Outings, Family and love

Glorious morning of that good old sunny-sunshine and FINALLY. I’d given up on the thought of potential ‘booty short’ weather, yet today…the weather has decided to bless us! I galloped upstairs, before tending to the nursery run, with my darling little ‘handsome,’ whipped out my navy shorts of ‘booty,’ with a flutter of excitement, i attempted to whop them over my pretty asian hiney…and yes, i couldn’t even do them up. My booty shorts rejected me. I can’t even fit into them. Hah. All that excitement for fucking nothing. I’m in leggings now and well because i’m not one to fight the ways of the fabric world. Ladies, if things don’t fit you…don’t fret, ditch them for another special item, or buy a size bigger and rock them with glee. I hate it when kittens try and *squeezy-ouchy-squeezy* into things that cause a bit of a jolly circus bulge. Love your bodies and buy the next size up. My booty shorts and I are no longer friends.

Anyway, yesterday was ‘family’ day and boy was it lovely. ‘The Wunna’s,’ Baby Ruby, Handsome Keiran and myself tottered over to Meadowhall in the rain, to enjoy a healthy bit of lunchy at Wagamamas, courteousy of my mama. I have a great little Mama and well anytime she can treat her delicious family to soba noodles, she will. We laughed, loved, jollied, ate and tended to my ‘Diva’ that is ‘Le Rubes.’ I sipped on sake and Keiran suppled his Tiger beer and well we had one of those days that you  really so happen to enjoy and because you feel part of a happy family..with noodles. We actually got there a bit later than expected and although the meal was a delight, the service was all a  clutter. We got our starters at the end, our mains first, our drinks forgotten. Lol. Yet i’m not one to be all complainy. We loved it. We kissed. We shared coconut ice-cream and wished it was Christmas. Then we got treated to a smelly oil lamp by my mum, followed by a knock around the Disney store with Ruby, would is the tiniest little bit of ‘Missy’ on legs. When she wasn’t walking, she was on Keiran’s shoulders, pointing and giving people daggers. Yipppeee!

Life is great right now and well i’m just letting it take it’s natural glitzy flow. The love life is romantic. I’m about to marry the most lovely man, who’s not only my bit of soulmate, but i’m hero. My daughter is growing up fast. My family are overly supportive. We have the book, the show, the launch and well i couldn’t really ask for much more really.

Today, my handsome and I are going to enjoy the day and shake away our worries via the fine art of an outing. It doesn’t matter where we go, we can make it a ‘good time’ and because nothing is better than hand holding the one you love through life.

(10 mins later)

My laptop has decided to conk out on me again, so I can’t even finish this blog….but you get it…I’m happy and all that f’jizzle.

For those of you trying to pre-order my book, ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss’ on Amazon and going through drama. It has currently completely sold out! Yippppeee! However, don’t fret, another order has been put in, so very shortly you’ll once again be able to grab yourself an early copy. How exciting!

Thank you to all of you who have ordered. Don’t forget my first signing will be at Bed Leeds, May 26th.

I hate it when my laptop fucks up. I’ve had to finish this on my iPad! And no piccie! Ugh!

My little Wunna Fan Page


Now we all adore a Fan Page. You all know I do and yes partly because i’m a giant egomaniac, however mainly because now that i’m old, i really do intend to inspire…(and yeah…a bit more of the egomaniac thing. 🙂 ) Usually when i have a Fan Page pop up, that hasn’t been created by my own Team Wunna, behind the makings of chrissiewunna.com, they adore me for a good few months, then get a bit bored of championing me and tottle off to live life and cheer for TOWIE stars. 🙂

However, this little Fan Page, is not only my most loyal, most devoted and most interesting…but my absolute favourite and they were pointed out to me, by my darling dearest Keiran, whilst I was laid in bed one evening, probably pouting, moaning or jibber-jabbering on about myself. Woohoo!

Let me introduce you to @WunnaFanPage on Twitter. I adore them because they 100% get me and they completely understand what i represent. They go out of their way to celebrate every thing ‘Wunna’ and well they focus on the positive, making me believe that i do maybe make a difference in some peoples delicious lives. Even i’m reading their tweets, which glorify Quotes by my jolly little kitten self and think, ‘Wow, I said that! 🙂 I am honestly AMAZING!’ Hahaha.

When i blog, i never remember what i’ve exactly written and simply because (and like this blog,) i type as i think and tapper it onto my laptop screen, without a draft, without too much thought and then hit ‘publish’ to send it out to millions, with a big Wunna wiggle. And i’ve always thought that, that was one of the reasons why my blog works. It real, it’ quick and an empty of my mind,without too much thought, edit or manufacturing. If i’m drunk…you’ll get a tipsy blog. If i’m happy, you’ll get a rainbow blog. If i’m crying, you’ll get a tipsy, pity bit of party blog. If i feel determined, i’ll be all inspirational and advise you to make your dreams come true and if i’m heartbroken i’m make sure you KNOW, that there really is a ‘fairytale’ around the corner. My blog seems to be based upon too much lippy and a strut. But it’s really based upon emotion…and maybe wine. 🙂 I’m a little girl, who’s now grown up, simply documenting her life. It’s accidentally morphed into this ‘thing of utter glory,’ and if i’m being honest, there’s not one bit of that, that i do not ADORE. Yipppeee! Life is life and i want you to enjoy yours, with apology. Celebrate who YOU are and take bits of my story with you wherever you jolly.

Therefore this quick little blog, is just a big thank you to the lovelies who created @WunnaFanPage. I love you greatly and appreciate your good work…wherever you are in the world.

If you’re a bit of a Wunna Fan and you fancy updates on my messy cocktailed mouth…with pictures, quotes and Wunna love, then please do follow @WunnaFanPage. They are adorable and worth every bit of the ‘click.’ The photos above  and below were actually created by them, (amazing i know) with Wunna quotes and all sorts. I think i want to get  blow up versions of them and plonk them around my house in their honour!

Take time to appreciate those who appreciate you.

Big big wigglies,

Chrissie W x (I’m blogging this after galloping out the shower and tanning. I’m now waiting for my tan to dry. Not fun when typing…especially when you’re trying not to print ‘orange’ on nice, dry, clean things. ffs)

If you want to join TeamWunna and are all a go-go and ready to adorn those stilettos with a strut. You may also ‘like‘ my Facebook Fan Page (look to your right)…check into this little blog daily, or ‘Follow’ me on Twitter @chrissiewunna

There you go, enough plugging done! (Ugh, i totally have no wine.)

ps/ I had properly passionate sexytime with Keiran today on the corner sofa and i’m talking animalistically, in love, yumminess. We have GREAT bedroom chemistry and it all began with a peeky from my boob. Yum! Yum! Yum! He was FIT!!!! When you’re in love…sex is so much more rewarding. Oh and thank you boobs for NEVER failing me. 😉

Joy, Work and Willies named ‘Madge.’


