Class was amazing last night!! I was a bit rusty mentally. Yet I was fine once it came to performing it all out. It was exactly what I needed, to get back into the swing of things. In fact it was really comforting to see everyone. 

It’s cool how we all get freshly plucked out of our everyday lives & meet in a grey carpeted room, out of choice, on a free playing field, to learn, experience and express. This is all in hope to one day fulfil our dreams. 

(Plus, we had new chairs & that was exciting enough!!! You may not know this, but the previous folding chairs & I at YAFTA…were not besties. We weren’t cool. Haha. I even had chats with the previous folding chairs because they simply didn’t do what it said on the TIN!’)

‘Why can’t I fold, a flipping FOLDING chair????’

‘Well you don’t just look at it Chrissie & it folds itself! Lol. You DO have to manually fold it.’

Anyway…..It’s weird because I had to step out of my actual ‘comfort zone’ where things weren’t scary at all, in order to ‘get back into’ the what I ‘thought would be terrifying’ acting game. 

‘They say you’ll never develop as a person until you step out of your comfort zone. It’s the only place a human can grow.’ 

(Do know that you don’t HAVE TO grow. Some people like it comfy & I don’t blame them. There’s quilts, snacks, safety and everything. 😉 However, of course, I’m one to ‘take the stairs not the elevator…’ UGH!! So I’m someone who wants to make the best out of what I’ve got to offer, by exploring everything, that I believe I can do. Even when it’s scary.)

‘Unless, it’s the actual Scare Kingdom event, where I cried in fear on the red carpet, fell over backwards & had to go home.’ 

If you’ve been following my ‘socials,’ you’ll know that the what ‘I thought was scary’  YAFTA….(Yorkshire Academy for Film & Television Acting…) is now one of my happiest places. I couldn’t be without it! 

Everyone always asks me about it all the time. What I do there? What happens? What developments? Everything.

So here’s the blog…

It doesn’t matter how old, how scared, how talented or what path you’re currently walking on….It is NEVER too late to make your dreams come true, or LIVE your life the way you’ve always wished too! The way you played it out in your head.

That’s what I’m doing at YAFTA right now.

An extra hour was added to class last night and in that ‘double whammy,’ I noticed that there were some REALLY great actors in the group. I mean everyone was good. But there were some REALLY great ‘stand outs.’ I love watching great actors work! But oh my gosh, how amazing is it, to actually get to perform alongside them! 

It’s always so wonderful to work with different people & different scene partners because it makes you more adaptable and fluid as an actor. It develops your skills. It meanders them. (It’s the same with anything in life.) I enjoy finding out who I’m going to be working with. Just the same as I enjoy what life has in store for me…(When it’s good. Haha.) 

To me, it’s incredibly rewarding to work with people who are just (in one word) GREAT. It makes you WORK harder. You FEEL challenged. You learn, push and you grow. I’m not scared of any of that. I love it. 

So, we had to improv this week. We got to ‘play’ as I call it. I call it ‘play’ because it’s basically what we do as children, isn’t it? Y’know, when we’re free, without fear, before life gets at us, before we start to care how others perceive us, before we care about an Insta like and we decide to over think everything. 

I watch Ruby and Junior ‘improv’ all the time. They’re great! They’re stars. Let’s call Hollyoaks. Lol. 

But if you’re a control freak, ‘improv’ will scare you. Luckily, I’m the opposite. So I was all ‘Let’s Play!’

Yesterdays class was all about FEELS and how you REACT to a person in a situation. It was about reacting to their emotion, rather than making something ‘about you.’ (Obviously a skill that I certainly need to hone. Haha. I’m good at listening…for a BIT…and then I just ‘sass’ out and do things my way. I’m awful like that.) 

David’s our tutor and he’s amazing. I’ve learnt SO much from him & I have great respect for him because he just knows everything. He’s living it. 

But Instead of reading a script, and leading our way through, this week we were to let the other person take us on THEIR emotional journey & as a result…respond.

We were to act out a situation, yet associate the emotion we felt, with a person, place or thing…that affects or has affected us. A happy feeling. A sad feeling. Angry. Flirty. Anything. 

He used this brunette chick called Lucy, from Surrey, who he used to know, back in the day. She was all posh, beautiful and amazing. ‘What would she see in simple old me?’ Is what he said. It made him feel & react in all different ways and it was that energy and emotion that he would go to and pluck out and re-feel, for particular scenes.

So you could be acting out a scene where your getting fitted into a suit or a dress…Yet associate the experience with a triggered emotion that you’ve personally encountered in life. You pull it into the current situation & you could fancy your suit fitter. Be angry at them. Be awkward. Be happy. Be Anything. Yet, just BE!

It was great, because at the same time as developing acting skills, we were learning basic LIFE & people skills.

I loved improv last night! I haven’t done it in ages. It was refreshing. I’m good at FEELING things, without a script in my hand. Acting is about feeling. Yet, just getting up and going for it can be terrifying.

‘Everyone’s watching me!!!!’

(There was a moment where I snapped out of emotion mode and just looked around. Reality hit and I saw a semi circle of actors, staring back at me. I was stood in front of a camera, about to start, and it was all eyes on me. It was scary. But good for me. Haha.)

I’ll also say that when I do have a script in my hand, I feel safer. It’s like a security blanket. I’m still able to FEEL and express. I can tell the story. However, because I blog, I know how important the words of others are & I want to deliver their story well, at the same time as making it my own. I never ever ‘ad lib.’ I always use the writers words. So, no matter what way you do it…there’s always a little bit of pressure. 

Class was amazing last night. It’s a laugh. So much fun, but we kinda all just choose to work. Everyone’s really focussed. I like that. No-one just ‘clocks in’ and ‘clocks out.’ Everyone’s there because they want to be there. Not because they have to be there. We’ve seen people come & go. Yet the ones that want to really give ‘being a success’ a go…are the ones that show up…

I mean gosh, if you think about all the drama I’ve been going through…you’d think class was the last thing on my mind. But I showed up. I show up to every class. 

You can never stop learning and the more you train, the better you get. I’m living proof of that. I’m changing my life around. 

I’ve grown so much & it’s amazing watching some of the others, who began YAFTA after I did, bloom into wonderful actors, so quickly. 

It’s both astonishing & fulfilling. We have so much support & such strong training. I mean if you visit their website or Insta page….


..you can see how much they support their students. Lots of other places do not do that! I mean students are getting to train with actual industry professionals and well one minute their in class, the next minute their on the cobbles of Coronation Street, auctioning for a feature film or the new character on Emmerdale. 

I mean look at James Moore. He went from the same grey carpet class, booked Emmerdale, (he’s a ‘Dingle’ now)and won the NTA this year! (National Television Award.) 

Dreams come true!


It’s a screen acting class for tv & film. So everything’s recorded and then we watch it back. David gives us solid feedback on everything. He doesn’t just ‘well done- off you go’ us. He delivers praise when we’ve nailed it. And helps us on our way TO nailing it. 

I actually hate watching myself back. I only like watching everyone else. Hahaha. It still, to this day… feels awkward. However, it’s kinda essential for screen acting, isn’t it? So I need to quit being a baby. 

Taxi came..

Then I got hit on by a scouse man at Leeds train station. (He was actually really interesting.) Ruby text me to tell me she had done her homework. DBear sent me a video message. My mum called me to make sure I was safe and just like that, I blinked and I was in bed snuggling Baby Junior. 

I’ve just woken up…

Is Thursday. 

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