Wunna See inside Me?

This morning, i’ve decided to let you in a little deeper (ooooh) and open myself up a little more (lol, sorry there’s too many dirty puns.) I do like it deep and i do think that a little ‘opening up’ is neccessary to get ahead in life. (haha) So for those of you who don’t just look at the pictures and colour in my boobs (all out of the lines) with your big wax crayons. This is ya chance to learn a bit more about Me, you and this thing called ‘life.’ (Fucking’ell i’ve got a fly in my eye!!)

Okay, i’m a huge fan of Astrology. I believe in the romantic idea that the stars you were born under really can form your world as a being in this life. (Did that make sense?) Anyway, for about one whole year in Los Angeles, I would go to a bookstore every morning at around 10am, on 3rd & La Cienega (Borders), in one slut of an outfit, and a disguise of ‘blond.’ I’d read every astrology book they had, in order to learn about myself, and look up the starsigns of boys i potentially wanted to date, so i could act appropriately to their fancy, to well…snag them! Tragic!! The staff who worked at the coffee shop inside the ‘Borders,’ would discuss me and couldn’t decide if i was extremely rich and famous, or a homeless person. (lol.) I love that! I actually ened up being very close friends with one of the coffee makers, who further down the line, stopped me from rolling down a very bumpy hill, by kidnapping me and making me stay in his one roomed appartment of HELL, (I refer to it as ‘Rehab’) to save my life and well keep me away from the evil hollywood ‘party’ scene. He actually stopped my self destructive use of drugs. ( I can’t believe i’ve just told you that! hahah. Omg!) But it’s true….