Woke up to what i honestly believed was ‘booty short’ weather. But it’s not at all is it? Instead, i’m fluttered with the gentle drizzle of rain in Yorkshire and yeah it makes my hair take a turn for the worst, (i’m certainly a sunshine) girl, yet at the end of the day, a little drizzle makes your ‘staying indoor’ times that bit more cozy. Plus, in Wunna Land, it’s always booty short weather. I mean, if i want to prance around the home tunble drying in big hair, over eyelashed and wearing the shorts of ‘le booty,’ I shall…and totally in diamantes. (I’ve just got done watching ‘Peter Andre’s: My Life.’ on the sofa with my lovely lovely Keiran, so i’m oozing with positivity…i’m starting to really enjoy all those that represent a rainbow glow. I don’t know whether it’s because i’m not completely content on the inside, whether i’ve grown up mentally, or whether i’m just mellowing in my old age. Oh and i will tell you that you know you’re old when your pretty pin legs are actually knackered simply from you standing on them. I mean, i’d get it if i had run a fricking marathon…and well that would never happen. I’m a Glamour Puss, running doesn’t happen, even when being chased. I’m more of a saunter with a wine kitten, who’ll send in her winged monkies, the heavies, or army of deliciously Queeny gays to fight my battles.) Life is good right now, due to my career moving upward, my heart being filled with hope, having the most yummy little daughter and the most beautiful man by my side ready to get his ‘I do’s’ on. I’ve always said that all those things are the components to a successful Wunna Land…i’m an ambitious girl, who knows how to hold the things that matter close to me and tunnel away postively from anything that obstructs my happiness. Your dreams come true only when you’re a successful human being. I’m in a good place right now and when you are the only thing to do when you feel this happy is spread it…in heels. Ofcourse! (I’ve just told ‘Handsome Keiran’ that i’d fancy a champagne. He looked at the clock and cheerily scorned me, for it not being champers ‘o clock yet. Anytime the hour of NOON has passed..it’s champagne time, in my world. Even if it’s only half a second passed. Life is about celebration and providing you are celebrating in a good clean old fashion, for all the perfectly correct reasons…you’re dandy.) I’ve cuddled all night, so i’m cheery. I’m much better cheery aren’t i? *Wiggle-wink*Helloo booty shorts!

Last night, was a night filled with indian cuisine at Aagrah, Doncaster with ‘The Wunnas.’ We chilled, talked, enjoyed red wine and ‘did family’ over popadoms, whilst my gorgeous Baby Rubes attempted to place lemon rice on spoons, before getting narked off at the killer process and throwing it all on the floor. Luckily, the owners are good friends of ‘The Wunnas,’ if the glitzy fruit of my kitten loins  wants to lemon rice the join, in anger…she may. I can’t actually believe how grown up she is now. Three generations of Wunna girls, sat at that table last night, with my little brother and my daddy. Poor Keiran (who my family regard as their own) couldn’t make it due to work. I ate popadoms and he worked in venues that thought he looked like Olly Murs. I think i want a nice lunch today?

Anyway, i’m all in love, happy and well really getting excited about ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss’ now. Right, when it comes to work, i’m my own worst enemy. I want to do well and i want to get to those glitzy heights of stardom. I’m all about making my dreams come true…so it got me all excited to have a peeky at my Amazon Pre-order page for my book…(which literally is all about my tragic life) and find that there was only one more left in stock! Yipppeee! The sales, well presale of the book is now completely out of my hands and it’s terrifying. At least when it’s in my own little grubby hands, i can push it, throw it, glitter it and squeeze. But now..and before it’s even release, the balls in the court of my fans. But still i’m dead excited, i mean i never ever thought my little blog, would get to ‘oh it’s a book status.’ I only hoped it would. I’m really really really grateful for all your kitty cat support. You all have great taste in Glamour pusses. the book launch at Bed Leeds, will be my first actual signing. If you want your copy, saunter up to VIP and i’ll be there..with my wink, marker pen and grabbing your money off you. 😉

I must now go tend to hair doing and eyelining. Yet remember that i love you. Remember to have a goal. Never be defeated and never ever give up on anything that you care about, be it love, work, shoes or life.

I’ve decided that Keiran’s willy has a mind of it’s own. I mean, in his sleep last night, it attempted to warmly attach me, without Keiran’s knowledge. One minute i’m in dream land and the next i have ‘willy’ happily nudging my bum bum, like it was needing a bit of a cuddle or a cup of tea? And it wasn’t one of those moments, when a boy spoons you and does the ‘press in.’ His willy..that i might name ‘Margaret’ really did jump off Keiran’s body, mid-sleep and try to get one in without his minders permission. Nothing happened however, due to baby pink knicker lace confusing it. But life is still a marvel! Have a great day! 🙂 I will tell you that last night, after my ‘handsome’ came back from work and tucked into bed beside me…I found him just laying there, staring at me quietly. When i asked him, what he was looking at, from the darkness of our bedroom and snuggled in cream sheets, he simply looked at me some more and said, ‘I was just admiring you and thinking about how much i love you.’ He is literally the man i have been searching for my entire life. Y’know i think of Ruby, him and I and wish to the stars that we make every little dream come true.

Anyhow….If you wish to PRE-order my book online before release, click on the link below and grab yourself that little bit of Wunna. Most of you are in it anyway and well it’s every starlets Bible. 🙂 I kinda want to start planning my wedding.



Work, Bubbles and Pasta

Hellooo you yummy bits of magIco! *Wiggle-Wink.* Yesterday ended up being one of those wonderful days where you get back to basics and love. After a bit of hair curling, a few kitty tears and a heart filled with ‘oooh laa,’ i ventured over to Italian restuarant Ask, with my loving hunk of ‘Handsome Keiran’ for a whole lot of simple good times, over wine, cabonara and the most delicious butterfly tiger prawn starter that this world could ever bless you with. Everythings now back to ‘fairytale,’ back to 1 and back to how it should be and yeah even though there was another moment of ‘quick sweep over to the ladies room for a brief moment of weep,’ when i returned, all the mist had cleared and we looked at each other with open minds, open hearts and with love. Good food, is a really great way to enjoy love. It’s the idea of the traditonal ‘breaking of bread’ with the person you care about. Add wine…and you are calmer. Add pasta and you are filled with yumminess. I adore Keiran, quite the mucho mucho..and we all know this..i mean out of every man in this entire world, i’ve only found him as the other being i can actually do forever with. I had been holding a lot of my emotion back, but yesterday it was able to be released, as he looked at me, told me how much he loved me, how i was the only girl he could ever love and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I guess, i had thought, he had fallen a bit ‘out of love’ with me. Yet having the assurance that he never ever had, made my spirit bloom and once again this morning, when i found a little token on love upon my knee.

