Work, Pips and Meetings


So, Rubes is completely misguided as she is under the assumption that I am 100 years old and don’t know how to ‘move my pips.’ She means ‘hips,’ and can say ‘hips,’ yet her excitement as she’s circling her lower half and giggling at breakfast gets the better of her, meaning all her words rush out at once and with glee. ‘Pips’ comes out instead, but I kinda like ‘pips’ better. It’s got an old school swagger. ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately for Rubes she has a doll of a mother. ๐Ÿ™‚ One that plonks on a giant hair piece, sprays tans, elongates eyelashes and adjusts her boobs for the correct line of vision.She doesn’t mind because well…it’s very normal to her. She’s raised in Wunna land. Yet my 2 year old thinks she is knows life, love and glitzy FAR better than I. The kitten who created wiggling to winks! Hmm? We had grapes for breakfast.

Okay enough of that, I have a busy day of organizing work today. So, i’ve followed through on every audition so far, meaning that one of them will stick. Yay! One of them already has which secures my place back on your telly this year and of course I adore that simply because I adore entertaining the masses, it’s what I was born to do AND WELL…alongside loving a bit of telly, it’s all good promo for the lash line, if i’m being honest.

I had a blond, a good friend of mine take over my Facebook and Twitter inboxes yesterday evening for kicks and she was astonished to see how many suitors had decided to attempt to ‘woo’ me via all methods of what I now call..manipulation. LOL. To me, this is normal. I wake up to inboxes of that sort every morning. But i’m rarely one to get involved with the chitter chatter, the nitter natter of all that, as I don’t have the time. Plus, I’m doing the things that I love, which is work, family and creating a success ladder and I’m GOING TO GET THERE. Thsi year I’m actually weirdly close.#eek The elements are all in the right place.

But right now and of course after all that has happened, there is an in pour of these gents and all sorts who fancy their shot at a glamour puss and well ‘Blondie’ decided to read them out to me,whilst I made a yummy spag bol. There are the ones that kick balls around for a living, (predicatable) who apparently want to show me the world and their car? There are the ones that I’ve known who want me to show them my children? Odd. ‘Hey Chrissie, when do i get to meet the babies. ;)’ ) There are the rude ones, who think they’re sexy and the weird ones who have issues and the sweet ones that just want to put it out there for me to make me feel better.

I’ve just taken them all and folded them in a Tiffany blue tissue and boxed them up on a ‘not now’ shelf. I’ve decided i’m going to be a star, make millions and be grand. I CAN actually do it because i’m in a better place than most now and a lot of things fly my way. I just need to concentrate, push forward and i will actually make my dreams come true. Then I can sit in my mansion, smile at my kids, kick of my kitten heels and relax in a pink/diamante bikini with a champers in my hand and gleeful look up to the heavens. I’m actually truly missing the forest right now and I fear that i’ll never be able to go again. When i’m there everything just slots back into place and I feel free at at peace. I miss it so much my heart aches for it. I always wanted it to be a big family thing because my kiddies love it there mucho. Well Ruby does… Junior will. I miss it so much that i’d literally give anything to just be there right now. *Sighs* It would make me the happiest kitten in all the land.

Anyway, enough of all that! Life is good. I’m filled and almost infused with a positive energy, a glow. Lots to do. Today I’m working on my business plan with a gent for the lash line and i’m talking to Beauty PR. I’ve chosen the photographer to do my still shoots for the lash line and created the shots myself. i always know ย what want. I can see it creatively. Plus, I’m a grated, I know what I like. And well the magazine actually are EXCITED to see what I come up with, which is always very nice.

I can’t wait to order my big batch, because then i’ll be able to set up shop and sell them to you and the good thing is that this time i’m not relying on anyone but myself. I can trust myself to work hard. So now, I have all the right people positioned correctly to excel in their area. I still need more though. As i’m gonna need a website for them. But that will get linked onto my own website, which would make more sense. I can’t wait to sell them at events!!! I just need to figure out all the costs.

I still have lots of your giveaway gifts here to send to you. I’ve had an awkward week of emotions, which I will tell you about some other time, but I do have all your gifts and you will get them. I actually still have stuff to giveaway. But right now, I just don’t have time. (Gosh. I can’t believe it’s Valentines day in a month. ๐Ÿ™ )

Along with business plans, shoot meetings, big bulk orders and research. I’m also going to try and get the products into stores. All you have to do is create a buzz and well a telly stint does help….once you do, ‘wham bam.’ SORTED! I don’t have anymore auditions this week, so i can relax now until next week and keep my fingers crossed to hear GREAT NEWS. To be honest, i don’t usually do to badly.

Doctors appointments. Babies. Sorting out the house. (I’m wanting to move.) I eventually want to move back to LA when the babies are older. But for now I just need more space and new. I can do that now. Plus, my business is going to go well and the telly stuff will hopefully work in my favour.

I feel like i’ve got about 100 emails and phone calls to make. I’m just gonna have to grab a coffee, balls up and get them done. You’ve got to start somewhere, so here goes nothing…lets get a move on! ๐Ÿ™‚






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