. So you can order them before they are even released, ensuring your pair of the limited editions is safe.

Then it’s press buzz time.

Followed by proper online shop opening, salons selling them, hotels selling them…and alongside events and trade shows, finally by the end of the year A STORE!

If it goes well…it goes well. If it doesn’t…then I tried. I can’t see it not though. I’m confident in the product and in my dream coming true. πŸ™‚ It happens.

Love you, x