We enjoyed the day, dining of delicious grubber-lub and then treated our moment to a moment at the cinema, to watch ‘The Avengers,’ (which is actually a really great movie.) It had rained outside the entire time we were in there. Yet when two beings who need each other to tackle this little thing called ‘life’ in order to make their wildest dreams of love, happiness, family and career step back in ‘the bubble.’ They then become invincible. Like i will always tell you…love conquers everything and you know how strong your bond is, when it’s been tugged at a little bit. We’re happy, we’re in love and we’re going to be forever. It feels like a wonderful, whirlwind of utter completeness. I know when i look at him, that this guy is my true soulmate and i’m glad that we’re now celebrating the things that matter in life, with a wiggle of positive spirit and a connection of glorious strength. Yesterday he tried to cheer me up by perfoming a ‘sniffy sweaty armpit’ show…and when you can do that and have a girl actually giggle, with her pure dolly eyes…you know you’ve found ‘the one.’ Lol. Today he cheered me up with sex on the sofa. 🙂 What can i say….we’re certainly back to ‘bubble.’ *Giggles behind hand.*

Other than that, today i’m still organizing my book launch party. Everyone thinks that it just takes a ‘show up’ and a gin. But a glory LOAD of actual WORK has to take place in order to make it maginificent. The shoot, yeah…is done and very bunny. Yet now we have the promo flyers, the book posters, the event plan, the special surprises, the branding, the red carpet arrivals, the celeb guest list, the inviting and well the actual BOOK to throw on sale. In fact, i should have goodie bags via sponsors to give away to my VIP. Yeah, it’s all about ME… 🙂 However, i’m a former party bit of kitten and i know it’s important to make sure every little bit of human, who took time out to come of ‘play’ with The Wunna gets treated more than wonderfully and with a delicious stamp of my nature! I’m a giver, not a taker (you are either one or the other)…and well be it my book launch event, or my wedding, i want to make sure every guest is wowed (because i’m a show-off) and given the 5* treatment. Therefore if you have a business with a product, that you want you be a part of a goodie bag giveaway collection, given to our VIP’s at the event. (I think we have a couple of you already emailing in.) Throw a link and an email to chrissie@chrissiewunna.com and i’ll make sure it happens. It’s a great way to get your product noticed, we have press, celebs and tv there. *Cha-ching*

I’m really looking forward to my bit of book now. I just want my hands on my own copy. You do, don’t ya. It makes it all real. The good news is that it’s going on the international market. (If you write a blog, you actually hit a larger audience, when you get the chance to deliver a book. You have the world ready to cater to and it’s absolutely delicious.)

I’m doing mucho ‘at home’ work today, glamour pussing, making the hubbster pasta, emailing a gossip mag for my feature, then tumble drying. Then i’m getting ready to do the invites, have my event plan talk, and glueing everything together…with my pretty little fingers crossed. Ruby is as chipper as can be and well life once more couldn’t really be better. However, i think i need to do a bit more ‘making way for opportunity’ door opening. 😉

Love you.

Thank you for following my life. x

ps/ Wazza, who is the only being (aside from myself to own every password, login and God knows what-not, to Wunna land. Thinks it’s funny to change my Twitter profile to make me look obsessed with eggs. 🙂 This is how we work at chrissiewunna.com

A Quickly Quickly Update

Good morning my lippy loves of gloss-fest. Yesterday was one of those days when you realize how love can actually conquer pretty much everything. But i’ll get back to that shortly. Right now, i have a rather large kitty pile of glittery ‘to-do’s,’ to tend to. I have my actual book to view. (I still haven’t recieved my own personal copy, because the Wunna Bible keeps getting sent to distributors and reviewers.) I’m having my tv/radio interview booked in. I’m filming next week and having to sort out another show, that i have recently been called about..which will take a lot of thinking about and a whole lot of immediate ‘throw myself into.’ Alongside that, i have my blog. This little baby, which is right now rocketing to the heights of random ‘ooh laa.’ (And i love that because i’m deeply grateful for your support. Plus, you really don’t get to know the half of everything that actually goes on.) I have magazine features to promote ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss’ to whip off the pile and shimmie at. Then there’s my LeedsPlaybooy book launch party at the end of May, followed by my book signing tour, through the sunny months. Oooh laa-laaa…much.

Then you look further into your little Chanel clutch of tricks and you find that you also have giant mummy duties to tend to, which without mention come before all of the glitzy above. I’m a new mum and i think i’m a great mum. (I do have my moments of fear and doubt.) But really nothing is harder to me, than getting that part of my life correct. I can smile and wave and photoshoot and interview and Tweet fans all i want…but my beautiful baby Ruby (who had her immunisations yesterday) is the one thing in life, if i get nothing else right…that i need to pass with a champagne victory cup. I actually hate taking her to her ‘jabs,’ simply because i can’t stand watching her be hurt. Keiran came to handle the situation…as he is pretty much Ruby’s favourite human and well he held her gently on his knee, as she sat, flinched and cried a little. Followed by a lot. 🙁 However…she swaggered it off and chilled with Grandma Wunna, whilst we then tended to ‘Parents Evening.’ Yes, even at 1….she has a parents evening and this is gonna sound really weird, because i’d usually be found sitting at the back in a faux fur, snoozing in my eyelashes, with too much lippy on and stilettos. But OH MY GOD…it was probably the most informative night on parenting, love, reactions and life i could’ve ever been too. I have amazing people caring for my daughter. It actually made both of us feel really secure. I was super impressed. What they do is a MARVEL. I actually remember looking above to the wall behind ‘Lisa’ (the lady who owns the nursery and gave the talk)…and in big bold decorative wall print, in dark green, upon light…read the words, ‘Welcome…Enter with a happy heart.’ I loved that. However, maybe if i was noticing that…I wasn’t really 100% listening. 🙂 #welldonewunna

I have lots of things going on emotionally right now. I’m waiting for results. I’m tending to my love life. If i could actually comment on my love life, meaning my relationship with Keiran right now..the only thing i would say is that it is filled with love.  I know from living upon this little earth ball and even from only 31 years, that love conquers everything and when it’s the whole heartedly unconditional kind, it turns into magic. I love him without condition, how could i not, after sharing so many ‘forever’ perfect moments with him. Therefore even though it may look a bit bumpy at times…Last night, when we laid on the sofa and i stroked his head to ease his stress (he’s been going through a lot right now,) in order to calm his mind and clear a little bit of space..whilst he was half asleep and whilst we were half a cuddle, he quietly uttered ‘my heart wants to marry you.’ (I secretly cried after that, as he slept, because i’ve been holding a lot of everything in. Yet it’s those moments that you remember in life and the moments that will always matter. )  The good thing is that we’re the same, meaning it makes it very easy for me to understand him…without him even having to say. The rest of the evening was spend cuddling on clean sheets. I guess sometimes all people need is a good nights sleep, next to the one they love and a cuddle. We are both of happy heart right now. I feel excited again. It’s important to keep things simple…and just love. It’s really not as hard as everyone tries to make it. I have a wonderful handsome and well he has a delicious ‘Wunna.’ What could be better…

Away from all that…i recieved an out of the blue phone call from Hollywood last night, from an old friend ‘DK’ who has produced a script, based upon my life. Great news was delivered, but as always…i can’t really talk about it all yet. Ho hum! But FUCK YEAH! Innit. I haven’t heard an American in ages, even though used to be super dooper American. DK actually saved my life. I enjoy people who tend to such and i even more enjoy people who tend to such AND deliver wonderful news to Wunna land. Yippeeee!

