Already the BEST day ever. I managed to make itunes work for me, so i’ve spent the whole morning bouncing around to my favourite musical delights!! I’ve chosen one song per person i want to remember, so each time a song plays…it takes me right back to the person, the place, the time, and probably the random ‘best bit.’ I LOVE it!! I feel alive! I’ve just looked at my phone and seen that i have frantic messages from a friend who is having vast problems with ‘Cupid.’ I’ve been there many a ‘lonely heart club’ so i’m right here to listen, and hopefully not help, as if i do get tempted it will probably end with him dressed like a metro-sexual, having a new haircut, fake tan, and sausaging a blond bimbo on top of a posh club table, whilst being completely sozzled on pink champagne! Oh those were the days! (I’m currently listenning to ‘Thats not my name’-ting tings…not morning music, but fuck it, I LOVE IT!!!)

I’m missing my LA friends and faces soooooooooo much but i’ll be seeing you all soon, so i can’t wait, i’m enjoying England whilst i can. I’ve decided to make a ‘not tell anyone’ random appearance in ‘LA LA Land.’ The shock will break a few hearts!! Yayur!! I’m so ridulously happy today, and feeling in a ‘slapstick’ humour mood..and not as in watching it, yet more as in ‘doing it.’ (wait, some shit song has just come on?? It’s like one of those alarm clocks that makes the sound of waves and dolphins….yet really is just static. i don’t know, maybe it’s my ears, but whoever invented that device is a prize TWAT!! I’m changing it to something more respectable like, ‘Girls Aloud!!!’)

Can’t wait to start the day, i look delicious, i have a day of auditions tomorrow, and well enjoy life today boys, cos there’s random oriental girls littering the streets looking for trouble! ‘OOh laaaaa!’ Find me!! (Well don’t really as thats stalking…and thats only exceptable when i’m doing it!!)

(‘..wake me up before i drop out on you….you treat me rough to show that you care…feels so good to lose baby.’)

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  1. im going vegas in september ot see me pal. have a great time in lala land chrissie and have a proper bubble with your pals babe but hurry back to england we need all the rockets we can get we dont want the sceptics robbing everything of us babe take care chrissie tada scratch


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