World domination & all that pokery…


Found myself in a frilly cream and pink, with ‘maybe’ light leopard print nighty this morning, at around 7am, making porridge for my ‘handsome’ who needed to get on a swift train to work, after learning how to tie a Windsor knot, via the fine art of Google. Everything’s sooo hi-tech now. I mean, there I was trying to keep the world magical and traditional. (I was like the asian version of Goldilocks..making porridge…but kinda much shitter. Wait? And i’m a brunette? Forget all that. LOL. Literary genius alert!) Yet there he was, after throwing on his work shirt and twizzling his hair, learning the art of ‘tie’ tying…via the fine art of ‘cyberland’ on the kitchen counter. He occasionally got fucked off at it all. But then i’d totter in with a *cuddle* and a *smile*then make it all better. I guess all men need is that little bit of ‘cheerleader,’ that little bit of girl that will support them in their quest of world domination. When they find that girl..they pretty much love them and commit to them. Luckily, i also have boobs. This (and quite superficially) helps. Keirans both an Alpha male and a softy in one. I like that. Hard exterior…soft heart. I’m the same. Nevertheless, he likes a bit of boob and the art of a chick ‘keeping it sexy.’ He tried to stick his pointy nose, mid-sofa cuddle, up my *floozy* last night, for a laugh. That’s how we laugh. 🙂 It was all fun, games and giggles until he then tried to stick home phones, where there certainly wouldn’t be any reception. Then he packed in for the night and went for a snooze. We’re truely stable and in love right now and both going through a lot. I’m slowly getting used to being ‘everyone’s favourite Glamour Puss’ again and well underneath a tan and a really great body, he has minor worries. I can see them running through his mind, via his eyes.

I’ve actually got lots to do today. The book is now the only thing on my mind and well i’m excited by the fact that i may have the chance to simply make an entire living from documenting my life…then putting on a shelf to be sold around the world. I mean, this little blog that accidentally did well, that i used to and actually still do write, for no  real reason whatsoever, has pretty much been what dreams are made of for me. Proving that accidental, or even intentional dedication to something you love..and wine…works. I get made fun of all the time for apparently ‘doing nothing.’ To me documenting a life (because it’s the only life i truely can comment on)…is actually something. If i could do anything, it would be to encourage everyone to do it. Celebrate who you are! I mean, so what if i want to tell the masses about my glitzy/tragical on goings. I have every right to do so, if i wish. It’s the only thing we all have in common. Be you a rich doll, a poor doll, a young one, or an old, we all feel…and well i always say that my blog has done ‘alrighty’ because of that. People can relate to it. I mean, everyone’s heart breaks a little. Everyone falls in love. Everyone aspires to be or have something…and well that’s all my blogs about. A life. Human nature. Yet, i’m not out of reach like a ‘big time’ celeb would be. I’m right here…with a rum..and can be found under almost any rock in town. (That might sound bad, yet believe me, i used to be found under any bedsheet in Hollywood. I’ve come a looong way. I’m settled now and because i feel settled, free and finally doing what i’m made for…i can conquer the world.) The art of the wordsmith is not dead. Blogging’s made it trendy. Write your life out, film it or photograph it. Why? Well why not?

Today, i’m tending to the inital ‘clean up’ of Wunna Land.It’ s sort of like having to tidy away the reisdue of an ‘after party’..yet there was no was just your life. I’m gathering and achieving with one giant cuddle of a glitzy arm scoop, at the same time as being there for the ones that need me..who pretty much just need a bit of salad, love and sympathy. I’m quite good at the ‘clean up,’ because i’ve had to tend to it a few million times. Yet i do it in a poor fashion. Once in my literal life, i cleaned up my Hollywood agents dinner table, after a dinner party, where i was sat across from the lady who cast ‘Mean Girls.’ I couldn’t be arsed to wash up, so i grabbed the table cloth and scooped all the fine glasses and crockery up inside it and THREW IT in the bin. 🙂 That’s also how i sort out my emotional drama . Luckily, the agent wasn’t mad at all. He knew me well, looked, laughed and told me had RENTED ALL OF IT and that now we were FUCKED. We found it so hilarious that instead of rectifying the problem…we went for afternoon cocktails at a West Hollywood gay bar. That’s what life is about. (I’d never do that now.)

Anyway, i have to get off and ‘do my face,’ have a cuppa tea, get to a meeting and get back for coffee. Keiran played golf all yesterday and loved every minute of it. He seemed happier than ever and i loved that. He adores having his wife back and well i’m adoring being at home. I’ve got a few more pictures to email over to my book people and then i apparently have an audition in Manchester on Friday for a show?

However, right now…i need a tan and i need a tea. The future is EXCITING!



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