Anyway, the photo above…is one of the promo photos from my bunny shoot, for my big glitzy book launch party at Bed, in Leeds on May 26th. Taken my Nathan ‘D’Amour. (Amazing photog. Amazing guy.) There’s actually lots of these yummy little pics…shot on Tuesday and lots of them including my gorgeous little bunny girls! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pix…and i can’t wait to see you all there. It’s bizarre looking at freshly freshly pictures of you, even if you’ve been a model all your life. I’m 31, a mum now and well if anything, i’m proving that this doll’s still got it. 😉 *Wiggle-Wink.* I look good as a bunny. I do! (Even if the picture took 10 hours to edit. 🙂

Thank you for all your messages. I feel like i have a giant Wunna Army right now and it really does put a smile on my little tragic facey. 😉 Love you all and wish you all a Wunnafully day-ye-yo.

ps/ Had a morning phonecall with a lady offering up a little bit of a reality show with E4 for Keiran and I. I turned it down within 3 minutes, due to it’s premise. Make sure all your projects are the right kind of projects for you and what you represent. I’ve learnt this the hard way, but finally got it right. 🙂 However do take risks, with a ballsy bit of confidence and go ahead and making your dreams come true. 🙂

Playboy bunny shoots, champagne and crotch poppin’


You know life is delicious, when in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, you are dressed in the prettiest pieces of peachy, cream laced lingerie, equipped with Playboy bunny ears, stockings and a bobble tail, snuggled in a moody lit corner of a VIP bed, with 4 other little giggly bunnies, whilst celebrating and drinking champagne..and not only a camera picturing the moment, yet also with mirrors and good spirit oozing from every being in the room.

Yep, yesterday was my BIG Playboy BUNNY shoot, for the promo of my upcoming BOOK ( ‘Diairies of a Glamour Puss’) launch party, at BED nightclub in Leeds, which is themed ‘Playboy.’ Woohoo! The shoot was AMAZING. You couldn’t have asked for better. Big lights, big set ups, big shoot…5 bunny girls. We were draped on bed booths, wiggling in front or mirrors, giggling in corners for a camera and getting our boobie sultry on for that wee bit of ‘Playboy.’ I felt like ‘House Bunny.’ I mean imagine toddling around all day, having really normal conversations with people, in bunny ears and frilly knickers. It was a bit quiet at first, with all the girls getting to know each other. But then the music, the big lights and the ‘bam-bam’ came on and before you know it, we were ‘ooh’ to the ‘laa’ facing and spanking each others little bobble tailed bums.

I will tell you that i arrived late to the shoot (and i HATE being late for things) due to unreliable transport and people. Meaning literally BEFORE the shoot, a guy, pretty much grabbed my pink leopard print luggage out of his boot and forcefully plonked it on the pavement in a huff and wanted me to simply stay away from him. (I don’t think it’s lovely to upset someone before a big shoot like that. What i look for in people, is a good heart and the ability to be of great support. I mean, my book means so much to me and i’ve worked hard for everything to work out swimmingly. I had promo people, club owners, models, camera men, dj’s…EVERYONE who turned up to make this launch party shoot happen for me and well i’m not in the business of letting people down, especially when they are the people who believed in me, the book and the launch whole heartedly and enough for them to all take time out of their life to make it happen for me, in good spirit and with warm support.)

Luckily and because i’m living in Wunna land. As i left the first car, that was misted over with negativity, my Blackberry was ringing. I looked down at my phone, saw the name ‘Jamie,’ grabbed my leopard luggage, and flustered around the corner to the man himself, who greeted me with a gentle happiness,  a warm, content peace and immediately (because he knew i must’ve been going through drama) made sure i knew how amazing i was, (you need people like that around you) what i had achieved in life, (lots) told me that we were going to have the best shoot EVER to prove my worth (I likey likey) and THEN like i was 7, told me he had a magician at the ready to cheer my miserable fucking face up! HAHA.

What i liked about that moment in my life, was that i went from an extreme cloud of grey and hurt, to only walk around a corner, into a whole knew feeling of absolutely positivity. Around a corner literally! With luggage! It changes everything and makes you realize how lucky you are to have life and people who support you. How great you’ve done in life and how well you’re going to do. I’ll only surround myself with happy, good, ‘doing well’ people from now on and why? Well it makes allt he difference. I walked straight through the doors of Bed nightclub at 10.30am, feeling happy, confident and alive. I greeted everyone. Nathan D’Amour the photog. The bunny girls. The staff. I slipped out of my jumper, slipped into my undies, gracefully placed on my bunny ears, in a mirrored corner, all slooow and like a champion. I had my bobble tail fixed by bunny girl ‘sarah’ who had a ‘popping crotch’ (everytime we shot and she’s a beautiful girl, her crotch kept popping due to her having to be bunny sprawled over booth beds and have wild sexy pillow fights. I loved each one of my little bunnies. They listened to me ramble on about my love life…and helped me drink champagne. 🙂 ) Then filled with positivity, i tottered upstairs to @jamiedorrington to be impressed by the most AMAZING magician i have EVER EXPERIENCED @dangerouscraig1 !! He wowed me with this unbelievable card trick and then shimmied on, to his t-shirt swith ‘ooh laa’ and then when we were outside NOT smoking 🙂 he bamboozled me with a 10p in my water bottle magic! HAHAH. I was so impressed, that i now want to be magic. I do! I do! I’ve been trying to be magic to myself at home since, but i’m shit at it. Anyway, he’s an illusionist, the best undiscovered magcian EVER. He will now be in my VIP lounge on May 26th at the book launch party *wa-wooing* the celeb and special guested crowd with his ‘ooh laa.’ Amazing! I kept patting him down and stroking him upward, in order to figure out how he did the tricks. Now i think i about it, it probably just looked like i was feeling him up as ‘well done matey.’ My hands and boobs have a mid of there own.

