When all you have is love and golf balls…

Good morning my delicious kittens of magical ‘wink-winks.’ I…your darling bit of Ultimate Glamour Puss, Queen of the glittery underworld and…idiotic piece of nuisance, am feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD today. And why? I hear you cry!!! Well because i am, (what Cupid calls) IN LOVE! I’m on the sofa, in my stalker black oufit, with my diamante chandlier earrings embracing the sides of my great WUNNA mind and to my left, is ‘Handsome Keiran’ the ultimate man of my dreams. We are sooo perfect right now that I couldn’t even be happier. Finding your ‘forever’ really does make a grand difference to your life. When i’m in love…i’m alive. When i’m in ‘forever’ love…a love that i had never ever thought i would find…i can conquer this entire world. The way he is, the way he acts, the way he loves, the way he looks, what he says, what he forgets to say is my perfect and because he’s just like me! Add hot ‘on the sofa’ and then ‘on the rug’ rumpy..(i LOVE having sexy time with him, we can role play like no other, yet yesterday, when he was on top of me mid-thrust, i had never felt more in love..it was like i  had this whole chunka-hunka, all manly and delicious, loving me like a warrior of ‘ooh’) …then my dollies, you have victory. I enjoy having a toy boy yes, but i ADORE having him be my ‘forever’…when i’m  102 and sat in my luxury rocking chair with my rum and updo, i want to look to my left again and see him there, still telling me that i’m ‘the girl of his dreams’…but only if i ‘don’t lie.’ Lol

Life is busy right now. I’m having to go down to London on Thursday with my Wunna troops, for a bit of filming and a pair of frilly knickers. It’s a new project that i’m wanting to well at and i’m wanting to do well at it, simply because if there was anything that i’m good at…(and i understand i’m not good at much, but still maybe a bit better at stuff than you 🙂 ..yet only because i dollop rubbish in wiggles, cheek and charm, which weirdly comes off as ‘magic.’ Yippeee!) Anyway yeah..if there was anything i was great at…it would be this show. I get to embrace my inner ‘ooh laa’, chat about the art of tease and then quite candidly tell people what i want and hope that they care to listen. *Wiggle-wink.* But anyway, that’s Thursday, i need to groom before then.

Right now, the simply organizing of Wunna Land, plus Keiran’s ‘i’m a model’ schedule, is enough for me to jingle jangle. I’ve been emailing photographers, talking to my book publisher, promising to call people back (i’m crap at calling people back) and well i have about a month before i take the Wunna donkey on the road, and make magic happen with my book. (Which you all need to buy…or i’ll get angry at myself and be forced to guzzle rum in gutters.) Keiran and i have an adventure lot of things going on, it kinda seems like we were meant to meet and we are guided by the Gods. When one thing finishes, out of nowhere, ANOTHER thing pops up! The things we’ve done in a month are things that people hope to do in a lifetime. We feel really lucky and well i thank whoevers watching over us, for putting him in my path 7 months ago. It’s weird how you can walk past someone in a gym and only say ‘hi’…then a month later be engaged to them, living with them  soon after and taking on forever with them, with a giggle and a thudding heart. Our  story is a fairytale and well we’re a couple you accidentally ‘hit’ all the right buttons.

I should be getting a copy of my book this week. I’m excited about it all now and well i’m dying to have a read, which is bizarre really…as i lived it. I know what happens. But maybe reading it sober, will make me actually realize what i went through and maybe what a glitzy twat i am. *Purr..*

Y’know that they always say the one thing you remember from the day before when you don’t even think, is the memory you’ve taken with you. What i remember from yesterday..apart from when Keiran dared me to shout out that i LOVED HIM in the middle of Leeds train station at 15.37..whilst waiting for a Wakefield train by Platform 6. (The snazzy platform..and simply because i was on it…snogging. :)) I remember satnding in the back garden, in my beige faux fur, sunglasses, fur boots and diamante chandlier earrings, with my menthol..watching him hit golf balls. It’s the part of our life where we hit the *pause* button, and just enjoy it, alone, with each other and well yesterday in the sunshine, doing the most simple of things. I watch and giggle, he tries to hit a golf ball into a black plastic box at the bottom of the garden, talks about ‘not looking up’ and then complains because he’s lost his ball in my bush. 😉 Infact, saying that…i also remember scrubbing the carpet. ffs

I don’t know why i’ll always remember that…but i will.

Today, i feel AMAZING and i hope you do to! When you feel on top of the world, you really can conquer anything. Be a product of your imagination. Whatever you dream you can absolutely achieve…yet only if you try..and in heels? *Wink*

C x



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