Another Night Of Greatness

A Little Game of Hard To Get

Okay, i’m wanting to talk about this tiny game of tragicness, that we as the kittens of the world, refer to as ‘hard to get.’ I’m not a fan of this complicated matter of game-o…simply because i enjoy directness, bravery and preferably no child like game. However, i do want to cover important ground on this subject, for those of you who play such a ‘dilly dally’  in order to win the heart of another. (Yes, i do have a tragic friend playing it right now, to another that he loves quite deeply, yet out of sheer lack in believing in his own dear ability of charm, believes that he needs this game, in order to make the girl in question want him.) This game only works on children, or those who are inexperienced in life, love or self worth. Like why would you want something that is playing like it doesn’t want you. It disturbs me! Don’t sell yourself short, if they are wasting your time, put on better heels and *strut* onward to a ‘being’ who doesn’t need to play a game of ‘Hard to.’ I enjoy the game of ‘GET.’ You can leave the ‘Hard to,’ for the bedroom. 😉

Another thing about this lovely lace of lies, to win the affection of another…is that surely the rules to the game of ‘Hard to get’ is that you actually get ‘gotten’ in the end. I mean, i know people who have been playing it for a rather long time, led people on, pretending that they don’t want them, when all they really want is THEM FOREVER. They play the game so well that, they watch the object of their affection, their entire world, walk off, find another, marry another and still they lack the courage to actually tell them that they indeed do want to be with them. Infact, they miss the boat, due to the tremendous playing of ‘hard to get.’ Which i can’t help but laugh at. I love that they actually forget the the part where they are to be ‘gotten.’ HAHA!

Now i understand, ‘tease’ and not being too easy, or wanting to flirt your way into the heart of another. But ‘hard to get’ is boring to me. Don’t get me wrong…it works on the young. But i’d just get bored and think they were time wasters. Like for everytime you pull away….(if the object of your affection is desired by many), 50 other people will gravitate towards them and you’ll miss your opportunity. I mean, it only takes an hour in a bar to find your next relationship really. I found a husband in a one hour stint in a drama class.

If you are playing it don’t bother. Have the balls to believe that someone would actually like you, for who you are. I mean, no-one can hate you for loving them and if they do, they’re a twat. I do however, always perfer the men that just politely and forwardly ask me out…even when they’re shy. It’s the right way and charming. I’m noticing that what i have over others right now, is courage. I never knew that I would be so ballsy? I mean i haven’t always been this way. I started life off quite shy…-ish.  But i guess being torn apart emotionally in Hollywood, and having to fight for your way in life, a reason to get noticed….made me this way and luckily, in England….it’s working for me. Try it. It doesn’t bite! A little bit of ‘coto theu-rage’ never hurt anybody, now did it. It fucking WON wars! (I’m currently having a flashback of me leaping onto a giant moving vehicle in a parking lot, during the day, in LA …drunk, telling a boy that i loved him, whilst he was calling security and laughing out loud! I was 24! Infact, i passed out in my own vomit, shortly afterward. Lovely. Lovely.)

Oh and by the way, I’m an easy pull…if you do it in the correct fashion. All it takes is the perfect energy, a delicious wink and a whole lot of love.

I Adore you x

My Favourite quote of the day :

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little bit insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
-Marilyn Monroe

Nuts Bedroom Babe

I’m in this weeks addition of Nuts Mag, in the ‘Bedroom babe’ comp and i’m coming last. I didn’t know i was in the comp, until far too late, therefore i didn’t get to plug it in time. I don’t enjoy being last, because i like bedrooms, i like nuts and i’m a babe….right?

Anyway, this is my way of getting you darling gods of sexuality to Vote for ME to be your FAVOURITE bedroom babe, because i’m coming last (stop laughing) and i need all the help i can get over the weekend to get me in first place. You can vote as many times as possible and i only have the weekend, up until Monday Afternoon to do it in. (Oops)

Go to the link, Click and Vote for ‘Chrissie ‘  and well, we’ll all be happy and ‘Ooh laa.’ Bottom line, i’d just really appreciate it innit.  *winky pout* You can vote more than once…. Please do. You’ve done so well so far in a day. I mean i didn’t even have a line a going, the other day.

