Wow. It’s is the busiest time in Wunna land! If a bee could slip on heels and be even BUSIER, without the honey dripped treats…it would be me. Yet, I’m excited. I’m loving it. Once again…everything is changing…Once again, for the better!

No matter what happens to me in life, I always hold onto the ‘good things happen to good people’ phrase. (It’s better than holding onto a vodka.) I might be loving. I might be a bit talented. But THAT (the good things/good people thing) is something that no-one can take away from me…or anyone. That alone makes me feel powerful. That alone is what the karma GODS notice. That alone adds to any successful wish, that you ask the Genie to grant.

I’m who I want to be. I’m exactly where I’m meant to be…and it feels like I’m just getting started.

Okay. Away from all that. Am I walking around with a ‘Treat me like a douche’ Post IT, glued to my forehead? Haha.

Yes. I’ve been going through a lot. Yes. I’ve been working. The new acting thing is amazing. It’s filled my heart with an unbelievable glow of happiness. I feel so lucky to blink and find myself where I am right now. I feel so lucky to be given the opportunity to make my dreams come true.

I’m taking the acting really seriously. It’s the only thing work wise now, that I actually want to do. And you’ve got to hold onto the things that make you happy. I don’t mean the ‘flash in the pan’ kinda happy. That kinda happy lacks substance. I mean the real kind that lasts forever. That’s the kinda happy that every human searches to find.

It’s my passion. It’s my joy. Yet I love that it has nothing to do with the way someone LOOKS and it’s all about how someone performs & tells a story…It’s about what they DO. It’s not filled with cheap tricks, the best eye makeup, who your dating, or a craving for Insta likes.

It’s mature. It’s sophisticated. It’s beautiful…It’s filled with soul and real life.

But anyway…yes. Before 7am. I’d already pissed off two humans, that were in different countries. Lol. One of them I intended to piss off. The other I didn’t. However, it’s pretty good going. I got blanked and told off. Haha.

If you’ve been following my socials, you’ll notice that I’ve been doing a lot with Ruby & Junior. We’ve shopped, played, picked strawberries, fed swans at the park, done play areas, watched shows. We’ve dined at Gino’s, The Ivy, Clam & Cork, Ego, Issho…you name it. The kids and I have loved family time. They make me so happy!

I mean yesterday we did Farmer Copley’s because who doesn’t love a family farm festival, with a Prosecco bar. (Only I can successfully do a farm in heels, booty shorts and with a Prosecco in my hand.) Seeing Ruby & Junior beam was worth getting stung by nettles in a strawberry picking patch!

Me: ‘FFS!!! Haha. Aaaaargh! Who knew picking strawberries would be so tedious!! I thought it would be fairytale!’

But anyway…what I’m saying is…I’ve had a wonderfully fulfilling time. I’ve been so happy. So ofcourse, people have to ruin it all. Lol.

I’ve had Pete (Ruby’s dad) have a go at me. Keiran (Juniors Dad, put me through stress.) DBear told me off this morning and then last night I found something out about ‘TBONE,’ which I expected, yet it disappointed me, on a friendship level because I used to really respect him.

I don’t respect him anymore. The first time I stood up for him. This time (and because he previously affected my life) I haven’t. He doesn’t deserve Wunna Land back up because I’m not sure if he’s a good person. I question that now. (Especially because I know both parties involved.)

The good thing about me is that i’ll always be dandy. You know…always be okay. Even if I’m not…no-one would ever know. I might tell one person, but that’s about it.

However I feel lucky because I have the most wonderful friendships. An army of true support, who know matter what are always there for me.

There’s a lot going on right now. I will tell you that and I’m about to canon I to the busiest week ever! It’s filled with madness.

But I’m gonna do what I do best and that’s love my babies and work really hard. The drama dancing around me doesn’t matter. I’ll let it dance all it wants….as I stay focused on what matters to me.

Wish me luck

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