‘Trials, Tribulations & a whole lot of vino’

Saturday was the most amazing day ever. I’m literally 2 weeks away from a wedding and well last weekend was the only weekend, where Ruby, my mum, dad, Jez (my little brother) and I could actually spend time together before the mad rush of events. There is still so much to organize and well i’m struggling to fit it all in. I felt like i’ve had to do it all on my own and well the last 2 weeks are crucial…to the point where i don’t have time for a ‘hen’ do and simply because i’m not unkind enough to lumber all the arrangements on my poor mum and little Kels, simply for a bit of ‘party-party.’ I know how stressful organizing such an event is (i’ve been through it and going through it) and it’s my responsibility to get it all sorted and well i owe it to them make it all right. I mean, what’s the point in a ‘hen’ do, if the wedding isn’t fully and quite perfectly ticked off as ‘completed.’ They’ve both be sooo amazing and aided my kitten-like self whenever i’ve needed them too…so as a team…and with a lot of effort…we can do it. (I am secretly worried that it won’t all get done and i’ll enter my days before the wedding stressed.)
But yeah…Saturday…amazing. Shopped ’til we dropped we did, my sweethearts. You might not know this about me, but I’m a saver and someone who doesn’t always adore to part with money. I like to collect it, like a grubby little asian miser and even though i’m ever generous…it’s very rare you’ll see me ‘splash’ out the way i could, on something that i don’t feel i need. However, sometimes and in order to keep that smile on ya face, you just need to go out and ‘drop dollar.’ 🙂 And dollies…we did. I myself purchased every little bit of girlie delight i could lay my hands on and for the sake of ‘why not.’ Never underestimate the power of retail therapy. IT WORKS! (I must’ve been feeling down, as it kinda only really works if you need a ‘pick me up.’) However, i didn’t feel down. I felt over the moon and because i’m just in love with Baby Ruby and our bond over the last week has been a solid, giggly stream of innocent laughter. Like I always say, my most important job in life is to guide, teach and unconditionally care for my daughter, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially and well anything that i believe may disturb her well being and especially emotional well being…will be dismissed. You’ve heard me say it a millions times, but i’ll say it again…if i don’t have anything else in this world, i have HER and i would give up everything in this entire world for her. My family and love are the most important things to me and because i completely understand the meaning of life. (God, i’m starving and all i have is a fricking Wham bar, stuffed in my pocket. How 80’s of me.) I’m quite preachy this morning, aren’t I? Lol. I’m blogging… but in the back of my mind, i’m flustered with all the things that i need to organize. #dearyme It’s like i don’t even actually know what i’m writing. (I’ve had a tough night and an emotional morning. A ‘not good’ emotional morning.)
Anyway…i’ll try again…Saturday. Wonderful day out with my glitzy little baby Rubes, which ended up at a jewellers, in order to purchase wedding bands. I’m a massive fan of jewellery and have been since a little girl, where my mum would have a jeweller show up at the house and we would thumb through diamonds, rubies and gemmy like pieces of ‘ooh’..picking what we wanted and enjoying every single moment of it. It was sort of a way my Mum and I bonded. So, on Saturday, my mum decided to bring that bit of ‘memory’ back and pull it out of the dusty closet of ‘fond’ and bring it back to life. After the wedding band ‘tick box,’ she sat brought me over to bright glass boxes filled with diamonds and asked me to choose the pieces of jewellery that i wished to take a look at, as she picked out the pieces that she wished to purchase. Ruby was with us toooo and  it was delightful, as it’s like a ‘passed on’ Wunna tradition…with the girls in our family.
We sat down, tried on rings, measured, flirted with and ‘ooh’ed’ at everything that caught our happy asian eyes for a good 20 minutes. Even Ruby did…bless her. Then as a gift and because i was being rubbish at picking, (i’m a direct girl and one that is very good at knowing what she wants, however when i’m spending someone elses money, i find it rude to choose something for them to buy,) she pointed, nodded at the lady in charge of making us feel special and picked me out a pre-wedding gift from mummy to daughter…which was the most beautiful diamond ring. Big, blingy, yum-yum and now of extreme sentimental value.
That was my Saturday. Bliss.
Sunday didn’t turn out to be as wonderful. Infact this morning was a bit..i mean a lot dodgy too… infact i’m so emotionally exhausted that i don’t even have the energy to blog it. But i’m feeling bullied and like i’m being vented on, which is not any glamour pusses favourite. However, (and it’s always good to look at the positive) i have a wonderful friend..infact all my friends are of the same variety, warm hearted, loving folk…and well i’m realizing that I posess a strength that is beyond me, that i’m very lucky to have. Even though i’m sad…there’s a part of me that is sooo happy and because my inner strength is making me feel powerful. I have my ‘va voom’ in tact…but first i need food. #whambarhereicome I’m shit at my wedding diet. My wobbly bits will never stop wibbling.
ps/ LOVE THE FACT that Rubes has now officially learnt how to wiggle, when she sees something delightful.

It’s all about the jiggery pokery!

