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God i keep getting into trouble today. I’m just one of those tender, minxy ‘kitten soft’ souls, with a Va Voom like ‘inner dynamo’ (God i’m laying it on thick today) that trips up over herself and then looks up only to find herself in trouble. Like i said 2 days ago, ‘Hi, I’m Chrissie Wunna…and i’m sorry!‘ I mean i don’t mind getting into trouble, as it’s second nature to me now. But surely getting ‘told off’ is only dandy when you’ve actually done something wrong, like aggressively humped ya pillow, in my crotchless panties. I mean,  i’ll do something so terribly inappropriate by accident, and get applauded for it, given cocktails and maybe even an award. (Pass me my fur, let me look at my bank balance.) Yet other times i’ll simply be standing around, all aimlessly, all innocent and over eyelashed ‘pout’ factory, texting my little burmese Mother…and before i even blink I AM GETTING YELLED at and having eggs, knives & herpes ridden Trannies thrown at Me.

Anyhow, ‘Lashes‘ needed to talk to me the other day, so he turned up at my place for a ‘chitty chat’…one of those awkward ones, where i have to apologize and all that ‘ooh laa.’ He misses me or something.. yet uttered this delicious line of romance, ‘I love the way you look, but they’re are major traits of your personality that i really don’t like AT ALL.’ (Hahaha…In’t my personality the bestest thing about me??? Who said romance was dead!) He claims i’m like this ‘happy-go lucky, 28 year old, that looks like a 19 year old, (notice how i got that in) who acts like a 15 year old, yet luckily is slaggier in the bedroom than most, but is too much to handle. Then he finished off with a ‘You test my sanity.’ Aaah, a days work DONE, by The Wunna. (Applaud here.)

He wants to be with me….but i think boys are just too much of a distraction for me. I never get any work done. It really affects my whole ‘oooh laa,’ as things that are important to me are pushed to one side, so that ‘current handsome’ can take up ‘bed’ space. I like a busy boy. I mean my career is oddly going really well right now…and i’m really excited. I’m truely grateful for all that i’m being blessed with. But if i’m being honest, i never thought that it wouldn’t happen…EVER. Even as a kid in Hollywood. That may come across as conceited, but really it’s confidence. You’ll never meet a more CONFIDENT girl, to the point where it’s almost scary! I shit myself up all the time…And even if i say so myself…it’s sexy! (I’m mean you godda give me that right???)

Anyway, so far today, apart from BBMing friends, calling Pete at ‘Nuts,’ strangling a midget, putting money in donation boxes for good karma, i’ve recieved lots of love from you all. I’m now loving all the Cyber sent Flowers, the messages, the love, the cheerleading. I mean, i’m just trying to do the best i can at this life thing and thankfully, i have you helping me along….(and destroying it hahahha.) All i want is for everyone to achieve their dreams. I mean my favourite moment is seeing that 4 immediate seconds, where someone has just been told they’ve booked the job they always dreamed off, won the lottery, had a baby, seen their loved one after months of missing them. It’s my favourite moment!! And that’s one of my best traits..other than ‘really good at jiggery pokery.’

(Breathe, down that shot, keep ya chin up…and make it happen.)

I love you x

ps/ And for eveyone thats asking NO, i’m NOT at Embassy Tonight!

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