Welcoming in the ‘Glitz’


Just ot back from a merry trip to Matalan, after a merry trip to Asda, in the name of an ‘English Breakfast’ and the quest to find a suit. I’m slowly massaging my way back into the art of ‘lady of leisuring,’ however to say i now have my time ‘all freed up’ i’m sure as hell busy, be it physically or mentally. My head is buzzing and well when you’re a kitty cat and people now know your time is now ‘green lighted’..the good folk of the world *jump* on that moment and EVERYONE wants to hang out. Right now i’m concentrating on my book, being a wonderful wifey and a great mum. I’m easing into being ME again…and well that will take time. I’ve spent the last year and a bit trundling through normality with a rum, hoping it would get better. Now i want ‘special’ and it’s being handed to me on a glitzy platter. Breaking up with ‘normal-hated it’ boring, corporate life’ is hard and why? Well because it moulds your mind and makes you believe that that is all you’re worth. I’m WUNNAFUL. I’m destined for marvellous things. That chapter of my life, i’m shutting down and throwing over my shoulder. By this time next week, i’ll be thundering ahead with a wiggle and a warrior strutt and hanging up crappy work shoes, that I label ‘sensible’ for a much more bouji leopard print 9 incher. [Purr…here]

Lots is happening  work wise and i’m trying to get it all organized. I’m trying to chill all at the same time, yet i find myself stood in sunbed showers talking to myself to ‘One Direction’ in the background. (Their song, not the actual band…as it would be bizarre for them ALL to be in my sunbed shower with me, saying in harmony. Infact? Maybe not?)

Keiran and I are finally in a really wonderful place. That place in a relationship where you have finally ‘GOT IT RIGHT.’ I’m his ‘dream girl.’ He’s my world. Together we’re invincible and simply because we’ve surrendered to Cupid and relaxed. We’re powered by love and really going to make things happen now. I mean anytime you’re passed out on a corner sofa drunk and you’re *nudged’ awake by your handsome..not for sex..but simply because he has made you an origami bird after Disarano, you know life is good. The love department is perfect. Add baby Ruby into the equation, (who might i add attempted to skive off nursery today at 11 MONTHs OLD, by pretending to be ill..LOL) and you have family, love and magic. It was my Mum’s birthday yesterday and somebody slashed her tyres after lunch. Kind of them really. I almost ended up bowling with Ruth…(i can call her that now…instead of ‘samantha.’) Instead i found myself stranded at Kwik Fit in Pontefract for an hour, whilst bitter, lazy men, tried to be evil to my mum for being ‘foreign’..and evil by a cheap plastic carpet that had pre-school cars printed on it? I mean, the only way evil works, is by glamour. Any other time…you just look like a twat. Luckily, i got bored of the wait and left after 3 minutes into the hour to go tanning. That’s where i found myself in the sunbed talking to myself. I got so stressed, that it felt hotter than usual. (Hot as in ‘burning up..’ and not as in ‘wink.’) I ended up opening the door out of claustrophobia, leaping out and wet wiping myself down like a nutter. Then and like nothing had happened…i calmly sauntered out of the place, waving at reception and pretending all was perfectly dandy. (On my way out a man with no teeth hit of me and thought i was Nigerian.)

Last night was lovely. I had had a brilliant day with my mum. I had my Hubby and my Baby Ruby with me and i thought life couldn’t be better. My home life is exceptional, yet i’m not sure whether i’m 100% okay with the upcoming work part of life. It terrifies my pretty asian arse a wee little bit and because the last time i was there…i got ripped to shreds by the words of the narrow minded. I flounced my way through it confidentally, therefore intend to do that again. The only reason why it’s different now is because i’m taking ‘Handsome Keiran’ and Baby Ruby with me. I don’t like them getting messed, so i’m treading a lot more carefully. (Keiran adores me right now because he feels that he has his ‘wifey’ back. He claims i’m like a different person, now that i feel free and that i’m a ‘lady of leisure.’ He’s currently gone to pick Rubes up from nursery simply because she doesn’t want to be there. We’re good parents like that. 😉  He was half naked in Matalan all morning letting middle aged ladies perv on him, who couldn’t believe their eyes. I’m not one to mind all that, i simply kept moaning because he kept shoutin gout my name and making me find him things in the store. We looked through his new modelling pictures last night (we all know i LOVE a project and he is certainly mine…and only out of love.) We’re impressed…so i’ll post one now for you all to have a gander at..

Cute right?

Anyway, i better go, we have Baby Ruby to tend to, i have book stuff to gather and sort. I’m feeling both confident AND nervous about it all now and because i really want to make it work and be a success soooo badly. I have everything crossed…so i hope you do too.

Nothing more to report other than matching spray tans in an hour, new hair tomorrow and the fact that Gary Glitter is ignoring me?? I would put a few of @Wazza ‘ s and my tweets up..yet that would only get us into trouble, right? 😉 We really did think he liked asians? I don’t get it? 🙂

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