Back to Work Tomorrow & Dirty Fecking parrots

Long but great bank holiday. Woke up to my phone ringing with people telling me i should’ve been at work. Oops! Haha…already a professional. I’m having a busy time…hunting, cunting and turning people into celebrities, whilst conning people and selling things. I’m loving life and well had a little ‘catch up’ today with a ‘someone’ who i often miss.

I’m currently in a bedroom, not my own, blogging, whilst my friend in question is choosing to be racist. LOL. I’ve made a boy lose a poker game. I love midgets. I have a looong day of work tomorrow beginning at 8am and i’m actually excited. However, i do want a promotion so i can get to the part of life where i sit in my rather giant office, do fuck all, boss people around and abuse my power.

I haven’t had sex in ages and i’m really yearning for it. Hahah… I’m crap at being a slag now. I’ve been too fucking busy to fit it in. (ooh-er.) But on a good note, i’ve been asked out a lot over the last week. (Which is always good for the ego. lol) I fancy having a bit of a boyfriend….but it has to be a being who understands my work load. I’m juggling lots and trying to flipping orgainzing my new appartment. There are a few interested suitors…but i know who i like and well what i like. (Wink wink) I’m sitting next to an aggressive drunk! He’s pretending to be a spastic and showing me his scarf collection. There’s a parrot telling me to’ go fuck myself’ and telling me to ‘show him my tits.‘ Then after i kindly compliment the feeling on one particular scarf…i get yelled at and told ‘ Course it does!! It’s Vivenne fucking Westwood.’

London life is treating me gooood. I’m use to being here, therfore it’s not really a massive change. Well it is from LA! I’m having lots of fun. I’m loving working…i actually miss it when i’m not there..which means i’m a loser. I have a wine in my hand…a date on the cards, an ex, an ego and a new found sense of power.

As soon as tomorrow starts…i’ll be running none stop. But bare with me, life is about to get pretty goddam good. (she clicks, she hair tosses, and calls her subjects to fan herself down.)

Bitches I’m Back


Hey my sexy treats of fuckery. I’ve been ridiculously busy working all day everyday, that i honestly haven’t had a moment to pause and write a blog, as any spare minute of my time, has been spent on flirting with strangely hot men that i work alongside, marketing and jack daniels. I don’t think i’ve worked as hard as i have been doing in my life ever. But i’m loving every moment and proving that no matter what you really can do anything you set your mind too. It’s been hard, but i’m finally on the most stable of tracks and challenging my sexy, well boobied self to a life of completeness. I did it!! FUCKING LOVE IT!! I’ve been working 12 hour days. If you don’t work hard and i mean really fucking hard, with determination, dedication and patience, with an air of self will not get far. I’m planting roots for an amazing future. I am ON this shit. If i can do it. You can.

Anyway this i just a quick ‘i’m back’ blog. I’m juggling a life of socialite ‘IT’ girl, with an extremely tough marketing, well PR job. I’ve decided that all glamour pusses, now need to have a career, other than ‘ooh laa.’ It’s important to challenge yourself, and stretch beyond your comfort zone. I’m trying to set the standard. Therefore now you all can’t point and say ‘airhead’ as this Bimbo of ‘ooh’ is a full time, hardcore worker & doing what she does best. Plus, i bet work 100 times harder than you. I’m in an office full of boys, GREAT boys who have showed me the ropes to life and well i love them. I have some great great work collegues, who are all (although a little taken back by my existance) are encouraging and great friends. I work for a firm in London Bridge. I’m there 8am ever morning. Lots of you have seen me. One minute i’m business women and the next i’m sat on the tube, posing for pictures with teenage girls, and pouting. I LOVE it. I still got it. Yeah! Yeah!

I’ve also moved to London. Yep i did it. I’m here and loving it. My time has been taken up by work, but it really is amazing. I’ve met wonderful people. I’ve been in the homes of many. I’ve embarrassed myself, worked my arsed off and really proved myself. I’m dancing around a mans world and winning. I’m gonna be the most powerful woman in the world. (sexy much.)

