When kittens get preachy…


Hey doll! I have Literally worked my pretty orange ARSE off this and i couldn’t be prouder of myself, as there was a moment in 2014…well..several fucking moments where we were skidding on thin ice…and I say ‘skidding’ simply because skating would make it sound far too beautiful, It was messy! ๐Ÿ™‚ BUT, if I want you see anything, i want you to know that, really no matter what happens to you in life, as long as you pick yourself up , laugh it off, shrug it off, or even commit to a weep, you can always always make it right again. You JUST need to try. Expect the shitty periods, as you’re all going to have them. I mean, embrace the shitty periods if you are smart enough to remember to bounce back. BUT please DO make like a ball..and bounce your strong ass self BACK. One of the great things about life is that every day, you get ANOTHER shot at it…for now. FIGHT, when it seems all else is going wrong. Get that answer, solution..whatever it takes. THEN, everything will go exactly how you wanted it to. It just takes determination…wine and your fingers crossed. Everything happens for a reason. I believe that. But i also believe that you can truly give life a ‘nudge’ in the right direction and carve a bit of a jolly path for yourself!

Stop quitting things…be it in work, love, family or dreams. They’re all the things that matter. Be there. Love hard. Work hard. Stray focused. Stray focused? ๐Ÿ™‚ Well that’s a conundrum in itself! Pahaha. Bottom line…Don’t damage yourself…or others. You’ll regret it later on. You’ll really regret it later on.

But yeah…i’ve worked my ARSE off this year and i’ve done really really well. ๐Ÿ™‚ I pretty much turned it all around. I laughed it off and got on with it. I’m really, really happy.

I’ve been at work all day today…and it’s been wonderful. I have another busy day tomorrow and i’m excited for it. I’m really lucky to be in such a position and there are loads of times where i look up and HAVE to thank my lucky stars! I’m kinda non judgmental now, when it comes to ย those who work and those who don’t and those who arrange their world around the benefit system. I now think that as ย long as whatever you’re doing, makes you happy and is not something that doesn’t stem from a bad place…then you’re dandy, You’re okay. I work hard and that’s my choice, but if i could be a multi millionaire and stay at home with my babies…I WOULD. I mean, waving ‘bye bye’ in the mornings is awful, as I pull away in my car. YET, at the same time…they want for nothing and it’s because of that reverse out of my drive at 8.20am…with a wave. It’s all about balance. So, yeah…me personally, i couldn’t do nothing and have no dream to pursue, or not have a day job, I’m not one to moan about there being no jobs, because i really think there’s plenty. There must be, i had two full time jobs at one point this year? AND a business! So, i can do it..anyone can. I think that i just despise moaners in general. I hate people who moan about shit for nothing. If your life is that bad, do something about it and quit blaming everything else in the world for your own life issues and problems. People can get over any hump. We’re designed tooooo. Helloo? I mean, why people can’t just have a wine ans sleep it off, or have an argument and shout it out, have a weep, or sit in and ‘Zen’ i out in some meditation corner, i just don’t know? The next morning, you’ll be fine..and if you’re not…then you should be. ๐Ÿ™‚ (It obviously depends on the situation.)

[I’m currently stuffing my face with Junior’s Pringles. I miss them tonight, as i’m working on beauty line stuffage, as they are enjoying ‘Daddy’ time.I don’t know how anyone lives alone??? There’s no energy, no a being around…no life…now excitement, no love, no buzz. I live for my children…so i miss them. They’ve both grown up so much and Ruby just looks like the ultimate diva these days. She is one smart cookie. Junior is the HAPPIEST BABY IN ALL THE LAND. Innocent, fun and weirdly obedient? Ruby isn’t at all obedient, unless there’s something in it for her. Kinda like me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Junior’s sweet and well yeah, i’d say he looks like me, but he has his father’s temperament. He has his father’s personality. I ADORE how much my babies love each other. They truly are excited when the other one is around. It’s lovely and sort of fools me into believing that i’m raising them correctly. ๐Ÿ™‚ They’ve kinda made me want two more babies because they’ve made being ‘Mummy’ wonderful for me. I’m so proud of them. However, they’re massive now. I miss them being babies…hence why my ovaries are aching. I adore them and to me, that’s what life is about. Love…family….work…happiness. I’m just not one to do my future as a Burmese biddy on my own. Let me remind you…it’s lonely.]

Methinks it’s wine o clock!

I’ve actually tried to write this last paragraph shit loads of times, but my server was down, so it kept refusing to save my work, then to cream it over with glitter, it then told me to ‘fuck off’ and refused to let me have access to chrissiewunna.com. Hurrah! I guess, i was going to tell you that I had work to do on my eyelash line, so i’d have to shoot off. And, well…i really do hope you all support me in my quest and say ‘YES’ to buying ‘Chrissie Wunna’ eyelashes this Christmas, as firstly it’s make me feel proud of myself. Secondly, i’d be proud of YOU and thirdly, it’s sort of a way for me to prove as a woman, that you can start off my having the shittest year ever and at the same time be a mum, with numerous babies, work a strenuous, full time, day job and STILL have A DREAM that you wish to pursue, followed by attempting to pursue it, followed by SUCCESS! It can happen and we as women CAN DO THIS! I mean, our lives get more difficult as we get older…doesn’t it girls! And just because responsibility tumbles upon us, it doesn’t mean that we HAVE TO plonk our dreams on hold. With the right amount of love, help and determination..we can still turn those dreams into a reality and if I could way THAT flag for womankind…then I’d be completely and utterly satisfied. (With a cherry on top.) So, i guess, i’m trying to say that it would mean soooooooooooooo much if i kinda had all your support. I really want to make this eyelash line work and i really want you to enjoy what i’ve created.

Y’know, now, that i’m working hard and fine tweaking my eyelash brand… my own little girl now looks at me like i am the single most AMAZING WOMAN she has ever met in her ENTIRE LIFE! Like i’m some kind of superwoman, who is making HER dreams come true. That feeling alone, makes you feel alive…and it’s that feeling that we as mum’s live for.

Love you.

Night! x







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