Okay so it’s 11.48pm…in London England. I’m in my Camden appartment, with a wine, a menthol and a bag of crisps (Monster Munch- Chicken flavour) after having gotten off the phone to my darling Mother, who’s as feisty as ever, thinking ‘well in’t this a bizarre time of day, right?’ 11.48pm, is one of those times when for a moment everything holts. It’s contemplative, kinda like how 1.30am is. I remember one time in LA at 1.30am, i had lit my whole entire bedroom with tealight candles, waiting for a boy i loved at the time to show up. He never did. I guess, 1.30am had got the better of him and he preferred to spend it with another. I was so sad, i couldn’t even cry…i just stared. Every single time to this day, when it’s 1.30am and i’m alone. I’ll always think of that moment and how i felt and how he’ll never know that ‘moment’ even existed.

At 11.48pm, if your in and alone, it’s silent, or maybe you have the background noise of some show you’ve already watched twice on repeat, bustling on your tv. Maybe you’re listening to the lives of others outside your window? Or maybe you’ve left to go to a club, or your waiting in line, trying to call a friend, who won’t pick up, travelling in the back of a taxi, sitting on a train, laying in your bed glaring at the ceilng,wishing you were near a loved one, looking at porn, tucking in a child, or thumbing through the pages of your memory, your past, your life, knowing that you must sleep in order to wake for work in the next morning. (Ugh! Don’t you hate that!)

It’s that time of night, that is kind of the end of the day, but not yet the start of a new. An ‘almost’ time, and i rarely enjoy an ‘almost‘ anything. (If you ‘almost’ did something…you didn’t fucking do it. lol)  It’s a lazy time. I guarantee, even if you’re doing something, no matter how ‘Ra Ra whoop-dee’ you believe it is, at that precise time….you stop for one moment, look, glare and think. Weird right?

I wonder what every single person around this whole entire world is doing at that perfect minute?

Lots of Love

Chrissie Wunna x

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