Last night i figured i’d go out and get trashed, as i didn’t have work in the morning for once, so yeah i went to Romford and partied chav style. IT was amazing. I got so fucked and partied away my cares, posed for pictures, went to dinner at Cafe Rouge and then found myself on a childrens carousel, yeah those ones for 5 year olds, with the merry music, dressed like a slag at 2am, circling round and around on a horse, then it suddenly dawned on me that I was not only a twat, but also quite a wonderful being. I’ve even had a friend pretend i was dead on Twitter this morning for a bit of attention. LOL

I’m really happy with life right now. Both the ‘it’ girl stuff ( as i am a funtime girl) and Marketting job thing, coz i’m surrounded by people who inspire me. They are the hardest working boys in the world. I’m on the way up and fast. Only thing missing is the man of my dreams. And well i have options…wink wink. LOVE it!!! I’m writing a book, i’m filming and well i’m really proud of my little boobied self. Happy bank holiday!!

I love you. I’m back. Now lets rock it up to the next lofty level…pass me my cocktail lovers.

Dinner Tonighta!!


I’ve been asleep all day. All day! And had the best day of sleep ever. I like literally opened my eyes, all ‘hoochie- sleeping beauty, who might have a drinking problem’ and i really did think i had slept the whole way through the night and woken up on a merry sunday morning. I nearly had a bloody panic attack. Then i stumbled down stairs in my knickers to watch the ‘X’-Factor…which i’m finding boring. I mean i hate all the early everyone auditioning part. I only like it when it kicks it and gets to the final, where everyone is good. The tom foolery annoys me. (I’m a bit grumpy right now, because as i’m writing this, i have an old flipping man circling me and being miserable.) GO AWAY!!

Anyway just wanted to report that i’m now OVER my crush. Over it. My sleep ridded me of such nonsense. I got it out my system merrily with wine and shut eye. And if i’m being honest…i’m just not that ready to dive back into another ‘love story’ yet. I’m still recovering from the last one. And not quite 100% healed from it yet. There’s still a ‘pull’ a connection there and until that’s gone and completely gone…i don’t think i can move forward too fast. (Well maybe i can try…Lol.) I do want to settle down though with a ‘lovely.’

Anyway, just so you know, i’m still socialiting and still doing my Glamour pussy do-do. Tonight i’m going out to dinner, for warm food, red wine and ‘good times.’ I have A LOT going on. A LOT!! And i’m loving where my life is taking me…well i think i do?? I’m being invited to appear everywhere, to smear my jiggery pokery all over this land and then write about it in a inappropriately sexy manner. And i’m loving that part of my life. I’m a bucket load of fun and get a little carried away at times..but you godda admit…YOU fucking LOVE IT!!!

Off to dine my darlings!

Here we go again…

Okay…so i’m properly starting to fancy someone right now ( it is only ‘starting to’ by the way) and i hate myself for it. I’m like ‘oh nooo.‘ Which is odd for me because i’m usually like ‘Yeah baby yeah.‘ But i feel bizarrely a tad bit shy about it all. I guess he must subconciously bring out the ‘girly girl’ in me and without him even knowing. Like he doesn’t know i might fancy him at all because i’m using the sweet, inaffective move of completely trying not to, ignoring it, pretending i don’t and well, going against everything i stand for and not saying anything. (hahah…classic move. I don’t know why i’m all shy?? I feel stupid. Yet i know he does it too…) I’m oddly impressed by him? I need to stop.

But i have spent time with him recently and well i guess the more time you spend with someone, the kinda more you begin to fancy them right…accidently? Maybe i’ll only ‘begin to’ then be over it? But saying that everyones allowed to fancy anyone…it doesn’t really mean anythings going to come of it. I’m just usually a great deal more outspoken. But when he’s in the same room as me, i like look away (like a twat, and pretend he’s not in the room, until he comes to talk to me. Hahaha..)

