Tottering Along with the ‘bedroom’ in my eyes

I want to sit in a tea cup like Pixie Lott, but i want to be naked and draped in furs and diamonds, whilst being carried by muscle bound heros, who wrongly believe they have a future with the Glamour Puss, as i pout, hair toss and sip my mocha martini under the stars! (Aww, i have the most beautiful kittens. One of them is being rather seductive and licking her lady parts like she KNOW

A Little Bit of ‘ooh laa laaa’

Opened my eyes and realized that i had been fast asleep, in quite possibly the deepest ‘dreamland’ ever much! It’s crazy when that happens, because you lose time in life, without you even knowing. I opened them slowly..(my eyes, you gutter minded swines) with my frowny, just woken up and unaware face on, realized it was now 4.20pm, i’d accidentally fallen asleep for an hour, and i was laid on my bed, horizontally, across my pillows..that were perfectly laid at the top of my bed. (Where most decent pillows lie.) I was oddly spooning a giant, grey, with white and black polka dots, sturdy ‘luggage on wheels,’ (invented by the devil) and not only was i fully ‘makes a change’ clothed, but i still had my coat, shoes, boobs and eyelashes on. (My boobs screw on and off…When i rest, i unscrew them and hand them to an Umpa Lump to hold with pride, whilst i sleep.) Anyway, yeah..that is how exhausted i was. I had a friend wake me up, who had been bizarrely standing over me. I heard her say, ‘even when she sleeps, she still looks like a Glamour Puss. When she dies, her corpse will be beautiful.’ WHEN I DIE!!!! What the fuck! People are trying to plot my ‘shuffle off this earth’…and more importantly WITHOUT ME! I throw the best shindig in town! When i die, don’t think i WON’T be at my party!

Anyway, this morning, i woke up next to my very delicious, very caramel coloured, half naked dreamboat, ‘Loverboy.‘ We NEVER get to wake up with each other, therefore when we do, it feels AMAZING. I woke up cuddling him, his arm resting under my head. He didn’t want to go to work and wanted wine for breakfast. We were in room 429 of a hotel in Leeds, under reference number 149644. (I like numbers, i find them erotic.) ‘Loverboy’ adores me, with a distinct side of ‘ super romantic’ much and well he’s really made Wunnaland worth while. I’m a girl that’s merrily picked myself up, time and time again after selling myself short, when it came to picking ‘other halves.’ Now i feel like i’ve found my soft landing. I’ve free falled (and ofcourse naked, in heels and in a misty glitter shower) through worlds, countries, hearts and lives. He caught me and bought me 2 bottles of wine, shower cream, and tooth-paste….before he left for work, he picked little naked me up, and wrapped my legs around his body. We kissed and exchanged ‘i love you’s.’ Then with a wiggle and a wink, i showed him out, got showered, dollied up, and with a Diva moment of *hair tossing* and placing my sunglasses on, I strutted down (took the elevator) to the reception, with my luggage on wheels, and black stilettos. Then eased into a cab, and got driven all the way back home. (‘Honey we have a problem. A rather sexy problem.’)

Okay, last night was delicious. I’m experimenting in life, and wanting to continue toying with walks of life. I mean in the great words of Pamela Anderson…‘A girls got to do, what a girls got to do…and in this world, you godda use ALL that you got.’ Interesting concept. I’ve been blessed with a natural talent for ‘jiggery pokery.‘ I’m extremely good at being a sexy nuisance. Therefore last night, i put my ‘sexy’ to the test and left my ‘nuisance’ at home. You will be informed about this in greater detail in a day or so. Just know that i had an AMAZING time of ‘oooh laa,’ magic and eroticism…in leopard print and heels, in a boudior. Then i came home and laughed it off with vino, with my ‘Loverboy,’ who finds pretty much everything i do rather rather sexy. I enjoy my life and i’m ticking off my *adventure* boxes a wink at a time. *sizzle.* (I’ve been in a place, where everyone has a story. Yet our paths are forced to cross..they cross manically that even Pollock would be puzzled, with all the ‘hoo-dee- haa.’ It’s all done in dim lighting.  It’s really rather Delicious!)