But yes! Wonderful day. Amazing bunny shoot. I sat with all the bunnies and we chatted about life and they gave me advice, with a whole lot of love. It felt really great just to be around people who are filled with good love for what they do  and enjoy who they are and have taken the time out to do something creative. My last week and a bit has been littered with the drama of others, that has misted it’s way into the drama of my life, who actually aren’t even half of what these people are. They are good people, with a warm spirit. People who go out of their way to help others. I adore people like that. I felt good and oozed with love…and then the sun came out. I mean for example, when i did that Radio Aire comp to raise money for charity and to win the wedding of my dreams with Keiran. Not one person, (aside from his lovely family) could be bothered to even give £1…just 1 penny even to us for underpriviledge children. How bad is that!! Not one friend did…even if they said they did. We gave up an entire week of our lives and raised almost £4ooo in that time for others. The couple that won the wedding, were the couple that had the most support. Even though i was sad at the time, the wedding actually went to the right couple. At the end of the day, i can actually afford to pay for my own dream wedding, however i loved the idea of winning one. But the good out of it, is the money raised for the kids, that we kinda did alone…and when no-one could be bothered to help. Even those who claim to be close. (Thank you to the people that did.) I always remember those moments! If you can’t give to children who need help, then what do you actually represent, as a being. Those people, who climb mountains, give love and money, give time and go on marathons to help others,  all of that…are the people that you need to surround yourself with. My mum lost her handbag, after leaving it on a road and a lady found it picked it up, found her address and personally went out of her way to drive over to her home and hand deliver it that night. Good people.

Anyway, back to the shoot, before i go off on a rant…a  champagne bucket was enjoyed. (I think it was stolen? Lol) But whatever, I love to drink at the shoot. Therefore, I’m thanking EVERYONE, Nathan, Jamie, Alex, Kelly, sarah, Laura, Marijke…everyone, for being part of the big day. I’m a girl that adores people who love success and aren’t afraid to be admire people who are a success or about to be a  success. It’s a really grand quality. I also love that no matter what drama i was going through, i manned up, put on my bunny ears and gave the best shoot ever. That’s professionalism.

I can’t wait for my GIANT book launch party at Bed, in Leed, on May 26th. The celebs are confirming, i’m about to put my VIP invites out and i just cannot wait to get my bunny giggle on and have my book out and LAUNCHED. Whenever i think i have it so bad, i need to look and see what i really have and know that actually have it so amazing. All anyone needs in life, is a strong foundation, love and support. When you ground that in…you can bloom into a success. Celebrate your life. Don’t waste time who focus so much on bullshit drama, because they have nothing going on in their lives, but that…because just around the corner is a giant team of happy, positive people, in bunny ears, with cameras, spreading happiness, in a room filled with pure goodness, no drama, a candy coated ambition, good spirit and warm hearts that will take them places. Love what loves you, enjoy caring about yourself and others. Make your mark on this world and do not surrender to the people that aren’t really there for you.

Everyone always wonders why i’ve done well. I get asked that a great deal. I will tell you that i’m nowhere near where i want to be. But the outcomes in life are in the hands of The Gods. But good things, only happen to good people. There’s always two options in life and the options are only ever good or bad. I met a guy yesterday, who randomly bean talking to me. He had just that day got out of jail and was on route to see his mum, after 2 years. He was actually a lovely guy and when i asked him why or how he felt….(know that it was a yummy sunny afternoon) he told me that he could now be grateful for something as simple as the sunshine… his family…his love. Then i lipglossed and tottered off because hanging out with criminals terrifies me really, even though i’m chatty. Lol. I mean it’s fun for a moment, then i really…it’s a pass card! OH! And then i had to turn down a tv show on the train! 🙁

I can’t wait for my book to be out! ‘Diairies of a Glamour Puss!!’ You can buy yours on pre-order now on Amazon. I will be selling copies at the red carpet launch party!

I had the best nights sleep last night, on clean sheets and at peace. I feel ALIVE. I love that i spent my Tuesday dressed as a bunny. What did you do?


Just call me Hefner


I’ve gone Playboy bunny, banana’s, bonkers! I mean, who’da thought, that manning an army of lovely bunny girls and organizing a Tuesday shoot of ‘ooh laa’ to promo my ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss/Playboy’ book launch party would be this hard. I’m a kitty cat that’s used to turning up at a shoot, with a bottle of champers, boobs and a smile, all giggles and ready for my close up. Yet this time, i’m having to bustle around making sure my delicious bunny girls are all a ‘goodie,’ and armed with frilly pants, stockings and bunny leotards. I’m really looking forward to it and i’m really grateful to the girls for coming along and getting their *wink-wink-wiggle* on with me, in the name of PR. I’m just really irresponsible and quite largely sober, meaning a simple weekend shopping trip with ‘The Wunna’s’ turns into bunny ear, bobble tailed panic. I mean, i couldn’t even swan around, flaunting my ego to glorious Wunna fans. I was literally, thundering around stores, with my monkey face and my beautiful baby Ruby attached onto the right hand side of my body, with my darling mummy power storming behind me, my dad chill swaggering and my brother..well my brother quite cleverly went for a haircut…hunting for every sexy bodice the world of Doncaster (my birth town) could find me, in every size (i’m using real girls..as that’s what i think best reps kittens,) whilst flustering around with bunny ears, after a dim sum lunch (yes, i’m asian) and keeping the glitzy fruit of my loins happy with a sing-a-long. Most one year olds have a mummy that can ‘la-la’ on a bench with a bottle stop, in the latest Mothercare shi-boogie. Poor Rubes, has to swan around corsets and candy coloured frillies, holding onto bunny ears that i can’t fit onto my arms, whilst i’m in heels and on my Blackberry. My mum just looked at me and said, ‘I’m going to make sure that she becomes a doctor.’ Lol. (If you didn’t know, that is my family’s profession. I come from a long line of medical practitioners. And here i am…writing my blog in zebra sunglasses.)

