Postman Pat

Howdy fellas!! Just woke up from the best night sleep ever, so this morning i’m feeling like sheer GREATNESS, and you should be too. It seems i also feel like a ‘Money-making machine,’not quite sure why?? (Hahaha) But hopefully it will prove to be true and today my path will be paved with cold hard cash. Hahaha! Life is actually turning out quite wonderfully. I can’t believe how happy i am? I don’t know what got me so excited?? I think it’s the Sagittarius in me. Or the coffee in me?? (bitches it’s like crack..if Amy Winehouse took up coffee, she’d be saying bloody ‘YES’ to rehab.) I think her whole falling ungracefully down to the pits of hell via a drug binge, is just a publicity stunt. She loves the ‘paps’ living outside her house. Soon, once everyones bored of her ‘I’m a druggie save me act,’ and we decide to not give her any attention…she’ll ‘Flip a bitch’ (if you are English, that means ‘pull a U-turn,’) and all of a sudden out of nowhere be recovered, happy, nun-like and having an affair with Postman Pat. It’s a vicious cycle. Postman Pat’s hot, and only because his nose looks like a big penis. 

Anyway enough of the ramblings..I feel wonderful, ready to take on ANYTHING, and take it on like a CHAMPION!! I must have had really great dreams last night or something? I’m just filled with this rush of determination, happiness and love. It’s a powerful thing. I feel like the worlds greatest Glamour puss. And I work pretty much all today, and for some reason methinks it’s gonna be a jolly good Friday Frank! Frank? 

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