Anyway, i have to groom because i have an evening to get ready for, before a very busy weekend. I am LOVING my life at the moment. Make your story magical. Keep your fairytale alive. Mark this world with your own personal deliciousness and do it like you’re the Ultimate Glamour Glamour puss! *seductively walks out- winks* My story, my way…Join Me.

Just plain old pimpy

Tonight i’m on an adventure…and i’ve been nervous all day. But after a bit of *light* therapy, a bit of a *wiggle* around to a delicious hip hop track, i’m now ‘all thumbs  up’ and ready to take the stallion by the *whoop-dees* and turn it into *magic.* Wish me luck.

I haven’t been the usual online floozey that i normally am, due to being busy, having to groom, pack a bag and re-hydrate from my night of wine, with the hottest handsome this world has to offer. I swear, i tottered up to the bar, to return with hands full of double Malibu concotions and i had to sort of *stop.* I paused, looked at this beautiful specimen of ‘sexy’ and just couldn’t even breathe. He was gorgeously delicious, and he didn’t even realize. Luckily, after my *pause* i snapped back to reality and realized it was ‘Loverboy.’ I sighed with relief, smiled and tried to get him drunk on malibu. It worked. 🙂 (I’m a pro.) I like when I re-discover a bit of ‘ sexy’ and then I realise it’s actually already MINE!

Anyway, i do have to venture my pretty Glamour puss bootay off, because i have a train to catch. I’m in Leeds tonight, trying out a bit of this and a bit of that. I’m peeking in peeky holes and dabbling with the art of seduction. (You can tell i’m up to no good, simply by the fact i’m not telling you what ‘m doing yet. lol)

Love you all. You know you are a champion when a Handsome just looks at you after pulling the ‘Race card’ and says ‘Are you drunk? Coz you’re really slurring your words??’ #BEME  I was letting words trip up ungracefully out of my mouth in a peach, sequinned dress, having to listen to a dude talk about trampolines for 50 quid. You’d be wasted too. I’ve only just realized how drunk i was. But i’m the Kitty Queen of jiggery pokery, i shook it off, with a wink and ‘oooh.’ (The weather is AMAZING  right now.)

Oh and i’ve given Wazza 2 weeks to actually GO ON A DATE. He always puts them off, and well i’m sick of him putting Cupid on hold. I’m all good with the Gods of lurve right now…therefore he must be good with them to… via association. Two weeks! It’s girlfriend seasons boys! Get with it…score a Dolly, it’s summer…she’ll be in bikinis! *Downs wine*

Tonight will be ace. (Oh and if you’re in America…I’m on the telly tonight. TV Guide channel…10pm…Watch it.)

You Wunna?

The fact that i’ve only had one glass of red red wine (two) and i couldn’t remember the actually web address to my own website means i am what i like to call ‘Greatness.’ I currently have Britney’s ‘slave for you’ playing and i’m practicing lap dancing to myself in the mirror…which has trees on it?

Today has been delicious. I’ve wallowed in ‘ooh la laa,’ shopped for under garments, shoes and dignity. Then i found myself working rather hard, being excited about working rather hard and then stealing handfuls of ‘glow in the dark’ condoms. I don’t find them erotic, yet i do find them funny. I want to put one on my Pete, in a dark dark room, to see if it looks like a light saber. If it does, i will be gleefully, over-joyed and he will he rewarded with the best kind of ‘naughty naughty’ any girl can think of…on wine. *Reaches for her naughty tips.*

I’ve been up since 7am, so i’m not only tipsy, but delirious..bare with me. I’m out tonight for further merriment…so i thought i’d feel the spirit a little early, firstly because i’m in an astonishingly GREAT mood, and secondly because it always manages to *feel* me. I’m really happy with life right now. I leaping around with a glint in my eye and an ‘ooh laa’ in my heart. It’s a good feeling. I’m so glad, i turned over the page and go onto this new chapter. It’s worth a *wiggle* i’ll tell ya that!

