Zer Bounce

Completely knackerd, about to go to bed, and basically managed to control the PMS quite well…i’d say. I think it’s because i let the boobs out to play??? Well not ‘out’ like that, as we all know that costs good money….hahaha!! Someone did ask their friend, outside a pub in Doncaster ‘how much’ he thought i’d ‘be for the night?’ I say too much for you. Apart from that arsehole, everyone and i do mean every single living being who walked past me, spent most of the day looking at, my rather well presented fake boobies, milk jugs, jubblies, or whatever else…????  I’m trying to deliberately expose them in inappropriate places due to boredom, stupidy and because i’m a hussy!! I’m doing it so i can get use to men staring at them. It helps me with my work. Helps me get use to loving them, owning them and working them. EVERYBODY joined in the staring! This obviously makes and attention whore like me feel VERY good. It’s amazing how my PMS disappeared!! ??!Woo-hoo!! Then i got tired of it, as it’s only fun being looked at when you’re wanting to be looked at, right?? After 4 hours, i was done with the ‘eye-ing up,’ yet kept missing my mouth and dropping grapes down my new fake clevage…..it makes people not only stare, but also give you ‘rape faces.’

Anyway, i’m off to bed, as i can’t possibly keep my eyes open any longer. I want ‘Jen’ out of ‘Big Brother’ as she’s a whiney ‘not really as hot as she thinks’ cry baby, and i’m learning how to totter across a busy streets without holding onto my boobies, like a spastic. I’m not use to the ‘bounce?’ You run two steps forward they keep running!! It’s bizarro?? God, i can’t wait to get back to work!!

6 thoughts on “Zer Bounce”

  1. Isn’t it wonderful, Princess, how they give you such a sense of power. That is what I have been told by other divas also about their new breasts. Use them like a weapon for power and pleasure. You are so lucky.

  2. it sounds loike everyone is loving your new mods chrissie they osund the bollox babe i wish i was there to see u showing em of. i feel well ropey today i think i am gonna festa on me couch all day watch the footie with a face like a smacked arse coz i reacon the germans are gonna win it. i think mohammed needs to go and all chrissie the geezer is a fragel

  3. i thought u liked dale chrissie. no mohammed cross dresses and thinks he is a bit warm know he aint my cup of pg none of them are realy if i lived in that house they would all do my cannister in have a good day chrissie tada scratch


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