Boiling. Delicious! Yet completely boiling. However, i AM enjoying every bit of my tender little Glamour Pussy life and mainly because everything is currently just the way it should be. I feel sexy, i feel fun and if you swirl that around like a cocktail in a confetti shower….you have my *giggle* that i call ‘life.’ (I’m at the library again…because i can’t help myself anymore and due to the fact that I still don’t have internet at home AND i’m getting a zit on my face, which is proving to not appreciate me very much…even if i politely conversate with it.)
Okay, so my handsome ‘hubby to be’ Keiran has been home over the last couple of days and it’s been WONDERFUL. We do keep going through patches of ‘drama’…due to other interferring, however when we decide to love and get on with it, within our delicious ‘too sexy for some’ ‘bubble’ ….our love is divine. We’ve had lots of laughter and ‘at home’ fun, over the last couple…consisting of love, tickles, piss- taking, bonking and wedding talk. Our relationship is certainly at it’s best right now (after a moment of misty ‘eww’ ) and well it’s uncanny to believe that we’ve been together for almost a year now!! Who’da thought we’d manage it!!?! Well actually we did…regardless as to what others may have believed. I remember our first date and all that we talked about. (I mean we had ‘marriage’ talk on day one…) It’s crazy! But i couldn’t be happier and because we’re back to ‘fairytale.’ We have 2 weeks and 3 days until the ‘knot’ is tied and we just couldn’t be MORE in love. It makes me happy. *Do a wiggle here.*
I’m on a last minute rush now to get everything sorted. Those of you who have your invitations need to RSVP asap…or we can’t feed you. 🙂 I’ve had a cheeky bit of playful love with the ‘hubs-to be’ and i’ve noticed that all he needs out of me, is to love him. I do anyway, so we’ve got nothing to worry about. There’s a side to him that only i can see and it’s weird to me how no-one else can tap into it. But i guess that’s why we’re so close. Even though he did tell me he was going ‘to spock me’ [don’t ask] and i had to tell him off, simply because i make him ‘do romance’ before anything kinky. I always say to him ‘talk to my face, before my boobs.’ He tends to get puppy dog excited about our sexytime, or simply just the art of giving me a grope by…well anywhere. (I like that he fancies me. It’s how hubbies should be.) So, during his time back we’ve embraced it. I adore rumpy with him…and because we’re both just really good at it, with one another. Lol. It’s playful and adoring and like he says, ‘just feels so different.’ There was a moment where i was letting him ‘judge’ the appropriateness of a mildy slaggy sailor girl outfit…(he’s not keen on me trolloping out in anything too revealing, if he’s not with me…but i like that about him, it’s sexy.) Anyway, he half okay’d it and so i treated him to a 5 second, pull off my sailor stockings leg, ‘fling it around his neck’ shimmie, with a ‘sit down’ wiggle. (If that sounds complicated to you,then you’re certainly not a Glamour Puss, OR you’ve totally chosen the wrong wife. 🙂 ) He did a face that was remarkably cute, like a little 5 year old, who had just been giving a lollipop. He’s one that adores it when I SHOW him that i fancy him. We’re both the same…so BINGO…lets get wed. *Vodka shot here?* We’ve had an amazing last 2 days.
So on Tuesday morning at 9am, we had to go and get our marriage license sorted. We failed, because Keiran didn’t have his passport. He didn’t know he needed it.  (His friend had it for his stag do…which is always bizarre. If there’s no wedding, there’s no stag do.) But anyway, The Gods shone down on us and well by 3.20pm, we marched back in and ‘badda BOOM’…it’s official…we’re doing the isle walk,with swagger! HURRAH! If we didn’t get it done on THAT day we actually would’ve been FUCKED. No joke. It was our last day to ‘give notice’ and well if we didn’t…legally we wouldn’t have been allowed to get married. (Nothing like playing with fire.)
The rest of the day went well. He’s got a great deal of stressy work on right now. But he’s a man who always wants to do well for both himself and I, which i regards as a wonderful quality. It’s hard for him right now. But luckily, he has 3 weeks off from Sunday and he has a bundle load of ‘at home’ support. (And support that cooks him pasta..with a naughty *wink.*) We’re gonna do well in life…and sometimes that takes a whole lot of work…AND the purchasing of lottery tickets. (Don’t know why, but as i’m writing this, i’m wanting to go to a fashion show. I haven’t been to one in ages. I miss them!)
My wedding diet is going well. I’m portion sizing and really wanting some skinnygirl wine to my pretty asian self. I’m a drinker and well it’s shit when you need to calorie cut. But i weirdly manage it?  However, saying that we got a bad news phone call last night..which made me eat ice-cream for comfort. It kinda put things into perspective for me and stressed the importance of having great people around you, as your representatives in friendships, as they can effect your situation and road to success massively. However, before that call and a bundle of tumble drying and salmon steaming in my new Mac bronzer, we actually recieved a GREAT call. You get what you get in life and you don’t get what you were never meant for. I’m a believer in that, even if it does make you feel better. So if you think you can…you can and if you think you can’t…you’re right! We’re doing fine and well after the wedding, i’m on full steam career push, with the book, the show and the grabbing of more  opportunities. I fancy myself as a bit of an entrepenuer and i’mhalf way there. We’re a very lucky couple and we’ve fallen into each other perfectly, via Cupid. My friends are supporting us massively, not a day has gone by where i haven’t recieved a gorgeous message from one of them, stating how much they adore both Keiran and I, and how perfect our love is. I bizarrely have a lot of people who respect me and my choices…and that is nothing short of wonderful. (Okay,now i really do need a vino.) PLUS, i’m noticing Keiran respecting my wishes a great deal more and that brings a smile to any little kittens face. I’m respecting him a lot more and that brings a smile to his face. I mean, he always has, but there are times where we both get narky with one another and perform toddler acts of rage. 🙂 We’re managing it appropriately and it’s working out for us.
Shit, i had so much to say before and now i can’t remember a single bit of it. I’m really excited for the wedding. There’s still so much to organize, but i know i’ll get it done. The venue is beautiful, the ceremony will be heart felt and well we get to have it on UK telly…so we’re very lucky to be in that situation and all because we love each other. I’ve sent last minute invitations out today..and we still have more to send..TWO WEEKS before the actual wedding! 🙂 #hellooqueenorganized. I’ve attempted to be a domestic goddess and failed. (Keiran sauntered into the kitchen to see what his wifey to be has cooked him. All he saw, was me… bewildered… by a kitchen counter, with spagetti that had FALLEN from a high cupboard onto me and all over the floor. It was that momentus.. that he decided to video it with a smile! Don’t hate girls…i get away with it, coz i have boobies. 🙂 ) I think I can only cook when i’ve had wine. Weird concept that works. I think ALL CHEFS are secretly pissheads, who have no idea that they’re making a meal, at the time that they are. They’re just chatty drunks, with a bit of salt and chicken and knives, who 20 minutes later, look infront of them, see that they’ve accidentally made a series of delicious foody delights, then feel a bit peckish and quite drunkenly feed it to OTHER people, with excitement. Plus, everyone knows cooking in white is a fashion ‘faux pas.’ Only the tipsy, would go for such an outfit…with navy chequered clown pants. 🙂 (Yes, i am bitter that i can’t cook. But nonetheless, i do and well it certainly gives the ‘hubby-to-be’ a boner. It really does. It’s bizarre. He sexy groaned at me yesterday, when i produced a bit of steamed salmon. I got ‘love’ in return as a thank you. Weird because after he bonks me…all i get is a wet wipe. 🙂 ) I love Keiran because he’s one of those men that has never false promised me. He wants the best for me and our relationship. He’s always been there when i needed him too. Been romantic without being prompted, made the right choices even when you would think he wouldn’t and been a man who loves me always, even when we’re figthing. Plus, he appreciates my rubbish arms. I went to the supermarket yesterday and over bought on ‘heavy items.’ He had to come pick me up simply because i couldn’t carry the bags. 🙂 *Diva much*  My  little asian arms suck! They’re only good at Queen waving, and hooking onto opportunites.
Anyway, i do need to go, as i need to get back to watch ‘Real Housewives..’ I’m really happy. Infact over the moon. I’m focussed on both love AND career. (The career will kick in after the wedding.) I’m doing my ‘do’ and understanding what life is about. I LOVE BEING ME and I’m grateful for every moment i have right now and mainly because it’s all a delight. I hate it when it’s shit. I can’t wait to get all groomy for my wedding. I’m dolly up and diva-ing it. Yeah baby!
Okay, i’m off! Stay tuned dollies. I love you.

Keeping it ‘Warrior.’