Yesterday, i apparently typed my 16,oooth tweet and i didn’t even realise. Hopefully it was to an actual person and not a simply ‘ramble’ on about my life. If it was, tell me and i’ll cyber kiss you, and send you a signed piccie. (Lucky you. lol) I used to give out signed pictures of me in leopard print bikinis, in pubs, as a teenager. (If only i was joking!) Everyone in Ponty remembers the story better than i do…yet that’s usually the case. Infact, i’m confused as to how everyone in Pontefract has the best memories ever?? They can recall tales of tales from 1952…and all of them are mildy disgusting and abusive. Woohoo!

I need more food, all i’ve had today is one of those ‘count the calorie’ pasta salads from Marks & sparks. I’m NOT ONE BIT a calorie counter. I don’t think it’s sexy. I love my body. When you do, and you feed loves you back and when it does…Men do. And when men do…you’re a Glamour Puss! Once you’re a Glamour puss, you’ll then find the gays and girls will  adore you, (and ALL glamour pusses must love their gays & girls)..,and when that are one hit of a hoochie mama! I have a great audience. I hate saying ‘fanbase.’ My ego oddly prefers audience. (I lied…i actually do like saying ‘fanbase.’ It’s playful, it’s fun, it’s kitty…it’s Me.) Anyway, my audience is made up of young girls, old girls, straight men, gay men, young men, old men, everything in between (due to my feist and oddity) and from the ages of ‘teenage’ to ‘almost dead,’ and all over this merry world. Being a Glamour Puss *sips wine* is fun. We are people who enjoy deliciousness of every form. We aren’t afraid to flaunt it. We aren’t afraid to speak our mind. Yet at the same time we are loving, kind and ‘oooooh laaa daddio.’ (Don’t buy a salad from Marks &’ll be starving later. It’s made the vino go straight to my head and i’ve got to try and get ready for tonighta. Oopsie! But whatever, i’m Chrissie Wunna…no-one expects me to be sober, after 10.32am.)

I can’t remember what else happened today and i’m wondering why i keep getting adult acne? I love you all very very much and may this world protect you from any danger, that doesn’t end in a smile. If you’re reading’re sexy. I’m drunk. You’re ace! Happy Monday!!! (Fuck it’s Monday!) My phone accidentally called a Brothel last night, when i was on the loo. God knows how a kinky massage number is in my phone? *Wiggle-wink-Pout.* But Yeah, we definitely had very diferent views on a ‘happy ending’ and the importance of an ‘afro goodge.’ The rest of the day (five mins of it) was spent picking out diamond rings and pearls with my Mother. The only one i liked, (i’m quite particular with my jewels..when i’m NOT buying)…was accidentally £20,000. I thought it said £20 and was boosting about how unmaterialist i am!

My Mother enjoys the fact that i like expensive jewels. It oddly makes her think, she’s raised me well. Then she followed on her great parenting by asking me what was ‘sexual’ about a ‘pearl necklace?’ I paused and thought about my actions….(i mean it could’ve been a trick) and before i could explain my ring of man juice, sticky blingage…she said ‘is it like a golden shower?’ (I was definitely concieved via the art of slaggy sex, hence why i’m all kinds of floozey. I blame her for it all. ALLLL, i tells ya!!!!  I’m a product of THEIR dirty union. Even my last name is suggestive. ‘Wunna?’ There’s no point in even trying to save me.)

If you ran the London Marathon…well done INNIT!

Punished for the crime of sexiness

I’ve just woken up next to a fully clothed teddy bear. Even any stuffed animal i sleep with daren’t remove it’s clothing, when in bed with me. Most of you, (well hopefully) woke up to a well bodied female, or a deliciously dreamy ‘handsome,’ or a ‘being’ of future regret. I woke up next to a stuffed fucking bear in a hat and scarf, that didn’t even tell me he loved me. I’ve always thought cuddly toys were over-rated…especially the ones that keep their shoes on. From now on i’m only going to let superior cuddly toys grace my sheets…and they will be ones i’ve purchased from a sex shop.