Long story short, i’ve got it all sorted. I’m exctied to meet the girls. I’m looking forward to the bunny shoot and i absolutely now, well always have, a distinct amount of ‘much much’ love for Hugh Hefner, how he organises bunnies, in a a dressing gown and slippers..i just don’t know. (Well..maybe it’s a guy thing. 😉 )

Okay, my life. Well…lots and lots and lots to get through. The book, the launch, the show, another show (Keiran and I are weirdly getting a great deal of interest now. I even got a late night work phone call from a production compnay last night! On a sunday, to try and get a hold of me, before the work week began.) The tour, (radio, tv, store,) the shoots, the 2nd book, the ‘other stuff,’ (remember it’s only the first part of the year, i have a whole 2nd part of goodie-goodie to glitter my way through with charm and ‘gimme’gimme,’) and THE WEDDING. I’m really excited for the wedding (we both are) and cannot actually believe that in four months time, we will beable to celebrate our love and tie the yummy knot, on our almost one year anniversary!! OMG! We’re having a big, posh, glam wedding. We’re giving back to all those who have whole heartedly enjoyed our union. It’s funded by my daddy. (Thank you very muchly, my Father of the bride. I have actually been married a couple of times and well he has sternly told me that after this one there’s NO MORE.) It’s in August. It’s at Oulton Hall and yes in true accidental ‘IT’ couple stylio…we’re having it filmed for the telly. (And no, it’s not ‘Don’t tell the bride.’ We’ve gone bigger, we’ve gone better and well our poor guests will probably get hounded and have to sign release forms as we invite them. It will quite a bustly day…but we’re living our fairytale and well neither Keiran nor I, do anything by halves! It’s go big or go home. (Keiran’s cute, coz he’s all *giggle* excited, under a exterior of ‘pretend macho.’ That’s what i adore about us because no-one knows us, like we do. We have the best little moments of ‘omg-cuteness,’ ALL OF THE TIME. The relationship is almost dipped in a rosy child-like magic. We are sooo connected right now and fluttering with ‘love-love’…i’m marrying the most romantic bit of hunka-chunka ever and well he’s a great example of what a hubby should be. (And by that i don’t just mean the flowers, the gifts, the cuddles…which i love. I’m looking at my little ‘got you it because i love you’ rose right now. I mean, that he has this mighty inner strength. He loves love and loves me and at the end of the day, nothing can come between that. We offer each other, our ‘perfect.’ We see the world the same way and know how to enjoy a ‘fairytale.’ We’re here to make our mark, love, create a family, a legacy and inspire love in others. We’re both young, but traditional and well i think we set a really great example of how love can be!)

However, saying that. He’s managed to ‘do his back in,’ meaning all yesterday, after a gym session, he couldn’t at all move, live or even waddle for a penny. Yes, my little darling ‘handsome’ is laid on his back, operated by pain killers and quite cutely being bossy. When a guy is a little ill…all women know how drama they are. When a guy is really really in pain…they get bossym with the odd whimper. Lol. I mean, he’s delivering his bossiness in a cutsie little jokey way. Yet he does really mean it. Infact, so far, i’m only allowed to TALK during adverts. I’m not allowed to what he calls ‘click-click’ when i’m near him, (which means be on my phone..which means have contact with the outside world. Haha.)I’m not allowed to turn the heat on. I’ve got to close doors, open windows, tickle his back, tell him that i love him constantly and feed him pain killers. 🙂 ) However, even though he’s knackered his back in, he still somehow managed to find the energy to feel my leg up, on the sofa, with a brief perv face and a ‘show me your fanny,’ when i had just tanned and was glamour pissing. Pissing??? Ha. I mean Pussing with a wine, before bed on the sofa. He literally chased my poor freshly tanned bum up the stairs, with a ‘come to daddy.’ Then he got in bed and his back hurt again, so he demanded i play with his willy, yet made me stop, because the blood rushing, hurt his ‘Army Keiran’ back. Hahaha. It’s cute. We’re having sooo much fun. I can even hear him snoring right now. I’ve unfortunately had to bare bum spank him for being rude. Luckily…he loves it. 🙂 In fact, i’ll tell you a funny bit of story. The other afternoon, around about the time Loose Women was on. My lovely Mr.Thompson, fancied a bit of ‘ohh-aah-ooh-aah’ courteousy of my mouth. After a bit of a play, i let him have a ‘willy-wanky’..whilst watching me. Usually, i’ll go all out and do a ‘boobie feel up’ show for him. This time, i sat in my joggers, :), worked on my ipad and didn’t even look at him. Randomly he still had the best time ever. I looked up for a peeky and there he was glaring at me, filled with lust, with his perv face and his man stroke. Yet the funny thing is, the moment that i DID look up and our eyes locked…he immediately changed his face, to something less pervy, for a good 3 seconds..in order to make himself look a bit more decent. HAHAHA. I love him. He’s cute. I love that he can look at me in a pair of joggers and get turned on enough to ‘wink-wink-willy-shuft.’ We have a great sex life. It’s filled with just the perfect amount of deliciousness.

The reason we work is because..everythings just right with our combination. We’ve been through a lot. We’re good people and we know how to love. I’m everything he wants in a girl and he’s everything i want in a guy. We are the same and even when others try to tangle inbewteen us, no matter what, they never ever win. Why? Well because we will always take that  step away from drama, look at each other with love, laugh and get back in the ‘bubble.’ Amazing things are happening to us. Even I’M overwhelmed and i’m a ginormous egomaniac. I looked at him last night, and from my nighty and fresh orange tan, ‘dolly’ eyed him with an ‘I’m actually really nervous.’

Y’see, so much is happening and so fast. Often having your dreams come true, is like having the rug pulled from under you…but in a good way. I’m enjoying the ride, because i’m grateful for what life has blessed me with. I can’t wat all believe it though. Can you?

I’ve got lots to do today, more bunny business, more grooming and hopefully we’ll find the time to go look around our wedding venue. I can’t believe how wonderful my life feels. Yet the reason why it is, is because if i’m honest i really did believe it would be wonderful. 😉

Thank you for all your messages! I love you all. I adore my @WunnaFanPage and will be blogging about them later. Their Twitter page, is better than mine!

Live, love and enjoy it dollies! But most of all, keep everything Kitty. 😉

Bunnies, Bonking and a drink switch


Good morning my tiny trinkets of frilly panted delights! Today i’m feeling bubbled over with a distinct drizzle of ‘joie de vivre,’ life is all a wonder and my world is rainbow haloed with ‘ooh laa.’

I had a chill day yesterday, after a brief morning of once again having to enjoy the delights of the gossip, via the interfers. Luckily, i brushed it off with a wink, a wiggle and a strut. Grabbed my faux fur and diamantes and enjoyed a remarkable day with my delicious hubby-to-be. (Who currently believes you can never over book on bunnies.)

We went on a drive to celebrate our ‘four month’ wedding moment and ended up in a little hideaway, by a fish pond, that really wasn’t up to scratch. (I’m a bouji girl, i love luxury and a quick champagne pass, with a hair-toss and a yummy snacky foodie treat.) However, we managed to pull ourselves together, add salt to soup and high five our love with laughter, whilst we watched the rain by a breadroll. It was a much needed day of chill. However really, we both have a lot to tend to, meaning that when we take a chill day, we really are surrendering to the art of ‘laziness.’ Woohoo!

