Well that was shite…



That was the single most boring FRIDAY night of my entire life. All i fricking did was sit in my own house n the middle of a field, all alone, watch nothing on the telly and drink red wine because I couldn’t be arsed with the faff of opening a champagne bottle. I mean, if it wasn’t for the phone call from another bored person (which humoured me greatly, as we’re always the same kinda bored and want to cause the same kind of trouble when bored because we’re bratts) I probably would’ve died. You probably wouldn’t have heard of it though as it would’ve probably been a really BORING death. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, that say that when you’re bored and you need constant stimulation, you either have ADHD, you’re an attention whore, you’re a genius or you have issues that you need to ‘busy yourself up and away from,’ OR you’re just nothing appreciating the things, the simple non interesting things that you have around you. Be it the air that you breathe…your wife ๐Ÿ™‚ ….or just al that other shit.

I feel because I had what seemed like SUCH A BUSY WORK WEEK, that i need to do something FUN or adventurous in order to not DIE. ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean, I told you, i didn’t have fun all week. I just worked. And when I just work, i swear I get that rash. (Sexy!)

I’ve had amazing Friday nights in my life, in Yorkshire, London, South East Asian, Hollywood, Miami, New York…Just everywhere… I’ve had silly Friday nights where I’ve woken up with a traffic cone celotaped to my head and when i’ve rolled a loser out of my sheets, but with a box of doughnuts (i’m giving)…i’ve had VIP nights, casual nights of chill…all kinds of Friday’s that were all much more exciting than yesterday’s Friday night.

But whatever, the bright side is that I can make the most of my Saturday, as it is MOTHERING SUNDAY tomorrow, so i need to be back in Yorkshire with my Mama. That’ll be fun. But that’s not until Sunday and I need some kind of excitement release before then. I NEED SOME KIND OF FUN NOW.

I was on the phone again last night, having the best convo ever. Then I had a rant with Reuben on Facebook about how we’re retards and how he slept with our friend Birch in the back of a jag…Lol…and how i’m organizing our next Retard table drunken day/night out and how people in Pontefract don’t communicate with Twitter, they use drums?

If you don’t know what ‘table retard’ is…it’s the table at a function where in which all the naughty misfits have been sat, to keep them away from the nice normal people, who might be offended by them drinking rum under the table, smoking custard cream peace pipes and swearing. Reuben and I…we’re so on that table.

Anyway after my phone call with ย the other bored being, who i find so hilarious that I actually LIVE for his call at the end of a busy day…I just drank a bunch of wine, looked through old pictures and fell asleep. HAHAHAHAHA.

Friday night was shit.

Saturday will be better.

Find your own kinda fun!


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