Yoga Blows

Yoga should just never happen. I really don’t see the benefit in going into a quiet room, full of a mix CD of people, then putting your leg behing your head, for 30 mins, to find peace, and bloody balance???? As if thats mindful?? It’s flipping stupid!! The only good thing about yoga class, is the part at the end, when you get to take a nap, in the dark. I’m not just barking off, without biting. I have actually done many a yoga class, and given it many a chances. Yet, it has failed to impress me over and over again. I once did that stupid yoga, where a million people are packed into an over heated room, and this scary looking hippy, in a tiny blue speedo thing, was stretching a little to fancily for my liking. I was terrified! It looked like he was on his way to the Russian circus, rather than total enlightenment!! When class was done, i just wanted gnaw my own arm off. I’m just crap at it, and i think that’s why i hate it. Putting my leg behind my neck is unfortunately not my forte, however, i am really good at putting my legs around other peoples necks and in the dark!!

All i’m gonna say is Glamour pusses, DON’T become YOGI people. We Puss, Glamour, and sip champagne in our underwear, not balance on our heads!! We do sometimes, however ‘downward dog,’ it but still…theres always champagne.

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