In the last few rather loong hours i’ve managed to consume so much wine that my actual sight was given away to it. On Friday night i’d been on a late night drive with my sexy boy of ‘lover lover.’ (Pete) We actually pulled over and then got stopped ‘in the name of law’ my the Police, who decided to shine a torch into our car. Apparently they thought we could’ve been doing drugs, but we’re so completely *rockstar* and devilishly exciting that we were actually and quite luckily doing nothing. (Well i was holding an open bottle of red wine, that i was swigging out of. But i wasn’t driving, so IN YOUR FACE.) It was nothing really, they were actually really nice, when they saw we looked like a happy, young couple and not a pair of *thug mansions.* I did what i did best, mid *torch shine* and hid the wine bottle between my legs (*wink-pout*) and with a 100 watt smile, they drove off waving. (We later had sex on a dirt track. But before that and as i was confessing undying love, outside a primaryschool, he accidentally elbowed me in the face, mid * stretch.* )

Anyway, moving on…i’ve also shopped, got yelled at by a homeless granny who told me to refrain from using the Lord’s name in vain, because she was a Christian. I mean, all i said was ‘Oh cute,’ and we were standing by a market stall full of Dolls houses, in Doncaster. The word ‘GOD’ isn’t swearing, in my world. He’s the dude that made me Glorious, therefore i adore him. (Even though i think he’s bi.) It’s not like i said ‘Fricka-doo-dee.’ (Bitch.) Plus, as IF i would ever swear infront of DOLL’s houses. That’s like breaking the code of conduct of any Glamour Glamour puss. I was trying to model out how i might want my new Kitty Kitty flat, (‘Do you guys have a doll sized hot tub?’) The last thing i needed was a toothless homeless gran, trying to feel me up and tell me that she was a Mutha Fucking Christian. 🙂

It’s Freaking Friday!

Here we are my Pretties, once again on a rather wonderful Friday night. It’s really important to me to celebrate EVERY Friday night, simply because the ‘feeling’ of it gets the better of me, it’s a tradition that has been toyed with for  centuries and well it’s pretty much Friday in a gzillion countries of this dear world of marvel. Everyone must either be at the end of their friday night, the beginning or about to have their Friday night. It doesn’t matter what you do…all that matters is that you CELEBRATE it. (Plus, it’s

I’m choosing to spend mine with the ‘Handsome’ that i love, who is currently on a train from Leeds, rushing back to come and pick his little Glamour Puss up. We’ll probably have wine and blow jobs, but let me tell you, i LOOK DIVINE! I have my hair blown our in a giant Hollywood curls, i’m tanned, i’m manicured, i’m lashed, dollified and dipped in deliciousness. I have the *Giddy* in my system, a *spring* in my step and i can’t wait to ease my way into the weekend with a *smoochie woochie.* (A friend of mine claims that whenever any of his friends spot me in a bar, i’m always happily dancing away, with my lips attached to a gentleman. If they’re straight i’m doing the eyes fit for the Queen of any bedroom, and if their gay i’m *pouting* and *struting*..whilst they frantically run behind me fixing my hair. lol)

I’m really happy tonight and YOU should be too. I have the most amazing dress to wear, which will display my fondest assets and edge me closer to a bit of a ‘feel up.’ Woohoo! Infact, i’ve worked rather hard today. (I know, exhausting much. I didn’t break a sweat, because i just don’t. However, i did have a really long phone conversation.)

Abput 2 hours ago, i got off the phone to a company in LA, who have just watched me on ‘Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend’ and well they want to work with me. I was naked, trying to dry my tan, in my bedroom…what i like to call ‘boudoir,’ with my hair tied up and the phone pressed against my ear, as Carlos (Fun guy) told me that i was rather likeable, quite a hottie p’tottie, someone he watched and immediately was interested in working with and well he called because he wanted to put together a reality show concept for me to film in the summer…but in America. (Where they like me more.) I’ve also booked a bit of modelling out there, i’ve done a few little interviews for the different magazines and well life has turned out pretty pretty good..and all i did was celotape red feathers to my nips and do ‘oooh’ faces! Well done me!

