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‘The doors are locked. We’re early. Maybe there’s a business up the road or something that you could go in?’

‘I’ll have a look!! I’ve just come off a 3hr train journey to get here & I am DYING for the loo. Have you done many of these?’

‘I know this isn’t helpful, but there IS one inside. It’ll be open soon. We’re early. Why don’t you ask Kwik fit? And yeah…they’re great! I’m just local.’

I met @dannyrawding that day.

He’s a phenomenal actor. He dances too. Lol. But anyway…what I like about Rawding is that he’s the kinda guy who will get up in the early hours of the morning, and do a 3hr train journey, one way…to make sure he’s at that casting workshop. His hustle is on point!

Yeah, I heard about it all and was like…that’ll do for me!’

‘Aw. They’re opening up now!’

What an amazing morning!! What an amazing Saturday. My life has totally changed!! I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

What I love about the casting sessions is that everyone who shows up is on a hustle. They’re the ones that want it, aren’t they! The ones that believe they can do it, if they try. The ones that aren’t scared of giving something a shot…no matter what level they’re at, what age, what circumstance! 

Being in a room filled with people like that is not only exciting, but its contagious, it’s positive…and to me, if feels alive!! 

It’s real…in a world of ‘pretend.’ Haha. 

On days like that, I feel like I’m in the most fantastic industry EVER! There’s a magic to it. 


If you’re an actor, workshops are really normal. They’re a great way to learn, develop, showcase and network. I worked with some phenomenal people. I met some old faces, some new faces, some friends (even though I didn’t get to selfie with @dsthrace who I adore lol. I didn’t even get to work with him this time. At least I got to watch him be amazing! He was great. I love ‘Thrace.’ He’s a really solid actor and currently has a movie you can go watch! Check him out!


But most of all, I not only watched some GREAT acting, but I did get to work with some GREAT scene partners. I did two scenes. My first with Melissa. (Who I knew from class.

On Wednesday we were being nuts and today were being lesbians! Haha.’

My second with ‘Israel. (Sexy name. Great talent!) 

I love reading with really good actors. It kinda just gets me going!!! 

(Let’s just day….we * heated* some Emmerdale scripts UP! Lol.) 

Ezra: ‘What did everyone think?’

‘I thought they were gonna cop off!’

Ezra: ‘Or get married.’

‘Definite chemistry!’

Ezra: ‘It was really good to see a different take on the scene. I liked that you were confident & composed. Yeah. Great.’

I just loved it! And if you didn’t know, Emmerdale do workshops a lot. Say if they’re casting for a new character…they’ll sometimes throw a workshop. You’ll pretty much work on and ‘show back’ your scripted scenes, to casting in that time. However, you’ll be paired up and basically be working with…your competition. 

It was so much fun. I mean we were opposite the Emmerdale building, stood in a carpark, with 5 pages of long script in our hands, working through our scene. 

‘I can’t turn the page in time!! Lol.’

‘It always has to turn on a really important line.’

It was a fun scene, that we turned sexy, that ended quite sinister. But we worked well! It was funny because when we looked up, a guy sat in a silver car, looked at us both and gave us a thumbs up, whilst smiling. He had is own ersion of the show, played out, in a carpark, right in front of him. Haha.) 

Anyway…after each ‘go through’ 

…we’d hold a ‘sinister’ vibe. Like ya do! (Haha) Then suddenly, when the scene was done, we’d snap out if it..look at each other, say absolutely NOTHING, but then whilst smiling, we’d  start *nodding* at one another?? Haha. 

It was what I labelled the *nod of approval.*

Me: ‘You cool?’

Israel:’ I’m cool.’

Me: ‘Let’s go!’

Then I’ll usually finish off by dancing it out, rapping really badly or shouting stuff like..

‘Innit doe..Yeeeeeah!!’ 

It was challenging, yet fulfilling! I love running through scenes, in sunny Leeds car parks. It keeps it real! 

Ezra watched in…

Ezra: ‘Goooood! That was really good. Make sure you show me all the different emotions. At first you bluster in all cocky, whilst you’re being a Jack the Lad. Then I want to see the dynamic change, when he turns and you suddenly realise he’s  much more sinister.’ 

I can’t even believe that this is my life. It’s ace! 

What fantastic performances & what wonderful insight! Leeds is such a fantastic city when it comes to the acting industry. There’s so much going on!! We’re so lucky!

I mean, people popped skills out of nowhere! Jake (who’s in my Wednesday YAFTA class..he looks like a young, long haired rockstar. He says he has a ‘face for any horror movie. Lol) HE  properly came into that session and SMASHED it about!!!! 

He’s only just started YAFTA. He was quiet during his first lesson. By the second lesson, he was GREAT. By the third he was WONDERFUL. At the weekend he was at the Emmerdale casting workshop and he was OUTSTANDING. 

You kinda just love being around great actors because you just know that you’ll be seeing their faces on the telly box soon, and to have had the opportunity to have worked alongside them, simply feels unreal. 

‘He was totally in my class!’

‘I did a scene with them in a carpark once! Lol.’ 

Jake was ‘stand out.’

Even Ezra didn’t realise ‘da skills’ on Jake, until he whipped them out officially! There’s a sweet comedic, northern nature to his work, that you wouldn’t expect, on face value. On Saturday, he went for it and showed us all, what he was made of!

AND he’s such a gentleman that he even apologised to his female scene partner afterward, with a hug..for scaring her, after being ‘sinister.’ Haha 

Awww!! He’s definitely one to watch. There were loads of other strong actors. 

Thrace. Rowding. Hobson. Some of the younger ones….

I did kinda notice that all the  YAFTA contenders, were some of the best! 😉 And like Ezra said, there’s a few people from YAFTA on the show. 

I just can’t describe how great it was! 

Everyone in that room showed confidence, self belief, shared the same passion and had a will to succeed, a hope in their heart. 

Everyone in that room wants to do well, yet at the same time is TRYING to do well. (They’re two different things.) 

Everyone in that room was SO talented, yet wanted to play with luck. Everyone wanted to do something they loved. Something that made them happy. They wanted to showcase it in front of someone who could make a difference. 

Everyone was kind, helpful, positive and self-less. There were no egos. I loved it. 

It was so fulfilling. I could do it everyday. 


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