Work, love and belly laughter

Just got home, showered, feeling cozy and warm. I’ve smeared myself in a dollop of fan tan and simply because i have been inspired by the most ornage man i have ever laid eyes upon. (I looked at him, giggled and then thought ‘i neeed to be that man.‘ I didn’t tell him that he was orange though, because he has the an apparent anger management problem…and well angry didn’t go with my outfit.) Plus, being tanned reminds me of warm weather, exotic climates, umbrella drinks and hoochie-ness. I like a tan at Christmas. I feel far too pastey and well pastey doesn’t go with my imaginary rum.

Work ended up being really great in the end. I had a bit of a looong much afternoon. It kind of went quickly, but draaaagged at the same time. Luckily, i managed to find the positive in me, look out from my ‘preggo’ corner…and realize that the people i had surrounding me were ace!! We spent the early evening gossiping, getting paid to not do much, winding each other up and slagging people off. 🙂 Great combination. Infact, there was one moment where i actually looked around the room, at the bundle of corner we had all made… (I was kneeling on a chair, another was lent against a table, others were inbetween doors and the odd few were eating stolen ‘Milky bars,’) …and i watched us all burst into utter LAUGHTER. Belly laughter. The good kind that you want to find yourself amongst at Christmas time. It made me happy, because when you’re with a group of people and you’re all laughing out loud, without even realizing that you are…you know life really isn’t bad at all! There’s a lot of people going through a lot worse. I like good hearted people and i was surrounded by them today. I will however say that i hate people who are dipped in ‘snide.’ People who have a really broken, evil streak in them. I had not one person that sort around me today…which made me a happy girly. (I even got my belly out, heard a boy ask for Viagra and watched a 24 year old boy feel up a printer, in order to make it work. He cuddled, caressed, then ‘finger banged’ it….and yeah, it actually worked.)

The good thing about right now is that everything should be stress free. We’re in the middle of the season of goodwill and if you’re in normal work, or entertainment, everything pretty much slows down, or shuts closed for a wee while. There are no big auditions. There really is no major rush in a normal work place. I’ve done this time of year, in many a country and well i know that in Hollywood…the town turns ‘ghost’ as everyone flies home. The only venues of busy are shopping centres, santa’s workshop and homes filled with wine. I mean i bet even brothels are dead at this time. It’s a time when men go back home and be faithful to their wives. 🙂 (God, my home phone keeps ringing, but i’ve pressed all the wrong buttons, meaning that it now doesn’t accept voicemails and only commits to TWO rings. When you’re can’t get to the phone in two rings. Plus i’m one to NEVER rush. I’m never late…but i NEVER rush. It’ll take me at least 22 rings and a mix of a mocktail to get to the phone on a good day. (I’m glad i’ve perked up!)

Anyway, on a better note…i’ve bought Loverboy his MAIN Christmas prezzie today. Well i texted him telling him that

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