What a day…

Best.Day.Ever. Loverboy and I travelled our pretty arses to the Leeds Food Festival. OMG…Amazing. Lets get this straight. We’re hand in handin the blistering sun, with crowds and cameras  surrounding us reporting on the foody delights, with a smooth mish-mesh of  thick, yummy, smokey, food-like aromas dancing around our little noses. I’m a kitty cat who knows how to get down to business. I tottered in, saw Nicky Chapman presenting an ‘on stage’ cooking show, squeezed my little future hubby’s hand and did what ever floozy with an ounce of utter decency would do at 11am and that’s head straight to the stall with the champagne. I made sure Loverboy and I had champers for breakfast, before we went of Date Night round two…which was a day of sampling the best food in Leeds! Glorious weather. Best company. Oh and just so you know, sampling food with the one you love is a great way to keep things ‘ooh laa.’ It’s a great day..in the sun.

Okay, we wandered up, down, around and around. Taking sneeky nibbles at all that was on offer. It kinda smelt like barbeque and *yum-yum* in one. We enjoyed a bit love from the Jamie Oliver stand. A whole bunch of fudge and toffees. We gobbled up olives dip and bread. Picked at rump steak burgers. Enjoyed a bit of sushi and chomped on tiny little meaty ribs.

Well that’s pretty much what Loverboy did. He is a boy that adores is food. Not much will come between him and a bit of steak. I mean, i could fling my bra off and nipple tassle shimmy infront of him and he would still have to think really hard about what he wanted more. A bit of Rump? Or ‘The Wunna?’

I’m much smarter on these occasions. I went to every single BOOZE stand going. We did the champagne. Then the Pimms stand. Found the Corona stand and the wine! Infact, i did so wel that i became known asthe booze girl. Every stall i ended up visiting pointed at me and said, ‘I’ve been watching you all day, with ya champers and god knows what else.’ I even got stopped by random food festival goers, who wondered where my drink had gone, when i had just managed to finish one. I enjoyed the day thoroughly. It was like an elegant public piss up, by the best food in all of the land. I loved it. We both did.

Then we decide that i’m fat and therefore make an executive decision to go for a giant walk around Roundhay park to burn off Loverboy’s meat calories and to shake off a few of my booze calories. I mean, i wouldn’t want to shake them ALL off. I need a few to keep my engine going.

Blistering sunlight. Beautiful park. Hand in hand, in love with my ‘handsome.’ We’re laughing, joking, walking and taking in all the nature. Pete’s rambling on about the Victorians. I’m rambling on about my tan lines. We’ve done quite a lot of the walk and then Loverboy spots a castle, which i WRONGLY decide we must visit.

The castle’s up some hill. Pete heads off up it, leaving me straddling behind. Now what he doesn’t realize is getting up that hill is a mission for me…especially because i’m carrying a bunch of the heaviest things ever. Loverboy’s racing ahead, pretending he’s not knackered. (He was totally knackered, but trying to look fit.) I’m there huffing, puffing and struggling my way up, with my handbag, my hairdo, my boobs and my purse which is filled with ALL THE CHANGE in ALL of the FUCKING land! I’m like the 2p lady. I have about 500 2p’s in my purse and i can’t for the life of me seem to beable to get rid of them.

Get to the top of the hill, almost get eaten by bulldogs and pretended to like toddlers on the way up. Find out that it’s not even a fricking castle after all. It’s just the front of one, made out of stone. Well isn’t that great. I’m even sweaty at this point and hearing little Leeds boys on bikes call each other ‘cunts.’ Nice. I drag myself through the fake front of the castle, up some stairs, walk back through a flowery woods..(Pete’s now taken his shirt off because some other boys who liked my boobs did early and he wanted me to desire him more) then we back in the car driving towards a place called the ‘Roundhay fox.’ Which in my mind is a rather decorative way of  saying…pub. Yippee!

More white wine spritzer were enjoyed. A tad bit more sunbathing. A talk about life. Then a shuffle on inside for what I call a ‘late lunch.’ I did fish. Pete did a hotpot. We shared a ginormous dessert of cream, strawberries and profiteroles. We kissed, smooched and cuddle. Then after him telling me how much he adore me and how wonderful his day had been. (It was all my treat today and because he kinda desevered it. I like to make people i love happy and if you don’t do that, that what do you do?)

The sun cooled down and we headed back home to Pontefract. We chillaxed and cuddled, after Loverboy had gobbled even more goodies  that we had bought today. Then…we *smush.* Oh yes! Hellooo sexytime. We had the yummiest bit of sexytime ever. It was *sizzle.*

I’m not as baby weight body conscious now, so we had ourselves a jolly old time of ‘ooh -to- the- laaa- boy!’ AMAZING!

Then he trumped, ate fudge and i had a little nap. We’ve had a really productive day. Productivity is exhausting when you’re a glamour puss. Or maybe i’m a biddy now, so sex just tired me out.

Ruby had ‘Grandma day’ all day today. It’s a great day for Rubes because she gets to be out and about, whilst manipulating Grandma to buy her everything…even at 4 months old. I finally have my little bambino back in my arms, all shattered from her massive shopping trip and garden time with ‘The Wunnas.’ I’ve missed her. But I love that she’s soo adored by my Mum..well my entire family. It’s almost as if the arrival of Ruby has brightened up their life. I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful family. Therefore, ‘Grandma day’ and ‘sleepover’ night are pretty essential to me and  not only because I certainly want little Rubes to have a close loving relationship with MY mummy dearest, but i know that those moments, or days that Ruby has with her Grandma, make my mums entire life worthwhile. It’s magical. Ruby loves then. Today when she arrived home with her new toys, she was approximately 1% bothered about me. Lol. I had to put my glasses on so that she’d think i was my mum. 🙂

Happiest times ever in Wunna-land right now. If it emotionally stays like this forever, i’ll be one happy chica. I LOVE IT!!! Loverboy’s ventured out to watch the big boxing thingy? Hayes versus someone or other. He’s desperate to see it, but is filled with utter happiness, due to having ‘the most perfect day.‘ I’m in my pj’s chilling and well i could cry over how content i am right now. I’ve come a long way. I have a great family. A beautiful daughter. A potentially wonderful career and a real life, pretty much actual decent boyfriend. We’re in love. Madly! Life is good.

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