When life is on your side….

I feeling really good today! So many wonderful things are happening. I’m in a great mood and I think it’s because a lot of ‘do gooding’ is currently occurring in Wunna land. It’s crazy! But the actual ‘buzz’ that I’m getting from making people smile, doing something to help others, changing the world a wiggle at a time & giving back…is making me feel on top of the world. I’m feel like some kind of ultra gleeful, superhero of boujiness.

It’s great!

Right okay, so…work wise, I start filming the most amazing short film ‘Stained Canvas’ next week! I could not be more excited to bring ‘Lily’ the bohemian fashion designer to life & I can’t wait to work with Jayne Slater, who’s an award winning, young film maker!

I’ve also just watched and shared the new promo video for ‘Isolation The Series 2’ by Steve Leeds and I can’t wait to be a part of that! It’s such an innovative series.

I’m in a feature film that shoots November. It has dinosaurs in it. The Wunna babies are in the film also and well I cannot wait to work with Scott Jeffery and Jagged Edge Productions. They’re a great team. A strong team.

And finally, I’ve joined the cast of ‘Series of Light’ season 2 on Amazon Prime UK & US and we’re set to film by the end of the year. I can’t wait to sass about as DC Jackie Lambert. (The character name alone gets me going!! Thank you Gage Oxley & Jessica Redhead.)

So…you’ve got all that!

In the meantime, whilst I’ve been learning my lines…a lot of you will know that on Friday Nov 20th I’m gonna be giving up my bed and sleeping rough to raise funds and build awareness for the charity ‘End Youth Homelessness,’ (who provide support and accommodation for young homeless people between the ages of 16-25.

I only just started pushing it and promoting it not last night but the night before…because I’d been so busy. I had a target of £100 because for every £100 I make in funds, it provides a young homeless person with FOUR nights warm & safe accommodation this Christmas!!!

Thanks to YOU my just giving campaign began trending over night and in 2 days I’d not only hit my target fund goal, but doubled it.

I cannot thank you enough for your support. It means so much to me, honestly from the bottom of my heart. Plus, it’s kinda special to know that during these hard times people ARE still wanting to give and make things better for others.

I feel the love. I feel the support and I truly appreciate it. Words can’t describe how wonderful your help has made me feel. Like you, I’m human and have been through many hard times. I’ve always tried not to talk about them, simply because I’m a ‘take it on the glitzy chin’ kinda girl. My inner ‘Northern’ gives me that ‘tough as old boots’ vibe. Plus, I always wanted to whizz a more positive vibe out there.

Yet realistically, there’s nothing MORE positive than someone’s TRUTH and someone who can TELL THEIR STORY without shame, with the intention to inspire and with a non-alcoholic smile on their face. (I hate that I’m not or drinking right now. I want pina coladas….strong ones…. slide down an imaginary bar at me, so I can erotically sniff them.)


The money you’ve helped raise so far for my ‘Sleep Out’ campaign will now help provide TWO young homeless people with safe and warm accommodation this Christmas! (They’re off the dangerous streets and that settles my heart. It makes me smile!)

I’m over the moon. I’m actually looking forward to sleeping rough for the night. I’m gonna try and document it all, if I can. But let’s keep the excitement going and get as many children and young adults into a safe place for Christmas! I mean, there’s young single mums out there, on the streets…with their kids, trying to fend for themselves! They need help and we can help them. There’s should be no barriers….just that good old thing called love.

So please do please do find it in your heart to donate…Even just £1 makes a huge difference! I mean sending video messages and signed pics to everyone who donates. You can even win a virtual date!!! Donate at the link below:


So, I had a bunch of ‘Zoom’ meetings today, one after the other…and I sent out quite a lot of emails and press releases out. Ruby had an audition and Junior ate baguettes on the street, whilst we were practicing ‘just sitting and being glared at’ and finding good homeless ‘sleepy’ spots on our after school walk.

But earlier this morning I found a REALLY amazing organisation @SCCCC (@Sheffield 4C) whilst I was on Twitter posting my ‘Fifty Shades’ video. Lol.

Anyway, they have a Penpal Scheme where people like you & I write letters or draw pictures etc…(The idea is that it’s ‘Happy Mail.)

You then send your letters/paintings to them and they have it delivered to various isolated old people within the community, who may not have ANY family or friends, simply to make them smile, feel appreciated, let them know that’s the thought of and well it helps combat loneliness.

How lovely!!!!

It made me immediately flash back to a time…years ago…when I worked in a coffee shop. A cheeky gentleman named ‘Albert’ used to always come in. He was loud, flirty and naughty.

He always use to crack the lost hilariously inappropriate jokes. One day he walked in…But he looked so sad. I asked him what the matter was…He simply looked at me and quietly said…

‘You don’t want to ever be 80. It’s the loneliest time.’

He then walked away…It just never left me. It’s one of my flash backs. I wonder why we hold onto some flash backs, but not others? Why does our brain choose certain moments? Or is it our soul that does the selecting?

Therefore with that’s being said ‘Wunna Land’ went into action. I was full, speed ahead and began hand washing, sanitising and then grabbing paper to write as many letters as I could.

The babies (Ruby & Junior) then joined in on the action and started drawing and painting their ‘happy mail,’ to send off.

So far we have 50 pieces of ‘Happy Mail’ to make anyone who is feeling lonely smile!

What a BUZZ!

It’s been such a delight to do them and take part in the Penpal scheme and well i think YOU should too because it feels so rewarding. It’s just so easy. It’s a great thing to do as a family and it takes nothing to just write one happy letter or paint one happy picture! It will make an old person smile and feel appreciated! That’s all you have to do!

Anyway, I’ve noticed that whilst a delightful amount of ‘do gooding’ and giving back to others is happening, a great deal of pretty wonderful things keep happening TO ME!?!

Now, I don’t know whether it’s because i feel good, or whether it’s because the karma thing is the real deal? But I’m kinda genuinely noticing that if you give out love, it really does come back to your threefold. (No joke.) I’m watching it happen to me, over and over again!

If I wasn’t so tired, I’d definitely be having an imaginary rum right now! Why am I so old?

All my love,

Chrissie x

Ps/ I’ll leave you with this. I mean, I filmed it so you might as well watch it. Lol (Infact, you’ve probably already seen it, it’s been chilling on my insta for a day..)

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