Anywway, enough of the work talk. It’s all about the *play* right now. Throw caution to the wind, romance, dance, live love and always take a clean pair of knickers. I definitely want to get blathered, so hopefully i will and well Pete better be up for it tonight…because this Kitty is felling rather saucy. *Wink-pout* He says our sex life is at it’s peak and what he labels as ‘mind blowing.’ I haven’t even pulled out my Wunna tricks yet. (Oh incase your gay and reading this. I am wearing the best diamond chandelier earrings EVER much! EVER!!! If you’re  straight…i have no panties on. 🙂 )

Have a night of wonder and magic. Tell truths, tell lies, but do it with a *wink.*

A saucy bit of trouble much…

Loving today, i’ve already got my Friday feeling. I’ve opted for beginning the grooming process for this evening NOW (I’m a Glamour Puss…it works for me,) and not only am i feeling on top of this rather merry world (and it really has nothing to do with the rum i’ve just had) but i think i’m wanting to ‘rock the sexy,’ like no other drunken Kitty Queen of play has ever done before. I mean, in these lashes, i should rule the goddamn WORLD! *Begin to worship me here*

In the last merry hour, i’ve manage to convince a boy that i’m celebate. Then i’ve managed to text MY boy a bit of ‘dirty dirty’…i think it had something to do with meaty *willies* in *talky holes,* and all of this at the same time as explaining to a young man in LA, (who has his eye on the little Glamour Puss of Wunnaland) that I would NOT be  having his baby, due to me not really even seeing him, or knowing him.. in the last part of *ages*much. Men are so *weird* like that, they want to reproduce with me, even if they don’t really know me anymore and haven’t really seen me in years? WHY WOULD I DO THAT??? I wouldn’t! If i’m having anyones first born, it will be ‘Loverboys’ and firstly because he’d let me name the children after my favourite alcoholic cocktails, secondly because he has a six pack and thirdly…because i love him. 🙂

Last night, i tweeted, that i wanted either midgets or a hot *shirtless* to massage my feet. Now the GREAT thing about being Chrissie Wunna, is that you can *Tweet* such a thing and then immediately be inundated with personal messages from delicious darlings of *sizzle*..who for once, aren’t offering themselves (and i don’t mind that at all,) but wanting to send a boy to my home.. who will tend to my feet! I think it’s a *service* in LA or something? How delicious! I actually think it’s tremedously sexy! But yeah, I got an *inbox* this morning, stating that if i was in LA right now, then sending a hot boy over to ‘rub my feet’ is no problem whatsoever. I’m apparently the companies perfect type of clientelle and a ‘being’ that they would enjoy to serve their bundle of hot massaging boys of ‘ooh laa’ to! (THANKYOU FOR PUTTING ME ON YOUR TELLY AMERICA!) I love my life. It completely makes sense now. I’m here to enjoy…EVERYTHING. However ofcourse to keep me out of trouble, the party gods have placed me in England right now. I mean, i’m quite bad out here, in the brisk English wind. Yet when i’m over in the town of all things tinsel…i’m baaaad baaaaaaaaaad! I know that town of ‘smoke and mirrors’ like the back of my well manicured hand! It brings out the best in me…Honest!!

Other than all that jiggery pokery. I love LOVERBOY. I have drinks with him tonight. I need to shower, tan, groom and pick of the purrfect dress to impress. I’m the kinda girl that no matter what, will make the effort to look presentable. Not because i have to, but because it’s naturally in my Glamour pussy blood. I love the process of pamper and groom. Dollifying. You’ll come home, and i’ll look like i’m part of the cast of ‘Dynasty,’ or ‘Debbie does Dallas.’ Was it Debbie? (Help me out boys.) If i’m being honest, i’m mildy self-less because i actually love ‘Dollifying’ others. I always wanted to own an extremely glamourous, over the top, lush parlour of beauty. Where women can go and feel like woman for a while. (You’ll walk in a plain jane and walk out a floozey. Just the way i like it. Ooh Loverboy’s just sent me a text reading ‘You are THE perfect girlfriend.’ I’m giggling because i’ve just re-read the text i sent him previous. I didn’t even know how raunchy i was? I’m a *moment* girl and when i’m in the *moment* it all comes out…with glitter, magic and cum stains. I’ve impressed myself. *Eyes scan room for booze*)

Anyway, i’ve got lots i need to be doing..consisting of winking and pouting and grooming. I want to look delicious for my ‘handsome’ tonight. It’s how you get proposal. I’m currently being told it’s