Egotistical Banter

Eventful day for the Pussy cat of ‘wink wink.’ I’ve spent it working, hustling, pouting and yawning mid hair toss, due to a sheer lack of much needed beauty sleep. I spent my whole night, tucked up in bed, in a pitch black room that was only lit by the bluey screen of my laptop…whilst i chatted away with my gays, my ‘Handsomes’ and myself. I sorted guided drunkards through the night via online security, before they laid their merry heads to bed. I’m on a detox *slurps Bacardi Breezer* due to a case of far too much McParty Party and a need to be a great deal more sensible, so i don’t get banned from clubs for hurtling abuse at others (who kinda deserved the abuse, if you ask me.) But yeah, this sober thing is fun. You can like see…and everything and you don’t have sick in your hair and a phone full of names you don’t remember.  *Downs more bacardi.*

Anyway, last night after going out to dinner with a lovely, i found myself chatting with @EddClay a delicious gay who really should be given trophies for his clean arrogant banter of Greatness. I love it, when we get trollied and just ramble on about how amazing we are and how he’ll get really far with his perfect jawline and how i believe everyone with exceptional taste adores me. Lol. I do believe it has to be done. I like people who love themselves. It’s always better than those who hate themselves. Wacky concept, i know. Anyhow, he was mildly upset after missing out on a chance with a hottie, he really could’ve snagged. Therefore i told him it didn’t really matter, due to the sheer amount of Hotties there are in this world and since i’m intending on taking it over…then surely i’ll be giving them all to him on a daily…as gifts of my admiration. I also told him that he has both Beauty AND good looks, therefore need not worry, as he will obviously go far in life. LMAO. I love the Wunna drunk wisdom. It’s almost unbeatable. Really…i’d let you slap me, but i’d like it too much and ask for more. The only way to kill me, is with kindness. Then i’d get confused, creeped out and fear you. Hahaha.

Anyway, whilst i was drunk bantering with him and ignoring my 100 drunk Booty calls from BB Rex. He must have been blathered *adjusts boobs.* Anytime a boy calls you every 10 minutes past 2am o clock…it means he wants sex or misses you and wants sex. I don’t answer after that time…unless, it’s someone i care about and i think they’re in danger. They never are, they’re just drunk and want sex. LOL. Infact, a lot of people kept buzzing my appartment at really odd hours screaming for me….I didn’t even budge a muscle. I just did my hair and ignored them. Great friend. I didn’t have time to quickly throw myself into my nice pyjamas and act like a Kitty Queen. Therefore i opted for the ‘fuck it’ option.

I got distracted….anyway. Okay, whilst i was egotistically bantering with @EddClay about life and beauty and love, and jaw lines, for an hour. In that time, i also managed to start a 3 hour conversation with a boy, a nice one, who holds the title of ‘de-flowering’ me, when i was an ‘old enough’ teenager. It started with a ‘Hi’ from him and ended with planning to go up to meet him for the weekend, to hang out and get to know him a wee bit better. I like the boy. Well now he’s a man. I mean, i use to hang out with him when he was 19. Now he’s 29 and our paths have re-crossed. Infact, it was kinda nice to talk to the boy that ‘de-flowered’ me and know that they’re at least a decent human being and know that they fancy you a bit. He wasn’t intimidated…i liked that. He wasn’t cocky either. Maybe he was drunk?

Therefore yeah, in 2 weeks we’ve planned to hang out for the weekend in Liverpool. Maybe if you re-sleep with the boy that took your virginity away, you kinda get it back. I’ve come full circle. I’m sexually back where i began and I love it. Now i can be a virgin all over again. FINALLY!!! *Calls daddy* I mean i slept with him first before anyone haha…before i even knew i would need a little black book. If i handed it too you, you would go to Page One and see his name there.

I think i need a gentleman in my life now. I need one to tame me. I’m a wild one, we know this and it’s because my independant streak gets the better of me. I like a man who could maybe take charge of me. Not many can. I need one that’s dominant and brave and MANLY. One that is gentle, loving and kind, but will make me respect him. I mean, my ex-hubby was a control freak, but i sure as hell listened to everything he said. He tamed me…i need that. This boy, i quite like, i think? I dunno, i don’t really know him too well? We’ll see. I sent him 2 slutty pictures, because i couldn’t help myself. I never get too excited until it all happens. Therefore in 2 weeks…you will be re-informed.