He’s cocky, but a bit shy also, therefore we have these random moments of ‘eye talk’ (as Lotoya Jackson would say) and what we don’t say…says it all at times. But then we’ll just blank each other, or verbally abuse each other, have a moment of ‘almost’ (which is always good) then, both immediately cut off from the moment and go back into ‘serious,‘ like the moment never happened and will never happen. Yeah, it’s good like that! (I’m blushing, under all this fake tan.) We don’t like to emotionally expose ourselves to each other and it’s kinda our job not to. We’ll have a moment then walk away like we have things to do, people to see, midgets to kick. Yeah it’s CHAMPION.

I like it because he didn’t meet me in a social environment, like in a club or an ‘I’m Chrissie Wunna- And i’m a fucking Glamour Puss’ venue. And he met me under very normal normal circumstances. Like when i’m just in trousers, calm, laid back and well a regular old girl…with an odd, yet simply delicious amount of boobage.

Nothing has happened. We are currently new matey mates. And it’s gonna stay like that for a while methinks, as i’m certainly not going to me the ‘mover’ on this one…at all. Girls it’s important for the MAN to make the move.I don’t know why i feel all ‘little girl.’ Maybe i see him as ‘man,’ even though once again he is younger than me?? I have a young spirit…i seem to be going for toyboys all the time. ALL the time now. But saying that EVERYONE’s younger than me…i’m falling to pieces, in me old age. lol And also boys are tending to go for ‘women’ right now.

Anyway enough of that. Just needed to let it out. I’m sure i’ll get over it. I’m exhausted from my yesterday of intense worky worky. I’m so unfit. But yeah HAPPY MANCHESTER PRIDE everyone!! Got really tipsy last night and had the best night with work colleagues. I love them. The best guys ever!! I’ve never met a finer bunch! I was walking across the whole of London bridge at 1am last night with a ‘nobody knew who he was ‘chav (new best friend…that could be a show lol) and an Ashton from JLS lookalike. Who was loudly singing ‘I believe i can fly’ (Quite badly.) Hahaha…

Loves Her New Eye Candy

chrissie-5[1] (2)

Okay i’ve been so crazy busy with a new chapter of my life that i haven’t even had a second to write my blog for you. Lots is happening just so you know and everything is changing. It’s all changing so fast that i’m playing ‘catch up,’ and loving it. I’m on a rollercoaster, but this time a good one that doesn’t involve emotions and is purely based around work. Everything is changing. I mean my life has. My whole being has and in days. It’s odd. But i like it. I’m moving up in this world and i guess i’m more ‘ooh laa’ than i ever thought I was. When it happens…it happens fast. Oh an dwithout me telling you too much. I’m living proof that you can actually honestly get whatever you want, if you are determinded enough and work hard enough to get it. It’s crazy what could happen.

Okay, so i’m in a new work environment..well i was today and just like that, I met a boy…a HOT one. Like a sexy, sassy, extremely good looking, like could be a model, going places in life, in his shirt and tie, type. I love eye candy. LOVE eye candy. He has the same goals in life as me. Looks a bit like a ladies man, one that attracts alot of attention, but you can tell he’s decent guy. Knows his stuff well. Intelligent. Wants to be powerful. Great conversationalist. Wants to impress me (Hahaha…) and well i was basically told that I was to spend my WHOLE entire day with him and i mean entire day!! We have a good bit of inappropriate banter going on and a good new friendship. He’s sexy, knows it, 25, confident and i believe other than us verbally sexually harassing each other all day, then talking about love, life, work and money… We’re quite a good tag team. It’s sexy. Infact God is currently being good ot me with boys. He’s sending me lots of choices for potential ‘happy ever afters.’ My work is littered with handsomes. Be jealous girls!!!

