Will you be my friend?

Morning my Cheekies! Okay, I’m a pretty good friend, and i love my barrel of maties more than anything imaginable. And when i say ‘friend’ i don’t just mean the people i’ve shared a drinky with, i’m talking about those i’ve laughed, danced, fought and cried with. I have LOADS, from all walks of life and for some reason, they’re super important to me, no matter where they are in the world. I treat my friends, better than i treat my boyfriends, as i seem to have so much more respect for them? You know we’ve seen each other through the best of times, and the worst of times. We’ve lied for each other. We’ve kept each others secrets. We’ve McBoogied over every cobble stone. Plus they’re the people who i actually picked to be ‘family.’ It’s precious and if you don’t have any, you should really consider getting some, as they often come in useful. They buy you drinks and everything!!

Anyway, i’m only rambling on about all this, because this morning i had a friend laid next to me, as i woke up. She was all happy, cutsey and in pink and white flowery pyjamas. I’m doing this thing where i listen to a ‘happy’ song, (oh shut up) as soon as my eyes peel open, in order to put me in a certain mood for the day. This morning my choice was ‘Quando Quando Quando’ (haha) by Michael Buble. So like an anti-social, morning hag, i reach for my ipod, plug in the ears, and after a couple scrolls, i have Michael Buble ‘Oooo-ing’ through my system. Being a decent friend, i figured she would LOVE this song and in the moment of wanting to make her a little happier than happy, (plus she looked a little pissed off because i was ignoring her) i give up my ‘morning song’ therapy, and plug the ‘ear things’ into her ears. (I was still holding the pad, ofcourse. I’m not that nice, i’m a control freak. It’s mine, mine ALL mine!!)

Anyway, she listens, she likes, she smiles and she complains that it’s too loud. Then half way through the song, when Nelly Furtado kicks in, tiny droplets start racing down her perky cheeks, that suddenly turn into agonising tears!! (hahahaha) The song went on, the crying got louder. OH MY GOD!!! I rip the ipod from her ears, (I mean, don’t want ‘crying’ on it,) and do the whole ‘What’s wrong? What’s wrong?’ She says ‘nothing,’ which aggravates me. Why do people say ‘nothing’ when there’s obviously something? I hate begging for an explanation. I’m too lazy. There’s only room for ONE attention whore, and i already had lollipops jabbed into my hair.

Anyhow, I find out that she liked the song a lot, but it reminded her of the past, (yeah, the past can be a bugger at times) like when she use to be happy, (oh) and now i had made her thoroughly miserable, as i’d forced her to remember!! (OOops!) She was proper upset. Not at me, but at her life!! She hadn’t cried about it in years. I made her cry, (which i count as a release of tension) face her problems, making me a REALLY AWESOME friend!! I rock! It ended up in laughter, after i mopped away her droplets, and now she’s all munching on cornflakes in my kitchen happy as can be. Sometimes i really impress myself!! (hahaha)

My best friends are a cheeky bundle of peeps, who are stupid enough to put up with me, no matter what ridiculous shinanigans i get myself into. They refrain from judging, always admire, and basically let me do whatever i want….sprinkled with a delicious spurt of glitter! I love you!

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