Workouts/Big Brother & Virgins

Just finished prancing around to a work out video. I don’t do them to keep fit. I do them to piss myself laughing and to wear my flash dance 80’s leg warmers. It’s great. I jump around to our favourite work out tunes, whilst shoving meatballs in my mouth. I managed to drink a cuppa tea too, mid star jump so i think i’m pretty fit. (As in ‘Cor Blimey!’)

I’m watching Celebrity Big Brother right now (i’m an addict) and they’re all dressed up as toys! ‘Mini Me’ is dressed as a teddy bear. Hilarious! So i’m excited for the show tonight. Oh and get thet bloody Tina woman OUT! I mean simply based on the fact that she chews her own toe nails and doesn’t even have the manners to share…(hahahaha) means she needs to put some socks on and get the hell OUT! I mean, I know she’s hungry…but TOE NAILS!!!

I’ve also just been rummaging online for news that will SHOCK me! What i found was a girl student, from America, who is selling her Virginity online…and right NOW!! Gentlemen are allowed to make a hopeful bid, if they so wish to de-flower this young lady and the person who coughs up the most dinero..will get the ‘goods.’ Sounds lame right? Until you find out that her highest bid is currently at $2.6 million, and made by an australian business man. OMG!

So ofcourse there’s all this ‘ooh, erm…i dunno,’ about it. Yet I think it flipping sounds like a GREAT DEAL!! Good on her! I wish i did that now…lol. (I would’ve made at least £25. Instead, i gave it away for free behind a pub.) It’s fair play! Her body, her life, her story. The fact that she actually has the balls to do it…I guess is sexy enough in itself! Just so all you potential dashing suitors know…. I’m willing to ‘put out’ for $2.6 million. (Or even just a chip butty really)

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