Right now we’re simply flirty work collegues…which is always the best because you’re forced to see them everyday. That’s probably how it’s gonna stay for a while, yet know that i’ve spent the last 9 or 10 hours straight with this being and have to do it all again tomorrow. He’s a lot of flirty fun. And if i love anything…i fucking love fun! (hahaha…watch    out!!)

Oh my gosh, on a different note, i also found out that my ex-boyfriend has basically lied and slagged me off to everyone behind my back, when i’ve been nothing but a darling to him. Quite properly bad mouthed me to people, so i hear too…which is always rather disappointing to hear, (doesn’t make him look good) especially if you kinda trusted them and believed what they said to you. It seems he wasn’t as straight forward as i thought…must be an age thing. It’s pissed me off. And i know he doesn’t want me to slag him off on here (as he cares about what people think about him)..but sometimes people need to be pulled down a peg or two. I’m annoyed and could totally have him in a fight anyway. I feel a giant ‘let it all out’ coming up shortly…be warned.

However for now…i need to sleep. It’s 3am and i’ve got to meet the new fun flirty work friend at 10.30am in London. I’m at my mums in Ponty right now and in a few hours i’ve got to be up, glammed and be on a train.

London Town My Darlings

Omg! I have had the busiest day EVER. I’m currently back in Yorkshire, after being in London ALL day!! I don’t think i’ve worked harder than i have ever worked in my life and i fucking looked AMAZING. It was a day of nothing but business and nothing is sexier than a girl that can ‘business’ her way onto a higher position in life. I looked like ‘Business Barbie’ all black shirted, black trousered,with my file of accounts and devastatingly delicious handbag.

Anyway my day began early. It started off in Camden. I met the most boring person i had ever met, followed by the most excitable person i had ever met, who had a multi-coloured chandelier. Then i cabbed it to London Bridge as fast as my cabbie could take me in the heat. (Gorgeous weather by the way.) Arrived at the BIG meeting of the day which i’m actually not going to tell you anything about. Only a couple people know and as of right now it has to stay that way. I don’t want to jinx anything.

I was told i would get a result by 5pm…I did and got the result i wanted. (Yeah I did.) I got called back in tomorrow for a looong day of work, therefore again i’ll be in London tomorrow ALL day and i’m really excited about this whole thing. I’m doing myself proud. I don’t think i’ve ever felt so powerful and sassy. I got a lot of respect today AND i met a dwarf, who lived in a dungeon, with a grey punk rocker wig on, who pulled me infront of a bus because I was pretty, and tried to chop my head off. I think he said his name was ‘Danny B.’ Hahaha…cute. Oh and i had a bunch of business women try to set me up with their sons, on a train. The fact that they weren’t kidding, worried me. It was awkward. One looked like he had all the teeth in the world in his mouth.

Anyway after than i met up with my gay, at Kings Cross and had gin and tonics, followed by Jack Daniels and lemonades. Then travelled all the lovely way back home. Life is getting amazing. I’m astounding myself even!! LOL. I need to go to bed now. Early start. Got to get to London. Working all day, til 8.30pm. OMG!

Love you more than you know. x

Love to Love you baby!

Okay this has got ot be quick because i’m kinda still at work and trapped behind this stage thing, with no light, other than that beaming from my laptop and well some kitten that’s not mine, therefore probably isn’t a dirty whore.

I’ve had the busiest day ever. A shoot in the morning. An nterview during the shoot. I’ve then had a book conslutation, (hahah…i meant ‘consultation,’)followed with a delicious dollop of meetings. My hair started going greasy during the meeting which seemed to concern me more than the career talk. Yet the pretty decent weather outside, that i am unable to enjoy because i’m having to sit around in a golden bikini, is quite lovely. I feel a barbeque. I think i’m gonna throw a party quite soon. You’re all invited. I’m a  great party thrower. I have wine. Can you tell?? Woo-hoo! Drinky Drink Drink! Great role model. I need some air.

