You’re a Trollop and you know it

Morning! Don’t know what i’m gonna ramble on about today, as i’m simply exhausted..(again.) I’ve been running around like a headless chicken, (hate that phrase, always makes me want to ‘gip’ up, a little bit…chicken’s with no heads..running around….Nooooooooooo!) Anyway, for some reason, over the last few days, my life has changed. I went from aimlessly glaring at a blank (-ish) page, to paragraphs, and paragraphs jammed onto a ‘Post-IT’ note, of things I have to do. So i guess, i’m busy…which i like, as there’s nothing worse than moping around, scratching my head, and trying to turn mole-hills, into mountains!! I was all boob job and no fun!!

I am officially getting my shit together, in one giant scoop of the arms. It’s a bit of a chaotic cluster, but funnily enough, it works for me. Yeah, it feels good, and life is just getting better and better. (Oh stop the ‘booing’ you monkeys!!) Lucky really! I’m proving that ‘chasing rainbows’ and all that good stuff works, if you just never give up. Yay, for ME!! Greatness!!

I definitely have a point to prove, as this one guy -i’ll call him, ‘The Lotioning Wonder of the World’ told me to give up the ‘Rainbow Chasing’ and get a real job, like HE did. The fact that i saw him yesterday, in the middle of an empty dancefloor, of a club where your feet stick to the floor, you’re served cocktails in plastic cups, and the women have beer bellies & beards…dancing alone, to the merry sounds of 80’s classics, at noon, made me sad for a few good seconds!! Then i realised that the whole front of the club was a street window, and EVERY passerby could view the dancefloor, as clear as the day itself. Brought the smile back on my evil f****** face!! Mwahahaha! Tragical!

I’m currently watching a ‘Hollyoaks’ Omnibus, where they have the sign language person in the corner…translating the drama. I’m forgetting to actually watch the show, as i’m so tremendously dazed by the ‘sign language’ lady, and her ‘hip hop’ sign language moves!! She’s ACE!!! Makes me wanna be a little bit deaf and McJiggy ‘wid it?’

Nothing else to report other than the fact that i’m being a bit of a ‘dirty flirty,’ (Come on you boys) and was woken up to the wonderful sound of, ‘Wake up you WHORE!’ Delicious! (Sorry this blog was shite, but i’m flipping exhausted…so cut me some slack!)

Chrissie Wunna

3 thoughts on “You’re a Trollop and you know it”

  1. dont tell me wake up u whore is your ring tone chrissie do u ever have boring days babe? u are quality chrissie and i love hearing abvout your lil adventures

  2. if your days are boring chrrissie we are all fucked coz u have more happen to u than any book i have read apart from diary of the serial killer that is a powerful book


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