What a beautiful day to be alive! I’ve snapped out of my funk and i’m heading through life armed with a strong bit of mind, an army ‘wink’ of an eye, a sexy bundle of wiggle (Ruby wiggled at me this morning, with a giggle…aww) and with a rather glitzy yet open heart of ‘awww.’ I’m a girl who’s pretty much always known what life is about and what matters in life and although i’m seemingly surrounded by people that I know, people that i don’t know, or even people that i’ll never know, who forget the main principle of being happy, finding love, living love and family…as of yesterday…darlings…this Glamour Puss is all good. I’d lost my self, over the last 6 weeks. I’ve had a lot to plan, i’ve been doing it on my own and at the same time as fiddling work in and mummyhood…with drama…it’s often hard to stay focussed on what’s positive. But i’m a lucky girl…and i’m not stupid enough not to see it. Right now in life, i have everything going for me…and well anytime you have everything going for you…AND the sun decides to pop out for a bit of bikini weather *yeah baby*…you have victory. Life is good right now. I’m happy..and no-one can chip away at the Wunna block today. I’m feeling delicious and super strong, add a dash of ‘ooh laaa’ to that…and simply because you can! *Morning wine here?*
Okay, where was I? Soo Friday, ended up being tremendous. I’d been having a really bad day, infact a really bad week, filled with emotional ups, heartbreaking downs and sexy imbalanced hormones. I’d been poked at, poked back, i’d been teary, shouted at, angry, weak and called every name under the sun. (Some good…some bad. 😉 It’s how ‘Chrissie Wunna’ as always worked.) Friday showed up. Late afternoon Friday and I was going to tend to a little Wunna family dinner and i just thought that i’d been soo ‘goody goody’ for soo long, that what i needed was more. Just like that, as the Gods of Party heard me, in comes a Facebook msg, a text exchange and a phone call. Then after a ‘No Chrissie, you’re going out, you’re doing it, you need to glam up and get over.’ Within minutes flat, i found myself showering, tanning, big hair- a- grooming, eyelining, pouting, slipping into a diamante rimmed dress, throwing on some heels (they were a bit too big for me and well i do not advise anyone to wear ‘too big for you’ heels…the walk of life can be hard enough, make sure the shoes that travel you through it.. fit!) Oh and yeah…a beige faux fur was flung on and i tottered with a bottle of wine in my hand to Kelly and Phils (who didn’t let me in aat first due to painting projects 🙂 I was on the doorstep peeking through a letterbox at a fluffy doggie named Ted. lol) I looked like a cast member of ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ but with less swagger and less money…however armed with drama and a heart of gold.
Don’t worry, i got let in…and well from that point on, good friends, grooming, chitter chatter, love and ‘party mode’ occurred. I love Kelly and Phil simply because they just great people. The kind of people that are there for you and simply because there a couple that are always there for each other. They had an initial hard time, where no-one wanted them to be together…but to see them now and how solid they are shows how good their bond is. They respect each other thoroughly and i observed this, whilst sat on their bed…well as kelly walked around naked, straightening her hair and Phil attempted to have serious conversations with me, yet with a little boy ‘perv’ face, each time he spied his naked Kelly out the corner of his eye. (‘Phil, I can’t have a serious conversation with you, when you are perving on Kelly…your face is going funny.’) Wine happened. Then Xscape occured. Good times!
Lots of laughter, fun, dancing, yelling, fighting, crying and drunkardness followed. I mean Xscape is what it is…lol…and the people can be ‘not everyone’s favourite’…but the company you keep is essential and luckily mine (as always) was ACE! Anytime, tears, falling around, drink spilling and big black bouncers are being pulled over to sort problems…you know it’s been exquisite. I’m really close to Kelly now and i love her. She’s a girl that stands by me and a girl who is clever enough to give me great advice.
I woke up the next morning on the her sofa. We all did…and with banging headaches. I mean, like we said, why is it that when you drink at home (and i do) you feel completely fine…however if you go out…you wake up feeling like crap? We ALL slept on the sofa …and it’s THEIR OWN HOME, where they have their own bed! Lol Kelly had one section, i sprawled out on the other…and poor PHIL had to sleep sat up, because the girls had taken up all the space. I can’t at all remember falling asleep, i was that pooped (My party girl days are certainly fading)…but i woke up with a blanket on me and still in my party dress. (Anytime you wake up with a blanket on you, mean you’re around decent people who care. 🙂 )
Breakfast and more chat occured. I was going through a lot emotionally a the time and well i sort of needed to figure it all out, over coffee, sunshine, back garden and the eggs i didn’t eat. (My eatings gone to shit. It began at around March time.) I was having a great time, where i felt safe,happy and adored..but you know when you’re soo hungover, still in your dress, have half your face on, with a too tight bra clinging to you, and you just need a bath, after having everyone glare at you on route to the corner shop, because you did it in a fur and zebra sunglasses, like  Spice Girl reject. I walked into the store with a ‘Yes, i’m doing the walk of shame…’ (The shop assistant giggled and said ‘at least you’ve made my morning.’) SEE!! People love me being retarded. I make their entire day!
Anyway got home, cleaned myself up, got ignored and welcome my GORGEOUS baby Ruby home who i adore more than anything in this world. We had an amazing night together and have been soooo well bonded with giggles over the last few weeks. She’s come on a lot and i just watch her sleep and see how beautiful she is. Whenever i’m in drama,,,she is my saviour and because their is nothing more innocent and pure as a baby. Your baby girl.
The next day, i spent at Meadowhall with my family. GREAT DAY! The sun was out and i felt really powerful, like i had my Va Voom back and remembered who i was and what i stood for. My family is great at that! We lunched at ChaoBaby…OMG delicious. There’s nothing better to me than fresh, clean, spicy thai food. That is probably the best food i’ve had in ages. Lots of love, banter and giggles. (I had total ‘game’ at Meadowhall. I think because i was happy. However, my Daddy isn’t a fan of any boys near me…especially when he’s eating squid.) I loved the live blue screen jelly fish tank and champagne cabinet. Any place that does sushi and champagne as a set menu choice (i didn’t opt for that) is champion.
Shopped till i dropped with my Mummy…who i love. We went with ‘fuck it’ lets purchase…and enjoyed every single minute of it…we picked out everything we could and swiped away with delight on our faces and a bond that is unbreakable. I’m lucky to have such a wonderful mum. I can tell her anything and she’ll never judge me, but always give me her honest opinion…i’ve always loved people like that. I look at my mum and know she adores me with every inch of her…and well i also love people that too! 🙂
After shopping…(and GOD wasn’t it boiling yesterday…heeellllo summer) we all went to Oulton Hall for a bit of a gander and event design under chandeliers. We pretty much got it all squared away simply and walked through the upcoming day. The last time i went to Oulton Hall i was quite ‘Hmm..’ about the room., but now i’ve seen it all opened up, it’s actually wonderful and fit for a Queen.
I got home early evening, showered, shook and chillaxed…then the evening was spent with my glitzy little baby who makes attempts at full conversations with me now. Half sense…but wonderful because she is determined to get her point across and if she doesn’t she’s violent. 🙂 I can’t help but love her…even though Mummyhood is not at all easy.
Keiran came back this morning from work, in the early hours. He looks exhausted. But i’m happy today…so i’m just gonna let him rest and do ‘Wunna.’
Tomorrow, i’m meant to be appearing at a restuarant launch…that i got booked on. Rex is meant to be doing it also, but i haven’t text him yet. I’m stepping back into entertainment and i’m doing it with VA VOOM. Wedding, book, show…life is good. (Oh and boys, stop mailing me pictures of your willies. It won’t make me like you…i mean imagine not even sending me a picture of your face with it…lol…Men. GROSS!)
Ps/ I’ve also heard on the grapevine that some uneducated people believe that i deliberately make things occur in my life in order to blog. I don’t live to blog. I live to live,  and i blog to document my life, because i want to remember my years on this earth. It’s called a DIARY…and writing a DIARY isn’t too wacky a concept. Infact, i did it so well, it got turned into a book. (Which i will be promoting after August.) I’m just lucky enough to have everyone read mine and read it because it’s my real thoughts that they can relate. For every being that ‘hates’ in it…thousands more are inspired by it and it’s those thousands that matter. Welcome to my journey, that we’re all told is ‘life.’ Celebrate yours! I love you. x

The Glitteratti & Fire Drills

Good afternoon my delicious winks of wiggle-fest. I’m back in the library..looking odd, as there just something about me that doesn’t look to ‘book wormy’ i guess. I mean, i wrote book (which i’m pushing after the wedding…so that’s on hold, until i can get my act together) and I on occasion like worms…(not ones that you find in dirt holes, but ones that are attached to handsome men)..so in my mind, i qualify, right? I walked in all smiles and light, then within ONE SECOND FLAT, the fricking FIRE ALARM goes off and everyone is forced to evacuate. 🙂 What is it with me? Not matter where I go, or what i do..there’s always ‘something.’ That’s why i daren’t get married in a church. I’ve always said it would be because i’m sin soaked and would burst into flames. Yet really…i’d be an absolutely fire hazard to all my guests. I’d look at Keiran, doughie eyed with an ‘I do,’ and he’d look at me with a ‘Can you smell burning?’…as we watch our guest burn alive. Not fun. Hence why snazzy 5* hotel is a much better wedding option for a Wunna. I’m still nervous about the whole thing and still mildy upset, as i want the day i become a wife (this time) to be raw, real and fairytale and i just don’t want the moment to be spoiled. But, i’ve had my morning cry and well we all feel a little lighter, when we’ve drained our kitten eyes of tears. I then wrote my vows, whilst watching ‘Real Housewives..’ and cried all over again. Lol. Weddings are emotional times. Luckily, afterward…i had bacon and did an interview with a magazine over the phone. It was mighty glitzy and very ‘Wunna 2007* and it was then when i realized, (and i ofcourse did say, nothing keeps my mouth quiet) that i’d officially graduated into ‘grown-up’ hood and was no longer the sequinned drizzled wreck of a tragic wine stained party girl anymore. I’m still sequinned. I’m still glamourous…that’s embedded in me through heart. Yet i’m the much better grown up version of myself now and boy does it feel wonderful. Especially because i always vowed to grow up ungracefully, only to find that when i did grow up, i went full circle, ended up in the place i began and actually more graceful than i ever imagined, with a delicious bit of daughter, a warm heart, stilettos and a dream man. I always remember my guy friend ‘Ryan’ saying that i’d probably forget to ever have children, that i’d be the last person to ever settle down and that i’d probably wake up in a tassled mini skirt at 60, in too much lippy, slurping a strong martini, as i’m laid out in bed rolling some toy boy, who wants money, out of my sheets and telling him never to call me.