I need to leave shortly, i do as it’s my best girlies birthday tonight and well she’s made it to another year which fucking shocks the shit out of me. I need to celebrate it. Yet this goon pointing at me right now, refuses to let me. I’m in Lonodn tomorrow for a big day, a big chapter and a big organize of my move. It panics everyone…but me and that’s mainly because i have wine. (Which i hate as i’m really a cocktail kinda girl.)

Watched Peter Andre’s little show last night. How much did it make you fancy him right? Omg! How cute is he!! I always thought he was a bit wet, yet it seems he’s doing ‘wet’ in all the right ways! Purr…(I’m tragic…i know. Please clap.)

Other than too much work, i’ve completely made too tight V-neck sweaters be totally worth it today. There’s something far too sexy about them. I was in one ans i don’t think i ever looked as good in my life. Yes it probably was the ‘boobies’ all trapped and ‘V’-ed…but the casualness of it, is what made it ‘OOh laa.’ I’m also very much into clutch bags right now and because they’re completely impractical. Any girl carrying one is irresponsible, carefree, dangerous, therefore sexy. It’s a ‘clutch’ all the way! Am i really gonna be preggers in spring??

Anyway godda go, but i will leave you with this: Angels exist. They are normal everyday people, who ooze this amazingly magical life force, that cross your path for whatever reason, change you and bring you happiness. Hold on to them. Squeeze the life out of them. Keep them forever.

I really love you all and to anyone reading this right now…i hope this world takes care of you. Big love ( and maybe a shimmie. Wink wink)

Letting Life Do Me Proud


Odd day really. I’ve eaten so much, that i’m quite possibly going to be pointed at in 2 weeks and called ‘fat bitch.’ (Which is always a delight.) I’ve been quite proactive, as my life is a changing, yet the people around me all seem to be depressed. I’m as happy as can be, filled to the brim with ‘ooh laa’ and magic and i’m trying to make all those around me perk up a little. Don’t know why everyones seeing the worst in situations?? I’m a positive girl…hence why good things happen to me. Good things also occur due to my ample boobage, but I’m sick of you all being miserable with your lives. I just know that wherever mine takes me, it’s going to be AMAZING. I’m not letting anything get to me. I’m pushing down walls, thundering through tight spaces and socialiting my way through this world until i have it in the palm of my hands and have you all spinning around with Me. I make the best out of everything. You should too. I’m having to keep myself to myself simply because everyone else seems a bit ‘buzz kill.’ England sort of teaches people to be calm, quiet, work a normal job, and be safe. (My friend made me aware of that.) Whereas Hollywood teaches you to be wild, irresponsible and to chase your dreams. I’m gonna be moving to London for a wee bit soon, and i always notice how miserable everyone usually is…well sort of depressed in a happy way. I’m gonna turn it upside down, like i did in LA and make it the most wonderous place to be. Make people feel with every cell of their being and have the best time ever. It doesn’t matter how bad the city treats me, i’m going to LOVE it and enjoy every second. And if you don’t join me, then you’re just gonna have to watch me.

I got offered a job today and got called in for a job interview for another. They have nothing to do with entertainment, therefore i don’t particularly love the idea, however it might be a good way to venture into another world for an experience that i’d never get to have. I’m going to go to my interview and see what happens, yet i’m taking it in my stride. I always think whatevers meant to  happen to you, will just kinda find it’s way to you. Like i say, everyone thinks i’ve done a lot of crazy things, when really ‘crazy things’ have quite rudely done ME..and without protection. They’ve sloppy messed in my insides good and proper. Life is always good like that. I’ve lived and it’s been amazing. I regret everything.

The other day i quite funnily really disappointed myself, by doing something i promised myself i wouldn’t do. (Lol.) It’s not anything horrifically bad, just something quite embarrassing really, that i’m gonna get in shit loads of delicious trouble for. I love letting myself down. I haven’t done it today though, therefore i’m quite quite proud of myself. (Hahaha…) I’m doing well. I’m clinging onto my dignity….just.

