Wunna is Magic

Just woke up this morning, after being smacked in the face by the ‘Good news’ fairy’ repeatedly. I can’t believe whats happenning??? Just as i was telling you about how ‘magic’ i am now, and how all this crazy lucky stuff keeps happenning…MORE amazing news came in!! I swear down, someone must have sprinkled me down with fairy dust in my sleep, (or slipped me a ‘roofie’ ) as everything i keep saying keeps coming true!! Wunna is Magic, watch out!! I’m not joking, i’m like totally amazed with myself!! I’m like the chosen one!! God must like girls after they get boob jobs!!

I’m gonna go make me some breakfast…(haha, i don’t know why i said that, as i never eat breakfast…hahaha???) She’s ‘magic’ and a ‘liar.’ What was i gonna do??? Okay, yeah…i’m gonna go grab coffee, as i have a busy shopping day today, with Daddy!! Work is amazing right now, and i’m getting offers that i never thought would come so easily. Everything is just turning up trumps for me!!! Whoopee!! Oh and A friend of mine also just asked me via myspace, to be the ‘hot girl’ in his music video…he’s directing it, as he saw me naked on video, one time. (hahahaha)  It’s for some ‘Cyprus Hill’ guy. I can’t do it though, as i am all the way over here in England, and he’s in LA!! But nevermind…i have coffee to tend too!!

I feel Awesome!!

1 thought on “Wunna is Magic”

  1. have alovely day shopping with your old man try not ot bore him to much looking at birds clothing lol. im pleased everything is going great for u at them oment chrissie. it is because of your magic swangers aint it? im sorry to hear abotu the music video babe u will get an other opertunity soon when u are back in lala land enjoy the rest of your week chrissie. use your magic to make the turks knock the krauts out babe i dont think i could bare to see the mugs win another tournament take care chrissie tada scratch


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