20 Lucky Dips & Chill Time

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I’m home with the babies and it feels like BLISS. It’s weird because when it’s just the babies and I, both Ruby and Junior turn into angels and everything seems so easy, calm and light? I have no idea why? But it does? Maybe it’s because for a long time that’s all we were…’us.’ So when you introduce a new ‘character’ so to speak, the dynamic changes for them and things turn dramatic. They both adore Ben and actually can’t wait for him to venture home from his evening of ‘doing Dodge’s birthday.’ Yet, when he’s here, or anyone of that matter, a ‘show’ turns on…and they drift from their angelic, easy going selves, into attention fighting monsters. Lol. It’s normal. However, the good thing about this time around, is that Ben’s here to stay, which changes the dynamic for the better. (Ruby’s gobby, but very cautious about a new face in her home. It never happens, so when it does, she gives them a hard time, until she feels they’re right. Lol. Junior however, likes no one. HAHAH. But Ben he has truly adored, right from the start. Ben’s the being he goes to for cuddles, safety and laughs.)

We’ve made chorizo burgers. Junior’s napping, Ruby is being as good as gold and embracing her Mummy time, with love, smiles and her little heart at peace. Ruby is literally just like me and I watch her being so ‘Wunna’ like with pride, even when shes bratty.

There’s a frog in a Pyrex jug, poo’s happening, a swirl of happy, calm air and this stable, lovely ooze of family life going on.

I’m having a wine. I’m hoping everyone at Dodge’s birthday dinner is having an amazing time, with the Thai’s and curry. It’s shite that it’s raining, but it’s sods law isn’t it. You plan to go out and have fun and the weather turns out to be a bastard, just to make you feel *Urk.* That was the good thing about Summer, it didn’t feel dark and shitty, when you headed out for a drink.

I’ve bought 20 lucky dips for the flipping lottery tonight, so i better win. 🙂 (Yes, i am a tool.)

We all know that i’m gonna come away with nothing and not even one number that matters on the score board. Haha. But C’est la vie. I’m still happy. I had a chance, I tried and I find it funny. The guy in the queue infront of me, was making fun of me for doing the ’20 lucky dips please’ but he bought fifteen!! Lol. Everyone’s having a go an we’re all in it to win it. And Even though we’re all ‘superficially’ happy for whoever wakes up in the morning, with tens of millions of pounds in their account…you kinda do want to scratch their eyes out, in jealousy. 🙂 It’s human nature. We like others we know to do well…but not too well, because it makes us feel shit. HAHAH.

I’m currently feeling calm, loungey and content, I guess?  I have a wine…i’m in leopard print pj bottoms…and i have work in the morning.

Ben’s plonked another Vlog up and he’s a lot more confident now, so they’re getting even better. He’s loving the messages of support he’s getting and it’s great for me to watch him grow in confidence a little. He needed to. It makes him feel good, gives him more of a purpose and I couldn’t be more excited for him. I mean it’ll be good when he gets passed the introduction part of it all and he kicks into the living Vlog part…as by nature, he’s lovely.

As you can tell, I’m really proud of him, as he’s doing really well. Thank you to everyone watching his Vlog and subscribing, as it truly does mean the world to him.

Anyway, i’m off!

I hope you’re all enjoying your version of Saturday night. No matter what you’re doing, it’s what you chose to do, so enjoy it! (I totally ate a raw garlic clove and now my belly feel like shit. Well done Me. I’m definitely backwards.)





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