Oh i had one of my dear Wunnerettes, (the girls that I mentor) tell me that i was totally in their dream last night. But in the dream i told them that i hated their outfit and she was dead sad. (Hahaha…) I love it. I think it got a lot worse? But i cut her off her story, as she went a bit lesbian on me. I’m obviously mentoring them well.

I’m totally missing a boy right now. I like missing people because it means they must have some sort of impact on your life. It’s all good. I’m happy. It’s beef for dinner. I’m off to go ‘fat bitch’ it. I love being curvy, it makes me feel all kinds of sexy and means i’m happy! When i’m skinny, i feel quite miserable. Eat those carbs! I tells ya!! Over the last couple weeks, i’ve been really rubbish at eating. I’d always have 2 bites and give the rest to ‘Baby Blue.’ Now i’m all ‘champion’ again…i’m eating loads more and well i’m feeeEEEEeeling Goooood. Woo-hoo!

Boys, Boys, Silly Boys

Morning! I’m doing this whole new, go to bed early, and wake up at a reasonable hour thing. I do feel better about my being, however all it really does it make the day longer and when you’re a ‘lady of leisure’ (who’s friends are all at work) it really does make the day a snooze fest. I like to be doing things. Living life. Throwing myself freely off the lofty cliffs of excitement, with a wink in my eye and my tits to the sky. This ‘Lady who lunches’ thing is getting old. I went to Nandos last night with my family to celebrate being a family. I love normal family dinners because all anyone does is sit and take the piss out of me…which i love. I’m like the naughtiest one out of the bunch and i’m praised for it. I’m praised for running off to Hollywood, and kicking down the walls of the world, in heels, half wasted, with a party hat on from 1982. My mum looked at me in awe, shook her head and burst into laughter, with a ‘God knows how i bred something like you. You’re amazing.’ Like they’re really proud of my complete idiocracy. Like i’ve ‘done things that would make a Pirate blush,’apparently. However, i am concerned that i’m losing my favourite child status to my brother. They seem to be warming up to him now, due to all his ‘do gooding’ and sensible choices. Therefore i got drunk on red wine and began talking about my love life, with a piece of chicken in my hand. It’s always a winner at dinner. (Yeah i know…it fucking rhymes lol.) He was a monk. I was a drunk. Now pick a side bitches!!

Anyway what i actually wanted to talk about this morning was boys, men, the ones with the ‘dingly danglies,’ who suffer from self esteem issues an dillusions of granduer. It is always better in life to be a woman and now we’re realizing it, they’re getting scared! We’re sending them loopy…or is it just me??

I woke up thinking about all the randomly weird things boys i’ve dated have done to Me. I don’t know why, but I terrify men, especially the ones that date me. Like they really do love me. But then they turn into these crazy insecure wrecks…without me doing anything, but existing. Then they ruin the whole thing, because they feel a loss of control, when they shouldn’t really be fighting for control, they should be sharing the space, building a team and loving me. They do it to themselves.

I had one boy ages ago, who was a bodyguard (for Britney spears) in LA, who i was dating and well because one night I went to the Hollywood Records Christmas party, with a friend (who was the V.P of the company) and accidently got completely trashed, did a bit of ‘powder’ ( i don’t do that now,) had the best time ever and passed out in a hotel room of the ‘Renaissance’ whilst yelling at him down the phone and hanging up, because he refused to pick me up.  He (as in ‘Bodyguard’) decided to pick me up in the morning, took me back to his place, was upset that I found myself so funny & was commiting to acting all weird. I go into the bedroom, pull up the sheets (he wanted me to make the bed) and i find a BLACK ‘not mine’ THONG!! Then i look at him and he’s covered in scratch marks. I didn’t react and just tossed it to one side and giggled. He got upset at my non-reaction and well i felt like I didn’t need to react because i knew he had set it up. (Hahahah…) He did it,  to try and jealous me into submission. Like why bother???? I lost respect for him.

