Where do i even begin?


Okay, i haven’t blogged in the last 2 days simply because i needed a little ‘resty’ time to catch up on that old beauty sleep…which i enjoyed with a boy. But mainly because i have have the most wildest, most phenominal time, in the world ever over the weekend. Like i actually stopped looked around at my surrounding, pissed myself laughing with ‘i can’t believe this is real’ & realized that I do actually have a whole entire world of my own and it’s FUCKING AMAZING! I’m Chrissie Wunna…and well yeah THANK fucking GOD!!! Happiest i’ve ever been. (Humps her teddy.)

I was going blog about the filming…yet i’m gonna save that until tomorrow, as there’s far too much jiggery pokery and amazement to simply absorb and get my head around. OMG…i have never laughed so hard in my life. Everyone i’m working with could basically have a show of their own…they are deliciously WHACKED and in a work environment they really are the best team known to mankind. Like for the first time i thought, yeah i get why people would want to live in ‘Wunna World.’ I fucking out did myself this time. I will tell you all about it. But know that when working with me, a LOT of ‘play’ goes on. Tomorrow i’ll blog it…but for now lets fast forward.

After a big shoot, or a filming session it’s sort of tradition for me to celebrate afterwards. It’s like a big drunken pat on the back. I love a good time (we all know that) and well i felt like i deserved a bit of ‘play.’ I took Gay Adam with me, and basically instead of tramping out around town…(i’d been on ‘show’ all day) i wanted a bit of ‘real’ time at home. We went to the local Cost Cutter, (ooh the glamour) bought them OUT of wine, sweets, and all other kinds of useless crap…ordered chinese, and after drawing my curtains open as far as they could go, so i could be seen by the world…I thought it would be a jolly dandy idea for us to quite rudely FLA

amden…(well ‘The Worlds End’) you’ll know it. And OMG…Best.Time.Ever! After beer, a shot that tasted like a Grannies crusty crotch (that i downed with no problem.) Gay Adam said that he ‘watched me shoot it before he even contemplated his next move.’ Great role model children. Be me. Anyway, I looked around and no longer knew what was real anymore?? It went insane. Okay YOU might drink with a good old buddy and ya mum on a unday afternoony. I DRANK with, a half man half reindeer- holding a shot gun, a jogger-who was aimlessly joggin around people, a jockey, a man with one leg, the Tallest man in the WORLD (no joke,) a rugby player with little balls, Captain Jack sparrow-who didn’t realize he wasn’t really a pirate, a paedophile, a drunk, a barrel, Where’s Wally and get this Peter Andre, rubbing his crotch agressively at me. Don’t hate!!

One by one they kept randomly flouncing into the bar and then joining us! It  says a lot about you when all the freaks only want to play at YOUR table. By the end of it i was blotto, but my boobs were insisting on partying. I remember being grabbed and put by a man in a wheel chair, for pictures!! Then i walked home, all alone in the dark, got raped by gang members and felt much better about myself. Touche’.

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