Zebra Print & Frills

Morning my delicious lumps of ‘ooh laa.’ I’m power dressing, working pinstripes and over the top ‘updo’s.’ I’m on route to work, excited for my work colleague ‘Claire’s’ upcoming wedding, tonight is ‘Date Night,’ plus other work colleague ‘Becky’s’ birthday, rollde over with glitter, a pile on of a work load, a merry *wink-wiggle-skip* and being told by freind and again (work colleague) Lisa that  she will unfortunately not be taking interior design tips by moi.

I like over the top, glammy, cheap charisma, oozed over with luxury and elegance. (Whorey.) I’m Zebra Print, chandelliers and hot pink accents galore. I explained this to dear old Lisa…and she shook her ‘cyber’ head with an ‘Exactly,’ whilst stating that she didn’t want a house covered in animal print, disco balls and frills. (I’m all that in one. How clevery multi-taksing of me.) However, i have convinced her that a bar in the living room is a grand idea! I just haven’t told her about the greek men in togas that come with it. Hopefully my daughter will grow up to be just like…me!

This really has got to be quick because i have mummy things to tend to and i think i now smell like wee.

Life couldn’t be more wonderful. I no longer feel stressed. I can’t wait for the day to simmie on forward and i’ve just realized that i don’t actually like to decorate. i only like the idea of it all really. Once i actually have to begin the work part of it, i juts want gin and can no longer be arsd. I’m like that with marriage too. Love a Wedding. Yet find the marriage part tedious. 🙂 Lucky Pete! I think i was just born for pleasure, fun and entertainment. I’m here to come up with the glamour pussy ideas, wiggle and make everyone else do the hard graft. *Adjusts her boobs* I love my Updo today!

Have a GREAT day!

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