Welcome to your last day of November

Well, if you’re reading this you have mad it to the last day of November!! *Cheer here.* Even if you’re not reading this, yet you are still quite alive and quite kicking, you have still made it to the last day of November 2012…however with far less taste than others, who ARE reading this little bit of bloggage. 🙂 (For those of you who are yet to discover my blog…you are forgiven.)  I’ve finally managed to groom, shop and find a comfy and somewhat public seat to blog upon. I’m now very fond of blogging in public and simply because when documenting your life, i think it’s important to be surrounded by it in ‘busy’ form, in order ot get ya jolly juices flowing! I’m sat opposite is a shy geeky looking boy, who i have fond affection for. Incase you don’t know, i adore geeks.When i see them i want to be their best friend, build their confidence and share stories with them. I find them interesting and because they’re so shy. I’m the exact opposite, but being shy does help people be attracted to you, as instead of them forcing themselves upon you, with a sequinned, barbaric shimmie, you are drawn to them silently and with interest. I always scan a room to see who the shy people are. The rest of the people in the room aren’t shy. Especially not the weird chav boy, who thinks he’s sexy, who keeps winking at me and telling all his teenage friends to call me over. Honey. *Hair-toss-strut.* I’m almost 32, with a husband, a 1 year old and with a baby on the way, not interested and i’m fierce. Don’t swagger up to something you can’t handle yet. You boys never ever learn! Younger boys are always rubbish at hitting on older women. They act confident,yet *blush* through every step. I mean, i’m fun, carefree and open minded and even i would expect a glamourous first date of sophistication.If you can’t yet buy me dinner and cocktails at swanky 5* restuarants, anywhere around the world quite frequently…then you aren’t even ready for me, without the baby and the baby on the way. 😉 I’ve actually always expected luxury even as a young girl. I once dumped a boy because he dared to invite me over to his place and then (due to his youth) PLAYED Playstation, in my presence!! I walked out and never talked to him again. (He even wanted to film me ‘dancing’ for him…and expected me to buy him drinks.) I ignored every phone call from him…forever. 🙂 I’m good like that. Don’t mess with how i wish to be ‘fairytaled’…and simply because  won’t stand for it. *Stiletto flick here*

Okay, so yesterday was fabulous. My lovely hubby and i spent a very normal day together, yet because we felt in love and togethery, it made the simple things in life just divine. I love these moments. This is the part of my life that i’ll call ‘Happy.’

I’ve been a bit of a pain recently and well yesterday my hubby decided to be impressed with how good i was actually being. I felt back to my normal self and well yesterday i saw how much he loved me, without him really doing anything. When you can see how much a guy loves you, without him telling you…you’re a lucky girl.

All we did was hair cuts and grocery shopping. But boy did he love it. I mean, Keiran loves food and Keiran loves money. He also loves spending money and being looked after. So something as simply as us both going to the grocery store and me letting him throw him whatever he wanted (lol..sorry i find it amusing) made him happy. Like he thought i was on pills again, i’m sure. The combination of him being able to have whatever he wanted, and it being on me…(and i do mean financially and not literally spread upon my naked body…as he’d like that far TOO MUCH,) made him feel over the moon. We both were. Weird innit?

In my personal opinion, i think a lot of people use my hubby financial, like he’s not an actual person they respect and just a person they know can and will get them ‘stuff’ if they make him, or play on his emotions enough. Whether they just call him because they want something or they befriend him in order to plant a seed of wanting something…it’s not fair and something i’m very against, simply because it use to happen to me a lot and well it happens to my mother a lot. I’ve always paid my way in life. Yes, I’ve been treated. Yet never EVER asked to be..and would never ever ask to be. So having people care for him,  look after him and treat HIM, makes him feel good and i like that. One of the reasons why our relationship works is because deep down we both want to make the other person happy, no matter what. Yesterday was a great day, we playfully laughed, joked, flirted and enjoyed being marriage. In his own words, ‘I want it to be like this all the time.’ Me too. He was so chipper, he happily hummed, whilst grooming in front of the full length mirror. When you catch a man idly humming out of happiness, when they are doing a minor task they do every day…it’s always a good thing. It doesn’t mean they are ‘over the moon-juts won the lottery’ happy. But it does mean, they are content with how their life is or was in that exact precise moment. Then ‘tickle sticks’ made it onto my shopping list and he became a very happy man. (Well he tweeted me with question.) I love it when ‘tickle sticks’ make the shopping list. The poor thing has been sex deprived for a week and a half ad is literally dying for a bit of Wunna loving. Well to be honest…a blow job. 🙂

Everything is great right now and we have an even brighter future ahead of us. Nothing is better than feeling that way around Christmas…and being excited for the next year dawning.

Okay, i have to go now, simply because i’ve got a giant list to get through that i probably won’t managed. I’ve just managed to buy a whole lot of shit at a bargain store, out of ‘killing time.’ Not good. But whatever, it’s Crimbo. Officially Crimbo tomorrow. Lets celebrate! Ruby called me ‘Chrissie’ this morning, when i wouldn’t go get her from her bedroom, after she yelled me 42 times in a row. Just incase you’re thinking this is a bit odd, we are bedtime and morning training her..not just ignoring her deliberately. She’s extremely chatty right now and because shes around chatty all the time and i’m not talking the odd words, like ‘yeah…cat….Mummy.’ I’m talking, she’ll strut in and in a ‘diva’ say ‘I’m Ruby Isabella Wattis. Where’s my daddy? I want grapes. Sing a song for me Mum…NOW!’ I’ll say ‘which song’ and she can actually say, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle little star, how i wonder what you are.’ (And do it in a way that makes you sound like you’re an idiot and should’ve known that anyway. 🙂 )  This morning it was ‘Mummy, Muuuummmmy. Mummmmy. Dadddy. MUmmmmy. UGh. Chriiiiissssie!!!’ I love that she associates Daddy Keiran, as the Daddy in her life that is either at work, or at the gym and Daddy Pete as the man….with the dog. 🙂

I better get out of here. I thought i could manage a second blog. But fuck it, i’ve been sat down for too long. Still no Christmas tree up! Oh and last night i got a late night text message from old friend Gary Ponty reading, ‘I commend you darling cause ur very brave and you have always made things happen! U don’t just sit there wishing on a star, u go off to find a ladder to climb to it! What u don’t like u change. You stick by your decisions and make the best  of everything even when things are against you. Thin everyone admires that about you. xxx’ Awwww…i have GREAT friends.

My reply began with an ‘aww..” a bit of laughter, then an ‘i’m just a lucky trouble maker.’

I think he’s finding London a bit tough right now and i completely understand why. Like i said to him, i always found it tough and i did it completely drunk. It’s a fun place, (God, i had fun…but it did help just being off the telly at that point, i would’ve hated it otherwise) but a lonely place, when you’re northern and up there on your own, trying to find your way in entertainment and not there yet. Plus, my love life was shit. I went there for all the wrong reasons and well the good thing about being from Ponty, is that you can always get out of the city for a wee bit of ‘simple.’

My last day of November will be dedicated to retail therapy! Woohoo!


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