Women know women know women

Getting ready to set off to London tomorrow, which means a great deal of grooming has taken place. Hair has been pulled, skin has been tanned, eyelashed extended, and wardrobe, (or lack of it) has been fitted. I guess, a lot more goes into everything than anyone would think?? I’m a gilrie girl, and have always been one to do my whole face, dress like a superstar, and tan, everyday of my normal life, and even i sometimes find it quite tedious. Oh the joys of Glamour pussing. Purr…. I think, i just don’t like grooming, when i ‘have’ to…i like to choose to groom. One day i’ll learn to be a great deal more obediant, but not today, as being rebellious is what makes me HOT boys!!! HOT!! And there’s nothing better than a girl that needs taming, yet resists the ‘tame.’ (holla)

I still have more tanning to do, more rumaging through knicker drawers, AND more giving my good friend, love life advice. My advice is usually shit, but i’ve dated soooooooooooooooooooooooo frequently, that maybe i will know a thing or three. Men, women, completely different. Thats the key to success!! Don’t try and figure the other species out, just play alongside them. My ‘Latin Lover’ says he’s learnt everything he needs to know about women from a gay man. Umm…??? I say, no wonder i’m complaining!! You can’t learn about women from a GAY man!! They don’t know what it’s like to be a woman. They are GAY men, they know about gay men relationships, and how to be a hot chicks Bff, not how to make a girl shag them or want them!!! My gay friends chringe at the thought of eating me out!! YOu can only learn about women from women, and quote…;WOMEN..not just one. You have to have had relationships with so many different types of women to really understand us a little bit better.

I’ve dated zillions of fellas, from all over the land and from various walks of life ( a little too various)…hahaha, and yeah it’s told me a lot more about men than i ever really wanted to know!! The t-shirt wasn’t worth getting!!

Anyway, i do have to go tan a wee bit more, and spank my monkey slaves. Stay tuned!! And if i disappear over the next few days, i’m not dead, i just went to London!

 Why do i have the ‘Grand old Duke of york’ going through my head??? And what was the point to that nursery rhyme?? ‘…he had 10,000 men….he marched them up to the top of the hill, and he marched them down again??’ Then think of he rest of the rhyme…..The Grand old duke of York…..lazy bastard!! haha  He could’ve done a lot more with 10,000 men…

4 thoughts on “Women know women know women”

  1. Good luck and all the best from me too Chrissie. And have a good time!

    I quite enjoy visiting London myself every now and then. Although I wouldn’t
    particularly like to live there. Not without VERY well paid employment, decent
    accommodation that doesn’t cost a small fortune … oh, and really bloody
    good reason to leave my home city of Manchester!



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