For the first time ever, i attempted to play pool. Now i’m a girlie girl. I love a bit of lipgloss, Victoria secret and stiletto-age. I’m not one for stepping out of my Barbie box of ‘kitty cat’…but yesterday and because i went with why not, i let my darling handsome teach me how to play pool. As predicted, i was shit at it. But i adored being shit at it because it means that i’m still the Ultimate puss of glamour. Keiran actually loved teaching me a thing or two. I could see it in his eyes. He thinks i’m hot with a pool cue, bent over a table with a giggle. Plus, he likes winning, therefore playing against me simply caters to his alpha male ego. I’ll not rock up with a pool cue again and well because we ended up accidentally smashing wine glasses and in my mind that is certainly a party fail.

Anyway, i didn’t want to *snooze* the day away and wanted to celebrate my time with my handsome…so we ended up finding a cuddly corner at an old fashioned cosy local, that was calm, beautiful and just what we needed. We laughed, we drank, we loved and we talked about the future. We’re really excited for the wedding and really really excited for the upcoming Book Launch/Bunny party. My dilema mid-wine was the fact that too many girls wanted to get booked on the bunny shoot with me. When that is your only dilema, then you know you have it good. *Wiggle-wink.* Keiran’s extremely excited at the thought of being surrounded by a gaggle of over boobied Playboy bunnies to celebrate my book. He enjoys the fact that i’m a girl of that sort and well i find it sexy that he loves me in a bobble tail and a wink.

We actually had a really lovely time, as we giggled, talked about love, what people think of us, how our fairytale has occured, whilst we cuddled and smooched. We’re mentally preparing for all that lies ahead and well it will be interesting to see how people close to us react, because right now we’re gaining a delicious amount of support from outsiders, who are inspired by us. I switched my wine to red, meaning i was far less feisty and great deal more cutsie. Made the night worth it. I managed to refrain from going ninja on my loved ones. If i drink white, i get angry, when stirred and after the tipsy line has beaten me. (You don’t want to have a go at me when i’m tippled on white vino. It’s never fun and always ends with broken nails. However, I will tell you that when i drink champagne, i’m apparently the most loveable bit of kitten ever. Naturally. It’s embedded in my nipple tassled system. We’ll often have it home and chill whilst we watch a bit ot telly. In fact, it’s the drink that puts us both in the greatest of moods. If you’re going to do anything, you make sure you do it bouji.

This morning we’re both all a chill. I’m craving a bit of sushi, yet i’m nowhere near any. Plus i’m craving a bit of Blackhouse. Yet once again, i’m nowhere near it. Baby Ruby has been hitting other babies in the face at nursery. We got told off for it today, making it all nice and awkward. Apparently if she wants something, she hits the baby, with the toy in the face and grabs it off them…then laughs. UGH! Not good!!! Maybe raising a ‘IT’ baby isn’t going to be easy. Rubes has been filmed for the show too and well even at ONE, she’s guilty of being a diva. I don’t even know what i’m gonna do. I kinda just apologised in a nursery filled with happy, playing kiddie winkles. I can’t believe my vagina has delivered a glitter headbanded bully. (Can i have a gin before noon?)

Not sure what i’m doing today. I’m meant to be guestlisting again and monitoring bunny girls for a Tuesday shoot. I have models galore, wanting to be part of the shoot, and come to the book launch bunny party. I don’t even know how to handle it. The boys believe they can handle it for me. 🙂 However, i think i’ll be fine. (I’ve pre-warned Keiran to refrain from calling the ladies ‘The Bunnies’ with a perv face and simply because they do actually and quite weirdly have names. lol)

I want to do something lovely today, like a yummy lunch with big hair? I’m getting really excited for all that lies ahead. However i will admit that it’s getting a little hectic.(I’ve already started inviting people that i find are a delight to my book launch…i just need to get on with the rest of it. I’m sure i NEED an assistant. 🙁 ) I’ve already managed to get distracted and accidentally have a bit of comedy bonky on the sofa. I asked my hubbster if i was going to be bonking me later. He said ‘yes’..but i guess later means now in his world. We were cuddling on the sofa and he quite cutely suggested i petted his ‘wink-wink.’ I kindly obliged and before you know it, we’re naked, i’m on top and we’re getting all a jiggy, in the name of love. I adore sexytime with my bit of toyboy ‘yum-yum.’ We have GREAT ‘ooh laa’ with one another and every single time.  We enjoy getting rather sexy. However anytime I have to pause giggle and say ‘Keiran watch that cuppa tea’, whilst I’m being carried and plonked on my back for the final round of ‘pump-a-lot’…you just kinda know it’s love. Keep your love life alive. Keep it fairytale, filled with laughter and don’t give two minor hoots about the people who enjoy to interfer. 😉


It’s all about the guestlist…and well WE HAVE A WEDDING!


Yesterday was, what I call, an accidental drip of fate, that turned my life into ‘fairytale’ once again, with dewy joy whittles of happy tears, excitement love and true love.

I had a complete day of work from the moment i woke up. I had a great kitty cat litetr load to deal with, organize and dash with ‘Wunna Love,’ followed by a loong, yet delicious day of filming. Now, the funny thing is that due to showbizzy contract rules and glitzy secrets, i can’t actually tell you anything about it. Not even one little thing, as you have to all wait until the big telly ‘wahoo.’ However, yes that little bit of work, turned into such a wonderful bit of magic, that changed a moment, so deeply into a certain kind of ‘perfect.’ Wedding bell perfection. (Why am i getting flashbacks of me printing out ipad pictures of fruity cocktails? Only Glamour Pusses of my calibre, tend to such a pastime in a moment of panic. #beme)

Okay, if i’m being deliciously honest, my perfect day of fairytale, turned mildy sour, (with brief slapping, after salmon,) yet right now this very second, i couldn’t actually be happier. I’ve had a giant morning Princess weep, i’m got my ‘va voom’ back in order and i’m celebrating the wonders of Wunna land. And Why? (I hear you cry) Well simply because I can! A gooey bundle load of magical things have gifted their way into my pretty glitter filled life and well i’m enjoying it, with the people who deserve my time and love and now just laughing at the ignorants (who come in the form of ratty gobby dolls, with almost not enough cleverness, to realize the actual impact of ‘getting on with their own’ bit of 100years, then gossiping about mine, is probably the best way to actually make their life mildy worth it. *Yawn.*)

I’m concentrating on the positive, whirlwind dancing with love, enjoying every bit of the book, the launch, the show and warm giggling with the cute dolls of love, who stand by Team Wunna, whole heartedly and with banners. I have a great deal of love to give, however i’m really glad that i’m old enough to know not to give it to those that don’t deserve my energy.

God, i wish i could tell you about my yesterday, as my handsome hubby to be and I had one of those fate gifts, from Cupid, that gave us one of those moments that we will treasure forever. The evening ended with a wine and dinner, with a ‘put down’ camera and the magnificent staff at The Castle, providing the most delicious service ever, my a roaring fire. We’re madly in love and well i’m keeping the ones (and there’s loads of you) who adore our union close to my heart, with love.