Okay, i thought i was gonna have a majorily chill day of ‘Kitty koo.’ My pink blackberry rang, with the delightful voice of a lady i’m doing Tv business with. There was a bit of good news, a bit of bad news and a of yeah ‘Well done for you in America’ news. It’s always bizarre to me, how i always always end up with way more work and being way more ‘sellable’ to an American market. I’m loving it and well not only have a booked a couple U

Miss.Goody Goody Two Heels

Okay, problem over. I’m not rebellious AT ALL…i’m actually rather obedient. After having my *moment* of ‘DIVA. My moment of ‘let me be free’ and take all my fine clothing off to flaunt my goods for the world to see…it seemed i was over it. This is why i encourage you delicious lovely ‘beings’ of ‘ooh laa,‘ to blog. Once you write, type, or release something out of your system, you are then a lot more OVER it, than you think!

I mean, as soon as i hit ‘publish’ on the below entry, where i am sooo ‘naked garden of eden’ (*giggle-wink*) within one second of seeing it, looking at it, re-reading it…i was over it. My moment of ‘rebellion’ was almost nearly pointless. I must have felt like i wasn’t getting enough attention or something? Yet, not to worry…I’m filing that mis-hap under ‘Oopsie!’ Like i said before, i’m in a position to where a great deal of young kittens are placing me in a model of ‘role,’ with the word ‘Good‘ infront of it. I’m quite child-like underneath it all, because i feel like i missed out on a normal everyday life…therefore in a way i learn from my Wunnarettes. Infact, i  learn from you. Mistake-making is okay, provided you try not to make them and when you do, you learn from them, no matter how hard the *bump back down* to reality is. From now on, once again, i’m dusting myself off, putting my tiara back on and reaching for ‘good role model’ pedastal. *Puts bra back on.* (Infact, Wazza has just sent me a message reading ‘stop putting boobies on your blog!’) The awful thing about last nights *boobie* blog…was that it made my stats go up…which i guess is kind of what’s wrong with cyberland right now. I shouldn’t really be encouarging it. But i am a Wunna afterall…which means the odd impulsive moment of bad behaviour…which is code for ‘i’m a dickhead,’ is mildy acceptable.

Annnnnyway, last night i went for a bottle of red with Pete. (My Loverboy, who as we know means so much to me right now. I’m not afraid to say that. I’m proud! Love is a wonderful keeps us all together, out of harm and happy.) He picked me up last night, and i was in this odd choice of outfit, due to my rebellion. Usually, when i see him, i’ve picked a sweet, pretty dress of ‘class’ to wear…and i do LOVE a dress of ‘power, fun and glamourous deliciousness.’ Last night, i chose a tiny denim skirt, my mid-drfit out, a tight tiny white cardy and a navy blue tie. Yeah, it was sexy…infact, i kinda loved it. However, it was a bit porn starry and well whilst we were sat in our local pub, he looked at me and said, ‘one day i need to take you shopping.’

We drank, we talked, but we weren’t how we usually are. I mean, we were loving, but it was like something was wrong? I was fine at first, but i couldn’t help but notice that he seemed like he wasn’t. I mean he just filed it under ‘I’m tired from working so much and not getting enough sleep…but i love you, it’s fine.’ We drank half our bottle of vino vino and took the rest with us, as we reminised about the past i guess. I think we need to stop talking about the past and concentrate on the future. We’re an amazing couple…and well i want it to stay that way. I’m not sure what went wrong last night? However, i think, one of the main things that people do wrong in relationships is commiting to the art of ‘making mountains out of molehills.’ I work the opposite way. I’m usually always in trouble, which causes a ‘moutain’ and well i make it a pokey little ‘mole-hill’…with a *wink* and a bit of  ‘ooh.’ I love this boy more than anything…I told him exactly that. We cuddled. We kissed. Infact, i’m getting a little flash back of when he had my left hand in his hands. He was stroking my hand, almost studying it and telling me that he couldn’t believe them were real…’They’re tiny, like dolls hands, I can’t believe i never noticed that before?’

