What my friends say about me….

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Welcome my little pretties! Hope you’re all well. I’m recovering. I’m busy. I have a little girl who’s about to turn 8 this weekend. I’ve got messages and interviews galore. I’m trying to conquer them all. I’m writing mini statements for good friends in tv. Gents are filling my DM boxes with trickery, nonsense and dick pics. It’s half term. Money is glittering through my little fingers. I’m getting quick snaps from New Zealand from good friends, who miss me and ‘D Bear’ the Boo….is chilling with love. He’s all good, down his neck of da woods….and I’m drooling over his videos, like I ain’t never seen ‘juice.’

I always used to say that I didn’t have a type. I’ve changed my mind. I have a type and my type is ‘sexy.’

Anyway, away from that…

I even got forced to attempt a piece of DNA origami, yesterday, by a girl called ‘Tasha,’ who’s delightful and watched me be a moron on First Dates.

Origami is not my thing and I almost HATE saying that because I’m creative and it’s asian. But fuck it. DNA origami Is meant to cleanse the soul and mind….as you learn about the body and biology! (The kids wanted to do. *Rolls Eyes.*)

It actually stressed me out (haha) because I’m someone who hates the tedious little tasks in life. I like the little things to just be taken care of, for me.

Plus, i already KNOW about biology! Don’t have unprotected sex, in hotel rooms after drinks…that’s how babies are born.

But whilst I’m busy…I thought i’d let YOU get to know ME, a lil’ better. And as they say, what better way, to get to know someone, than hearing what their friends have to say, about them…

Here’s what my friends say about me…

‘She’s one of the smartest girls i’ve ever met. She knows how to do EVERYTHING well! She’s really good at working a crowd & she did it naturally, ever since being a kid.’

‘To say she’s so tough, she’s a really emotional girl. She only cries when she’s really hurt & never for no reason. Oh! She’s also really intelligent.’

‘When she’s in love…no other guy in the world can ever win her heart because she loves with every inch of her soul. Super loyal friend and lover. She hates making love life decisions when it comes to choosing between guys.’

‘She is someone that will go without to make you happy.’

‘If you fuck with Wunna, she will never be afraid to come at you, with a shit load of home truths.’

‘She was always scared to promote her sexiness because women never liked it. ‘

‘No guy has ever actually treated her the way she’s always dreamt of. She wishes for a fairytale…even though she’s vixen, strong and independent.’

‘She’s a great mum. She makes Ruby & Junior feel so special always.’

‘She’s quite misunderstood. If you don’t know her personally…She’s a really hard sell. Haha.’

‘She drinks & swears all the time and I love her for it.’

‘At school she was really clever.’

‘She’s a really good dancer.’

‘She used to be homeless and no one actually believes her, when she says it.’

‘My most fun stories always start with *Remember when Chrissie…*’

‘She puked in my bath and refused to clean it up.’

‘She falls in love far too easily.’

‘She never cared for riches. She makes good money because of it.’

‘She’s never makes good of a bad bargain.’

‘Literally the most understanding human alive.’

‘She loves to fall in love.’

‘Always judged…’

‘I love that she knows how to live and can turn anything around to her favour.’

‘Such a positive girl.’

‘Don’t give her wine. She’s a Tosser.’

‘Her Mum means the world to her.’

‘When she’s smitten, you can definitely tell.’

‘She’s really talented. She does what she does, really fucking well.’

‘She loves it when boys think they can pull the wool over her eyes.’

‘She once couldn’t wait to go to the toilet and peed in an alleyway.’

‘I don’t know anyone who is kinder. She likes to make people happy.’

‘She’s a proper sort.’

‘I love that she has no qualms about being naked. She’ll be in the middle of a room and strip starkers for a laugh.’


‘She’s honestly tell you everything…openly.’

‘The stories she had to tell are insane. You don’t even know the half of it.’

‘She’s used to being the centre of attention & loves it.’

‘If she hates you, you’re fucked, because she likes to hold a grudge.’

‘She honestly think she’s not sexy anymore because she feels old.’

‘She says she doesn’t believe in marriage, but will probably get married again. Haha.’

‘People never know that she has the most hilarious sense of humour. She’s sick. Haha.’

‘She once trod on a slug.’

‘She’s scared of the dark.’

‘She’s really laid back. I don’t know why people think she’s high maintenance.’

‘Just a really good mix of everything. A proper chilled girl.’

‘One of them chicks you’ll never forget!’

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