Swiftly but Silently

Just got off the phone to @Wazza who is pretty much my best friend of all time. He’s known me since i was tiny and well, i was going through..well i am going through a bit of a love life dilema, that no-one would really know about unless you are a member of the delicious Wunna Family, Wazza, the boy in question or maybe an Angeleno. *Wink Pout*

Whenever i need a pep talk…he’s the best person for me to go to. Firstly because we’re both adults, (i’m a bit exhausted of hanging out with kids…they haven’t lived enough yet…so they can’t really guide me on life, without being ‘Kiddie’ about it. ) And secondly because no-one quite understands The Wunna like Wazza or my family do. The way Waz and I solve our lovely problems, is by mentally ridiculing each other into submission, it’s one big giant ‘piss take’ of love…kinda like my life. This evening we talked about ‘Love.’ Who i want to date. Who i should date. Who i shouldn’t really go near. And then decided that i was pretty lucky. LOL. He on the other hand wants to date a geordie or a fat chick from Louisana so he can live off Gumbo and Jambalya…then die happy, with pecan pie running down his bib. He also wants to date a hot girl and be the ugly one in the relationship, simply because he doesn’t want to wake up every morning and feel like he could do better. LMAO!

Valentines day is near…so everyones getting a bit uppity about the whole ‘love’ thing…which kinda makes me giggle. I was previously uppity about it, but now i feel like Greatness, so i’m quite relaxed and happy about it all really. *pours herself a little love.* Woohoo! *smiles* Cupid currently likes me a little, so i can look around and feel 100% content with what i have going on. I feel whole and loved and when you do…amazing things happen. *Excited* Wazza hates Valentines day simply because he has a birthday 2 days after it…therefore it kinda takes the focus off his ‘turning another year older.’ Instead of people buying him prezzies, he has to buy some chick that he doesn’t really fancy prezzies..therefore he’s intending to not get a girlfriend until the 15th… (Which everyone knows is the wrong way round, as that’s the day of dumping, the day of ‘i don’t think it’s going to work out’…. after all the ‘i love you’ prezzies. LOL) I think the quote was, ‘then she can buy me shit.’ Hence why he’s single. I’m all for love, romance and a bit of kissy kissy. Valentines day is glorious to me. Infact, everday is! Woohoo! *wallows in confetti shower*

Anyway, enough of the jiggery pokery. I’ve worked really hard today and i feel grateful that i have a team around me who is boosting me up to a place where i feel i can flourish. Dreams really do come true, if you work hard at them and it’s funny to me how people often get me wrong. I work very very hard, under the false pretences of ‘party’ or ‘fun fun’ or like i’m really not doing so. I’m in a really good place right now. I’m had a calm day filled with adults and happiness.  It’s just been one of those days where you feel grateful for who you are and who you have around you. I’m one of those people that can sit back and laugh at myself and i’ve notice that that comes with age. I think it takes alot of living and being comfortable with everything in your life…happy for what you have to..and courage to beable to sit back and have a giggle at the old self.  It’s odd to me, how a great deal of people can’t and they sit there and go on about the ‘issues’ that  they have. I think, if you’re a person who holds onto issues, you do so, because you want too. People like that do not seem to do well in life, do they? Maybe because they spend so much of it throwing a pity party? I dunno. I just hope they get better. Holding onto issues, almost seems like an act of self destruction. If you are going through a bad time…know that someone else somewhere probably has it 99% worse.

I’m currently getting a wee bit sad because I’m seeing people them take themselves far too serious. I do understand it  because there’s always the age where you need to find yourself. But I’m seeing them make mistakes. Big ones. I see them struggle to find their footing, they’re way in life and they don’t seem to learn.  But that’s just is life, when you’re young. Now i’m grown, i’m happy. I know who i am. Where I am. Where i’m going and i’m excited about it. Today i surrounded myself around people of the same sort and i don’t think i’ve been happier. We’ve mucked around all day and i’ve loved every moment of it.

I’ve worked like a champion of all things ‘ooh laa’ today. Been on the phone to everyone practically possible. Loved hard. Laughed hard and well i’m ready to make my mark. I’m currently being prepped for what lies ahead and i’m feeling truely grateful for it. Imagine everything you ever wished for coming true. I’m proving that it really does happen and hopefully insipring you. Like i always say people get ahead in the time that others waste! Don’t waste time. Work hard. Keep good people around you…stay focussed. Try not to get distracted. Put YOU first.

On a dottier note, I had WONDERFUL bbm convos with my darling bestie

Oh please do stop….

Okay, so i’m back in London. We know this and already everything is going hidieously wrong. When i left…everyone was all ‘happy happy-joy joy’ when i came back from my delicious northern adventure, (where i spent time with my loved ones) everyone had changed and were distinctly miserable and broken. I like fun, laughter, love and cuddles, therefore broken and half full is always a downer for me. I don’t like to be around it and it just seemed like, i was surrounded my a crowd of frowning faces of despair. Even the ones that seemed happy weren’t. They were just drunk. Therefore, i’m deciding to take a time out and spend some time alone. At times you have to protect yourself from the sadness of the world with a Glamour Pussy force field of blockage. I can only do this by not being around it.