That never happened and purely by accident. THANK.THE.LORD. I make fun, sensible decisions now and everything. I can’t even believe it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, at times i’m quite irresponsible, due to utter laziness. I find responsiblity over things i don’t care for much tedious. But on the whole…i’m GREATNESS. When I was little in Hollywood, everyone used to invite me to their big glitzy parties because they knew if I was there apparent ‘exciting’ or ‘dramatic’ things would happen. That happened in London too. I’d get everything for free, simply because i was a whirlwind of tragico in heels. Infact, i remember my good friend ‘Randy’ (a big Queeny gay in Wet Hollywood) stating that i had to be his date for a launch party and i had to wear feathers, simply because he wanted to pull his other gay friend, who adored me and it made him look ‘divine’ if his hag for the evening was moi. Hahaha. That night went fabulously bizarre. I intended to be lovely and ended up meeting a boy who serving me wine in a butlers outfit on a silver tray, who i now wish i never met…and on the shoulders of my gay date, guzzling champagne out of two bottle at one, by a piano, whilst Christina Aguilera sauntered in with 5 bodyguards around her. (I’m flash- backing forgive me.) Randy went home early to watch projected porn with his gay pull, in some giant Hollywood hills home. Apparently they deliberately projected it onto a wall/window..i can’t quite remember? This was so their hot neighbours, (who were actually straight,) knew they were up for it? Oh deary me. 🙂 Helllooo Hollywood.
I’m a grown up now…and proud. 🙂 Plus, it makes it much easier watching the young make mistakes because i can saddle up on ‘High horse Sally’ and preach. We all know i adore a bit of witty evil preaching. But enough of that…YAY to ME for being glamourously old and graceful. Hurrah! Who’da thought!?! I actually picked ‘class’ over ‘trash.’ I deserve medals. I think being a mum changes you…as you certainly make correct choices and you make them to set an example. (Just reading a story on a guy, who stole a jumbo jet? How did he manage to do that without anyone noticing? It’s not like he just stole a pie from the butchers. It’s a whole fricking plane goddamit. You can’t even get uppers or wine, past border control these days. So Lord knows how ‘Dude who’s about to steal giant plane’ got by. Priorities much!)
I have lots happening today. I’m trying to order custom made wedding shoes. My mum has been a legend and aided my every part of life today with love and support. Ruby is obsessed with booty dancing, which worries me highly and Keiran is away working…infact currently sleeping in the back of a van, as we speak. He’s excited for the upcoming wedding and that makes me really happy. Yet, i don’t know how he feels about my compromise because i never want to talk about it really and i never can because it makes me cry and we’ll end up argueing. 🙁 Yet he did text me with an ‘I want you to be as happy as you can be on our wedding day.’ But still…
I don’t know what else to ramble on about really? I’m getting ‘hit’ on quite a lot and isn’t that weird when they know you’re about to get wed. I think it’s how men work. They always want you to want them, even when you don’t. They want to win you regardless and simply for their ego. I’m also thanking my mother via the fine art of spagetti this evening. I’m not meant to be eating carbs ever…but whatever there is no better ‘thank you’ food than a bit of girly banter over carbohydrates. I’ll probably have a mouthful and then just down bottle shaped glasses of wine. Calorific….yes…but does this asian face care…nope. *Wink-hair toss.*
Shit, i’ve actually just recounted on my ‘not allowed to use it’ Blackberry, in the library and it’s actually three weeks and THREE DAYS, until i get married. Time is flying!!!!
My only advice to you, is to realize how fast time gushes by and make the right choices. Love the ones that truely care and do it with a smile of ya face, as at the end of the day, that is what matters when you’ve almost run out of 100 years of life. You’ll look at your family and wish you could have one more second with them. Plus, ALWAYS buy Wunna gifts. Our Wedding Gift Registry is with Debenhams, so you can all go online, or to a store quote the ‘Wunna/Thompson’ wedding and event number 363770 and buy me as many gifts as possible, because it makes me like you more. 🙂
Love you,
Chrissie x

‘You *ZINGED* her and she *WHACKED* you!’

The above phrase is my current favourite America saying ever right now and along with needing to be adored, mummy hood, weddings, tanning and too much eyeliner…i’m addicted to it. There’s nothing sexier to me than being *zinged* by a chica (which means mildy verbally bitched at.. ‘slice’ style) and then ‘whacking’ it right back at her, with *Va Voom.* American’s a good at it and well i learnt the Hollywood way, where anyone can say whatever they want, do it with a wild fierce ‘ooh laa’…a bit of glitter and stand their ground without being scorned for it. I’ve notcied in England, you can’t do that as much? There’s more back handed *gossipy-gossipy* dipped in  too scared to admit it ‘i never said anything’ fear lies, that occur. If you say something, stand by it and own it. Even the boys are like that out here? It’s so weird to me? Where have all the brave people gone, who don’t mind speaking thier mind openly? I’m a girl who will always stand by opinion and well if you ‘zing’ me…i’ll wiggle back a ‘whackage.’ LOVE IT MUCHO! Hahaha. (I totally got the phrase from ‘Real Housewives..’ my favourite show in the entire world. Keiran and I now watch it with utter enjoyment and then go on to watch the repeat immediately afterward. 🙂
Anyway, my preach is over. I haven’t been able to blog in ages, because i currently have no internet at home. I’m back in the library and let me tell you i get serious withdrawal symtoms from not being able to blog. It’s crazy. I write every single day and blurp out my life to you. It’s theraputic to me, sp when i don’t get to do it…i go mildy…fucking insane. 🙂
Lots has happened. My wedding invitations are out. If you have yours, you’re welcome. If you don’t…i’d blame the boogie? Some of you have your currently posting their way to you, and well i can’t wait to see you all on the day i say my pretty ‘I do’s’ to Keiran. I’m hoping it all goes well, but nothing in my life is ever drama free. *Kick off your kitten heels here.* I’m feeling highly frustrated with a giant compromise that i’ve had to make within my wedding arrangements and on my ‘special’ day and well as a girl and especially as a girl who’s been married previous, during weeks leading up to the wedding you kinda observe your husband to be, to see if he really is going to be that ‘fairytale perfect’ you always wished for. My worst type of guy is a ‘party boy’..a ‘player’…a person that cannot get their life priorities straight, someone that isn’t loyal to his word or family or just a plain old lazy bit of man meat. And well you never know with men, because they are the world’s most insecure creatures, that as a femme (and i’m a foxy one at that) you kinda feel have to love, cross your fingers, close your eyes and jump in at the deep end. I want to find myself married to the best man in the entire world, who adores me constantly and makes the correct choices always. I want the best husband in the world that makes all other women swoon with envy. 🙂 I’ve never let my standard settle on that and i should never have to. So i’m excited to marry Keiran and well he’s more than excited with the whole wedding approaching. (He sat and cried listening to love songs, that we were having to pick for our wedding. I love that he got teary eyed because it proved that he was human, loves me and believes in love….even if at times he acts like an idiot.) But yeah…i’ve accepted that my wedding day is going to be ‘drama’ and well i guess i just have to embrace it. I’m worried because when i get to the exact top of the isle i am going to be immediately reminded about a really bad time in our relationship…i’ll start flash backing and everything, which will take away from the moment, or even the point of it all. That’s the compromise i’ve had to make and for any little Glamour Puss..it’s not really fair, on the day of your wedding. No-one sees it from that point of view…which proves that they have no heart. Not fun. I’ve cried about it and all sorts.
Okay, so Keiran was meant to return from work on Monday and instead surprised me by coming home two days early, with love in his eyes and a heart filled with ‘ooh laa.’ (And a boner. We bonked on the kitchen counter and he paused have way through to tell ‘The Gods, how lucky he was to have me.) ‘ Kitchen counters are quite comfy for bonking, incase you were wondering. I got to have a bit of a ‘sit down’ and a moan. 🙂 (Okay, i’ll stop now before i think my rubbish jokes are actually funny.)
But yeah, he came home early. I had been out posting invites (to the wedding and not to my kitchen counter) and well i had just popped over to Kelly’s to slide her bit of wedding invite through her ‘she’s not in’ mailbox..and a little old lady stopped me to tell me i was a ‘beauty’ and then, once i told her i was about to get married told me that there was no point in BUYING wedding flowers, when i could just CUT THEM out of peoples gardens. Lol. If anyone knows me, you never give me scissors. Scissors and stilettos, don’t mix well. Luckily, i’m a purchaser, so you’re gardens are all Wunna free…for now. (Unless i run out of budget and get broke.)
We were in our bubble, as happy as can be, being the most fairytale any couple could ever dream of. We’re a great couple. I know i always say it, but i mean it. I’ve seen couples, i’ve been ‘couples’ and well our love knocks the socks of everyone. But anyway, we had a couple of good days. Went around to Kelly and Phils, who had champagne and crystal glasses set out for us. (Delicious behaviour. My friends are ace.) Great time, as always. Get home, have a bicker and i throw my glass of water on Keiran and he sleeps downstairs on the sofa. (Infact these few days he’s done a lot of ‘sleeping on the sofa.)
The next day all is well…we’re happy, life is good. He goes to hit a few golf balls and hangs out with hsi hideous chav friends at The Castle and well because i just don’t like them, from that moment on our fairytale went downhill…and the thing that worries me is that it always will. If i have a problem in my life that i believe causes stress, i cut it out, because i’ve brave enough to do so and because my reltionship means more to me than a bunch of people i’d never hang out with, even if i didn’t know Keiran. They’re just not kind of people. I don’t waste my life sitting around doing drugs every other week, night or day. I don’t need tooo…i’m happy. I’m lucky. My life keeps moving. I’m blessed with wonderful things and a yummy little family…and well i’m a fun girl…however, i’m not at all fun with people that remind me of a negative time.
We spent the next day fighting. I ignored Keiran the evening before and went straight to bed. We had a meeting at Oulton Hall at 11am the following morning. We argued all the way in the car. He said awful things that he apologised for (whilst i was by a wheely bin) during the journey, i bitched him out. I cried…and then got out the car and slowly walked into my meeting…under giant chandeliers with my afternoon tea. Keiran stated that he wouldn’t be coming because i was the worst thing ever…or something. (Which he didn’t mean…) Within 5 minutes, he was sat on the sofa opposite me by the wedding co-ordinater and the events manager, tending to our meeting like an adult.
We squared a few things off, looked at the venue. (We now have a different ceremony room to what he thought we had, which is a little bit upsetting…as it’s not as bouji.) The Swedish football team where there at the hotel girls! (All Wannabe WAGS get to Oulton Hall now. Lol) And well meeting over, more bickering occured, he said he was leaving, and as soon as we got home, he apologised as i was washing up a saucepan.
After that everything was fine and we sort of got back to normal. I mean, i did have a ‘secret cry’ upstairs tucked in bed, (I call it my cocoon) as i feel like i’m having the worst wedding build up ever and that i’ve made a massive emotional compromise for my big day. But like i said, at least i won’t cry now.’ lol (I’ll probably be furious.) It sort of takes the magic away a bi doesn’t it. But i guess it’s the compromise i have to make, in order to get married and that is something i’ll always remember.
On the whole i’m happy. I’m sad and happy all in one. My parents are a delight and have openly warmed up to Keiran. Ruby is my entire world and well she’s the thing that keeps me excited about life, because even if i didn’t have anything, i would always have her…my daughter!! Meaning my life will always be filled with uncondiontal love. I adore her. Keiran and i had a good night last night…we were lovey dovey…but i can feel that i still have anger brewing in me and i just need to zone it out somehow..and i’m doing that by getting away. I have an appearnce to tend to at a restuarant with Big Brother Rex, for a launch in a week, i think? We’ve both been booke on it and that’s always fun, because well we’ve known each other for years! Once, i’ve done that and finalized all my wedding plans, given notice, ‘la-dee-daa-ed’ it..i’m jetting off and thank god for it, because i feel uncomfortable, like i’m not being listened to, like i need to be heard and more than anything understood.
Other than that, wedding coming up in less than 4 weeks. It’s been stressful for me because i’ve had to organize it all on my own, as Keiran’s workd away the entire time pretty much. I’m not a girl who enjoys organizing things. It’s made me consume more wine than necessary and in minutes flat. My friends have been wonderful, loving giving and supportive. So i’m really lucky to have picked such amazing beings to dance in the Wunna circle of love. They have my back no matter what and well it’s nice to have people who are always there for you and always care for you, without you having to make them. I don’t have a honey moon. Which upsets me. I never had one the first time due to Mikey and I having to work. But this time, Keiran has to go back to work and instead of going on an honeymoon is apparently going on a boys trip to Ibiza. Firstly, i don’t like a ‘party boy’ and secondly…i don’t like a party boy, that puts partying over a honeymoon. Doesn’t make any girl swoon really, does it?
I’m currently making lots of comprises and based upon the fact that i know we love each other intensely. But oh my gosh that boy does make poor choices sometimes. Yet his poor choices are mixed in with wonderful choices, so it confuses me. II look to the skies every day and hope…and because i love him and we’re doing forever. I am that boys everything…and i just have to remember that. The good thing about us and my parents state this, is that no matter what we go through we always get back to fairytale and we do it EVERY time. So that’s good innit. *Wine here*
On a more positive note, i sooo have ‘game’ today! Not sure what it is, or if it’s purely because the suns out, but the boys love a bit of Wunna this afternoon and well when you’re feeling a wee bit down, nothing perks you up more than a lovely bundle of adoration. One guy tried to force me, on a drink with him and another sent me a message stating we should party together because he’s an animal. The rest just tried to make eye contact and growl at my boobs. Hmmm…?
Welcome to Wunna land. x

