Omg! Last night i dreamt i was in a bath tub full of water and mini eggs…the chocolate type that turn ya water a sticky pastel colour. The previous time i ever thought about mini eggs was when Russell Brand was suggesting i put them in my vagina for kicks. Then i dreamt i was trapped in a dungeon toilet, that was pitch black, and i had to try and survive the terror of it, followed by being on a late night street all busy and decorated with red & yellow carnivale lights, hookers, and

12 thoughts on “Wunna-Wunna-Ful-Ful”

  1. Aaron darling, leave my bitch alone!! =

    I love venting on your voicemail Chrissie, you are the self-help group I need in my life! All under one sexual phone number! =)

    Love to all, especially Aaron 😉 xxxx


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