As loads of you know already (oh and thankyou soooo much for all my messages…i love you very much) Last night, i got thrown out of G-A-Y late for apparently being a giant homophobe..which everyone finds hilarious becaus

I’ll Have The Steak Sir

Well, i’ve just returned from my dinner date. I went on it for a little bit of fun and a moment of ‘time killing’ and well yeah, nice boy…i guess? He drove to mine. Picked me up at 7.30pm. When i answered the door, he looked all nervous and pink. I looked like a rich…slag. I automatically tried to make him feel comfortable by being the kitty queen of ‘touch.’ No, i didn’t grope him…i just hugged him. I should’ve groped him, then the date could’ve been over quicker. But i don’t like always having to make the man feel comfortable. He should be making me feel all cosy. I’m not terrifying. I’m sexy. There’s a difference. Anyway, then i ran out of the doorway and into his car, the sensor lights around my mothers home are rarely complimentary. I looked like a fucking witch. Haha..

To be honest i don’t have too much to say because he spent the time not saying much, being far too polite and being shy. I talked a lot. I asked him a lot. Then i sighed. I mean, i was only meant to be going on this for a bit of fun. I should’ve picked a player or a loud mouthed charmer, a cheeky chappy. However anyway, i picked a nice guy and well that’s exactly what i got. He brought me flowers. I really liked that. I bought him shots. He liked that (and he fucking needed it.)

We had dinner. He was being boring and i mean boring is okay if i already know you well. I mean there are boys, i can sit with, in silence or thought and it be completely comfortable. This was awkward. Well not for me. I enjoy awkward. I squeeze myself into those moments with a delicious wink of wit. Anyway, i figured the only way i could make this fun, is if he had more courage. The only way he could have more courage is if we got pissed. I ordered them in. It got fun.

When drunky he started getting ballsier. He grew a pair of nuts and began being a a Flirty Berty. I like flirty men, but only when they’re flirting with me. I don’t like men who take you out and then flirt with every other girl but you. It’s so ‘little boy, did that in school.’ I want a man. At one point i don’t think he could see any longer. It was terrific. I ordered the steak and everything on him, and with a face of sheer drunkardness out loud DEMANDED that i have everything i want. I know the people at this restuarant very well. I’ve been going since i was about 5. To them it’s a case of the same girl, but with a different face. He’d be a drunk dickhead. They’d give us the ten star treatment. I’d say thankyou. They’d give us free shots and give me a cheeky wink. (I am very fond of shots throughout dinner or to get a night going.)

All was going well. I was having fun and loving it. It was one of those meals will a million courses…so at times i’d have to stuff a moutful in my face and do a secret *trump.* Haha. AWFUL of me. I am a lady honest. I kept needing to go to the toilet to freshen up…well to breathe in my dress after mounds of red meat. He never went to the toilet once. I’m not used to that. Men i go out with usually make regularly tragic trips to the toilet and come back with dialated eyes, a bleeding nose and an attitude problem. Or they venture into here to text their girlfriend. This boy, i’ll call him ‘Darling’ was simply lovely.

He ordered champagne. Nice of him, he certainly made an effort. We had dessert. He told me i was beautiful, then followed it up with an ‘amazing.’ (Notice how i got that in…lol.) He looked dapper, smart and posh. I looked at him with dewy glamour puss eyes. Then he said a really weird thing, he said ‘I can’t believe you’re real?’ I never know what people mean when they say that to me? I hear it a lot…so in true Wunna *voice of chlamydia* style, i politely asked what he meant. He replied by going red and not replying. UGH!

Rough & Tumble

Now, i’m the pretty peek of the girliest of girls. I love diamonds, and makeup and chick flicks and pink. I’m told I put the ‘P’ in Puss and the ‘Amour’ in Glamour. However, on the flip side and mainly because i grew up around a bundle of boys, i really am quite masculine. I have a boys sense of humour, i grew up being a bit of a Hollywood girl Player, i drink like a boy, banter like a boy, and well…like a boy,  i’ve just got out of the biggest play fight known to mankind. Now, I enjoy a play fight and think it’s always better when you’re a girl, as the ‘PLAY’ in the word  ‘PIayfight’ is far more exercised at these times. I’m a smart girl, anytime i can wrestle with an angry boy for fun, i will. (‘Oops, my bra pinged off. My piglets are all over the place! Oh no, don’t soft punch me, and lay me on my back.’) LOL.