Phillip Garcia, a Top Celebrity Astrologer (who is AMAZING, i want to lick him, hold him and call him my own. Look him up) decided to send me a deep inner scan of myself yesterday, so i thought i’d share it with you. Nothing like a bit of spirtual guidance, with ya morning cup of joe and it’s prolly the best thing ever written about me:
‘Chrissie will never need to search for shelter from the storm, she is her own shelter. We can see an unusual little girl striding the moors, her adorable face staring up at the rain soaked heavens, suddenly realizing there must be more to life than this. She knew she had to reach out to others even then, to express who she was full on, and that she would fulfil her challenges to this end. Her soul knew she was simply emigrating thru the infinite, destined to touch the hearts of all those who came into contact with her. She is after all a soul in evolution, searching for the truth of existence, her truth. (I like that part!) Chrissie has an almost genetic knowledge of human frailties and of the deeper workings of soul, even though she would probably be the very last to admit it!. Her parents being Burmese might help this inherited divine knowledge to flower in years to come. Chrissie made a name for herself as a ‘cheeky blog writing socialite in Los Angeles.’ It has to be said, moving to West Hollywood was her first step in the right direction. (It really aided my sexual resume.) Once in California, the sunlight helped her creative genes expand and connect to the heart of her life purpose. But hang on, what is her life purpose? What makes this dream babe tick? Shall we dive a little deeper? (Yes please!!) First and foremost she was born under a lucky star. Her sun sign is Sagittarius, and favoured by gracious blessings, even if she can be inclined to lumber thru some situations surprisingly unaware of the effect her comments have on people, perhaps putting the proverbial foot in it on occasions even. It is that irrepressible “perky” side to her character that does it.. Fear not, she also possesses the gift of patience, in some measure, a sense of humour and intense warmth of spirit. This will inspire most to turn a blind eye to OTT shenanigans, and love her anyway. (Clever, clever.) And well, let it be known, Chrissie is on the road to fruitful accomplishment with her moon in Taurus, for she will channel her ideas realistically every time. A Leo ascendant will open doors for her, synchronistic events will happen leading her to expressing her unique “being ness” with a succession of show biz breaks. However, should some of the events around her life not synchronize with her better expectations; she will find a way of “tiptoeing thru the violets” and waiting until the mini storms pass, and the temperature is right again. She has an inner dynamo (Sexy Bitch) pulsating in the centre of her being; it pushes her forward even with a tad of too much self absorption. The upside to that Leo “me, me, me” thing, is that she can assess her self image with a critical eye, not letting anything pass what is in her opinion “not quite right”. She thinks thru things, allowing the spontaneous aspects of life to also affect the flow of her career success, knowing when to draw the line when it gets too much. Her image might seem fundamental to her self expression, after all she leads the way at the helm of her ship, her bedroom eyes flashing, her hottie reputation pulsating, and the veneer of oriental chick with a sexy disposition jumping forth at one literally. But this is just a front for Chrissie, and she manoeuvres it knowingly, intent on getting out a very different message eventually, one where she will not only utilize her looks to gain success, but the aforementioned depths of soul to convey her acting skills. Eventually she will find herself in a role that will bring her forward into public awareness, a couple of years down the line. She will find a way of expressing the truth of who she is. Chrissie does not allow her emotional life to colour her personal success, not really. She keeps it in a different box, perhaps pulling it out at night (ooh-er) when she stares up at the stars, or lies in the arms of a beloved one. Her sentiments can make her shy in romance, sometimes yearning for a big man to contain her over exuberant spirits. But if he were to, truthfully, she would run and hide. She needs her freedom so desperately, she desires spiritual space so profoundly, she yearns to reach out across the length and breadth of life touching it all full on, without anyone hindering this process With Mercury in Saggy she will say what she thinks, why she thinks it and when she thinks it. This outspoken attitude could be responsible for her very successful Blog, and her capacity to chatter and divulge elements of her life so easily, but remember they are elements that she chooses, and her deepest thoughts and feelings are censored from the public’s scrutiny. She is bright, with a sharp, penetrating mind that can dig down deep into the heart of the matter. Venus (also in Saggy) will be the spice in her curry, it will make her such fun to hang out with, those high heeled shoes, that wiggling butt, those fun dresses, that giggling mouth, those long eye lashes, that capacity to keep even the likes of Paris Hilton inline with a controversial strip tease on the tv show Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend. As a result, she will attract many a movie mogul her way. She will work hard, almost push thru walls, dismantling obstacles on her way, never giving in to anyone who holds her back, or puts her down. Strong enough to take criticism on the chin she will realize that this is a time for a stronger, more “muscled” attitude both to her show biz persona, and her personal life. Her look is changing, she is maturing, she is cottoning on to the huge world changes, and she will adjust as a result. Any stalls in her career will be amended with a realization that some aspect of her “image” needs a tweak. New breaks will come as a result, especially around September 2009, and she could find herself involved in an unusual type of project, some aspect of show biz that she has not tackled before. She will find it enthralling. That plucky Mars in Capricorn will make her “roll up her sleeves” getting down to new business, pulling out even more stops, not letting emotions rattle her cage, always cool headed and in charge. As she takes a step-by-step approach She will be establishing a new way of doing business at the end of 2009. Her Jupiter in Libra will lead her to realizing that she has a great capacity to affect people’s thinking that her messages can be more in-depth and socially analytical, that she can reach out and touch not only people’s minds, but also their hearts. The final cream on this lovely lady’s cake is Saturn in Libra; this will make her cooperative, able to get thru the tests of life. In synthesis she is not only unusual, but mysterious, glamorous, colourful, a woman who draws our attention, yet perhaps deep down she is still that little girl, staring at the sky, knowing that there was more to life then those low grey clouds. So folks, charm, personal magnetism, a calling to adore others and to have fun with them, wise in knowledge that being frivolous is not to be frowned on, for this lady enjoys her life, enjoys her body, her sensuality, she is a darling, and will soon attract a powerful chap (Thank the Good Lord!) who will know how to play her game. He will be a dude who does not bore her to death as many do, and helps her keep her sights focussed on her career. It has to be said in 2009 thru to 2010 this lass is on her way to discovering a true purpose to her existence, her purpose. We will watch her slow rise to the position she seeks with excitement, knowing that she is just at the beginning, and that this time next year, she could be in a totally different place career wise. She is on the right course to discover her mission, and she will surprise herself, never realising that she was capable of doing so much, and with such heart filled appreciation from those around her to boot. Go for it Chrissie, we back you all the way!’

This is the most accurate reading of me so far! Phillip Garcia, you are a Genius! The last person to analyse me was a holiday rep from Ibiza, who believed my fate was to ‘sit on his cock.’ (Not that i would’ve minded. I just thought i was destined for bigger things!!!) Winks x

4 thoughts on “Wunna See inside Me?”

  1. i tried ot get in to astroligy but all u get over here are mistic meg or russell grant i dont know who is worse. but the geezer who sent u your thing sounds clued up i hope the stars give u what u want chrissie

  2. Haha! Its not just about Astrology. I’m just interested in how people see me, read feel, analyse me and look into my life…no matter how they do it. I like studying the lives of others…i’m curious and i love being born under lucky fucking stars!! Woo-Hoo!

  3. im pleased for u babe i am more of a simple man chrissie i like me tucker footie boxing ufc stella and ladies if i got them i am happy

  4. Chrissie that’s brill, I didn’t take you for an astrologer… or somebody into that sort of thing but looks can be decieving hey!
    I really hope you find that ‘powerful chap’ soon, you deserve it baby! x


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