I’ve got a lot to do today, with book launch titter-tatter and a Bunny girl shoot to finalize for the promo for the event at Bed at the end of May. I think we shoot Tuesday and i’m excited to get ‘bunnified’ once more with a squeeze of lovely glamour models. If i think about it, i’m actually surrounded by lovely people right now and the recent folk sauntering into my life, are truely great people, who work hard, know life, have followed their dreams, have warmed to me with a calm respect and have become a successful human being in their own right. It feels great, because they are the people who never became a product of their environment and concentrated on making their mark on this world, with a heart, a wine and a dream. They’re people who i could remeet a year from now and they would’ve actually achieved something wonderful in that time, instead of the usuals who you find doing the exact same thing, multiple years after, fucked up, on the end of Westgate, with their fingers crossed and their pockets empty.

I was once on a horrific, yet jolly trip to rock bottom in Hollywood, during my intense time of party-party and all it took was for one good person, (you know who you are 😉 ) to grab me, stop me and make everything better with a little glitter plaster of ‘that is the past.’ From that moment on…everything rocketed. I became the person that i wanted to be, adored the person that i had become, achieved greatly, concentrated on what mattered, loved, lived, dreamed and conquered. Now, i can go outside in the rain, (and i despise the rain,) look up to the skies, smile and feel truely content with who i am, what i represent and how i love. I’m doing AMAZINGLY and i can’t even believe it. I have a accidentally terrific career, a beautiful daughter and a wonderful hubby to be. Who’d a thought! (I’ve just got a text from my mum telling me that Ruby has managed to get told off at nursery for hitting other children in the face and laughing. UGH!!! My one year old is insane. This is NOT good.)

But anyway, i’ve got to go and sort of my book launch guestlist, can’t wait to see you all there. I’ve got the playboy bunny shoot to sort out, the book to et excited about and well….

Yesterday my gorgeous hubby-to-be and i had a MAGICAL bit of fairytale happen, (which i can’t at all tell you about, due to filming.)

BUT!!!! I will tell you that we are MADLY IN LOVE, really excited, ready to do our 100 years with one another, have a family and well….yesterday kinda booked our WEDDING!!! In four months time, i’m gonna be Mrs. Thompson!! 🙂 We’re both really overwhelmed and well it feels like…magic. August is the wedding and with only four months, we need to get a wdding planner to jump on it and make our day the grandest day any being could have ever be blessed. We’re not a couple to do things small, so we’ve gone for BIG, GRAND, glitzy, posh, glamourous, rich and fairytale, filled with butlers, cocktail hours, chandeliers and true love!!!

He looked at me yesterday, during that ‘moment’ and he filled up with a sheer sense…well i can’t even explain it. We hugged, we kissed…omg, we’re just completely overwhelmed. Can’t wait to celebrate our love!!

I am marrying the most amazing man and well you will get towatch that moment happen on your telly box, next year!!!! 🙂 Four months until i’m a wifey! xxx I LOVE HIM!


Filming, Ruby & Drama


You know when you just need to catch a ‘moment.’ One of those ‘moments’ that untraps you from feeling suffocated by weak drama and gets you back to a space where all the things that are actually important comes to focus and everything and everyone around you is positive, calm and successful. I need that ‘moment’ and because i’m feeling trapped. We all know i’m not Wunnaful when i feel suffocated, but for once…i’m not slipping out of my heels, into my fur boots and doing a runner. I’m feeling happy. I’m feeling strong. I’m feeling glitzy and well when you have so many wonderful things going on in your life, it’s important to not get distracted by the ‘unimportants.’  It’s got to the point where i now need space because i’m not even being allowed to celebrate the marvellous things occuring in my life, due to people who have nothing going on in theres clouding my happiness.

Right now, i have so much on and so much to organize that i can’t even being to think and shimmie forward. On the work front, i have the book release, i have my tv/radio tour being organized, the signing tour, the interviews, the organization of a Playboy bunny shoot, a normal and celeb guest list to conjour up, the book launch party at Bed to pull off, a show i’m filming, another show i need to sign off on, appearances, another book and a new business plan to give my all too. It’s hectic and i feel like i’m doing it all on my own.

On a personal front, i’m a mummy, a wife to be and even though they seem simple, due to outside drama, everything is becoming a great deal more stressful. (I’m even writing this whilst getting yelled at.) Today is an emotional day for me because i’m waiting to hear about something that’s been occuring and well like i said, i firstly needed support, however now that’s not really happening, i now just need space!!

Baby Ruby walked…as in properly walked for the first time yesterday and it’s just one of those moments where you look at the little innocent life you’ve created, see her tiny little gummy smile and utter face of excitement and just internally breathe with delight. It feels AMAZING and i feel sooo proud. (It’s taken her ages, poor little thing.) Yet again, hours after that happened…i was clouded by unimportant drama again and i can’t even now enjoy a moment as precious as that.

Today, i’m busy, really busy and now exhausted by ‘tittle-tattle’ that is not only boring, but ridiculous, to the point where i’m now smart enough to blank it out and commit myself to my opportunites. I’m ffeeling feisty, i’m concentrating on the amazing things and i’m really really lucky to be so blessed with the life i have right now. I’m loving all your messages and really grateful for your love. I have a huge amount of support for the book and launch right now and well it couldn’t have come at a better time. My advice to those going through the same sort of thing is to cut out all negativity, because the only people who cause it and hate on you are always the people with nothing going on in theres. The decent people have far too much to focus on and because they’ve focussed on the correct things and worked hard all their life to get there. Don’t let unimportant drama get to you. Rise above it and let them scramble through their own issues. Any being who has ended up being successful, has gone through the exact same thing and because they were clever enough cut all ‘blah-blah’ out, and rise above it, they’ve managed to conquer their dreams. They knew what was important and didn’t fall for the ‘yadda-yadda.’

Later on this afternoon, i’m filming for a show that i’m doing and that will go on through to the evening. I’m really excited because i’m getting to film at ‘The Castle,’ one of my favourite places to dine and well i believe that will be after filming at home for a little while beforehand.

Today is meant to be about love, romance, results and happiness. But first i need space.

I’m looking forward to getting back into filming. It feels like the only thing that makes me feel calm.

Thank you sooo much for following my life! (The chrissiewunna.com team… which really is just Wazza and I…are really really grateful.)

ps/ I’m beginning to get really pissed off with people who attempt to control my blog. You really don’t get tooo, hence why it’s called ‘Chrissie Wunna’ .com. Wacky concept, i know.

Celebrate the life you have and make your mark upon this delicious world of ‘ooh laa.’ If you don’t..you’ll probably really regret it. I’ve now got to totter off and sort out my wedding scrapbook. Beautiful ideas!! I’m well impressed.