Anyway, one of my guy friends, who calls me ‘Moose,’ sexily saunters into a room, where i am aimlessly Bimbo-ing about, watching flowers grow & learning my A B C’s and he sort of had an ‘evil’ in his eyes. I can spot an ‘evil’ a mile away. It’s almost like an instant connection of spicey fire. (*boom*) He swaggers up, i’m in my best knickers, frilly skirt and t-shirt. He punches me in the arm. I do a pathetically fake girly *scream* He beats my boobies like bongos…then we fight. Don’t fucking touch my tits. I bought these fuckers!

OMG, it was hilarious. We we’re rolling all over a room wrestling, kicking, biting, punching, hair pulling, laughing, thumbing and squeezing each others faces…with ‘Gilmore girls’ on in the background. His weapon against me was licking. I hate being licked on my face. EWW!!!! He tried to use the ‘feel up,’ but um bitch please…i’m immune to a ‘feel up’ by a stranger. I tried to use a ‘Karate Chop to the neck.’ Yet realized i have zero strength anywhere in my body. All i am is a viscious tongue. Therefore i had to resort to using the power of the ‘make out,’ where you turn fighting into ‘kissing/sex against their will.’ Haha…raised well! It’s fun, it’ s like rape. Whenever i’d puckered up, he’d punch me and squeeze my face. HHAHA! (He has emotional issues, that’s why it works! He, for one moment will think you might actually want him and when he does, you knee him in the balls and reject him with laughter.)

Anyway, we had a blast and well i had to force him to leave, because tonight i have a dinner date. There’s only so much wrestling a Glamour Puss can do, without there being sex at the end of it and you needing a lip gloss touch up and to be in better lighting.

My Black Berry rang mid, being dragged across the floor by my ‘weave‘ and stomped on, to Beyonce and it was Mr.Date. It was funny because both of us immediately innocently *paused* our fight, so i could sound like a civilised human being, who likes champagne. There was no need for any prompting either. ‘Mr.Date’ asked me what i was doing, because he was at work or something? ( Lol) I replied with a very innocent ‘Oh hey yeah, i’m just getting ready and chilling before dinner later.It’ll be fun.’ KNOW that my guy friend, was still attached to my hair…infact holding it, like i was a pony. Infact, i was half laid on the floor mid phone convo.

Then i did actually realize i had to get ready and getting ready for me isn’t just slip on dress, it’s actually DYING my hair the right shade of black and making sure my skin is the correct shade of caramel. (Orange.) Then contemplating extentions and having my nails done for me…because i find it messy. I like everything to be extented. The bigger the better approach is the Wunna way. MORE! MORE! MORE! Extended hair, extented nails, extended eyelashes, extented boobies. I love it! Gimme. Gimme.

Then, guy friend who i really should name pack attack,’ says ‘Ugh, fuck i hate that ur going on a date. Now i’m gonna have to go back home and actually call my girlfriend.’ Haha! Awful bastard. I wouldn’t wanna date a guy who play fights with well boobied socilaites in his spare time. A lot of guys do that to me. They have girlfriends, but oddly just wanna spend loads of time with me. I don’t know who’s single and who’s not!! Then what do they do? They go home and tell their chick that i want them and want to steal them and won’t leave them alone. LOL. EVIL!! Then in pours the hate mail. HAHAHA.

I don’t know who wants me, who doesn’t, who’s just playing and who’s serious about me??? Therefore being the egotistical bratt that i am…i’m gonna go with YOU ALL DOOOOO!!! Hahaha….Ok, gonna go dye my hair. I have a luxury dinner tonighta! Personally, i don’t think boys spend a decent chunk of their time with girls they don’t fancy. They just don’t. They wouldn’t invest that much time in something. I know I wouldn’t… unless i wanted to have them in my life.

Shut up and Watch me Walk..

Best.Day.Ever.Today! I’m completely content with a fierce ‘Oooh La laaa,’ the perfect set of heels, a ring made of diamond clusters that my Daddy said was fit for a ‘Goddess.’ I’m feeling quite Goddess like today, a little bit egotistical, a little bit like i could wink and blow all kinds of things out the water. This little Pussycat is making her mark and Daddio, if feels sexual.

This afternoon, I’ve been BBM-ing my baby slave of love