I mean come on. I have been and seen and dated it all. Plus, i was older than him, (yet i didn’t know because he had lied about his age) so any stunt he pulled, i probably had already pulled at one point in my life. But he felt so insecure (yet he’d always act cocky) that he felt the need to plant an old  thong, in his own bed and scratch mark himself, THEN be stupid enough to admit it (Lol…which i did like actually.) WHY??? I wish boys were just happy, y’know normal around me and loved me, without feeling like they might lose something???  They’re so scared to relax and be ‘in love’ with me. The story is getting old and making them very boring. I guess, they think that boys are us ‘up my arse’ (ooh-er) lovey dovey. And yeah they can be. But usually when i start dating boys, at first they’re lovely, then they begin the awful ‘game.’ And it’s Most boys…hence why that behaviour is boring to Me. I’m so use to it. If i find someone that’s super loving and open about how he feels about me, then it will make a giant change for once and i’ll want to keep him forever.

I’ve had so much of that happen. Like one boy, left a pair of girls shorts in his bathroom. (He planted it himself) I found out later he was madly in love with me, but never told me. Hate that.  Another, faked a stream of phonecalls from girls. One refused to open up and pretended he hated commitment and thought he would woo me by pretending to be a player (RIGHT, Coz that works when it comes to winning me over) when all he really wanted was for Me to be with him forever and love him and another spent the whole time trying to make me extremely jealous that he forgot to actually love me. He ‘gamed’ his way into NOT having Me. BOYs are nuts. Be yourself!!! It’s annoying, it’s looong and i’m not a patient person.

On a good note, i have in the past woken up in a beige bed on Henry st, Brooklyn, New York, with a boy who was lovely and vowed to want to spend the rest of his life with me. We lived far apart and he had an item of clothing of mine that he would sleep with every night, because it smelt like Me. That was romantic. I liked it…a lot. He then moved to LA to be with me and well kept his word. And i recently woke up in another beige bed in Camden, London… to a boy who as soon as his eyes opened, reached over me, grabbed a piece of paper and pen (i was asleep laying in his bed) and wrote me a love letter, then he folded up and placed in my bag. I loved that. I love a romantic boy. Like i believe in fairytale love and it upsets me if i’m with an unromantic boy, or a boy that is afraid of love, or hides his love. Like i said before, i find it boring. I like an open, forward man. Not dirty though. I mean Open hearted and I LOVE ‘love.’ I’m a relationship girl and i love making the person i love happy. I’m that kind of girl. I do love someone right now. But…well….lol.

Men always guess how I want them to be, instead of just being and trusting that I would love them anyway. They ruin it for themselves. Oh my medium said i would be pregnant in the spring of next year… and it’ll be a BOY!! Well that’s gonna be an interesting blog. LOL. (‘Woke up this morning and found that i have another being growing in my belly. How the hell am i supposed to fit into my summer clothes now??’) Hahaha…

Okay i’m gonna make a cuppa tea… I do have a busy day.

A Healthy Dose of Jiggery Pokery

chrissie_20[1] - Copy

Well Heeeeelllllooo my dumplings of ‘fudge.’ I’m up, i’m feeling oddly amazing for this time of morning. I had the best nights sleep ever and i’m currently laughing at old memories, but kinda laughing at them to myself (which sort of makes me look a bit ‘Yes i do lick windows on fridays.’ But ah well, you can’t win them all. Well you can? I’m totally loving the new saying ‘Impatience is  a Virtue.’ I’m deciding to live my life by that.

I’ve had a lot of my LA friends catch up with me just recently and a lot of my exes have a quick ‘holla.’ Isn’t it always the case though. However, England is growing on me now and i think i actually needed it in order to truely find myself. I mean the people are still a bit odd? But i’ve met a couple of really really great ‘lovelies,’ who i can positively collect and keep in my life forever. God i’m craving a bubble bath right now.

I’m just remebering this time, and