Afternoony, my little treats of ‘ooh-aah’ cowgirl

The sun is out. I’m over the moon. I’ve just spent the most marvellous days with the
absolute man of my dreams and i’m looking at life with a wink, knowing
that it’s completely got my back. Infact, now i think about it, ‘life’
has always had my back. I have no idea why, other than the fact that i
obviously flirt with it, for a mild bit of attention…however, i know
that if you choose to love it, live it and give it all you’ve got, it
kinda passes you a cocktail and plays with you. I’m a lucky girl, with a
wonderful life and in July 2012, i finally have everything the way i
want it.

Anyway, the last time i checked in, Keiran was working away and ‘The
Wunna’s,’ Baby Ruby and I were tottering over to Lanchashire, to the
wedding of a beautiful friend of mine, (our Dads are best friends, so we
pretty much grew up and played together, along with her sister Gemma, as
kids.) I checked into the most gorgeous hotel, with a wine in my hand
and my little bundle of glitzy Rubes in the other, and entered the most
delicious suite ever…courteousy of my mummy. (Thank you mum.) Keiran
was meant to also be joining us, however his schedule is almost
borderline insanity right now, so on this occasion, he had to sadly miss

All i can say is, WHAT A WEDDING! BEAUTIFUL! I mean, nothing is more
romantic and more calming…infact overwhleming is the correct word,
than watching a wedding, when you’re ABOUT to get married in 5 weeks. Oh
my gosh! The moment Nicola strutted up that isle, with my lovely Uncle
Douglas, (even though Rubes decided to scream with excitement just
before the vows…Ruby was delighted with the hotel, however
unfortunately believed the entire hotel was her NEW HOME! I really am
raising a literal ‘Diva.’ Keiran and i will have to work really hard to
get her a gzillion roomed mansion, with staff, simply to make her do
that *wiggly* dance, that she can’t help but do, when she finds herself
thud landing in luxury.) But yeah, anyway…we’ll get that..our dream
home will be amazing. We’re lucky. However, i filled up with utter
‘awww’..all teary and secretly smiley, as Nicola perfromed her vows. It
was so pure and so loving and well all i could think about in that
moment, other than the fact that it was so beautiful, was walking up the
isle in 5 weeks time, in a dress fit for a Princess, to marry and say my
vows to the most amazing man in this entire world. The nearer the day is
creeping up, the more excited we’re getting. We can’t wait. I swear on
my life, this man is my ultimate perfect and i truely am the luckiest
girl in the world to have him.

Anyway..wedding..wonderful. Ruby…delicious. Certainly a girl who has
the same kitten like loves, that include a bit of luxury. She passed out
on our giant bed, next to me… still in her party dress, with her
sequinned headband glued onto her ‘drunk on milk’ face. All i could do
was kiss her and adore her…until se decided to trash the entire room,
with rockstar antics, via the fine art of pulling a beautiful stream of
‘attached’ to the wall toilet roll all the way around the room, before
IRONING everything in the suite to ‘Rasta Mouse.’

There was a moment in the wedding, when i had found myself stood in the
corner of a cocktail hour, with a wine in my hand, looking around me at
all the wonderful love occuring, where i wholeheartedly MISSED Keiran. I
missed him so much, to the point where, i looked over at my mum, asked
her to watch Ruby for a seconds as i ‘needed to make a phonecall.’ In
that EXACT moment that i scrolled, clicked and called my hubby-to-be, he
picked up the call after almost HALF a ring, with an ‘OMG BABY!! I WAS
those moments that make everything complete, when Cupid decides to
remind you how connected you are to a being. In the same moment, as i
corner missed him at a cocktail hour. On the otherside of the country,
in a field, he flet the exact same way. We talked and we told me how
much he loved me, and how wonderul our life is going to be with each
other. He sent me a text reading, _’You are my everything and my heart
really does ache for you. We are going to have an amazing life together.
i love you with all of my heart and with every inch of my body.’ _
I am honestly the luckiest girl ALIVE. I am about to marry the most
perfect man that this world could’ve ever delivered to Wunna Land. I
mean, who gets a man, who ends up being their ultimate dream, who texts
her the way he does. All i’m gonna say is, bring on 5 weeks. I can’t
wait to be his wife!!! WOOHOO!

