Who’s Ya Daddy…?

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Wakey wakey, my fellow love buckets! I’m still with the monks at the Pagoda, but get to leave this afternoon. My Brother is no crying because he’s decided he’s now going to miss us…yet i’m forcing him to stay because i’ve given the monks thousands of pounds to fix things. (Hahaha…) I didn’t know blessings cost so much?

Anyway i had delicious sex dreams about a boy, (Places of worship bring that out in me) and yeah i did go on a baby sized adventure around the grounds last night..but i didn’t find anything of interest. Just a few boners, prawn cocktail crisps, a grandmother and fermented apple juice, that if you drink tastes NOTHING like booze. Fuckery!! Oh and i also found a few ghosts and this massive magical temple that looked like Vegas. I was in my underwear, creeping around like i was in a silent movie.

Also last night i recieved text messages from a boy, who was…i think the term he used was ‘a bit fucked.’ A bit fucked boys are my speciality. I love a boy that’s having a good time, gets trashed and in that moment of drunkness thinks,’ You know what? I’m gonna text Wunna.’ It means they either associate me with ‘good times,’ they are under the influence of that famous ‘liquid courage,’ they miss me…or they simply associate me with being ‘a bit fucked.’ All is good to me!! It’s sexy!!

Godda go…the monks are calling me… HAHAHAHA (Piccy taken By David shaw…amazing photographer. My scars are showing, it’s beautiful.)

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  1. u look ream in the pic chrissie as always babe im pleased u are having fun with the monks i love buddist temples and that i went and looked round big buddha in samui it was cushtie then i went down the boozer and got swilled on stella even better


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