Luckily, (moving forward) we ended up being great again… after a rather *misty* start and yes…we had *hanky panky.* He was loving, sweet, sexy, and a lot more ‘talkative’ (wink wink) then ever before..which I REALLY like. I find it extremely sexy. I actually had my knee in a cup holder for part of the ‘joy.‘ (OUCHY!)  We definitely need to move in together. I’m a baby Glamour puss. I’m only allowed tiny bruises on knees, when they can be labelled ‘party scars.‘ I can’t have knee bruises from cup holders. *Hair toss.*

He drops me off at mine, and we talk, cuddle and realize that it’s now 1am. We actually talked about a lot of things in that time, we always do. Thankfully, we’re in love and i’m gonna try and dedicate a lot of time to being the love of his life. I never have before, with any other man and maybe that’s where i’ve been going wrong? He loves me, for Me and i really do like that, because it’s something this kitty cat isn’t used to. I’m weirdly learning what life is actually about and it has nothing to do with ‘fame & fortune’ and ‘awards’ and ‘power’…it’s all about love and happiness, giving love, having love, recieving love and spreading love. It’s about life and enjyoing the one you have. When you have love and happiness, nothing else matters.



Problem: I can’t stop feeling rebellious. I’ve just got out the shower, after having a bit of a banter with my ‘Handsome’ and well there’s just something in me, (Hmm..why doesn’t that make a change? lol) Anyway, yeah there’s something in me that’s needs to just be filed under ‘kink.’ I’m minx like. I’m playful. I’m experimental and naughty. If i’ve been a bit of a goody two heels for a looong stretch of time, without a bit of ‘tut tut tut’…i begin to become deliciously anxious and a tiny part of me, feels the need to rebel.

Unfortunately, i’m Chrissie Wunna..the Ultimate Glamour Puss of All things ‘ooh laa,‘ and well i DON’T EVER do things by halves. With me you will always get a full ginormous display of ‘wumbo jumbo.’ I love hard. I fight hard. I express hard and whilst i was stood in the shower, letting the warm ‘rain’ waterfall upon me, i started *flashbacking.* Oh the joys of the Flashback and weirdly apes were involved?

Anyway, i haven’t done a proper Glamour shoot in ages. (Well what i would call a ‘Glamour shoot,’ anyhow.) I haven’t done one, not because i didn’t want to, but i was told that it would be better for me NOT to. *slapped wrist* I’ve pretty much been a model of this sort for a rather long time now and in my mind there’s really nothing wrong with baring a bit of flesh and pouting, if you’re brave enough to do it. I’m a brave girl and we all know i love my body. It’s not that i feel like i have to take clothes off to BE sexy. I take them off because i’m not ashamed of what’s underneath them…and ofcourse it’s funny. I never encourage others to do it. I live MY story and let others choose their chapters of life, without judgement. Be you a librarian or a stripper, a lawyer or a taxi driver, gay, straight, black,white, good, bad. At the end of the day it truely makes no difference, what you do, if you truely aren’t harming others and you are comfortable with WHO you are! We all cry the same. We all feel the same. We all love the same and we all hurt the same. We’re human beings just trying to tango our way through life. And that’s what i LOVE about this world…PEOPLE!

When i was in the shower a minute ago, i kinda felt like i was missing the ‘glamour modelling’ part of my life. I think, i’m naturally an exhibionist and i don’t think it’s wrong. I think, i celebrate being sexy and i celebrate my ‘story.‘ I mean, i’m not  saying I wanna do it all the time, non-stop until exhaustion. But I AM saying that I am a kitten who actually loves a job of that nature and funnily enough i’m actually REALLY REALLY GOOD AT IT! (And well bottom line.. it makes me a great deal of ‘Moola Tallulah.’ It’s kinda a job, i was built for. Yet unfortunately a job that is frowned upon. Whoopeeee!)

Anyway, away from that, today i’m feeling fun, delicious and about to groom for the drinks that i have later with my boy of ‘Lover.’ I need a snack. I’m craving water and well these multi coloured rollers in my hair, really do make me feel like Nora Batty. I can’t wait for the evening to be upon us. *Grabs lipgloss- scrolls through phone*