Well that was a *tantrum* and a half


I’ve tantrumed. Oops!

Okay, so as you know, Keiran now works away to earn fine delicious pences, to add to the ‘Wunna-Thompson’ empire. I’m a bratt and can’t handle going from ‘fairytale-love me-love me,’ to a sudden ‘hang on…you’re not here, you obviously must not love me.’ 🙂 (Lord help me.) My yummy bit of ‘hubby-to-be’ returned from his away work, the other morning, filled with love for me, worked a 12 hour shift, didn’t bother to stay over and sleep…and instead drove a 4 hour journey simply to get home to see me as soon as he could and take little baby Ruby on the nursery run by 8.am. (Ruby and i actually slept through the nursery run alarm today. 🙂 We’re great when unattended.)

During the time of him leaving me to work, i had missed him and let it brew. Don’t get me wrong, we were ever lovey dovey throughout the whole time. We texted telling each other how much we couldn’t WAIT to be married and how much we completely couldn’t be without each other. He’s romamtic and lovely. I’m romantic and lovely. Yet once he walked through the door…my hormones got the better of me and began to take me missing him OUT on him! We had an awkward day where i resented him and he just wanted me to love him. It was all going deliciously pear-shaped, so he took me out to dinner and well we didn’t even talk, That made him walk out and me get madder. That night we ignored each other, fought a little and weirdly out of love. 😉

The next morning i was still grumpy because i’m used to him adoring me constantly and i hate being away from him. He’s used to me being adorable, loving and cooking him dinners. But due to him being away i kinda felt abandoned. Like he wasn’t there for me. I’m like things to be all about ME. I’m a bratt. Anyway, after a few snarky comments to one another and a whole lot of not saying how we actually felt, it decided to get even worse and within minutes he was packing his stuff up and leaving…because that’s what he thought he had to do to make me realize how much i cared. Now i don’t care about me. I never wanted to be rich. I just wanted to be loved and well…wonderful. If i’m not getting touched, loved and cooed at…by the man i love, i’ll tantrum. AND BOY DID I TANTRUM.

Keiran’s stubborn. He’ll say things he doesn’t mean and attempt to army march them through. He was packing clothes in boxes, i was yelling at him because he wouldn’t listen. He thought i didn’t want to marry him and well i was angry at him for trying to leave, so i was launching his attire out of the bedroom window. There were tears, stern words and all sorts really.

Then everything stopped, when WE stopped testing each other and i cried him his arms, as he told me how much he loved me. We giggled it off, and then unfortunately had to carry everything me packed and threw out, back in. Lol. We never learn. We have so much love and so much passion in for each other, than if either us believe the other one might not care as much…we ninja our way into a fight.

A couple hours later, in the same room me fought in, we were making out in, gushing about how we had found our perfect other half, how we couldn’t wait for the wedding and getting ‘bonky-naughty’ on the sofa. We test each other. I mean when we were having a wine in a nearby bar, he said, ‘When i say i’m leaving, i expect you to say…no please don’t go i love you…not FINE GET OUT!’ But after more awkard moments, we laughed and loved and prompty picked our delicious baby Ruby up from nursery and then went over to hang out with our perfect neighbourly friends Kelly and Phil.

We’ve got a really great relationship with Kelly and Phil and it’s great going over there, because we love them dearly, all our kids play around and…they have wine. 😉 I have wine too, but other peoples wine taste better. ANYHOW to our utter surprise, we totter in and we’re all happy by now, in love and back in the bubble and PHIL, has put on this amazingly delicious spread of yummy food and snacks, with wine and beer, perfectly presented, to the point where he could have his own ‘Phil’s Grill’ show. He did it ALL for Keiran, as a ‘welcome back’ and so they could watch the football. I mean how lovely. I was impressed and Keiran was gushing. I swear down…Phil and Keiran are like newlyweds. I looked at Phil thanked him ofcourse, (manners before might) and politely asked him if he only did it the impressive spread, to try and get to ‘second base’ with his new bromance boy. He agreed and claimed he didn’t even like football (they were there to watch the footie) it was just an excuse to have a drink. Keiran looked at him with love in his eyes..lol…and after stating that it was the best ‘Welcome home’ moment anyone had every given him, (because all i did was tell him to leave,) claimed he was marrying with the wrong person. HAHAHA. Then Kelly looks around and says ‘in all the years i’ve been with Phil, he’s never laid a spread like this down for me.’ I adore Kelly. For once, i have a chick friend that is simply divine and i adore Phil, because he’s just one of those really good guys.

It was an amazing evening, filled with laughter, fun and booze. The kids played. The boys watched football. Kelly and i wedding planned. (Kelly is AMAZING at wedding planning…you can see the love in her eyes.) We bantered, we giggled, we talked life and then i when we were all sat in the living just before midnight, i decided to become bratty again and started bickering on at Keiran again for all sorts! 🙂 I’m good like that! A bit of a fun, bitter, drunken debate occured, i slagged off his friends (and i don’t care.. as they did I and well i think they’re all hideous creatures of mankind)  and then it was bedtime and we ventured home.

The next morning (the day Keiran was leaving to go to work away again) we were perfect. You couldn’t see to people more in love. He cuddled me, i kissed him, we had great sex and he told me that i was the only girl he had ever met that he has first looked at and been completely taken away by…even to this day. I get what he means because i adored him from the moment i saw him and from that day on (apart from the time where nobodies were interferring) we have been inseparable. He’s my perfect man. He looked at me, told me i was beautiful and how he couldn’t wait for me to be his wife. I had him laid upon my knee and i gently stroked his head, like he was my little baby boy and told him how much i loved him. He then, half asleep, whispered ‘Chrissie, just look after me.’ Awww…

We spent the rest of the day being madly and happily in love. I’m no longer bratty. Learning to deal with his ‘away-ness’ and i even wrote him two love notes, that i hid in his clothes for him to find when he’s out working. Fair enough he found one before he left. (I’m shit at hiding things or he’s good at finding things.) And he smiled in his eyes like he couldn’t be more excited.

I waved him off and there he went. I did actually have a bit of a princess weep, due to him leaving. But then i had ot get right back on my wedding planning saddle and begin ordering things for the big day. Organizing, terrifies me. I’m not good enough at doing it, because i’m too irresponsible.

Anyway, he found his 2nd note today and sent me this text: ‘Just found my I LOVE YOU BABY note. Awwwww….i love us and i love you with all my heart. xx’

I really do have a man who cherishes love and romance and we know each other like no other…our connection is solid but passionate.

We’re both busy working quite a lot now. I’ve got so much to doo, witht he book, the wedding, a couple other entertainment bits and bobs, along with mummyhood and filming….it’s a lot. But i’m happy to be making my dreams come true. (God, i can’t be arsed to fold that pile of washing that seems to be looking at me like it wants a bit of loving. I’m in stilettos for crying out loud. Go find another gusset folding lady…probably one without an attitude problem to come save the day. I have wine to be drunk.)

Love you 😉 I can’t WAIT for the wedding. Can’t wait to invite all my lovely guests and i adore that our moment is getting documented for all to see xxx Excited!  Lucky us!! (My friend Fran is wearing white to my wedding, because she wants men to see her as ‘wife material’…haha I LOVE THAT!!! )



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