Okay, so Keiran’s now back to ‘working away.’ (He left this morning, all
glum and with the flu.) He returned for a a couple days and although
exhausted, ejoyed his time with me lovingly and whole heartedly. Sex was
great. Love was great and i’m really glad that he’s growing everyday
into this amazing man. He’s making strong decisions, doing them
fearlessy and making the RIGHT decisions. He’s taking the wedding really
seriously and he’s started to ‘glow’ with an innocent excitment, that is
not only contagious but utterly romantic. I’m extremely turned on by him
right now. However, there really is no rest for the wicked…yesterday
we ended up having to travel up to Manchester for an audition. I can’t
tell you anything about it, but i will tell you it was at the Radisson,
on Peters Street, for ITV and well i have never ever been more impressed
and found Keiran more sexy than i do now. I’ve always loved Keiran
unconditionally..and he loves that about me…along with my feist. And
i’ve always FANCIED Keiran, with every little wink of my tiny little
wiggle. But yesterday, he totally upped his game and if i fancied him
anymore i’d literally EXPLODE. What a sexy man! Again…lucky. We did
well.. but like i said, with these things, you just never ever know…We
have done soooo much in the 11 months that we’ve known each other, it’s
almost unbelievable. We’ve loved, got engaged, learnt life, done
interviews, filmed, shot for magazines, auditioned, journied, catwalked
and become a family. We’re really blessed for a little west yorkshire
couple…and well something tells me, we’re gonna do well…and my gut
instinct is uncannily fabulous. (Ofcourse ) He has always said, that
he has learnt more in the last 11 months about life, love and the world,
than he has in his entire lifetime, from being with me. We’re living a
fairytale and it really is never ever going to end. I LOVE IT.

We’re keeping ourselves, to oursleves and not letting anyone interfere.
(Can you believe that one of the randoms in his bunch of friends,
literally forwarded all the messages she and i had text each other to
him, like a crazy lunatic of a stalk-fest. Get over it. He’s not going
to save your sorry arse. Especially not over mine darling.
*Wiggle-wink.* It’s weird that she would think he would?) When Keiran
and i are in our bubble, we are unbreakable. What no-one else sees is
how busy our actual real life is. (He’s exhausted, but still the most
loving man ever with me.) We’re both go-getters, so when some people are
sat down catching up on their favourite soaps, we’re having to hold
hands, brace the world, schedule, film, interview, audition and get
those fine earned pences a flowing, via gifted opportunity and hope. I
mean, we have the most intense moments of ‘deep hearted’ talk (we did
last night, when talking business) and that time is embraced by giggly
‘cuddly love.’ However, i did totter into the living room last night,
with my doughie eyes and a puzzled face, after finding myself fixing up
baby bottles, loading in a bunch of tumble drying, making him a lasagne
and slamming a wine, with a ‘what else can i do for you baby?’ And with
a question mark above my head, under the chandelier, i asked him, ‘Am i
a housewife????’ I’ve gone from model extra-ordinaire, to Queen of
tumble drying. Lol. Luckily, i’ve managed to root a bit of a career to
scramble up some pences. I’m a girl that can quite easily and gladly pay
my way, even if he doesn’t need me too. I have my book on it’s way to
you.. (i’ve out back the launch, due to the maddness of wedding
planning…you can’t do too many things at once..well i can’t
anyhow…i’m rubbish under pressure now i’m old.) I’m filming and i’m
really excited with everything that i have going on. We’re wanting a
‘family business’ and i certainly fancy myself as a bit of a Kris

5 weeks and we’re getting married. If only you could actually ‘feel’ the
energy in Wunna Land right now. We are so happy and filled to the brim
with ‘ooh laa laaa.’ We’ve almost sorted our guestlists. We’ve decided
on keeping our ceremony for family and friends, who have always been
good to the both of us..they deserve to be present on the day and to
bless us on our way to marital bliss. Then the evening is all about the
utter celebration of me become his lil’ Mrs. Thompson.

The wedding is at Oulton Hall, Leeds. We have spas, a wedding theme of
white, baby pink and diamonds.We’ve picked our 5 * menu. My invitations
are about to go out. We have many a surprise for our guests and we can’t
wait to enjoy every moment of our big day with all of you. I still have
a great deal to organize. I’m quite under pressure now. Luckily Keiran’s
now taking the 2 weeks before the wedding off. Making it all much
lovelier. (He made our favour boxes the day before yesterday and did it
like a pro….shirtless.) We honestly have a jam packed schedule and no
time for anything but work, each other and the wedding.

Life, as always, is really really great right now. I’m madly in love,
have all sorts of work lined up…i have the cutest little girl and
family..we ARE a family and well i couolnd’t ask for anything more…but
a gin.

If you’re sexy and you know it…

I’m sat by a Pic & Mix bag and after a mouthful of mushroom rice with chilli peppers, i guess i could gobble up the entire contents of the bag and label it ‘pudding?’ My wedding diet’s going rubbish and pretty much because i don’t think i’m that ‘out of shape’…i still feel sexy, even at 31, after a little glitzy baby, meaning i have no incentive to try and lose those little bits of wibble. It’s not challenging enough and well i’m sure i’ll look fine in a wedding dress. 😉 I don’t really eat lots anyway. I’m more of a snacker. I’m pretty sure i get most of my calorie intake from wine and i’m not giving that up, so my little love humps of jiggly puss will have to stay, until they decide to be clever about their area of resident and move to a much funner part of town…like my boobs. I never know why girls bother about their weight if it’s not life threatening. If you’re sexy, you’re sexy and you really should know it, own and love it.  It’s a glow that comes from within you. It doesn’t even have to be a naughty glow. It’s a look…a way…a manner. You can be as innocent as can be, but still be ‘ouch’-fest sexy.  Keiran always says that he’s blown away every time he looks at me and he thinks i’m the most beautiful girl he has ever seen…. and it’s simply because i ‘glow.’ (Anything for a bacon sarnie a la bonky. ;))

No.. but really…if i have a glow of ‘naughty’ about me, he growls with his (what i call) ‘Elvis lip curl’ and if i’m Dolly cuteness…all wide eyed and little giggle, he wants to jumps on me and squeezes me with an ‘oooh baby, i can’t believe how much i love you!’ It really is ‘win-win’ all the way. So ladies, find what’s sexy about you…don’t sell yourselves short though,( coz i always find that skanky these days) and celebrate it, with a *wink* and a cooked dinner. NEVER underestimate the power of a cooked dinner. I swear on my life, i could be horrifically hormonal, throwing ‘Diva’s’ out of every temper closet…yet if i then cooked my ‘handsome’ a yummy warm meal..he adores me again and we’re automatically back to ‘fairytale.’ If i added blowjob to that, he’s probably renew his wedding vows, before he’s even taken them. Men really aren’t that hard to conquer. If you just love them right, they love you right back. Keiran and i are quite traditional in our views. I certainly play the ‘girl’ role and he certainly plays the role of ‘man.’ I mean we’re cutesy wootsie and talk to each other in baby voices filled with giggles…but i have rules and he has rules. Now, that I’m a mum and an ‘almost’ wife…(there’s lots that he puts his foot down about, as it’s how he would expect his wife to behave) and now that he’s a daddy and an ‘almost’ husband..(.there’s lots that i put my foot down about, due to how i wish my dream hubby to behave)…and it actually completely works. It’s about respect.

I’ve been up since 4am and i’m knackered. Rubes pooed all over the bed this morning, so we i had to tend to an emergency baby bum clean, whilst she made me sing ‘Justin Bieber’ songs at her, to make her smile. I’m still at my mums, who’s laptop is far better than mine. My laptop has a mind of it’s own. It turns on and off whenever it so pleases and waits until the prime opportunity to pull a tantrum and ruin my written word…life. I need to get home to shower, tan and pack for my trip away for the weekend. I need wine immediately and well i’ve been looking through all the quotes today that wedding suppliers, ie/bands, photographers, etc…have forwarded us. It’s a long laborious process of ‘ooh’ and well i really just need some chill time. Pronto!

