Working Girl


My job is to live my life and document it as well as i can. I’m also hear to inspire others & aid people on their way to success and happiness. I’m actually better at helping other people than i am at helping myself and i like to see people happy. I get it from my Mother, who is my biggest inspiration. If i could be half the woman she is, then i would’ve done pretty fucking well in life.   I’ve got myself into the largest amount of all kinds out trouble, in this lifetime as ‘Chrissie Wunna’ ( I get that from my Father…a lovely carefree hero) and there’s plenty of things i wish i could change, plenty of things i regret that i would want, to do over….People always say they don’t regret anything…and that’s the biggest load of bullshit, you’ll ever hear. But anyway, i came out the other end smiling and I hope you do to. Dreams are coming true every single moment of every single day. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. I’m quite a sentimental girl, with hopes n dreams like the rest of you…but i know how lucky I am and lucky i have been. Love the life you have. Life it with a sexy panache. Concentrate on what’s happenning to YOU and not on what others are being blessed with. Block out negative people. Care for those you care for, and fight for what you truely believe you deserve. (Anyhow, i’ve put boobs up, coz it’s raining….Enjoy. Wink wink.) Oh and forgot to tell you that i was standing in my appartment in front of my window, having polite conversation with ‘Lashes’, when a car, laiden with horrid males, pulls up the stop light, sights me from afar…(note: i am not directly on the street, but do have a giant window) and starts shouting, ‘Get ya pussy out…show us your tits. Do a dance!’ Boys are yucky. I can’t get away from them, even in my own home. Lol. What ever happened to romance??

Godda start getting ready for dinner…

4 thoughts on “Working Girl”

  1. Im just laughing at the ‘Do a dance’ Part!! A fucking dance!!???

    Nice time it might be, ‘here love, show us ur pussy,, show us your tits’ OH and while your at it perfom a shakespearan monologue!!

    hahaha Honeslty!


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