When the magic happens…


Welcome, my lush lick factories of ‘hey HEY hey.’ Having one of those busy-ish days at the office, where you find yourself wishing for far more exciting times and also wish you didn’t take that ‘fat burner’ pill that Natalie gave you, as when one is then told to count pound coins, it makes you cracked out. Lol

Last night, after work, ‘Handsome Keiran’ took me out for dinner, wine and to talk ‘the future.’ I’d never seen him so excited. In the last few weeks he’s managed to get everything he ever wanted. A future wife, the perfect job and a bucket load of happiness to go with it.

We talked, we loved, we made ‘magic’ and memories happen, by a bar side. (Even though he did try to publically ‘fell me up’. He gets like that when he’s chipper.) Anyway, he told me how much i meant to him and how if I didn’t want him to go away he wouldn’t.

Now, i know men better than i know anything. I’ve encountered so many of you all i probably know gents better than i know myself. Therefore after dinner and drinks, and whilst we were tucked up in bed talking, i told him that a successful man, a GREAT man, is one that has the ideal balance of a treasured ‘peronal’ life (meaning ME 🙂 ) and a thorough work life. The thing that they WANT to do, in order to feel like a man. He is  FINALLY lucky enough to have BOTH…therefore it would be really stupid for him not to go away. I’m used to dating men who work away and used to working away myself. I understand him, love and life…and with that and actually after a lot of bickering. (We bickered, if not fought last night for the first time because we broke the rule of ‘opening up.’ We forgot to, because the shock of him leaving, got the better of us. Therefore there were tantrums, tears, love, wise words, then happiness.

We’re really lucky to have what we have and well we promised to love each other forever and live our fairytale the way we’re supposed too!

[sexytime happened here.]

Today, he drove me into work. I’d been quiet through the journey there, simply because i was going to miss him. I mean i’m happy for him, but i’m GOING to miss him.

After a couple hours and when i was in the upstairs office. He knocked on the door, whilst i was pound coin counting, on my fat burner pill. (Never again.) In his hands was the most beautiful giant arrangement of flowers, with a card saying that he would ‘love me forever.’

OMG!!! I DO NOT KNOW HOW i managed to get sooo lucky. He is my absolute PERFECT MAN. I’ve never ever been treated this well by a handsome in my ENTIRE LIFE…and well thank the good LORD that i’m going to be that mans WIFEY! It’s a fairytale and couldn’t have been written again better.

How does he know how to do love this well? I will love this man til the day i die! It all just feels magical. I’m one lucky kitty cat!


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