I’ve been researching, writing, i’ve been sorting out our RSVP letters to guests. I’ve been doing it all with a half done face and bad hair and i think that’s maybe why i’m not feeling it? I swear on my life, if i don’t have my face and hair fully done, i can’t blog as well as usual. It’s weird? Like i’m this character that can only fuction when bronzed, eyelined, lipglossed and spritzed. Being a Glamour Puss is the ace. However, when you need a bit of ‘kick down’ time…you just need it fast. I’m boiling, i’m in pink, my phone is going mental and i’m booking train tickets. Rubes gets to have her first ever ‘hotel night’ with me tomorrow…we have a little suite together and she’ll quite obviously love every single moment of it.

Anyway, i thought i’d check in again, since i’m not going to be able to over the weekend.

I love you and i thank you!

Big Kisses,



Feisty little frilly

Good morning my little chipper bits of delight! Welcome to ‘Wunna Land’…a world where you…yes…you…get to journey my life with me, via the fine art of written word. I’ve written this blog for around about 5 years or more…all over the world, in almost every single hotel room, every Hollywood hideout, little bits of England, a few snazzy couches, stores and living rooms. You’ve watched me love, you’ve watched me cry, you’ve watched me live, you’ve watched me fall. You’ve watched me conquer some of my wildest ever dreams, wildest ever men, wildest ever troubles…yet each and every single time I dusted my pretty self off, picked my pretty arse up and with a wink…soldiered forward with heart. I’ve done really well in life, at life, with life. I’ve worked really hard and well I’ve just been accidentally blessed by the big ‘dude’ up above. (He must totally dig Asian chicks.;) ) Sometimes, I stop and can’t even believe how much I’ve managed to do, see, and achieve in life…and it all began for me, when I left the little town of Yorkshire, with my little one suitcase and around this time, almost a decade ago, got on that plane to Hollywood. I think of everything I did in that time and I can’t believe that it was real. My head often does this crazy fast forward flashback from time to time…which thunders through my twenties. It’s a blur of cocktails, weddings, auditions, friendships, love, tears, men, sunshine, laughter,problems, celebrities…I mean I remember walking into Warner Brothers as a young Wunna 2004. I can’t remembered what I was auditioning for…but I remember bumping into Matt Le Blanc, who was getting ready to film his next shot on ‘Friends’ and telling Renee Zellweger how my car had broken down, then going to dinner with Matt Dillon, AFTER Joseph Fiennes had called my work up to ask me out on a date! WTF! I just remember thinking how crazy I thought my life had become, yet how I always knew it would be that great. I can’t even begin to tell you what I’ve been through and how amazing it’s been so far. Yet…even after doing ALL of that, in 5 weeks and 2 days, I marrying the man of my dreams…a man I thought I’d never find and alongside the joy of having my delicious Baby Ruby..it is the BEST moment of my ENTIRE life. You know…you can have everything in the entire world…and we all know I ADORE the need for everything and I’m charming enough to get it. 🙂 But if you don’t have love or that ever secure foundation…you really don’t have anything. *Lipgloss here* (Preaching makes my lips dry.)

As per usual, I’ve got a silly amount of kitty cat work to juggle. I’ve pushed back the focus for the book right now, simply because I can’t manage it all, with the wedding and the filming, whilst being a mummy. I actually still haven’t finished planning the wedding and I only have 5 weeks left. I have the entire evening reception to organise and well since we pretty much only booked our wedding date 2 months ago…things are getting pretty hectic right now.
The good thing is, that on Wednesday…or was it Tuesday? I dunno? I managed to get some time in for me. I ran a few errands, a couple of them glitzy, a couple of them included a stapler hunt. I picked out wedding flowers and colours and felt over the moon with delight! Keiran was texting me his little words of ‘love-love’ and well life felt perfect…a rosy tinted, smear of utter perfection.
The sun was out, I travelled home, I couldn’t wait to see my little baby Ruby..who can finally now say ‘RUBY.’ (However, if you don’t clap, she gets narked off and starts hitting you. God knows where she gets that from. :)) Anyway, all was grand, aand was lovely and as soon as I kicked off my tiny kitten heels, poured myself a crisp White wine…in came the next ‘drama’ text from another one of Keiran’s rubbish friends. Same drama…different being. Ugh! It’s like every single time I’m happy, up pops a pestery ‘drama’ text…nagging on about how I need to not be stubborn and be there friends, so they can all hold
hands and come to the fricking wedding..and how I shouldn’t cut them out of Keiran’s life…blah..blah..blah..because I’m such a ‘this’ and such a ‘that,’ and certainly not an ‘adult.’ Yet why can’t we all be friends. Hmm..?
Well, I’ll tell you what I am…I’m HOT…and I’m fricking fierce and I don’t have to do ANYTHING or like ANYONE I don’t want to. Therefore the ‘adult’ thing to do, in this situation, is probably accept that ‘The Wunna’ does not like you AT ALL, because you slagged her off and droaned on at her hubby to be, about the dangers of dating a horrific girl like moi (lol) and get on with it. It was hilarious…I’m as open as they come and I don’t know how many times I have to literally text ‘I don’t like you,’ or ‘you’re not invited to the wedding’ or ‘I actually slag you all off all the time,’ (hahaha) ALL codes for ‘please do kindly fuck off’ for them to be able to absorb that their bridge with me is completely BURNT. Lol. They’re like random stalky ‘please be my friend now, even though I’ve slatted you off’ pests. I’ve never dated a boy in my life, that has come with this many annoying counterparts. Who every so often, decide to whop out a ‘drama’ text at me, out the blue…and when I’m trying to plan a wedding. They’re acting like Keiran only has 4 friends. We both know soooooooooo many people and sooooooo many people who have been utterly lovely to the both of us and always. Like I said to my ‘handsome Keiran’ last night (He was soo cute on the phone last night,) our wedding is NOT about THEM..or even friendships. It’s about us and OUR love and that’s the truth. They don’t get to run our guest list. We’ve got so much going on right now..work wise…that we don’t have time for all this drama. There’s work, there’s filming, there’s interviews and parenting…and well we’re a couple that’s lucky enough to be gifted with opportunity…and what I know about life, is that it comes in chapters. Randomly both Keiran and I, who have both been birthed in Yorkshire, yet lived away for the majority of our time. He did it soldier’ style…I did it…with no clothes on. 🙂 We’ve come full circle in our lives, landed right back where we started, and then through fate, met at the exact right time. Whenever you make a complete full circle in life..it doesn’t happen often… and something new occurs..a new chapter begins. We’re both fast movers and both people who move forward. We’re achievers, and each others perfect other half and sometimes in life, at a new chapter, after a full circle, you kinda out grow your past and the people in it. (I mean, i remember returning home a few odd times from being away and noticed that in all that time, I had been gone, nothing had changed..It was the same people, doing the same things, who hadn’t inched even a little way of a budge.) Even when I moved back, I felt I’d out grown everything, so I got on a tv show to keep my life moving forward. I hate ruts and have no problem cutting out a new circle for me to step through…even if it means looking back at my past and blowing it a kiss bye-bye, for now. That’s not a bad thing. It simply means you’re moving up a rung in life. The only people who complain are the people who never move forward, live off your magic, or don’t trust that you will ever return.
Anyway, enough of my feisterella this morning. I’m in love, we’re living a fairytale and well the other day during our screen test, Keiran told the camera, when asked about how he felt about our relationship and he said that it was ‘like he was living on Cloud 9…constantly…like it’s surreal.’ Awwwwww…how sweet. I actually don’t think Keiran minds me being feisty. He likes it. He finds it funny. Plus, it means, I can totter out, with my sharp glitzy tongue, deliver a few home truths, at people who decide to be bitchy and do it with a genuis wit, and a slap dash of evil ‘ooh laa.’ And HE can sit down in his slippers ( he loves his slippers and sometimes forgets he has them on) and let me handle all the drama for him, without him even having to say a single word. We’re good, we’re in love and in 5 weeks, 2 days, we get married! (When we get married, it will be our 1year of knowing each other anniversary. We’ve never been anything to each other but ‘in a relationship,’ from day one. Lol. He’s always been my boyfriend and I’ve always been his girlfriend for the entire time we’ve known each other. So from this time now, to the exact time of the wedding, is the space of time Keiran dated me before he asked me to marry him. Which was after only 5 weeks. Awwwwww! (I craved him last night, so enjoyed myself to Babestation, with him in my good clean, sordid mind. 😉 lol. I have a storming libido right now,for my bit of Keiran..and well what can I say…our sheet time is gooood. I think I’m gonna put a bit more effort into our bedroom time from now on.) Oooh shit, my phones ringing….

