Wunna/Taylor Tag Team Bonanza

Okay this is just a quick blog recap, because a darling great deal has happened over the last 27 hours that i’m losing my pace and trying to recover from hangovers at the same time. I was filming ‘Miss.Romance’ yesterday, (that will be my next blog) all day, at the studios, on a merry 2 hours sleep. (It’s hard being a socialite and a working girl at the same time…you’ve got to bow down to people like ‘Hilton.’ I mean it’s easy to work all the time…easy to ‘play’ all the time. But working AND playing, and half because you want to and half because you have to, takes a great deal more ‘talent‘ than you think! I’m living it, i’m loving it…and yeah i’m on the way up….but it’s exhausting. I’m the hardest working ‘Glamour Puss’ you’ll ever meet. Don’t get it twisted! Let’s roll..

Okay, so close your eyes, imagine a chilly Friday *night,* ( i had vowed to  stay in…but fuck it, i’m a night owl,) i’m bustling through soho, London, getting bashed into by people, honked at by cars, winked at by gentlmen, told i’m a ‘beauty’  and in a ‘i have great boobs’ black corset, armed with a  pink blackerry and on you’re way to ‘Pre-Bar’ (G-A-Y) for a ‘brother of a friends’ b-day. I didn’t drink at  all, because i just knew i had a loong work day filming..so i tried my best to have a good time. If i’m honest, it was mildly fun. Infact, it was rubbish. I mean, i love all the boys i went out with, but i guess, i wasn’t feeling it…they were dropping like flies, spending the night trying to scab drinks and well later we went to G-A-Y late..and i simply got on the platform and watched my ‘subjects’ from a great height, whilst dancing to ‘Gaga.’ I got texts from Rex and amuel all night. They were having a much better time. But saying that ‘My gays’  did me proud. YOU WERE ALL soooooo lovely to me. If i met you…THANKYOU.

Hometime. (Even the birthday boy, was over his own birthday. The Ginger one at fucked off, leaving an annoying fucking  spectacle wearing ‘broken heart.’ The rest were pissed off. I couldn’t be arsed anymore…it was a waste of a GREAT outift [laugh here] and well Jonny {she introduces Taylor} and I get on the night bus home to Camden, all disappointed with our tragic night…and well i think it was about 1.30am. I had a car picking me up to take me to set at 7.15am. 🙂

Jonny decides that he’s not going to give in on finding himself a ‘good time,’ so after talking to these balck dudes, who ‘don’t fuck 20 year olds’ on the 29. He decides we’re going back to the ‘Black Cap’ in Camden. (Where that ’10 kids in care’ lesbo resides.)

We walk in and already they’re not really allowing us to come in due to ‘all the trouble we caused’ last time. Firstly, we’re the best thing to ever happen to the ‘Black Cap,’ and secondly i really don’t remember either of us being ‘Trouble.’ And if i can’t remember it, then it must not have happened. 🙂 It’s £3 in. I’m refusing to pay that. (I mean i don’t pay into Movida, or have to pay for the drinks…so out of principle i’m not liking it at all!) Jonny was getting threatened by a ‘smurf.’ They have him on CCTV throwing booze on the boy that tried to ‘cop off’ with me in the loos. I really don’t remember? 🙂 Anyway, long story short. Jon…gets a drunk old man to give us a fiver…we don’t pay in, but oddly get stamped in the ‘confusion.’ Bouncer says;Look have you guys paid yet!!!’ Jonny replies with a ‘yeah.’ He lets us in…and it actually looked quite fun! Haha…that part of my night, was ALREADY BETTER  than G-A-Y. We sight the ’10 kids in care’ pink haired dyke, (who loved us and bought us vodka redbulls.) Jonny magically shows up with 2 glasses of wine. (Don’t know how he got them. 🙂 ) And well, after a baby boogie, we venture on up to the smokers pation, to talk to a couple of gays, Fonzi, two ladies, who looked great for grannies, REALLY great actually, an odd perv named ‘jake,’ and whatever else we found. It was actually FUN. I love meeting new people and prying into their lives. What i love about the ‘Black Cap’ because i’m not a ‘Black cap’ girl…is that it is FULL of people with ‘stories.’ You can see the stories on their faces…most of ‘pain.’ (Which i don’t know why i find funny.)

They kick everyone out…short night, we got their late. The Pink haired ’10 kids in care’ lesbian, is once again propping the bar up, and wait for it…IN TEARs AGAIN….HAHAHAHA….much to Jonny’s delight, who’s now wearing a furry eskimo hat, and a womens long, purple cardigan…that he found. We’re popular in that joint, so we spend the final 30 minutes talking to lovely strangers outside in the cold of Camden High street. He’s a lot more chatty then i am..if it’s cold, i’m a bitch.

Anyway, end of the night, everyones roaming the streets, looking for more fun. We go to the kebab shop, (i NEVER eat after going out…as i need to remember what i’m putting in my mouth and plus it’s not good for the old figure.) Jonny, will always get food…somehow? In there, we’ve now got some dude from Russia (who wanted to fuck Jonny) and an irish (who wanted to fuck me) man following us. He gets his mayo smothered chips, we stand outside, coz the shops closing. Two boys, start throwing chips at the window, which keep hitting me in the face. Jonny threatens them. They go away…THEN THE GOOD BIT happens. It’s now 3.30am.

Two drunk girls, mrach up to the kebab shop, all mouthy and shouty, because they want food and ‘aah look’ it’s closing. They’re annoying everyone…even the people who work at the kebab shop, by being ‘not too easy on the old eyes’ knobheads. Jonny in the doorway, turns around and tells one of the bitches that she should calm down, coz it’s closed. (AND IT WAZ YOU BITCH!) Anyway, she no likey and basically starts having a go at little jon jon, for being aggressive. And i mean, HAVING a go. Like yelling madly in his face..whilst i was talking to her quiet sister in a red coat, who watched me on the show. 🙂

Now, i’m aware of what’s happening, and i’m secretly watching from the corner of my eye. When i’m about to get every mad, i’m very cool, calm and collected. I’m like a BOND GIRL…but a bit frumpier. I’m letting her say her piece at him, he’s saying his piece..but trying to eat his chips. ‘Bitch’ has a rolled up magazine in his face, and he’s pointing at her with a wooden fork that you get with ya chips. Hilarious. But know that this girl is insanely mad.  I’m still letting it ride, but the ‘feist’ in me is a creeping up and she’s getting a bit too big for her boots. Infact, she was a bit too big for everything. 🙂 Now, i don’t like other girls to think they’re running any show, when surely I AM and she’s now pissing Jonny off A LOT. I don’t like this AT ALL..coz it’s loong and i need to get home to bed for work in the morning.


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