Wiggling & Winking

Feeling AMAZING today. I’m bubbling with the giddy and an ooh laa of *wiggle giggle.* I’ve worked all morning, which has pretty much energized me. I’m a Glamour Puss that enjoys being busy…whether it be at work, at ‘party party’ or between the sheets. Life has really sort of become delicious. Infact, no..it’s always been that way ( i mean, coming out the womb, i had a face of *excitement* and a drink order in) what i believe has actually happened is that i’ve accidentally taken it up a notch. I have everything any little kitty could need right now, without a void of ‘want more,’ and it really is a special place to be in! I hope you’re all feeling that way too and if you’re not, really look at what you have in life. Find that ‘ooh’ that you completely love about you, celebrate it and laugh at the bad. I’ve noticed over the last year that life is not as hard, or as complicated as people tend to make it. The more you try to complicate it, the less easy it is, to merrily skip through to the CHAMPION line. This is why i have a natural hatred for cobbled stoned streets. They are pointless and really do complicate any walk of shame…in stilettos. I like a cool, simple, swagger forward of ‘breeze easy.’ All bumpiness can be left for the bedroom.

I’ve done a lot of ‘being interviewed’ today. A lot of picking out pictures, picking out makeup and basic tending to the brand that is ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ I love my meetings because they begin all proffessional and then end up with me dancing around to any current song of ‘sexiness,’ tweeting and finding out about everyones personal life. I’m really loving life. I’m really loving my job. I’m really loving this…‘i might be a future icon’ marlarky and well for a little girl who’s wanting to continue making all kinds of dreams come true…i’m doing pretty alright and the reason why i’m doing pretty alright, is because of YOU. And i don’t even mean it cheesy. I’m not cheesey. *Hair toss* I mean it in the sense of, i’ve kinda brought people of the world together by telling the tragic tale of my Kitty kitty life…and we’re all here helping each other through the good and the bad of it, to the point where NOW i’ve taking advice of YOU. You all know me…and well i’ll tell you when i’m going on a date…and i’ll tell you if i’m nervous..and you all tell me your views and give me words of advice. The only thing i do…is encouarge you to celebrate your life, your being and make your story one of GREATness.

I have a weird natural light shining on my laptop right now, due to me being outside in a garden. I  can’t really see the screen?? But whocares…seeing is not essential. I’ve got through life tipsy, and with hindered eyesight due to my chosen length in lashes. Trust me…half seeing is pretty much the way forward now. To the point where if you can actually fully see then you really do need a cocktail. (Fyi, Due to the earlier sunshine, i’m in the best ‘Dolly’ outfit ever! I’ve over dressed, over the top and feeling like a really good drag act, that’s woken up at the place of another, after a night of sin, yet still has managed to not smudge her makeup.)

I need to stop eating sausages. I have a really decent relationship with food. I eat everything and pretty much all the time. But sausages are always hanging around me…wherever i look, i seem to see one…and when i see one, i can’t help but put it in my mouth and *gobble.* I’m on sausage over load and it’s hardly very glamourous and if i want you to do anything today…it’s to keep everything you do GLAM…and mainly because it’s funny.

I had a woman ask me a bizarre question today, whilst i was stirring two sugars in my tea.

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