Without Condition..

We’ve just had the craziest week. (‘We’ as in Ruby, Ju & I.)

One of those weeks that you don’t see coming. It’s just flies out of nowhere & throws you for six.

One of those weeks that you only hear about, read about, watch on tv, yet would never think would happen to you.

One of those moments where you lose ya breath & fill up with tears. A week full of blur & bustle. But when you ‘blink’ you open your eyes, look around and realise it’s your ACTUAL life a happening!!

It was one of those moments where I was juggling everything merrily, easily, happily and I just DROPPED IT ALL in a second to listen, protect, love and care.

Ruby & Junior are the two little humans who are the single most important hearts to me in the entire world….and all I can say is that I’m so proud of how brave they have been, during a moment of…well… it takes a lot to stand up for yourself. So to be able to do it at 8 & 6 years old & ask for help, shows irrepressible strength.

I’d say what we went through last week was pretty traumatic. Definitely one of the worst things we’ve experienced so far, as a family, especially after such wonderful moments together through Summer.


I don’t actually know what to say? I’m trying to be positive and I’m making sure that the babies are okay and that their world is filled with unconditional love. The real kind.

I’m actually someone who will always look for the positive in a stressful situation. I’ll always do the right thing. My parents taught me well, loved me well, raised me well…and so did LIFE.

In fact I’d say life taught me sheer reality, the harsh way. My parents raised me so well that I was often naieve, which is pretty unbelievable to say I’m such a sassy/wise old egg.

I’ll tell you that my gut instinct has never failed me. I’m extremely open emotionally. I feel everything & everything I feel, I know of!

I’m never lost.

After I get that feeling, my mind figures things out pretty quickly. The balance between my head and heart work well together.

If you didn’t know this about me…I’m an actress. So I entertain for a living. It’s my job. However my biggest passion, love and superpower is being a reliable and loving Mama to Ru & Ju.

Nothing else in the world is more important to me than that. (Everyone wondered where I went? My FB, Insta & Twitter accounts were rammed with DM’s. I disappeared because my children needed me.)

So, the positive is that i’ll say the ‘bustle & blur’ that came after a sudden revelation, ended up feeling essential. Positive acts to make sure all those who asked for help got it, began to take action.

It all happened very quickly and for that alone I’m Thankful. I’m really Thankful.

So I don’t want to say anything else other than THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart to every single human being that listened, learnt, helped, questioned, stood by us, gave advice, dropped everything, or made a phone call. Just thank you to every single person who showed up, who was there, who did their job, who….

..because of you Ruby, Junior & are now sleeping happy, well and safe.

A grey cloud has been lightened and we’re concentrating on moving forward and making the happiest memories possible.

Lots of love.

Chrissie x

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