I can’t believe how much organising I have left to do. There’s truck loads of it and I’m rubbish at getting my act together. I so far have no evening entertainment for the wedding. Infact, I haven’t even tackled the evening part of it. Not even the room decor or anything. Ugh! The day and ceremony will ooze a regal chandelier dripped beauty, with a cocktail hour and a 5* menu. But the evening…I just haven’t managed to get my head around. Jeepers!

Okay, so hope you have a great day…I’m literally starving and need to grab a snack, as living the day on White chocolate mice just isn’t going to cut it. I’m currently at my mums…so luckily she’ll have food! 🙂

Love you! Oh and THANK YOU Team Wunna, for making my day worth it!

I’m away for the weekend now, as I actually have a friends wedding to tend tooo. I wish it would stop raining. Rubes and I were gyrating to Britney Spears this morning before nursery and having to do it to the sound of *thunder.* Oh July…

OMG! So much has happened.

I’m currently at a library in Pontefract, attempting to blog, in order to
kill time. I haven’t managed to blog in ages, due to exciting Wunna land jiggery pokery. However, here i am…being politely glared at, trying to write a blog and well having my OWN website blocked from the  viewing eyes of all library lovelies, due to the fact that it has been deemed ‘pornographic.’ Lol. 🙂 I’m new,Wunna 2012 now. I’m all ‘so fresh and so clean clean,’ these days, with a baby in my arms, a smile and a handsome hubby-to-be.
I don’t posh with my frillies on…i tumble dry in stilettos and write long winded books about my life. (Don’t forget to buy yours. 😉 ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss.’)

Anyway, the ‘chrissiewunna.com’ team…which consists of Wazza and I, don’t let simple things like Library rules *pause button* our path of greatness. Instead, i’ve text moaned at Wazza ( because i’m a spaz at all things techy) and being the genius that he is, he has managed to get me onto my own site…at the Library…with a middle finger up to all ‘restricted blocking’…and a smile at The Gods. I enjpy that my blog is to ‘sexy’ for the library. It sort of makes it something of ‘worth,’…in my sick,  twisted, giggly, polka dotted head. *Wiggle-wink*

Okay, so, it’s been my little brothers birthday and well Keiran and I delighted in dining with ‘The Wunnas’ (even though i was knackered) to watch him grace another year, before he went out of the razzle. There’s quite a lot of ‘Wunna Family’ meals and well i love that my mum keeps the family together, with love. She adores Keiran…even my Daddy does and well they’ve opened their little asian hearts to him and treat him like a their own son. We’re lucky because they’re a great set of parents and simply because there is nothing they wouldn’t do for us. If he needed anything, they would make sure he had it and simply out of love. I don’t think Keiran’s used to people being so lovely without question to or for him, so it certainly puts a smile on my face. I love to see him happy.
Anyhow, before the dinner, we took our ‘bubble of fairytale’ over to Kelly and Phil’s for a yummy bit of lunchio, with the kiddies. Kelly and Phil have been great to us. They’re just decent people, with warm hearts, who =
understand life and cherish us as a couple. (Kelly was there when it all happened and has helped me so much with all the Wedding plans. Phil has been nothing short of wonderful to Keiran and manages to be there for him without question.) And in our life right now, with us beginning our new chapter with a ‘Wedding day’ (ya) positive, loving and supportive people is exactly what we need. Keiran and I have the most magnificent bond. I’m his dream girl and he’s my dream man. We can’t wait to get married and well we’ve noticed that when we keep it simple and just love each other and be concerned about one another and family…we’re unstoppable. We have great things happening to us. We’re the luckiest couple alive and it’s a shame that a bundle of unsupportive people, feel the need to ‘drama-on’ into it. ( I mean as if some people are rude enough to drill Keiran about being with me, whilst rambling on about how he shouldn’t be with me …YET STILL want to blag an invite to the wedding. Lol. AS IF! That’s not how life works. You don’t get to drill my hubby-to-be, or ‘drama’ text me and still get to come. Why would you want to anyway, if you hate our union so much, right?  In the words of my good friends… ‘learn… some.. manners.’) Luckily, i’m not stupid and know what’s important  an=
d that certainly is love. Keiran and I mean a lot to each other and it’s a bond that no-one else will get. Why? Well because they don’t live it, or lack it in their own lives. But thank you to the ones that absolutely DO get =
it and always have! You’re love is greatly appreciated.
But yeah…On the whole…GREAT SATURDAY with Kelly and Phil. I always feel that good hearted people should be rewarded, hence why i’m having only one bridesmaid (instead of an inital thought of 5) and because right now in my life, she is the person that is there for me, gone out of her WAY to help me and has cherished both Keiran and I’s relationship right from the beginning…without condition. I want my wedding day to be filled with people who have always loved and supported us and people who have been there for us. It’s a day to inspire love in others, as we seal our union with a kiss and how can it not, when we have a room filled with pe=
ople who have done nothing but be there for us and love us…and i’ll say it again….without condition.
Lets roll onto Sunday! Obviously you all know we have our wedding in approx. 6 weeks. Keiran’s been working non-stop, be it at home or away and well in the little installments that he has at home, we have to try and fit =
in as much wedding planning as possible. It’s not as easy as you think, as he’s having to run his company, we have baby Ruby to adore and nurture, I have my book to promote, i’ve been filming and well weddings aren’t the simpliest things in the world to throw together. Well not the kinda wedding we want.
However, on Sunday, we managed to get our sexy bootays to Meadowhall to indulge in a little bit of wedding gift registry at Debenhams. if you’re not quite aware of what that is…(as i know a lot of you might not be married or getting maried)..it is when you pretty much get to choose a store of
your choice (we chose Debenhams,) they sign you up, hand you over a scanner and you are free to gallop around the store SCANNING in every and ANY item you want in the entire store, for your guests to purchase you. 🙂 SO MUCH FUN…once you get into it. I mean, at first we were dithering around all confused and shy. However, after 5 mins of ‘scan this maybe,’ we really managed to find our inner ‘ooh laa’ and get to business. We scanned all sorts. Infact everything from Hoovers, to designer dishes, to steamers, to bed sheets. Keiran wuite likes the finer things in life, as everything he scanned in was very designer and quite ‘poshy.’ It’s just a great bit of wedding experience to have with one another. yet you do find yourself going ‘oooh i really need that griddle pan’..when you’ve never really needed a ‘griddle pan’ ever. Lol. *SCAN.* We did a great job, and then couldn’t handle it anymore, so tended forward to ‘Yo’Sushi.’ Great staff at Debenhams. The lady dealing with us, couldn’t be more lovely and more excited about our wedding orlove in general. I love that.
Yo! Sushi! was great. It’s actually all you can eat on Sundays at Meadowhall and well we’re salmon handroll addicts here in Wunna land, sooo it really is worth every yummy, fishy moment of ‘ooh.’ I will say that we were trying to eat our monies worth. Even calculating as we went along. I’m not a giant eater, because my belly gets full far too easily. However, i was determined to not leave the conveyer belt of sushi love, until i had con=
sumed the correct calculated amount. *Tragic*
Sorry, this blog has been a bit rubbish. But it’s hard trying to write in a library, with people peeking over your shoulder. One smells like salt and vinegar crisps and the other is apparently going to ‘smash’ someones ‘face in.’ Lovely bunch.
Life is really busy for the both os us right now. Infact keiran had the busiest day of his entire life yesterday. He had van problems, work stress, rotas to organize, new jobs to tend too, followed by timeout at the gym, more van stress and a screen test. He was running around like a headless chicken, whilst i dealt with drama texts with laughter and a bit of ‘in the fridge’ champagne. *Bouji* We actually had people in our home yesterday fil=
ming us for an edit…wedged inbetween all Keiran’s ‘busiest day ever.’ We’re really lucky to have such great opportunites in our lives right now; and we truely appreciate every moment of it. Not very many couples get blessed with such ‘chance’…so we’re giving it our all and doing it with love. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and looking to the stars.
Y’know, I’m about to marry the man of my dreams…it’s the most exciting time EVER!!! I LOVE that he looked at me with lovee in his eyes yesterday, told me i was the most  beautiful thing he had ever seen and then said that he really does feel he is a ‘natural family man.’ Awww…. #ladiesswoonehere