When it all got the better of me…


I’ve been ill and really if there is anything worse than this little kitty cat of utter deliciousness having no tan and a bad hair day…it’s being ill. I knew i was going to get in, because the previous day i found myself over compensating with my look, in order to look well. I only despise being ill, simply because i’m the first one, whenever ANYONE’S ill to be boasty about how ‘I’M NEVER EVER ILL’…i’m soo annoyed at my boastiness right now. 🙁 I sooo managed to scoop up a jolly lergy and fight out a bit of a bitch of a flu, on a sofa, in a pink dressing gown, by a Christmas tree with Keiran (who was wedged on the sofa too) spooning me in the dark. He was knackered anyway, after his weekend of ‘party party’ in London. Luckily he came back all ‘in love’ with me, for being his ‘perfect.’ It’s a good thing having someone that cares about you spoon you when you’re cold sweating a flu off. It’s a bad thing when the ‘not hot’ members of JLS are gyrating in your dreams, mid-illness…and they just don’t seem to go away, or do their dancing shirtless? Keiran talks in his sleep. I won’t tell you what he says…but let me tell you..last night, was quite bizarro. *Gives head a shake.* What i’ve noticed about my ‘handsome’ is that his mind is constantly on the move. Like moi, he has a powerful bit of mind and well i’m currently finding it rather ‘ooh laa.’ We’ve gotten properly into ‘role playing’ in the bedroom right now. We’re pretty much the same person, therefore we’re more mentally stimulated than anyone would think. I’ve always said, that a great guy is one that doesn’t chase 100 girls, but makes 99 girls jealous of the one. I’m proud of him from turning from ‘Player’ to ‘Love bunny.’ Is our relationship built on hotness? I don’t know. However, i will say it is weird that we’ve mnaged to meet, fall in love immediately, change our ENTIRE lives for one another and become engaged. Girls quite fancy Keiran and boys quite fancy….my boobs. We have a strong bond that goes much much further than a hair do and a chest. I just wish more people would beable to see it. He looked at me last night, as he was arm cradling Rubes, by the fiary lit Christmas tree and told me that he had never ever met a girl like me in his life and that i blew ever out the water. It made me feel special…and finally feel appreciated.

Pete came around my accident the other day to feed the cats. It was sort of awkward, but great at the same time. It was far less dramatic than i thought it would be. The boys got on rather cordially…and well i hope that it stays that way. It’s the best thing for everyone. I’m very well impressed. (‘Who’s here? My Mum?/ No Chrissie..it’s Pete./WHAT!!!!/No really it’s Pete!/OMG!!’) Now i’m knocking on *adjusts bar* i’m far less keen on drama. I never thought i could ever be tamed…but having Ruby poke out of my ‘lady part’ head first has certainly been the only thing in this world…to alter my tragical flow of existance. Then Keiran came along and *rubber stamped* that change officially. I do always say that we’re extremely similiar. Maybe we just fancy ourselves. 🙂 However, no matter what…Cupid has completely tickled us with the love duster.

I’m really loving being a Mummy right now and really appreciating the help from my own mummy right now. I’m working hard, solidifying a future, really wanting a weave and adoring my new faux fur. Being ill sucks hairy balls…massively. I’m much better now and rocking my pinstripes…(well better enough to get hit on by a young boy lawyer, at Leeds train station, who claims to see me every day, eating a bacon sandwich. SEXUAL.) I did the usual nod, wave, smile and told him i was in a rush. If i could put a ‘Post -It’ on that moment it would read ‘BUSY.’ …train stations are never good places for boys to try and pull chicks. It’s a place of transit and well all you will beable to gather up in the love department are those who are ‘on there way.’ I’m taken anyhow…and feeling 100% loved. Girls only really adore and crave the attention of other gents, when they’re not filled with utter love, or then don’t hear it enough. I’m getting treated more than rather well at home, so right now..i’m all goodie. When i’m with a boy, i hate them to be flirty. Not only because it’s disprespectful…but because it mainly shows me that they don’t feel secure. Insecurity is not hot. It’s soo 2007. Even though i’m quite well pictured as a floozy pa’toozie…i hardly ever ‘put myself out there’..and why? Well simply because I don’t need too… *Wiggle-wink.*

I don’t really have anything else to report other than i’m recovering from being ill. Oh and my new local, that isn’t at all local, is ‘The Castle’ in Wakefield. The coziness of that place is divine and well i have so many new memories there. And even though i’m always signing random girls up to be my future bridesmaids, simply because they give me booze and the fact that random men think Keiran ‘bought me’ on the Thai black market…it’s a great palce to go for a Bailey’s and a chillax by a fireplace.

Must totter.

I love you…


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