Work, Bubbles and Pasta

Hellooo you yummy bits of magIco! *Wiggle-Wink.* Yesterday ended up being one of those wonderful days where you get back to basics and love. After a bit of hair curling, a few kitty tears and a heart filled with ‘oooh laa,’ i ventured over to Italian restuarant Ask, with my loving hunk of ‘Handsome Keiran’ for a whole lot of simple good times, over wine, cabonara and the most delicious butterfly tiger prawn starter that this world could ever bless you with. Everythings now back to ‘fairytale,’ back to 1 and back to how it should be and yeah even though there was another moment of ‘quick sweep over to the ladies room for a brief moment of weep,’ when i returned, all the mist had cleared and we looked at each other with open minds, open hearts and with love. Good food, is a really great way to enjoy love. It’s the idea of the traditonal ‘breaking of bread’ with the person you care about. Add wine…and you are calmer. Add pasta and you are filled with yumminess. I adore Keiran, quite the mucho mucho..and we all know this..i mean out of every man in this entire world, i’ve only found him as the other being i can actually do forever with. I had been holding a lot of my emotion back, but yesterday it was able to be released, as he looked at me, told me how much he loved me, how i was the only girl he could ever love and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I guess, i had thought, he had fallen a bit ‘out of love’ with me. Yet having the assurance that he never ever had, made my spirit bloom and once again this morning, when i found a little token on love upon my knee.

We enjoyed the day, dining of delicious grubber-lub and then treated our moment to a moment at the cinema, to watch ‘The Avengers,’ (which is actually a really great movie.) It had rained outside the entire time we were in there. Yet when two beings who need each other to tackle this little thing called ‘life’ in order to make their wildest dreams of love, happiness, family and career step back in ‘the bubble.’ They then become invincible. Like i will always tell you…love conquers everything and you know how strong your bond is, when it’s been tugged at a little bit. We’re happy, we’re in love and we’re going to be forever. It feels like a wonderful, whirlwind of utter completeness. I know when i look at him, that this guy is my true soulmate and i’m glad that we’re now celebrating the things that matter in life, with a wiggle of positive spirit and a connection of glorious strength. Yesterday he tried to cheer me up by perfoming a ‘sniffy sweaty armpit’ show…and when you can do that and have a girl actually giggle, with her pure dolly eyes…you know you’ve found ‘the one.’ Lol. Today he cheered me up with sex on the sofa. 🙂 What can i say….we’re certainly back to ‘bubble.’ *Giggles behind hand.*

Other than that, today i’m still organizing my book launch party. Everyone thinks that it just takes a ‘show up’ and a gin. But a glory LOAD of actual WORK has to take place in order to make it maginificent. The shoot, yeah…is done and very bunny. Yet now we have the promo flyers, the book posters, the event plan, the special surprises, the branding, the red carpet arrivals, the celeb guest list, the inviting and well the actual BOOK to throw on sale. In fact, i should have goodie bags via sponsors to give away to my VIP. Yeah, it’s all about ME… 🙂 However, i’m a former party bit of kitten and i know it’s important to make sure every little bit of human, who took time out to come of ‘play’ with The Wunna gets treated more than wonderfully and with a delicious stamp of my nature! I’m a giver, not a taker (you are either one or the other)…and well be it my book launch event, or my wedding, i want to make sure every guest is wowed (because i’m a show-off) and given the 5* treatment. Therefore if you have a business with a product, that you want you be a part of a goodie bag giveaway collection, given to our VIP’s at the event. (I think we have a couple of you already emailing in.) Throw a link and an email to and i’ll make sure it happens. It’s a great way to get your product noticed, we have press, celebs and tv there. *Cha-ching*

I’m really looking forward to my bit of book now. I just want my hands on my own copy. You do, don’t ya. It makes it all real. The good news is that it’s going on the international market. (If you write a blog, you actually hit a larger audience, when you get the chance to deliver a book. You have the world ready to cater to and it’s absolutely delicious.)

I’m doing mucho ‘at home’ work today, glamour pussing, making the hubbster pasta, emailing a gossip mag for my feature, then tumble drying. Then i’m getting ready to do the invites, have my event plan talk, and glueing everything together…with my pretty little fingers crossed. Ruby is as chipper as can be and well life once more couldn’t really be better. However, i think i need to do a bit more ‘making way for opportunity’ door opening. 😉

Love you.

Thank you for following my life. x

ps/ Wazza, who is the only being (aside from myself to own every password, login and God knows what-not, to Wunna land. Thinks it’s funny to change my Twitter profile to make me look obsessed with eggs. 🙂 This is how we work at

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